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  1. Couldn't watch it. It kept rubber banding on the title screen , And then just black screened .
  2. It said theres was a list of the ones being worked on ?? I couldn't find it . Anyone know of it?
  3. Today I logged on and can't remove or add anything into the hotbar for use. SO it's pretty much unplayable now . Was ok day before yesterday though so ....
  4. People at Wildcard with their Unprofessional wording , kinda figures though. It goes right along with how this game is run .
  5. WHY in that last picture does the guy have 5 toes on his right foot and only 4 toes on his left AND why is his flip flops / thongs on the wrong feet ?
  6. What does this mean? Gacha Crystals are now applying the item clamp on generated items
  7. Is that why theres SOOOOO many Giga's (and other dinos ) just sitting on PVE Ragnarock 383 (in the bay) owned by chinese that is just lagging the server constantly ? It's not just in Pvp , atleast half of that bay is covered with dinos that have been sitting there for months
  8. Incase you haven't noticed Wildcard..... Your bread and butter are getting TIRED of the Extreme grinding in your game. People have RL stuff to do and yet , you don't seem to care about it. You know what happens when you don't listen to the people playing your game? The bad ones DDOS it and the others just stop playing it.
  9. They pulled the plug on SOTF , which was a HUGH mistake .
  10. I thought 2x was the norm except for stone
  11. FFS , just STOP with the trying to make excuses for the poor WildCard support ! It's getting really old ! No one wants to admit it for what it REALLY is .
  12. Sounds like youre doing something wrong ,Chain Bola's aren't exspensive and I've never had one glitch out of a trap.
  13. All you need to trap them is 8 pillars and a single roof. I've done atleast 10 to 15 this way on official , It's not rocket science
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