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  1. thank you for not making it a boring color event!!!!!! we had enough of those.
  2. i got hit bad in pve as well, not in extinction but a mentally ill person glitched into my base and stole dino stats. there is more pvp in pve then there is pvp in pvp.
  3. in pvp dura is more important and he probably meant 1500 dura on each part
  4. better come back when meshing is fixed, wild card added dinos and tools to easily mesh with. i heard they do work on a fix though.
  5. also depends on the difference between the temperature required for incubating and the ambient temperature, the further they are away from eachother, the more ac effect you need. to be sure just tame a bunch of them but dont tame low levels. i went to center and tamed 9 145-150 lvl dimetrodons and breed them. they are 240-350melee now and i got about 15 to incubate 180 rex eggs at once. breeding them may not be required and might be overkill.
  6. your website is also 1 hour wrong with basilo, they dont take the food stat into account which can be huge on some dinos.
  7. mejoberry is 30 food and amar, azul and tintoberries are 25 food. (edit, 20 food, not 25, so difference is even bigger) when you give them all the berries, they wont eat mejo because they always eat the lowest food first. same for fish meat with carnivores.
  8. you can write these programs yourself, i myself wrote several scripts for specific tasks. and its no rocket science to.
  9. if female has a new mut to 400 and a male has a new mut to 400, and if you mate them once they are grown, the baby is 400, the mut counter stacks but not the melee. if one side of the male is on 20, and its other side 0/20, the male itself will not create mutations anymore. it all then comes from the females. but they are 2 or 3 times more rare but they can cause a mut on a stat in the male. no matter how you look at it, you are stuck on the mutcap of 20 muts. no matter if this is in the male or female. 19/20 1/20 is also mutcapped since its the sum of both sides that count.
  10. i started at 46 pts on both hp and melee, which is 11k22 and 396 melee. now 31900hp 1149md, sounds high but some other people have waay higher then me.
  11. This might be about the hackers that we still have in PVE but its 10x worse in PVP official and 6tribes and the devs dont do anything at all. We are not allowed to talk about it on this forum so you wont hear much about it.
  12. steam is down but wildcard needs to react by taken the official servers down to
  13. wildcard needs to take the servers down when steam has problems, i cant reach my babies. im probably not the only one
  14. the ability to use the mana safely on the island would be an insane quality of life improvement. or prevent wildlife glitching inside bases. and there are more of such quality of life improvements that we all waited for, some even date back to the launch of ark itself. i see good times ahead if they get finally addressed.
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