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  1. Weren't you guys bought out by a Chinese company? Why is there no CHINA NUMBA WAAAAN event? i want dino Marching emotes.
  2. Why would they add as you say " The best things from abberation " to a free map? They need to sell DLC to fund their next garbage game, "cough" Atlas "cough " Sorry flu Season in Australia. Only reason Ragnarok got Wyverns as the game was pretty dead at that point, No one like SE there was no extra DLC coming out any time soon and someone else had done ( granted it was like 30% completed ) all the hard work for them. Now i love Abb, Favourite Map. It's Gorgeous, has the best dino in the game for PvP from what i understand ( Reapers ) but if you remove Rock drakes and Reapers and in turn Basilisks due to no eggs the map is useless and a complete waste of time.
  3. Anything that you guys actually put effort into and not just lazy poopty events, you didn't even do anything for the anniversary, that is next level laziness.
  4. I don't even play PvP and i know this is a terrible idea, you say limiting tribe size and reducing farming would hurt Alpha tribes, but that is exactly who it doesn't hurt, Who is going to have a harder time building up - A tribe with 3 people or a tribe with 5 people? Not only that but you look at big boy PvP streams with Alpha tribes and it isn't the numbers that makes them the Alpha tribes, It's the time and efficiency that keeps them as top dogs, Yet again the reduced farming on XP and Materials will only hurt the players that don't put as many hours in as the people do in Alpha tribes. The reduction in Farming would just cause players to quit once they get wiped once as you would spend a majority of your time farming as breeding would require a lot less work.
  5. You just deleted a poopload of legacy servers, so you have no need to remove more from the player base you've already hurt. Fresh PvE servers, You guy's make new PvP servers every month along with gimmick PvP servers every other month ( 3 man,Classic, Small tribe so on and so forth ) and these die within 3 weeks as the alpha tribes take over and bully out the solo or small PvPers and yet you continue to make PvP servers. If we ignore Extinction release, the last time we got fresh PvE servers was with the Extinction Chronicles event that started (Which was US servers only Screwing over us Oceanic and EU players ) , While PvE servers have a whole other issues compared to PvP such as ( people pillaring starting area's, Dino cap and issues with lag due to mega castles, Moon rune box tribes kiting dinos into peoples bases ) with the Homestead changes and kibble rework most of these issues are resolved allowing for a larger player base retention compared to PvP.
  6. Probably the part where everyone is like " hurrr it's a Utah raptor! i knowz dinozaurz!" When we already have Utah Raptor's in the game.
  7. On the fence about it myself, they're removing servers which makes me think they will offer up Fresh servers to replace the removed ones but then again they probably won't, They will just make more PvP servers that die within a week or two just to make more fresh PvP servers 2 months down the track for the same thing to happen.
  8. Fresh PvE Hey guys As the title says with many of the Legacy servers being shut down has there been any information about Fresh PvE servers to replace them. I generally only play with my partner and she can't stand PvP and if no information has been stated what do you think the chances are? They keep poopting out PvP servers that no one really plays on but no Fresh PvE, The last servers that were released ( Minus Extinction ) was just before the Event started leading up to the expansion/DLC.
  9. With the change to Kibble why did you not wipe some of the servers and create new Servers? PvE and PvP? Mainly PvE the whole reason people wanted this change was the fact that servers were capped within 2 weeks on PvE servers due to the requirements of the kibble tree along with people spawning mass rafts, With these changes PvE servers will actually be playable because lets be real, You're never going to fix meshing to make PvP enjoyable. So release fresh servers!
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