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  1. Why do the dino tracker nodes disappear after the dino has been cryod and uncryod? It gets removed off the dino. This defeats the whole purpose of using a dino tracker and is exspensive this way. I mean saddles stay on the dino so .......
  2. And of coarse like 98 percent of the drops in single player on Gen2 are meshed into the ground and NOT reachable. Theres SO many it wouldn't even be worth it to try and screen shot each one. I'm not even going to "try" to put a ticket in about it . I know it'll never get looked at , SO as usual , I'll just have to play the waiting game for wildcard to get around to fixing it . (if they do )
  3. Theres NO way of figuring it out because like ALL the other maps Wildcard will have Have insanely hugh "patch" files after the map comes out. So GL on trying to figure out how many terrabytes you'll need
  4. In drops on Gen 2 . I've gotten alot of yuty and rex saddles from them
  5. Anyone watch this ?? Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal
  6. I've been flying around with an owls night vision/heat vision and STILL cannot find any . they have to be bugged or something. Same thing with gacha's
  7. Why are there like hardly any bees to tame ? i've been looking for 3 days now and only seen 1 hive. I had to go get the stuff to tame it and when I went back even it was gone .
  8. I think at first ark 2 will have alot of players (for like 2 months ) then I think it will tank because of peoples lack of interest in it . and it will reside with Atlas in the closet lol
  9. I looked many times at where it "says" their suppose to be but there are NONE .
  10. Is/was there an update 6/7 ? Because my ark says deploying ( 329.14 ) ?
  11. STILL can't get into the server I play on and it STILL say it's under 70 (max). It doesn't matter what gen 2 server I try NONE will let me in , SO that pretty much makes the game unplayable (I didn't buy it to have to play single player OR spend even MORE money and rent a server ) So all the work I put in 2 days ago will be gone because I doubt Wildcard will fix this any time soon . BS company , I'm glad this is the last Dlc .
  12. WELL , they had to come up with the "Vin Diesel" money from somewhere I guess , SO cut servers in half and make the players deal with it .
  13. It says 63/70 and it's telling me it's full ??? SO I payed for a game I can't even play ?
  14. Other than a couple of the dino's , The map is honestly boring and the how hard it is to get up and down levels on parts of the map is just plain stupid tbh . try getting dino's back up top without cryo's
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