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  1. this is the reason I still play legacy..Most Popular ServersTo avoid players having to move again in future, we're publishing the most popular servers across all platforms. These servers are the top 30 most active Legacy servers on each platform and are ones most likely to be safe from any future server removals this was a statement made by wildcard on the community crunch #135 so that being said I just want to put my 2 cents in why is the player base dropping not the core game forsure … its a great game greatest ive ever played really to be honest but the lack of support on official/legacy is the reason why the player base is dropping nobody is bored on the game or whatever else u can think of its the trust in our gamemasters the lies that have been told these things are a major issue . I don't need to be dev wiped for breeding 200 featherlights on official I ihave 500 slots on pc. as an example these are the reasons!!!! heres another lets say they wipe all legacy tomorrow ok so my 8000 hours on my pc account went poof I cry abit then I say ok I just join official. I then make a base a nice one btw take my time then I start taming an breeding by that time I have another 3000 hrs in a new player joins writes a bogus ticket I get dev wiped for it lol the people that are quitting your game are playing official... not legacy we the legacy community play everyday without the worrie of these situations . writing skills are not so well sorry guys
  2. U can keep enforcement ....and every new dlc we get a new map...you say you need to close server to open new ones and I ask why does a million dollar company not just open new servers.. and keep legacy we buy all dlc an hell most likely would buy any content so actually losing money from thousands that still play
  3. So cedric here's the reason I still play legacy..no tribe wipes no reason to send support countless tickets for my lost Dino or anything really because I can just cut my loses and go about playing my game instead of checking emails 100 times a day .. I can handle situations that arise without the need for support .I think legacy should be it's own game mode and official it's own game mode which I believe should have microtransactions to help pay for the support its lacking ...the legacy communities are thriving we get new players on a daily basis. Let's talk numbers so officials statistics are not so far off from legacy player base wise a simple look tells me these numbers
  4. On the contrary you do get somewhere being that guy..join together rule the Ark those words have always stuck with me...if your not a friend your a potential enemy ...
  5. Never been wiped ...I always kill first chat later 😜
  6. Very easily done even crossarks are not safe from people with a goal 20 random lvl 1 players joined ur ark just need hide a week done deal why do you despise ppl like me I mean it is warfare ...playing the game as intended...
  7. Manticore fight via zombie wyvern I'm thinking of running Manti core with zombie wyvern 15 to be exact all base lvl 298 after lvl up stats are roughly 20khp 1k melee just wanted few opinions on my idea and ofc yuty and a rex on official legacy
  8. Make sure your server is in the cloud the one ur transferring from you could be trying to transfer from legacy to official or vice versa transfers arnt allowed between the 2
  9. The thing is like myself if I want my tribe to wipe a server I'm the scout I go I build a crappy thatch\wood stone cap shack and I play the innocent player thenoob... but in reality I'm a pro fixing to wipe your server on a noob account ....I play there few weeks like this I befriend the alpha or at least play the role of a beach Bob tame ptera get wiped rebuild lol I will do this while scoping your bases and gathering base info screenshoting bases then the purge comes 2 weeks later ... every player except your tribe or close friends are the enemy. .
  10. TrueStory ... wipes are fresh .us vets need stimulation!!! True ark lovers hate \love wipes yes it hurts but also feels great lol its a necessary evil...
  11. Ide just kill him repeatedly an he will move on his own break his base kill his tames hehe haha
  12. I would definitely rejoin official pvp if wiped and create a megatribe with all my buddies and rule the ark!!!! We wiped everyone on our cross ark server got real boring no competition. ..
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