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  1. Honestly, besides having a "dumping" folder - I haven't used them in so long... Mostly because of the loss of folders during transmitting (on xbox here as well so I can't say its the same for PC). It is very annoying and in the end, I became frustrated enough to do away with it. At first I thought it had something to do with the transmitting process, but then I played Atlas for a bit and found that not only would my folders transfer between ocean grids, but so would the inventories on creatures and in storage both with and without folders as well.... And I know the two games are different and created by different people - but it does make it seem possible for them to create a way to lock folders in place when moving between maps. The backpack idea isn't a bad backup though. Personally I would rather it be something for mass storage that would possibly cut weight - but I can see how using it to lock the items you wish to keep and still have access too in place works since nothing else does. (unless you are playing on one map.) If they had an Accessory Slot(s) for the character as it has been suggested for items like the glider suite - it would even have a place to go.
  2. Personally I have used both 2 and 3 high for more than I have ever used 4. My building methods have changed a bit with the 4 high walls though, now either running at least one layer above or below the 4 high wall and some angled roofs to give the appearance of a 3 high area on a two story building. It still isn't the best method as the single walls have a different appearance on the backside than the 4 high walls do, but I make it work some how. Dealing with the look is better than dealing with the lag.
  3. Xbox player here- We have always referred to them as the Mod Maps and Ark Maps on the cluster I play on. It's a distinction between those that were created by Ark with notes and a subtle storyline and those that were created by mod authors. It works for us, but perhaps that is because we don't have access to other Mod maps to worry about the distinction between the two mod map types. I can see where that could be more of an issue on PC though.
  4. If you are trying to add the Dilo code are you using: DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Small_Dilo_C ? When you go to add it as a custom loot source it should auto-populate the label "Carnivore Small Dilo" Or is it after this point that you are having the issue?
  5. It would be nice to get a new wolf. A saddle or collar would be nice as well. Some sort of protection, even if it is minor or hard to find/craft. Honestly though, I think they need to revisit their creature list and see who hasn't had an alternate form created and go forward with that in mind. (the wolf being among them) They did manage to hit a few new ones with Genesis... but it was still disappointing to see so few after having so many with Aberration. And at the very least - if they do not play on doing so it would be nice to get some costumes for the creatures that do not have an alternate form to change things up a bit. Perhaps part of an event of some sort? A skin for an equus that that looks like a horse? A skin for a wolf that looks like a modern pup or hellhound? A mammoth skin that gives the creatures a shave to look like an elephant? A thyla/saber skin that makes it appear as a lion, tiger, panther? At this point it would be nice to have something new to work with. Some new sites to see.
  6. I have accidentally broken platforms with items on them, but then I have also purposefully broken them while things are on them because I was in a rush to move out or didn't care for the structures that remained.. So rather than making it impossible to break with item in place, a confirmation window "Are you sure..." may be best - as they have done so with the eating of fertilized eggs. Any crafted item that works as a "platform" should probably have a similar message. To date that would be the Ocean, Cliff, and Tree Platforms.
  7. Personally I would use this feature. We have a few that tend to get lost a lot and this might help us find them. I could see where some may not like it though, so it would be nice to have as a tribe governance feature possibly. We do host events where having markers could cause issue and I can think of other scenarios where it could be a problem as well. So to have it as an in-game option may work best.
  8. I am assuming your list is for Single Player settings? Cause I too play console, but I host an unofficial map to do so and two of the points are a non issue. There should be a setting the allows you to pick up structures after 30 seconds of placing. Like S+. But us console players cant do that so there should be a setting to allow you to pick up structures - You can with an unofficial host. We have a 5 minute timer on all items on my maps. Single, no, but with Nitrado absolutely. This setting has been suggested ages ago but im suggesting it again, a settting TO REMOVE FLYER NERF IN SINGLEPLAYER for consoles and pc. - I would love this option. PC does have mods that specifically adjust that feature as well as mods where it is built into. And I am pretty sure the new servers that focus on playing the game the way if first came out have it, but for Xbox the feature doesn't exist. And I am pretty sure I read a statement that said that would not be adding that feature back into the game. Would I like it? Yes. But it doesn't seem likely. Ability to increase max tamed creatures levels that you can put into it after taming and max player level. Max wild creature levels are also something that would be usefull for singleplayer. Since you can only have max 150 in singleplayer in consoles and stuff. And max level that you can put into creatures after being tamed, all these setting will be really usefull for console players since we dont have game.ini files and stuff - This is the statement that made me think that this was a single player specific suggestion. Though you didn't actually list it or tag it as such. With a Nitrado hosted server you can absolutely do all of the above. My unofficial cluster is set to a max level of 300 in the wild with a specific number of points you can put into it once tamed. It has been a while since I have tried to over set the unofficial settings, but I know there are a few that if you avoid the slider and type into the box directly, you can force more into the game. Not all work and some have to be applied every time you open it, but it may be worth a shot. That said, a few more options for General Server Settings for all platforms/methods of game play would be nice. Anything that could be convinced to be added with a checkbox or slider should (and with better definitions to some).
  9. Personally I love lists like this, where I can comment, question, or add to things on the list. Just made a few notes for fun. Overall, not a bad list. Enabled transfer of Ice/Snow Golems to all maps Excluding the case where a map specifically doesn't allow a type of creature, all creatures should be transferable in my opinion. Flyers and/or Titans seem to be creatures that seem to be locked off specific maps and I am good with that - so long as unofficially can disable that lock. Enabled transfer of tek trikes to all maps Same as above. Add cement to the Gacha resources list What do you mean by cement? Like cementing paste? or as in the primitive plus cement for their construction? Add ambergris to the Gacha resources list I think it is meant to be rare as it is a feeding/taming item. Not only that, but it is an item from a different map. So unless they came up with an "updated" Gacha that would drop new resources, it seems odd that a gacha would drop something from a different map. As it it, it drops items that are from Extinction and that makes sense as it spawns there naturally. Astrocetus saddle should be a normal engram to learn and the crafting cost should be reduced by 50% Haven't tamed one nor have I been interested it doing so. I pretty strictly taming creatures that are breedable. So I haven't looked into the saddles or anything for this creatures. Add on all other maps an easy way to gather element (red crystals for example) for better balance and fairness This is something I think they should look into. If not adding locations where small amounts could be harvested, then perhaps opening up the transfer of said resources - even as a limited transfer item (meaning you could only transfer so much within a set time period). It seems odd to have such a resources locked down. Specifically with PvE players. On PvP there is the concern with the immediate start up of resources to take over a map - so it makes sense that a direct transfer of element forms isn't used, but PvE is a bit different. They should at least have it set as a setting for hosts to disable and enable for unofficial maps. Make everything x2 as the new Standard I have seen this going around forum and twitter posts recently and it seems like a common request. Personally I wasn't able to keep up with the timing of an official map and went to unofficial in order to play the game. So I don't want to speak on behalf of officials beyond stating that I have seen this around. Not sure how all official players feel about it though. Remove „walking“ from imprints If there is any imprint I miss - is definitely the " wants to walk with you" command. Luckily we have cryopods in the standard version of the game and I can always toss the creature out to get it to change, but that doesn't work on our primitive map and as such, I have lost many creatures that way. Adjust Imprinting Request by Dino Type Herbivores- Berries, Cuddles, Plants (citronal, longrass, etc), Kibble Carnivores - Meats, Jerky's, Cuddles, Kibbles Omnivores - All of the above. Add an „imprint station“ where you can put imprint Materials in it (works like an fridge and runs with normal energy) that imprints automatic all creatures in it range I am pretty sure S+ or another mod had a features like that. And when they added the Homestead update, that was one of the features they decided not to go forward with. Personally I can somewhat understand why. It would make imprinting much easier... which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I would have turned the process into a "set it and forget it" method. (reminds me of a crockpot) as opposed to something you need to work for. So it makes sense why they didn't add it. I get it, but wouldn't have minded having it. I would have probably made it to be a tek level item with a crazy high resources cost with a high element/shard cost to keep the thing running to make it possible, but difficult to make and use. An end game item that only those at the end of the game could afford to mess with. Decrease the lootpool from all the loot crates to a maximum of 10 or 15 items/blueprints (for example red loot drops on the Island has only asc blueprints or premade saddles with high armor from end game tames like giga, rex, astrocetus...) This I can't say much on. I create the drops using Beacon for our server and can't remember what they typically hold. We went with a 85% drop rate on blueprints with max levels only available in cave and boss fights so if you want the good stuff, you gotta work for it. Remove stuff from genesis loot boxes like soups and prime fishmeat... Changed them too. Add deinonychus saddle and blueprint to all lootdroops from every map Why? If you can only "tame" the creature on Valguero it makes to sense to have the creature's items on other maps. It is one of the ways to promote moving between the maps. Make babys eat from trough No thanks. I can see why it would make something easier, but most babies don't eat from a trough from day one so I am good with the character feeding at that stage. Cloning should also copy the imprint and binding it to the player who starts cloning or greatly reduce cloning costs on maps without the possibility to get easy element Cloning would make more sense if the imprint and/or binding carried. However, I disagree with the cost reduction. The use of this items should be rare and costly. If anything I think having the imprint carried over should be an option and have a very high cost. Its an end game item at best and if it is too easy to use, it could be taken advantage of. If the cost was reduced and imprinting added, why ever raise and army when you could clone it? The only work around I could see is that if you wanted the cost to be lower, you would have to significantly raise the time it takes to make it comparable (or longer) than raising the creature yourself. So then you could decide if it would be better to clone it at the cost of shards or raise it at the cost of active game time to imprint it. Saddle for wyverns Yes. Even if they are only added as the basic level. Saddle fro Griffins Yes. And due to the speed comparison and power comparison of other breedable creatures now available, I would say that the saddle should also come with levels as standard saddles should. Wyverns, griffins and rock drakes should be breedable Wyverns - Unofficial Option Only. Griffins - Breedable (as mentioned above they have competition in the fields they were OP at before and now seem lacking. It would be nice to bring them back into that competition field and making them breedable would do so) Rock Drakes - Unofficial Option Only. Remove or reduce fog on the island On The Center as well. Make rain less disturbing on the island (like on genesis in the bog biome) It should be applied to all the maps. When a new and improved weather feature is discovered, tested, and tried, it would be nice if they tried to include that on the other maps to help improve them as well. I know it may always be possible, but it would be nice to see if they could. It would be interesting to see a snow storm act like those on Genesis on the other maps. Let us walk through the tails of babys (extreme annoying by baby gigas and rex‘s) Not an issue with what I breed...So no comment. Add the option on console to show the floating damage numbers I am confused... I play console and we have floating damage numbers. At least against wild creatures and enemies. Not so much against those in your tribe. But I do play unofficial, so it may be a setting I suppose. Let us use tek transmitter without the engram learned Nope. It is a tek level item and therefore should cost the engram to use it. There are obelisks you can use in the mean time. A workaround could be an advanced Transmitter that has a pad like a teleporter. And as with the teleporter, when activated anything on the pad could travel to the other map. It would save time from having to transmit items over using the transmitter/obelisk menu. A similar travel method was used in Atlas, where everything on the ship could transfer grids, so it seems possible that it could be worked in for Ark with the pad being the limit to items and creatures. By going with this method you could technically use the transmitter... As long as someone with the advanced transmitter engram unlocked could activate it for you. Unlock all available engrams on every map You can do so with unofficial - on the standard game play. If you do so with Primitive Plus... It doesn't work completely... They never added Primitive Plus to Extinction and Genesis so their engrams do not show properly. Had Snow Owls on a primitive plus map that we couldn't get saddles for. If you are saying they should for official... Nope. I think it is a legit reason to force you to travel between maps and a reason for purchasing the one that are map specific. (Extinction and Genesis mostly since Abberation items are on Valguero and Scorched Earth items are on Ragnarok) Remove upload timer or greatly reduce it (3 mins maximum for example) on pve Hasn't been an issue on our maps so I can't really comment.
  10. Goodness, I just re-read this thread for the fun of it, it is a thought and idea that I get can get behind 100%. And good heavens, I am all over it in here. That doesn't change much though. I still think it is a game mode that should be included. For all the reasons previously mentioned and all those that may come. Here are a few listed previously and some that may be new; Easier Updates; one less mode to worry about updating when doing so = less breaking of forgotten game mode. Improvements to Early Game; more options and items to work with Item progression; Primitive Industrial to Modern Industrial; Other Mortar and Pestle forms before the Chem bench; More building items to the main game including actual building tiers Better lighting options. Early game items specific storage prior to tek dedicated storage More Recipes, gardening, and cooking Mutton comparative for herbivores (plants) Additional tool/weapon options for harvest and character personalization Item use alternatives. Map access. (currently Primitive Plus has not been updated to all the later maps so not all of the items are available for use nor are all creatures feasibly tameable without access to the saddles) Those who choose to play Primitive and select checkbox to build such a server could still do so if the checkbox scenario early described on this post was implemented. Those who choose to play Primitive could start participating in events again if the mode was built into the main game. More decorative and realistic looking items to work with. And I am sure there are more, and I would love to hear them if it will keep this post active.
  11. Honestly this would be awesome. I have used folders in the past, but as someone who is constantly moving between maps... the folders only work to a point. So I would suggest they either fix the folders so they do not disappear on you or that they do as you have suggested, allow you to "lock" items in your inventory.
  12. There are definitely some ups and downs to the addition of NPC's into the game. In my opinion, they should not be added to official servers. They should however be added as an OPTION to; Single-Player, Dedicated, Hosted, and Unofficial servers. For a few reasons; Unofficial Customization Adding a "humanoid" aspect to those maps that are empty more often than not. Adding more to do to a game that some may feel the game a bit lacking Adding more to a tribe, village, city, and/or roleplaying experience. Plus, this is an idea that obviously isn't going away. There are those that use it on Steam through mods and they love it. So the idea has gained some traction. And if there was a way to code a simply AI to allow the same in the other unofficial platforms, I believe it should be. Again however, not trying to force a mode of gameplay on anyone- it should be an option, not a requirement.
  13. If I am reading this correctly, it seems you are wanting to essentially lock the use of the creatures to the map they started on. Kinda like the Chibi's. You can only wear the chibi's if you own the map they are from. With creatures it would simply be that you cannot tame, ride, or un-cryo creatures from maps you do not own. if that is what you are going for... I don't know. Some thoughts on this... Mod maps that utilize specific dinos in their conception would be able to keep said dino's on their maps if made official. They dino's would still exist, but would be tameable by only those who owned the map of origin for the creatures. I am pretty sure the below notes somewhat break it down. The Center - no restriction. Carries no creatures specific to any map. If you own The Island you own the right to use anything found on The Center. Ragnarok - Restrictions to Scorched Earth Dinos, Poison Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, and Lightning Wyvern. The Ice Wyvern came with the map so it would still be tameable. Valguero - Restrictions to Aberration Dinos. Crystal Isles - Restrictions to Scorched Earth and Aberration Dinos. Locking the access to creatures to the ownership of a map would further push the need to purchase said maps and possibly increase game funds - that is a clear positive as their revenue options are slim at best. Some love the creatures, but hate the maps. So why spend the money on a map you will never play on just to gain access to a few creatures? How do you suggest lock it down now, after having that option open for so long without loosing mass amounts of players? Would you apply this to just the creatures or also the recipes, items, and engrams? What about the creatures that came with the free maps? Are they just "free" creatures? And as a separate note, is it better to make every map purchasable so you have to pay for it to play for it, which means you are technically paying for all the creatures on that specific map regardless of their origin or is it better to lock the creatures to the maps? In the long run... which would be more feasible? Giving every map going forward a price tag or rewinding and changing everything that has been thus far requiring everyone who has traded for creatures from other maps to loose all their possible work and efforts, and completely changing the unofficial server building process?
  14. The whole "size of the egg" idea that really started to hit with the new kibble system is a bit confusing. They are visually, by weight, and by listing all messed up. When thrown on the ground, several eggs have a different visual representation than what they way or list as for kibble. When you look by weight, the same problem exists. At the very least, I would like them to restructure that information so that it flows better. Or make it simpler by eggs the same "glow" of the kibble they are used to make. It would be nice to be able to tell from a glance what type of egg is used for which kibble.
  15. While it is true that you have to play the Win10 version in order to crossplay with the Xbox version, that is not necessarily the case for all games. There are more popping up everyday that allow direct crossplay capabilities between Steam and Xbox. Atlas is an example of one of those games. To do so, there are limitations though. The Steam player may be limited to play without mods if playing the crossplay version as the xbox version of Ark is not currently set up to play with those version. Currently this is not possible, but it would seem to make sense to head that direction. Win10 often has issues different from the other forms and has several days of delays when updates are dropped. By phasing it out and making the Steam version crossplay compatible it would give them one less version to worry about so they could focus on others. As for PS4 being included in that... It has been done before. The following list was pulled from; https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/all-cross-platform-games/ Fortnite: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, mobile Dauntless: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch Rocket League: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4 SMITE: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4 Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4 Realm Royale: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Xbox One , PS4 , PC Call of Duty: Warzone: PS4, Xbox One, PC Need for Speed: Heat: PS4, Xbox One, PC No Man’s Sky: PS4, Xbox One, PC Brawlhalla: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC Super Mega Baseball 2: PS4 , Xbox One, PC, Switch Fantasy Strike: PS4, Switch, Mac, PC (including Linux) World of Warships: Legends: PS4, Xbox One, PC Minecraft: Xbox One , PS4, Switch , PC , mobile Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC And this list keeps growing. So right now? Nope. Not possible. Someday? It certainly seems likely. It is merely a matter of necessity, permissions, and time. Hopefully it is in their plan to move that direction as it becomes a more common idea.
  16. I remember when I first started. Single player was fun, but yeah, the menu options were a bit confusing at day one. That is one thing that this game doesn't have a lot of... instruction or guidance. The info can be found, with some web searches and by using wiki's and such. But game customization? takes a bit of figuring. And even then - some of the settings are just hard to get right regardless (breeding setting can be a bit messy for example) So yeah, I can see where this could be helpful.
  17. Astrocetus I listed this creature as "unofficial option" as it is another one of those creatures, where officially, it doesn't makes sense to have it be breedable. But for those on unofficial servers- especially those for PvE, it gives the server a chance to customize their servers a bit more and the option to play with a creature to see about finding some fun mutations and what not. Griffin I can agree with this on listed as being breedable, but there are many out there that do not agree with that statement. Especially those on official. Which is why it was listed on my list as an "unofficial option". So it could be breedable if you wished for it to be so. Lava Elemental Lava, Chalk, Ice, Rock... Regardless of the form the Elemental, I believes should all be handled the same, an "unofficial option". They would probably be to OP to breed officially, but for those on unofficial's, it would give them another creature to play around with. Phoenix Honestly, I would like this one to breedable as well, but like the Griffin, some may consider it to OP for official breeding to I listed it as "unofficial option" And yes, the should be able to land. If not on the ground, then on a stand you could craft for flyers. Perhaps something that comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Would make it easier to part them and collect their eggs (or in the phoenix case.. pearls) from under them. Rockdrake & Wyvern I think they too should follow the "unofficial option" category. They may be to OP for breeding on official, but unofficial servers should have the option to play with them if they so wish. I do think it should be a difficult process though. Such as the requirement of wyvern milk to raise the young (which would mean their would be lots of wyvern hunting to do the breeding), possibly building a nest for the eggs at the right elevation/temperature, and an extended raising period. I would like the option to breed to be there, but don't mind the idea that it should be difficult to do so.
  18. Since it the suggestion was tagged and didn't you didn't specify I am not sure I understand the context in which you want transfers to follow... Did you mean.... Allow transfers on all official servers? Allow transfers on PvP servers? Allow transfers on PvE servers? Allow transfers on all Unofficial servers? Allow transfers on Unofficial PvP servers? Allow transfers on Unofficial PvE servers? Add a checkbox option in game set up for Unofficial servers regardless of play mode (PvE vs PvP) As an unofficial cluster owner, admin, and player I can say that I would prefer the addition of the last item listed. It makes the most sense for how I play the game. Unfortunately beyond used as items for boss fights, the tributes do not really have a point for existing if used on a map that doesn't require them. And on some maps they are certainly easier to find than they are on others, which is one of the reasons you listed. So being able to transfer them between maps would be convenient. If they had other purposes, I may think differently. As it is, they simply are tossed when found on a map on which they are not needed. With adding it to Official, I have seen suggestion like this in the past and have read the worries that comes with allowing it officially. Some had something to do with tribes overpowering the maps quickly by bringing everything needed with them to do the boss fights from other maps. It is similar to the reasoning for not allowing the transfer of element and shards between maps. Now I haven't played official for since playing on and then opening a cluster, so I can't speak on behalf of official, but it does seem like a warranted worry. So if your suggestion is to add it as an option for unofficial servers - I would upvote it. If the suggest is to merely add it across the board.... I can't really get behind it because there seem to be legit reasons to not doing so.
  19. I go back and forth with this idea. I get what you are a saying - I really do. I just don't know if selective memory wipes are the way to go. My gut tells me it is the engram menu itself that should be simplified to make the process easier. Possibly by grouping together some of the engrams that make sense to do so. Such as; Thatch Building Wood Building Adobe Building Greenhouse Building Stone Building Metal Building Tek Building Cloth Clothing Hide Clothing Flak Clothing Riot Clothing Chitin Clothing Ghillie Clothing Fur Clothing Hazard Clothing Scuba Suit Desert Cloth Clothing Stone Piping Metal Piping By grouping together the items above you would be able to learn the entire group with one click rather than having to do so individually. And if you wished to do so individually, all you would need to do is to select an option to expand the grouped engram. It isn't the perfect solution, but it would clean up the engram menu a bit to make it easier to re-learn the items that you wish.
  20. Personally I am a huge fan of the Primitive Plus Game Mode. It is only of my favorite plays to way play. And you are right, not a lot has been done. For the mode or for the game for the primitive aspect of it. Only I wouldn't go directly to adding a different set of items to the game, I would instead make a few different changes; Add Primitive Plus items to the Main Game. As a Game Mode, Primitive Plus is broken and seemingly forgotten. It misses events, often breaks when the main game gets an update, hasn't been added to maps since Extinction so items on that map and Genesis do not function with the mode, and hasn't had an item upgrade for as long as I can remember. Adding it to the main game with stipulations would ensure that it will receive with the main game, the events, the maps, and may actually get fixed if something breaks since it will be a part of the main game. Add a Checkbox option to remove Tek Items from the Main Game. This would allow players to play without the tek items and keep a primitive game setting if they wish Add a Checkbox option to remove Modern Industrial Items from the Main Game. This would allow players to play without the modern weaponry, metal builds, and some of the more modern industrial items that come with the Main Game to even further focus on the primitive aspects of the game Add remaining Structures Plus items and functionality to the game Not including auto harvesters and such; merely the building items methods that were missed with the addition of the Homestead Update Add Castle, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered to the Main Game Scorched Earth. It has been since Scorched Earth that we have actually received a building set. We have since received building items, but not a full building set. It is rather sad. And quite honestly, maddening. I thought for sure that by purchasing a new season at least one would show, yet all we received were Ocean Platforms. By adding Castle, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered we were be receiving multiple building tiers and items that the game has far missed out on. Add EcoMods into the Main Game or as Purchasable Packages Personally I would love to see them simply added to the main game, but that is a lot of options and not everyone may feel the same. As such I would also like to list the option to have them as Packages you could purchase. This way if you want them you could pay to get them. It would support the mod author, the game, and would keep engram's list a bit cleaner to those who would prefer they be so. How would they work? Simple. They would attach to the user in the same way that and HLNA would. They couldn't be said to "Auto Unlock" on officials that way and would be unique to the individual who purchased them. The likelihood of any of this happening is slight. And some may argue against some of it, and that is totally cool, everyone is welcome to their own opinion. This is merely mine.
  21. At this point in time there are a few creatures in Ark you cannot breed. Some I believe, are understandable and should only have breeding enabled for unofficial players due to how they could change the tide/flow of the game. Others should be able to be bred at all times. And then there are those that should flat out never have breeding enabled. Below is a copy of a list of creatures I found that are currently unbreedable. Not all are actually listed as I did not include those which only exist for the games mobile form. I don't play that version and do not wish to speak on its behalf. Nor did I list the Alpha, Boss, and any other creatures that cannot be tamed at this point in time. I have labeled them Breedable, Unbreedable, and Unofficially Option based on my personal opinions. I am not saying all will or should feel the same. It is just my opinion. Achatina - Breedable Araneo - Breedable Arthropluera - Breedable Astrocetus - Unofficial Option Basilisk - Unofficial Option Dung Beetle - Breedable Enforcer - Unbreedable Giant Bee - Unbreedable Griffin - Unofficial Option Karkinos - Unofficial Option Lava Elemental - Unofficial Option Liopleurodon - Unofficial Option Lymantria - Breedable Mantis - Breedable Onyc - Breedable Phoenix - Unofficial Option Pulmonoscorpius - Breedable Rock Drake - Unofficial Option Rock Elemental - Unofficial Option Titanoboa - Breedable Titanosaur - Unbreedable Wyvern - Unofficial Option As you will see, many I have listed as Unofficial Option. That is mostly due to the nature of the beast - so to speak. They are the creatures many would deem to OP should the be led to breed naturally. There are two however, that I listed as Unofficial Option, which I was tempted to switch to breedable. The Lioplerodon, but only if it was given a bit of a TLC. Currently when you tame it you have it for a limited amount of time due to its effect. If it were added to the game in a way where it would remain as a simple ridable sea creature after the effect has ended, at that point I believe it should be left as Breedable. As is, there isn't a point to really list it as such since it would disappear before you could even try to breed it. Which is why it is listed as "Unofficial Option". With the way they vanish, only boosted unofficial would have time to breed it with the limited time it exists. The Griffin. This one I think started out as unbreedable due to its "fantasy nature" and the creatures sheer power at the time of its release. However since it was added, several other creatures that can easily overpower it have been added - some of which have succeeded in taking over its unique features and surpassing its abilities. As such, there isn't a lot of reason to tame them when you can beat out its stats by breeding and imprinting on other creatures. Which is why I would like to have it set to Breedable, however I know there are many who may not agree so at the very least I have labeled it as "Unofficial Option"
  22. It would be nice if babies weren't auto set to "enable wandering". It would also be nice if they didn't want you to name them when you claim them. The pop up window to name everything that second gets a little annoying.
  23. Personally my favorite maps are the maps that are not prepared by Wildcard. I started on their maps and played through all of them excluding Genesis - which I honestly did not care for much at all. So I know the first season maps pretty well. However, I don't care for them. Partially because of the "Specialty" most of them have. The island isn't bad. A great place to learn the game and figure it out. Scorched Earth was fun at first. But it became old with the constant storms and the unchanging scenery. Aberration was also fun when I first got on it. However I discovered after only a few hours a day that the lightly made my head hurt, the darkness got old really fast, and the fact that there is only so much "safe" space made it hard to spread out with others. I know it is loved by many, but wasn't my cup of tea. Loved the colored creatures too. Extinction was okay. The city was cool, but I was a bit disappointed that there were no doors or rooms you could go into. An entire city and you couldn't enter a single building? The dead-lands were excessive, the sulfur fields large and annoying. The different biomes were fun, but they too each had their own issues. I did like the OSD idea. It was a lot of fun getting together with a group to fight for the items - even though the higher the level the more often we crashed. Genesis... Not really up to going into. Unique and different idea, but a huge let down for me. Again, not holding all to that statement, I just didn't care for it. The other maps though? Love them. The Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero all seem "earthy" I suppose, some with ties into some of the other maps. It let you have a taste of some of the originals without forcing the entire map upon you. The Deserts of Ragnarok and the Underground of Valguero really let you experience some of Scorched Earth and Aberration without having you get overwhelmed by it. So I wouldn't say that I would be one to look for "Island" replica's. But perhaps "earthy" maps that contain multiple seasons through the biomes on them. Unique additions as the aberrant zone being one of them is nice too. I just prefer that not be what all the map is. That may just me though.
  24. Personally I would phrase the question, "Can we have stack-able foundations added?" It is a popular feature to the S+ mod and a portion we did not get with the homestead update. Played with them a bit on Atlas and absolutely loved them. It would allow to work with the uneven territories a bit more without having an adjustable sized foundations that would end up with their own limitations in the end.
  25. Personally - I far prefer the "primitive" and "industrial" aspects of the game over their "space-age tek" counterparts. And for a lot of the similar reasons you have pointed out. The main one being, it is a survival game. And I would rather they build on it then to reach for the moon as they have been. Below is a list of the items you have pointed out, plus a few of my own; More TLC - this has been suggested by the community more then once. Agreed. There are quite a few creatures out there that needs some tweaks and bit of work. Industrial Smithy - a more production efficient Smitty than the medieval one, that even looks dumb in a full metal industrial base. It would be nice to have an "Industrial" counterpart to this particular item. I would even go as far as to break it up a bit and create both a "Saddle Bench", "Construction Bench", and an "Weapons Station". I could help with seperating out the items you need to craft said items and make sorting the resources to use a bit easier. Alchemy table - a tier between the mortar and pestle and chemistry bench. For this I would reach out to Primitive Plus and borrow their station Hot air balloon - for those who play on no taming servers. Not a bad idea. A flyer without a flyer. Obviously not as fast, but it would make long distance travel a bit safer. Concrete buildings tier - a new level in the building department witch may add a new crafting table the cement mixer. This makes me think of the Primitive Plus Tier. And even if not, I am all for adding those and more. It has been far to long since new building tiers have been added. (last full tier being back with Scorched Earth.) Heavy desert armor - a better armor for the SE DLC Either this or being able to upgrade the existing armor. It is my absolute favorite, but because of its stats - it doesn't make sense to use it. I almost wish there was a way to "Skin" an armor set so I could still get the look but have a better armor underneath. Heavy Adobe buildings - metal version of adobe structures in SE I am not a huge Scorched Earth player, but I have done my time on the map. I would have to agree that they should have added an advance form of building for the unique biome that encases the map. Adobe is all well and good, but it is pretty early stage and it would have made sense from a progression standpoint that a "survivor" would have been able to improve upon the standard. Desert like skins for the animals in SE - aberration has aberrant animals, genesis has its own set of skins for old dinos, so why not SE? I think Scorched Earth was skipped over with the skins because they added so many new low-to-high level creatures. On Aberration they were introduced to Radiation which caused the coloring - so having the colors there makes sense (I think, not an expert on the story line behind the map). On Extinction... Even with all the issues with the environment.. somehow the creatures you can't tame were the only ones not effected. And with Genesis... Why were some effected on not others? Sure the shades of colors used changed with the environment... but we only got a partial listing of x-variant creatures. Which honestly seemed like a cop-out. They didn't want to take the time to create some mid level creatures so they re-skinned, re-labeled, and slightly adjusted a handful of creatures. And not only that, they used some of the creatures that have been done before. Raptor? Paraceratherium? Parasaur? Anky? Otter? Spino? They already had "other" types so why use them again? Why not shake things up and re-do something new? How may version of a Raptor and Parasaur do we need? Honestly I am more of the frame of mind that more new creatures should come with each map or a re-skinning of every creatures on that map. They shouldn't do it half way. So as far as adding skins to dinos in Scorched Earth. I am on the fence. I know they don't like to back-track, which is evident by the maps crumbling at the seems, so doing so now wouldn't make a lot of sense to them. Plus, Scorched Earth did receive 17 new creatures, which is far more than any map sense... so asking for a re-skin on top of that seems like a bit much. And to add to your list to keep the items in the section of "Primitive" and "Industrial" Add in Primitive Plus Items Add in at least two building tiers per map using unique resources from those maps in order to promote further travel to and use of the maps. Examples: Scorched Earth Basic Adobe Advanced Adobe Aberration Fungal Wood Building (similar stats to wood but using strictly fungal wood giving it a different look and color) Gemstone Cobblestone (using the Red, Green, and Blue Gems along with Stone and Cementing Paste (or Cement) to craft cobblestone building items that have gems intermixed in the material. Extinction Element Ore Building (Using a forge you smelt together Element Dust and Iron Ingots to creature Element Ore to craft building structures. It is not as strong as tek, but is stronger and cleaner than Metal structures) Element Glass Building (Using a forge you smelt together Element Dust and Sand to creature Element Glass which is stronger than the glass used for Greenhouse buildings and has a higher resistance factor. This would introduce an advanced form of Greenhouse building.) Genesis Igloo Structures (pretty self explanatory. The Ice Biome has a lot of well, Ice - why not put it to use?) Coral Structures (again, not too difficult. There are a lot of harvest-able coral items in the Ocean Biome. Why they didn't make use of that I will never understand) Other Building Tiers (either built into the game or purchasable as learnable engrams via store attached to user accounts) Lumber - Primitive Plus Cement - What the Brick from Primitive Plus looks like Brick - What the Brick from Primitive Plus should look like Log - A pretty primitive method of building involving full logs to build log-cabin like structures Bamboo - there are plants across most of the island formatted maps that resemble it, so why haven't they added it? I could be considered pretty early game. Steel - taking advantage of the steel found in Primitive Plus to create its own unique tier. Other missed "Industrial Items" Mortar & Pestle - Listed above Fridge - the one in game is pretty basic, would be nice to have something larger Preserving bin for jerky - this could be covered by the introduction of a "Smoker" or the items currently existing in Primitive Plus Items that need some work or more items. Bookcase - they should be able to hold a few more items Beds - why simple bed to bunk bed? Why not a fancy, queen, or king sized beds? We have pelt and hide - and if you include Primitive Plus we have feathers and leather so a fancier bed should be possible. Lights - need I say more? Unique Storage cases - like the weapons rack from Primitive Plus Furniture - to fit the different building styles Saddles built for needs and not generalized Better Farming - Tool for easier harvesting and/or fertilizing or a method in which to do so. More Food Items - Primitive Plus is a great start Honestly I could go on for ever. If I had a vote on how to start, I would suggest by adding the primitive plus items in phases. Such as adding Lumber in Phase One and so on. After all that can be added has been, I would then begin filling in the rest of it. Again focusing on items prior to Tek. I know there are a lot of players out there that like tek, and this isn't against them, but I would like to see a bit more focus on early game - it has been a while since we have had to much of it. Overall - l like the suggestion.
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