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  1. Underground mushroom cave system* The area under Valguero is not affiliated with Aberration. But I do recommend going to Aberration for some Anglers, as they are pretty easy to reach there, in shallow water.
  2. This suggestion is technically implemented now. Craftable in drops. edit: weird, new posts that didnt show up, showed up after replying! saltires post wasnt there at first orz
  3. speaking as a developer, that is harder to implement. Instead, you could make structures have a cooldown, that once hit by projectile, they are immune to further projectiles for X seconds, rate limiting the DPS a structure can take.
  4. Why are you such a jerk? People are complaining because it needs to be FIXED. If you don't complain, it wont be fixed. This is an easy to solve problem Make every tribe ACCEPT the war declaration to join the war effort on a tribe by tribe basis. If Evil Tribe A declares war on Evil Tribe B and Good Tribe C is allied with A, only A and B should be at war unless C WANTS to help.
  5. also the primitive plus comment is laughable. how about wording it more appropriate "The nuclear bomb that was dropped on P+ will be rolled back" Ced confirmed there will be a roll back (otherwise, who the hell is going to continue playing P+ anyways). P+ was absolutely nuked.
  6. The 10s cooldown on snow owl is only thing i see that touches PvE but its a non issue for me, as your owl needs time to regain stam anyways.... Only way I can see that being an 'impact' (i don't even want to say issue) is if you had 2 owls alternating healing. but big woop, a few 10s breaks in between healing cycles.
  7. Season pass is for SEASONS. a "period of time". The SEASON for the original pass ended last year in 2018. This new one is 2019-2020.
  8. As a reminder DLC's are typically 20$. so this is a 5$ saving by being 35. This follows the same pricing as every other DLC, with a 12.5% discount. Repeat everything said above about "who said its only 3 creatures?"
  9. Non combat, doesn't die. See: WoW.
  10. Warrior got the trophy from the first stage.
  11. @geekyrapier made an interesting observation about the 4 themed images. This leans more towards a new Water boss as the "detail" than it does regional biomes.
  12. Hey, your post gave me the idea to try that spelling
  13. I got it! 1 week,Beast Queen,Raia,Argentavis,Edmunium,Star of David @MA006 was correct in spelling
  14. You don't send emails. you go to your profile on forums and hit Edit Profile and put it in the bottom box.
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