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  1. They go to candy mountain...with Charlie. ..
  2. Can anyone help this guy lol he's desperate to be heard!!! Necro this thread please so he can make a appropriate thread without insults. .then maybe just maybe someone will listen...
  3. Your still. Crying? ? Lol my mention of my issues was a example. ...why I don't get bothered by wc nonsense....lol nobody cares man lol literally your crystal are falling on Def ears....you quit the game correct? ?then move on lol ur sooooo smart man insulting then playing like ur post was some sort of good topic lol telling wc they have no brains literally calling me a cretin for giving my opinion. ..are you 10 man lol??do you see what you type?? How can any dev\wc staff take ur insults you want my honest opinion it's good this happened. ..one less crybaby in game ..your on ps4 right ??so literally your probly 12 lol I've been on game since alpha stage of development. .I could be your ark daddy ....you can. Vent to me bud I won't ground you for throwing a fit and crying because you lost dinos. ...I obviously am the only one here who cared about your post...it's a great read I love the salt lol insults get you no where on the Internet. .. ty tho my post count is looking sexy with are Lil discussion. ..feed me more love you...
  4. It's called bipolar hypomania it's a blessing and a curse ...lol that and insomnia but ya haha I'll say it again man...crap happens... you will live....go write any other game company roll it's the same crappie lol automated answers long wait times lol I'm 37 yrs old my patience is strong as steel from having 4 children all teens now .this is why pixels have no effect...I win I lose I die my crap decays crap happens...you will learn my son ...teach you I will!!! Be humble ark Jedi don't let Lil base decay ruin their day boi!!!!
  5. to u sir theres pvp mode no threats ppl get wiped every day sorry to hear u lost ur base ...but it happens!!!! I lost 1k dinos on between my 2 accounts its called being arked lol had to erase what I was typing I didn't scroll up thnx joe lol I have felt the wrath of ur ban hammer and I don't care to have that happen again
  6. The games dead?? I'm online and not in a coffin??the games not dead silly haha all are playing pve....join the meta....
  7. You can literally kill any arthro with a prim bow made in ur inventory...
  8. The very reason I'm still on legacy no one can report me for such nonsense the report system is soooo flawed it needs a TLC lol people can just take a pic of your base because they want your land/gear if the admin leaves bags behind no idea on that .but ya they then report you get you dev wiped and take your land this is the meta on PVE official. And it's no body should tell you how to build or what the 500 Dino's should be ..should it say .sand box game with building restrictions and dinos\creatures you can take but only a few cute shiny ones ROFL
  9. Don't get mad bruh because I love my game . uninstall it ...ezpz problem solved...I've played hundreds of dollars on games none are as good as ark all wasted money right?? Well I didnt go to the red dead forums crying about me losing all my stuff or any tears about a how I couldn't connect ..grow up bruh..as far as calling ppl names ...it's not nice bro..what servers do you play ??lol give me a name I'm sure I have few tricks up my sleeves I've learned over the years that could fix you up real nice I play legacy man go play there. no wc to wipe ur butt or give u a pacifier!!!! Insults get you no where duh....go play another game since your soooooo poop on this one
  10. joined any xbox parties lately? ppl can get ur ip threw the party inv.
  11. was stated above was the magmasaur saddle I see it too lil fans keeping u cool while riding
  12. I sympathize with ya man ;/ I don't understand if WC gives us 500 dino limit then why couldn't they be shinehorn… and yes why can there be 300 level 5 gigas out but not shinehorn ...gigas are easy tames and clone cost is like 1500 shards after start up takes 5 hours to clone so 10 cloners =10 giga every 5 hours...this does needa adjustment to the rules forsure
  13. Yep ark is ark as long as having a gd time server names make no difference
  14. Totally agree kill these low pop servers but also kill official low pop servers ...aswell
  15. Yes and we are soooo glad lol we can play like we want and build mesh defense ...
  16. And we the legacy community like it with out support. .can have mesh defense. ..drops the mic on why legacy is better...
  17. Tyty well I guess the op better get his grind on lol
  18. I thought I read a post that it's against the rules to block transferring of characters ...yes u can block obby but not every drop way off the map maybe a moderator can confirm this @Joebl0w13 if you could be so kind to clarify this thnx.if it is OK to block all exits then idea suggest the opcraft a lot of grenades\c4
  19. Yes it's been 3 years we still play legacy it's the cheapest official cluster wc will realize this one day
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