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  1. The team has identified a fix which will likely be ready for deployment on 10/22. If anything changes in that timeline, I will let you know!
  2. IMPORTANT: PS4 Primitive+ Survivors The team is aware of the recent PS4 Primitive+ that resulted from the latest update (540.1). This thread will be updated with relevant information when there is some to share.
  3. It's still scheduled for November 2nd. I'll let you know if anything changes.
  4. Cedric

    The truth

    A solution that will handle 100% of meshing cases is out of reach. QA has been testing advancements to the meshing detection that goes beyond just detecting and takes action. It's looking very promising and we do believe that will alleviate some of the meshing you are seeing. There will always be new ways to exploit/mesh that we may not have predicted. What's important to focus on (in addition to prevention) is our response to those things and how to more quickly address them.
  5. We have done some hiring recently and the sole purpose was to support the "live game" without impacting future content. We have more resources to dedicate to this now.
  6. Rather than going through and responding on every post with a generic "good idea" I am trying a different approach. One in which you will get confirmation that your request has been seen and whether there are chances to implement it. We get in trouble when we're saying "good idea, we'll add it" to individual comments in social media. It's much better to present those things to the development team in context with all the other requests that are in the queue. You get a much better representation of what you can and cannot do. I know for a lot of people, feeling like you are heard means us taking action on the items you've requested. While we haven't reached that point (in the new process) we'll get there. I think when that happens, this system will show some promise. And if it doesn't, I'll try something else. My job is to make sure you are heard and not necessarily make sure the things you are asking for happens. I hope this provides a little clarity. Edit: In regard to the S.E. Ascension, Jesse said it isn't happening so I'd have to believe the co-founder on that one. He may have different ideas for where to use those resources/people. The people that make cinematics aren't an entirely different team. It requires VFX artists, character artists, lighting engineers - It's a full team effort.
  7. Sounds like I need to refresh myself on the lore.
  8. I can understand the want for prehistoric dinosaurs or those based on prehistoric dinosaurs but as others have pointed out, this was always meant to be a sci-fi game so it's only natural that the creatures become more sci-fi influenced (it matches with the lore as well) That isn't to say there wont be anymore creatures like Deinonychus, but the fact you are seeing more TEK inspired creatures is actually part of the lore and overall story.
  9. There are times when advanced notice becomes hard but it's fair criticism, so let's see if we can get better at this and allow more time prior to. I'm assuming most are speaking of in-game server notifications (as I imagine people playing are impacted by this the most)?
  10. There was a little confusion with the patches, but you should be on 298.41 (if PC)
  11. Noted, I'll go through and mark some of these completed. Thanks for calling this out.
  12. Sounds good. I'll update the thread/sheet later today.
  13. Does "Seen" work better than "Archived"? Essentially I'm trying to indicate the dev team has seen the request but hasn't made a decision on it yet.
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