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  1. Bet they try the pay to play option. Which will flop , because their management and follow through on problems lack hughly. I'm begging that they go that route , it will end the game lol
  2. You shouldn't have to look in 5 different places for news for 1 game , that's just stupidity on WC's part (bad management of the game )
  3. Everyone notice that their paying less and less attention to the details of this game because of ark 2 ?
  4. What happened to sotf 2 league ? even the discord is gone ?
  5. Is Wildcard paying you to Simp for them ? Get a clue, they've had a over a year to adjust to remote working , so that's just a copout. It's unbelievable how you people just keep making excuses for wildcard incompetence
  6. Welcome to toxic ark. LOL if you think anything will be done about it
  7. No time to pay attention to this ark , they have to rush gen 2 out and hack together ark 2. This game is already being forgotten sadly .
  8. Why doesn't/can't the servers (ingame) show even remotely close how many people are actually on the server at any given time? I mean Like when youre looking at the list of all the servers and the numbers are never correct EVER ! OR is that just chalked up to "another ark heheheheh OPPSy thing" that will never bet corrected ?
  9. Well, you've seen what happens when wildcard "tries" to run 2 games at once . Survival of the fittest (they couldnt run it correctly so it was stopped) Atlas wasn't run correctly so it's basically stopped (if not stopped , a hugh failure). SO need you question Ark2's future? Just look at their past accomplishments .
  10. THIS -> I would bet its only a question of time before Ark starts to decay, seeing their poor ability to multitask various games at the same time. has already started to happen (hence why they needed to use vin diesels name to boost it again) It started to happen when Wildcard couldn't keep up with running ark AND Altas at the same time and reskinning ark for Atlas , and people really seeing how bad the support was for both games . If you think Ark 2 will be any better , look up the definition for the word insanity and you'll have your answer .
  11. This game is run like a complete joke. They put things wherever they want and expect us to figure out whats going on. Can't just put stuff in one official place . Most of the time stuff is posted on twitter (like everybody uses Twitter)
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