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  1. MarkMartin

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    Finally. Still breedable so I think that's op but we are on the good path.
  2. MarkMartin

    Changes to Extinction landscape

    Because WildCard
  3. I saw you can level it's speed. Level all that speed and also weight of you're on pve.
  4. MarkMartin

    Crystal Isles

    Probably not and i'd rather have an ocean or an ice oriented map. You know,the ice option map really hypes me but it won't happen.
  5. You're just pathetic. Using the same art over and over, banning youtubers that show how flawed your game is, launching broken maps and gamemodes, scamming us with Atlas (ocean dlc that the devs transformed unplayable garbage) and list goes on to the INFINITE. Wildcard you're just raptoring shameless. A company so corrupt and moneyhungry that makes EA look good.
  6. MarkMartin

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    Pls unban him
  7. MarkMartin

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    He sais he hasn't meshed. I suspect that wildcard doesn't like to get criticism,which HOD did a lot and thats why ghey bannned him.
  8. MarkMartin

    When will ark optimization be better

    Ahhahahhahahahhqgqghqhahvqhqvhajkdkwkekkekekeken oh my god that was a great one. Have you ever thought about getting into comedy?
  9. MarkMartin

    ARK Survival Evolved - Movie

    People getting under the ground to raid bases,Manas being the only dino used to fight, main character suddenly disappearing when changing Ark, sounds like a good plot to me. Oh yea and the protagonists use aimbots, that helps them raid wooden bases. Dont forget that the protagonists must look like f ucking test subjects that escaped from a laboratory.
  10. MarkMartin

    Epic settings are not so epic?

    What screenshot man
  11. MarkMartin

    Epic settings are not so epic?

    I have the solution for you: Resolution scale. 90% of the time goes unnoticed by the newbies, since it's a bar. Resolution scale is the most important graphical setting in ark besides resolution.
  12. MarkMartin

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    Haha happened to me too, lost 215lvl grif and two 200 lvl argys, on a small tribes server. I was really stupid, kinda like you lol. Harden up dont help anyone unless they help you. Ark is ark, be it pvp or pve.
  13. MarkMartin

    Can Wyverns Breed now?

    Obviouslt not. That is beyond retarded.
  14. MarkMartin

    TLC Ideas

    First, I haven't said anywhere that I have a "superior" knowledge of the game. Second, balancing the dinos on such a large game is too difficult for me to spend an hour writing down my ideas for TLC. Plus, Wilcard will never pay attetion to our requests. They pay attention to modders instead. By the way. When I said you lack knowledge on the game, I wasn't insulting you. It's a fact that you dont even know the stuff you're talking about (achatinas TLC suggestion cough cough).