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  1. Considering how horrible structure placement can be on the maps,GL with that structure saver mod lol
  2. Do you think this will run any smoother than the games they already try to run ? (and are riddled with problems)
  3. Do what other person said, about removing the mods.i did it and seems ok now (although we shouldn't have to do this)
  4. Their Finally bringing SOTF back ? Or their going to make griffs and wyverns breedable.
  5. The 1 gm i had come to me ingame was wearing the naked skin lol (thats blurred out)
  6. The contests Are they not spot lighting any of the mods ect tonight ?
  7. If you got the replicator bp from a drop do you still need to beat the desert titan to unlock it so you can craft the bp one ?
  8. Look it up.....before you post!
  9. I think the "being able to pick stuff up" with no timers would be one of the best ideas around. Theres way to many structures, just left out there sitting for NO reason at all.
  10. This right here ---> Albert Einstein - “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.
  11. XxxGodzxxX


    It's NOT cheapening the game,it's just common sense,to make it available to everyone
  12. XxxGodzxxX


    Storage Make Cryo fridge and pods accessible to everyone
  13. XxxGodzxxX


    e3 Is Wildcard not at it this year?
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