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  1. Honestly, as someone who spent a few years on Xbox running a server before moving to the PC/Steam to do so - even with all the mods out there, there isn't a single one that does everything that Prim+ does. You can create a similar feel for it, but they just aren't the same. Some have tried, but a lot of what makes Prim+ great just doesn't come through all the way. Honestly I was surprised when I moved to steam that someone hadn't already started creating a Prim+ 2.0 where all original items were included and new items were added. Instead it almost seems as though most authors are choose not to out of care for the original, even though it isn't available as a mod anymore. My group LOVED Prim+ on Xbox. Even with all its faults we often ran a map with it. For all the reasons you list and more. We always felt that the tek aspect was fun, but it took a lot away from the survival experience. I know not all feel the same, but that is how it was for us. And if paying for it to get added was an option we would all do so in a heart beat. Ever since this post and another with the new suggestion voting method came out way back when, I crossed my fingers and hoped something would be said or done. I would have even voted for a fund drive if that is what was holding them back. A weekend drive to earn some funds to bring Prime+ back up to par? I would be 100% all over that. But instead nothing. If I recall correctly they have basically stated on Twitter that is is a loss cause due to lack of interest. Not that it seemed they considered the fact that the lack of interest may have had less to do with the mode and more to do with it being broken for so long. It isn't really fair to judge a semi-working mode that still has its own glitches against another mode that hasn't received any true updates or fixes in years. But that could be just my own opinion. At this point, they should, at the very least, get it up to fully functional as a mode before transitioning all attention to Ark 2 and/or open up the mod again so that those that wish to take it on could. And perhaps if those that took it on as a mod again do well enough, it could be added back as a Prim+ 2.0 for all to play. Since a mode and mod are two different things, there is no reason why they couldn't do both.
  2. It is an amazing map. I absolutely love it! And while I would love for Console players to have a chance to play on it because it is simply amazing... the idea of doing so also worries me. Simply because several Official Map Specific creatures are on Fjordur that would most likely be pulled should the map be adapted as an Official Ark Map. That does not mean I am 100% against the idea, it is a wonderful map and sharing its unique beauty with other players would be awesome... but as stated, some features may loose out as we did with other maps as released. Personally I would be for it being made a paid mod map through Ark to have those features remain, or if they are pulled, give the creators, or other creators, the chance to create creatures that would be in their place so that it doesn't totally lose out as other maps have. Can't have Magmasaurs and their nests? Perhaps a new creature that fits the area. Can't have Rockdrakes? Perhaps a new caving creature in its place. That way you lose some, but win some.
  3. I enjoy the Christmas Event the most - however that said, I truly wish I could keep the items from that and the other events when the events end. It was fun spending the time to hunt the down when I first started playing, but now I find it a bit repetitive and a bit of a waste of time as I cannot keep the items. The time finding them can be better spent elsewhere.
  4. While I can't speak on the first portion of your statement, I didn't start playing until after Scorched Earth's release so I am not 100% how the release went, I do agree 100% with the second part of your statement. (though I do play with some who were and have gained some insight over the years) Now I do not want it misunderstood that I would prefer that PvE take precedence over PvP. I would merely hope that both be given consideration with the items released. There are many aspects that have been argued for and against even just here in the suggestion page about the balance being a bit tilted in one direction or another over time and it would be nice if that were a bit straightened out. I understand the need for give and take to a degree, but there should always be a limit as to how much give can be given without taking too much. As for the last portion, I too hope there is a better progressional outline with Ark 2. It is one of the areas of Ark I have often found lacking. Primitive+ added a good flow to what could be considered the early engrams, but the time between where they maxed out and Tek seemed stunted at best. Items and resources to bridge that gap would be most appreciated.
  5. Not saying that this is 100% how it would be done, but how I see it happening. For example; If you started up a game using official engram settings, then all items from both Primitive Plus and Official Game would be learnable by default. There may be some restructuring or reorganizing of some in the engram list to make them all fit progressionally together, but they would all exist for the player to learn. The few that would not be would be those that are maps specific. However, not all players may be interested in using all the items from both modes. After all, some of those that play Primitive Plus as it is do so because it doesn't have some advanced Industrial or Tek items because they prefer to play without those engrams. So for the sake of customizing for those players it has been suggested that there be a checkbox for Tek Engrams and Industrial Engrams that could be turned off and on. The other suggestion would be to simply have a checkbox for each engram that you could manually turn on and off as you wish. Which is something you can already do through the game.ini file for hosted and PC maps. However grouping them together as Tek Engrams and Industrial Engrams could simplify that process for those that simply wanted the original Primitive Plus feel to the game. The group I play with would probably go for a mix. We would select for the Industrial Items to be checked on, but tek to be checked off. We feel that the industrial/electrical items fit progressionally and that the Tek Items change the feel of the game and prefer to play without them. Essentially you would be able to choose between Tek and/or Lumber while eating pizza if you chose to set it up as such. In the end, adding the Primitive Plus items to the main game would assist with a few things. Since they would be part of the main game, several of the items that are "broken" in Primitive Plus would be fixed by default as they are working in the main game. (kibble, events, creature TLC, etc...) It would allow the main game the use of the Primitive Plus gardening items to be incorporated into the taming method officially which could give herbivores more options for taming. As it is the carnivores have several and the herbivores have few. It would expand and blow up the Farming/Gardening and Cooking aspect of the game, which could be a hefty win for those that would love to use it. It would add new decorative tiers which have been asked for since players began to realize that they haven't added anything since Scorched Earth and we are now several maps overdue. Structure Tiers specific to Primitive Plus could get an updated which could include the Large Walls, Triangle Pieces, and the Stairs/Ramp items. Which were skipped when those items were initially added. If Dino's or Drops went missing, the would do so for all so Wild Card may be in a bit more of a rush to actually get them up and running again. Adding the engrams would add several progressional steps to the items you can build if arranged properly (I created an excel spreadsheet to organize them all and it really does fit well with a few name changes and such here and there) It would give player's more options for customizable gameplay. Such as choosing between the hammer and the longneck for taming. Or to upgrade to higher level bows vs guns and ammo. Allows those who have been playing Primitive Plus the chance to expand to other maps and actually use them and explore them fully without losing out with each. To which I am referring the use of the items dedicated to the new maps as well as the saddles for the creatures on the. This note could also earn them some funds and not all Primitive Plus players have purchased the newer maps as they would be able to utilize the items above listed. And those are just a few of the reason I can think of on short time.
  6. Not really. Making it part of the main game would actually be to incorporate it as standard items to the series. So really it would be accessible by everyone because the game wouldn't exist without the items unless you specifically set it up as such. And as a single player, you too could have the setting to add and/or remove Tek and/or Industrial items through check box or individual engram removal selections. Everyone, regardless of game mode or play style would have access to both Primitive and Standard game engrams if it were incorporated. Honestly I am not sure how you came to the conclusion that single player would be left out. The Single Player version of the game is based off the Official/Standard version of the game and that is where we are suggesting they go.
  7. Personally I don't see why we would need to invest at all in Primitive Plus financially. Wildcard made the decision to add it and therefore by default, should maintain it. However, that said, as they are not doing anything for it at that point. Cutting out events, new creatures, new maps, and items such as the TLC and letting it run as is.... Something needs to be done. I am personally am still of the mind that they should add it to the main game and have a few official server's thrown up that remove the Industrial and Tek Engrams so it would act as though it were a primitive map. The checkbox that remove those Industrial and Tek Engrams could then also be added to unofficial so they could set it up the same way. I have spoken with quiet a few who would love to play a Primitive Game that includes the Primitive Plus items and Industrial even - removing only Tek from the equation since between the standard early game and the Primitive early game you would could really get creative with the items. At the end, the idea is that the mode isn't completely removed, but set up so it is easier to maintain and utilize the best aspects that come with it without all the problems it currently has. Technically, though not cleanly stated through this site, they did mention in the discord at one point that due to the low numbers that the servers have that it is not a priority at this point. And that while they realize that it is not functioning and that could be a reason why the numbers are so low, they don't feel the manpower and funds needed to get it back up to speed are a priority. It is a messed up cycle. Personally I had hoped that when they released the so-called "mode" questionnaire, that being a "mode" itself - and the only alternative mode for console - it would have been mentioned and that they may have been able to better gauge the interest in the mode through it. However they refused to acknowledge it instead and focused mainly on modes for PC players and didn't even mention it. At this point it seems they simply don't care. So while I agree 100% that they do something. Or even get a clear statement as to the future of the mode - whether that be that they work on it or not, they seem to prefer to leave things open ended just in case they want to do something with them at some point...
  8. Hello, This is a good idea, and there is a similar post you may want to check out. Essentially the same thing, its just been out a while longer and has a few more votes. After all, the more votes on one idea could lead to more recognition of that idea.
  9. Hello, There are two posts on this subject you may want to look into; One was suggestion made when the forum was reformatted and the other a weigh-in discussion regarding some options. Unfortunately while the interest has been there for both, nothing has been really addressed with either. If you would like to add your voice to the idea however, these are the two you may want to look at. *Personally I am of the frame of mind that the items should be added with some minor stipulations as to some menu set up options. More info on that is listed on the two posts.
  10. I think having Tek Binoculars as an upgraded item from the spyglass would be an excellent idea. To add a bit of progression to the item though, I would suggest the following; Level 7 - Spyglass Level 25 - Magnifying Glass Level 50 - Binoculars *New Item. Combines Spyglass and Magnifying Glass and their abilities. - Craftable at Fabricator. Tek Level Unlock: Tek Binoculars *New Item. Standard use (no element cost) same as Binoculars. For the cost of a percentage of a tek shard - if the target is locked on for 3 seconds a stat read-out of the creatures stats will be provided. - Craftable at the Replicator. Again, I am good either way - with or without the additional progressional step. It would be a nice item to have, especially for console use since they do not have the ability to use mods to gain access to something similar.
  11. Love the Art. Beautiful Images. Wish we had more to the crunch though. Not necessarily dates or even sneak peaks but perhaps a look into discussions and suggestions? Pick one or two that have risen in popularity and talk about them? It doesn't have to be definite work towards any issues - but a discussion piece based on the player comments on the posts. There were for a few weeks and it was fun reading about them. Sort of like a "Spotlight on this Suggestion" or something.
  12. I upvoted this month's ago, but only recently realized how odd it seems that it doesn't already autoharvest. There are creatures that auto harvest other resources. Below are a few that I have started playing around with. Some I just set on their target for the occasional harvest - others are set to wander within a leashed parameter. Moschops - Fiber, Thatch, Wood, Berries Therizi & Beaver - Wood, Thatch, Doed - Stone Gatcha - Flint, Stone, Thatch, Wood I know there are probably others out there - but one thing I have noticed is that there is no creature for metal. All those that harvest it that I have tried do not do so automatically. Now I know one of the worries is that they could make the process too easy or convenient. To combat that I would suggest that they simply do not harvest the item without a character in render. It requires the use of the location to be thought through a bit more. Sticking the creature in a random field wouldn't do one any good if they were not in render long enough to make it worth it. So you would need to live or work near a few nodes to make it really worth it. Given, this may be a bit more difficult on some maps, the official storyline maps specifically. As the other maps seems to be a bit friendlier with a spackling of nodes across the maps in larger groupings. So that would be one aspect of consideration. It would be a nice addition, if even only as a game ini setting.
  13. Goodness, I just re-read this thread for the fun of it, it is a thought and idea that I get can get behind 100%. And good heavens, I am all over it in here. ? That doesn't change much though. I still think it is a game mode that should be included. For all the reasons previously mentioned and all those that may come. Here are a few listed previously and some that may be new; Easier Updates; one less mode to worry about updating when doing so = less breaking of forgotten game mode. Improvements to Early Game; more options and items to work with Item progression; Primitive Industrial to Modern Industrial; Other Mortar and Pestle forms before the Chem bench; More building items to the main game including actual building tiers Better lighting options. Early game items specific storage prior to tek dedicated storage More Recipes, gardening, and cooking Mutton comparative for herbivores (plants) Additional tool/weapon options for harvest and character personalization Item use alternatives. Map access. (currently Primitive Plus has not been updated to all the later maps so not all of the items are available for use nor are all creatures feasibly tameable without access to the saddles) Those who choose to play Primitive and select checkbox to build such a server could still do so if the checkbox scenario early described on this post was implemented. Those who choose to play Primitive could start participating in events again if the mode was built into the main game. More decorative and realistic looking items to work with. And I am sure there are more, and I would love to hear them if it will keep this post active. ?
  14. Thank you very much for this Event. As an Unofficial Cluster Owner/Admin whose rates are a bit raised over standard, the last event, while great for some didn't really give us a lot to work with. We had fun with the cakes, but that was pretty much it. This event however, has the whole group excited. Even more so with the Sunglasses. Just one more part of the character outfit we can skin to cover the rest of the body so we don't have to wear the swimsuits mixed with everyday outfits. Now we are just missing something for the hands and feet... For the feet...sandals maybe? Flip-flops? For the hands... A wristband? Just something to put over your normal clothes to make it look like you are truly and fully dressed for the beach. If not this time around perhaps next time? And the colors, Awesome! Can't wait to go out and catch them.
  15. So.... to summarize.... 1. PC gets Crystal Isles today - No estimation for Console release 2. The "Anniversary Event" gives us a new dino, dodos with hats, a cake item (that may vanish when the event is over like other event items), slightly adjusted rates, and 5 new chibis. 3. The ability to smelt chibis in a forge into a new chibis (is it just me or does that sound a little disturbing?) 4. New "Time Capsule" like servers - which are just really old versions of the game. Pretty much primitive plus without primitive plus items. 5. A new method of purchasing the game It is a lot, but still I have to say I am somewhat disappointed in the event. All those previous to this were far superior. We recieved new skins, color, and seasonal items. Whereas with this event.... one seasonal item. I thought this was supposed to be a party to celebrate the last five years? At the very least I had imagine some party decorative like presents, balloons, or perhaps a weapon skin that shoots streamers. Not to mention some fun colors in the wild. And don't take this the wrong way, I am happy for you, glad you made it this far, I just had been imagining items that would put it in line with previous events. So Congratulations on making it this far. I will look forward to the next event to actually go out and tame some colors.
  16. Agreed. I have said it in on many different occasions. Many of which are throughout this thread. I hope we hear something someday.
  17. This isn't the first time I have seen a request similar to this. Some have asked not just for a name change, but for a character re-design. Which makes sense. It is one thing to create a character that you think you may play with for a while, it is another to create one that you will be using year after year. And sometimes a change would be slight... even it is a slight change. I am not sure which method would be best to make either happen... but I can see where it would be nice to be able to do so.
  18. Agreed. This weigh in post has been around for a while now and it would be nice for it to get some recognition of some sort. The description of the post has a handful of options listed and at this point- I would just like to know which they were leaning towards. I LOVE the primitive plus items and would love to see them added to the game and possibly expanded upon for the upper level tiered items at some point. It seems to be but a dream , but I still cross my fingers it will some day come to be. ?
  19. Those are again though, just a few items for building tiers that already existed. And like you said, we only got some of the S+ items, a watered down version of the mod essentially. What I am referring too are not individual items or a few additional pieces for existing building tiers, but entire tiers. Such as the lumber, cement, or brick from Primitive plus. A set of structures crafted by using new materials to give us a new look.
  20. I love the idea of the Crystal Isle map. I do not watch a lot of map videos, but I have watched some for this one and it looks pretty amazing. Plus, I wasn't a fan of the Genesis map with the separated biomes, the unbuildable zones, and the harshness of the biomes. The biomes are fun, but I kinda miss transition zones between them. And I like the idea of some new creatures (even if this is for only one). My interests in breeding has died down since the creatures I normally breed weren't included in the X-creature list. Which would have given me an incentive to re-breed my lines. Some of the new ones are cool, but they don't excite me as much as I had hoped. And while it is fun to look through the mods, as a console player I know the chances of being able to use them is minimal. Everytime a modder posts a mod with new items to build with, as a builder it is both exciting and saddening. I love the idea of using them, but know we probably won't be able to. I mean really, we have gotten some random building items with Aberration (cliff platforms), Extinction (tek bridge), and Genesis (water platforms) - but we haven't received a true building tier of items since Scorched Earth (adobe). So I am going to try and keep the exciting for Crystal Isle alive until it arrives - but for the rest.... Not as exciting for how I play - though I know that may be just for me. I am sure there are others out there that are ecstatic for the other items posted.
  21. Honestly, as a console player, I have never really noticed extended load times. There is a brief load when switching game types (primitive plus vs original game play), however once switched, it I don't plan to go between the two it usually loads just as it would if I were in the other. At least it did before I did my test run prior to opening of the map for my cluster to play on. (popped on a single player to see what was "broken" and if it was still playable) Dang, I was hoping the drops would have been address by now. It was a while ago that we put a map up and noticed the issue. We were happy to have a workaround then and felt bad for those playing officially who may have been playing without them completely. As for the rest, I completely agree. Something needs to be said and hopefully they let us know which direction they are going to take it. Are they going to drop it completely (in which case someone may want to make a mod for it), are they going to incorporate it with an optional modern engrams on/off option, or are they going to update it in it current seperate game mode set? Honestly I am good without a time frame at this point, I would just like to know which way they are going to take it.
  22. About a month or so ago I temporarily opened a PVE Primitive Plus map for the cluster I admin for to play on. We tend to do so at least once a year to play around with it. The map we chose was Ragnarok. And the biggest issue we had at the time were the lack of drops. They simply didn't exist. Luckily, in using the beacon app, I was able to place a few of the items typically found in drops into a few of the creature codes. It wasn't the best way to get blueprints in the game, but it worked for us. I read soon after we closed that one of the last fall updates had caused some issue, some major, some small. I am not sure however which have been fixed nor which may remain as issues. Personally though, it is my favorite way to play. There are a lot more PVE elements with the food, decoratives, and such that I prefer 110% over what we have in the base game. The base game just misses out on a lot of early game items that primite plus has to offer. Which is why I am a fan of the two having at least the option to be used together. You would get a lot more out of the early game and still have access to some of the end game items. As it is, for console players, it is very much so one way or the other. Primitive Plus or Standard. Now on the question as how well a single player version would work... It may not be a bad idea to load one up and just see what it looks like. Use some cheats, do a trial, and if enough works for you - restart and play through.
  23. Once upon a time, waiting for the Community Crunch was exciting. So much going on. Fixes, changes, things being added and discussed. But now, it is rather sad. For a few weeks items with the most votes in the suggestion section were discussed... then that stopped. For a few weeks we received mod competition news and snippets... then the competition came to a close. For a few weeks we were given sneak peeks into the next DLC... then that too faded away. For a few weeks we were given random notes about QOL changes and updates.... that too is now silent. For a time there were things to read about and see, now all we are getting is a slightly revamped holiday update, which based on how well the last few worked, does not inspire much confidence. In fact, there is a chance the cluster I manage will be voting to turn the event off after the trouble with the last few. The communication is nice, far more so than Atlas where there is nothing, however it is not what it used to be. I understand that it may be busy and that hard defined dates and defined changes are difficult to release - but at this point a possibility or discussion is better than what we are given. That said, thank you for what we have been given, and please, rethink the Community Crunch's of the future and give us a bit more.
  24. Thus far this is more of a discussion line than it is a reality of what is going happen. If you read the original post it suggested a few possible futures for Primitive Plus and this is where participants in the conversation have discussed those outlined. So as far as losing everything on your friends server, it is hard to say since they haven't really updated this thread officially. At least not so much that I have seen. I would love it if they would, but they seem to be radio-silent on the subject.
  25. Taming and Breeding rates aside, as those seem to be the main point on conversation in the 3 pages of comments I just read through.... I must say I am ready to start hunting out these new chibis. They are new and there is so much to learn about them since not much was said. Are they pets that follow you around? Something you keep in your inventory? Shoulder pets? Something you can place? Are they breedable? Which creatures will we find? Are they too going to be seasonally colored? So much to learn and figure out with these new pets. I can't wait to hunt a few of them down! And I must say It is nice to see the ugly sweater additions. They still aren't the full santa, elf, snowman, or pluffy snowsuit skins I have been hoping to see, but they are something more than the hat skins we have been given year after year. It just one more clothing item, but it something different and we will not at least be able to wear two holiday themed suit pieces. Thanks WC!
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