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  1. Mine flickers like crazy,but only when flying on a quetzal
  2. I know when I went to log on and feed my dino's this morning (on Val), I couldn't access my bronto at all (inventory or ride it) It has the skel skin on it so maybe that has something to do with it ? idk. My other dino's seemed to be ok (On official)
  3. Lag free until Genesis comes out, then they'll be wiped for that map.
  4. Ya'll should've thrown some SOTF charity games in the mix somewhere...
  5. What causes this When I log ingame (alot recently) I'm falling from the sky/ceiling and it almost kills me everytime ? When I log off , I always go inside the buildings and it happens more on Rag and Extinction (hasn't happened on Val yet or the Island)
  6. Another uneven'tful post.Same old stuff, we're "working" on meshing and oh , heres an evo event....until next time (when we will post the same thing). Watching this game just die because of late/bad decisions.
  7. I tried to transfer stuff the day Val opened up, and Extinction was messed up then (no tab option to even transfer stuff out)
  8. Nothing happens before coffee (good call) lol
  9. Considering how horrible structure placement can be on the maps,GL with that structure saver mod lol
  10. Do you think this will run any smoother than the games they already try to run ? (and are riddled with problems)
  11. Do what other person said, about removing the mods.i did it and seems ok now (although we shouldn't have to do this)
  12. Their Finally bringing SOTF back ? Or their going to make griffs and wyverns breedable.
  13. The 1 gm i had come to me ingame was wearing the naked skin lol (thats blurred out)
  14. The contests Are they not spot lighting any of the mods ect tonight ?
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