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Community Crunch 184: Mysterious Mysteries Introducing: ??????


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22 minutes ago, PyroBarbarian said:

So does this mean we will finally be getting some new servers also 

On the fence about it myself, they're removing servers which makes me think they will offer up Fresh servers to replace the removed ones but then again they probably won't, They will just make more PvP servers that die within a week or two just to make more fresh PvP servers 2 months down the track for the same thing to happen.

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34 minutes ago, TravisMichael said:

I hope it's not just a "raptor skin" like they gave us during the Arkaeology event.

I would have to agree. I am all for new things, and sometimes skins are nice, however it would be nice to get something that is entirely new. A new creature as opposed to a costume. A new tool, weapon, or clothing set as opposed to a skin. The game works with what it has, but it would be nice to have something new. 

And if this image is a teaser leading up to that, I am all for it. 

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its tuff dealing with us... we are so invested/addicted to the game you helped shape that we get a little crazy, you did good jen, good luck, oh heres  a idea iv just had while writing this...... can we get a 1 LIFE SERVER ???

(*as a experiment)

you only need 1 SERVER running, it would fill with 70 players, they all get 1 LIFE, then when they die the get kicked, event/server lasts 2 weeks, at the end the remaining players win...

ideas for days, hit me up

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