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  1. They pulled the plug on SOTF , which was a HUGH mistake .
  2. I thought 2x was the norm except for stone
  3. FFS , just STOP with the trying to make excuses for the poor WildCard support ! It's getting really old ! No one wants to admit it for what it REALLY is .
  4. Sounds like youre doing something wrong ,Chain Bola's aren't exspensive and I've never had one glitch out of a trap.
  5. All you need to trap them is 8 pillars and a single roof. I've done atleast 10 to 15 this way on official , It's not rocket science
  6. The skiff So what's going to be done about the chinese tribes going around on PVE servers and harrassing people by stealing dino ect with the skiffs.
  7. I got the same message while working with water pipes
  8. You'd be better off grabbing a piece of paper , writing said problem down , now fold that piece of paper into an Airplane and toss it out the window. Wildcards letting these trollers run wild on Pve servers
  9. My questions is , WHY was this posted to twitter or where ever instead of HERE (The "official" forum)
  10. Go deal with Chinese tribes constantly , then comeback and talk
  11. Trop question Was the Trop changed to first person when in rocket mode? I can't get 3rd person on it anymore. First person riding sucks.
  12. If you don't like it , go back to fortnite then .
  13. get better CP cooling. I don't have any problems at all with it
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