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  1. In drops on Gen 2 . I've gotten alot of yuty and rex saddles from them
  2. Anyone watch this ?? Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal
  3. SO , basically you voted to put another " Carno " into the games ?? lol gg for thinking outside of the box lol
  4. I've been flying around with an owls night vision/heat vision and STILL cannot find any . they have to be bugged or something. Same thing with gacha's
  5. Why are there like hardly any bees to tame ? i've been looking for 3 days now and only seen 1 hive. I had to go get the stuff to tame it and when I went back even it was gone .
  6. I think at first ark 2 will have alot of players (for like 2 months ) then I think it will tank because of peoples lack of interest in it . and it will reside with Atlas in the closet lol
  7. I looked many times at where it "says" their suppose to be but there are NONE .
  8. Is/was there an update 6/7 ? Because my ark says deploying ( 329.14 ) ?
  9. STILL can't get into the server I play on and it STILL say it's under 70 (max). It doesn't matter what gen 2 server I try NONE will let me in , SO that pretty much makes the game unplayable (I didn't buy it to have to play single player OR spend even MORE money and rent a server ) So all the work I put in 2 days ago will be gone because I doubt Wildcard will fix this any time soon . BS company , I'm glad this is the last Dlc .
  10. WELL , they had to come up with the "Vin Diesel" money from somewhere I guess , SO cut servers in half and make the players deal with it .
  11. It says 63/70 and it's telling me it's full ??? SO I payed for a game I can't even play ?
  12. Other than a couple of the dino's , The map is honestly boring and the how hard it is to get up and down levels on parts of the map is just plain stupid tbh . try getting dino's back up top without cryo's
  13. If you're taking time off work for a video game that's NOT going anywhere , you MAY want to rethink , your Priorities ...... just sayin
  14. People remember how you're being treated when they ask you for money to pay for ark 2 . A leopard can't change it's spots nor will WC change how they are dealing with their games . You have been warned ! !!
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