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  1. yes this whole box is down, genesis 638 639 and island 2 are on the same ip. it ran ok 15 hours ago, it was pretty playable on my island 2, then few hours later it crashed and cant seem to start up properly, its trying to startup 3 times an hour.
  2. pve genesis 638 639 and island2 are down for 10 hours now
  3. rex took 3 years on both pc pve and pc pvp official. we had half a year 2x and 3x breeding which speed up the process.
  4. few months ago i mentioned i was against x2 and x3 because we will mutate dinos to fast. we will go sooner to a point that the game needs to be reset. you want that progress to take as long as possible. years. luckily we have many different servers with different settings and so if you want to breed quick you can join a 100x server if you like. you will be burned out on the game must faster though. the bigger problem right now with breeding is that people think they need 500 dinos to mutate a line. breeder A does a good job with 100 females, but is threatened to be passed by a new bre
  5. server 77 pve pc didnt come up yet after update, waiting for 2 hours now.
  6. how about the new login lock. the game has bugs that gets you kicked from the server at almost every save the server does, and then they have added login lock to the game which makes you unable to connect for 5 minutes. it is the total opposite of bugfixing. switching to an alt account quick can help but in pvp you are screwed.
  7. no change, my pvp server got the hardware update and afterwards when uploads where disabled i didnt have the problem but now that uploads are enabled again, i disconnect again, thats right after the winterwonderland update, all alone in the server 25 ping. so i guess it has something to do with the cloud.
  8. this has become a huge pest. in pve in the weekend we all get kicked from the server at every save. in pvp im ok if im inside the base, but if i bob around on mana outside, i disconnect at every save, not matter if im alone in the server with 19 ping or when its busy with 255+ ping.
  9. anybody else there servers updated to .22 but didnt get the rollback ?
  10. tek trough and regular feeding trough visible area pin locked or locked can be enabled by a player that is not part of the tribe, pve. i come online this morning griefed with 40 troughs visible range enabled. blinded by 40 green rings, this should not be possible. only tribe members should have this option. my base is big, if i stand on one corner of my base the opposite side starts to go out of render so im really not looking forward to spend 5000+ structure on a roof to keep griefers out.
  11. now i time out and it says "invalid attempt, already authenticating." on reconnect. it wont allow me to connect to any server and restarting ark or steam wont help.
  12. island 77, kicks with every save, then you cant connect because a player already exist on the server, so a double kick in the face. and occasionally crashes.
  13. there is no optimal rex, i made a graph of the 4 rex i mutated on official and 60 level ups. 3 rex are base level 377 and the blue line rex is level 383. if you desire up until 90k hp on a rex, then 1619md 27940hp is simply the best choice but on genesis you want more then 90k hp and in pvp even more.
  14. collected eggs all week so i could do some breeding this weekend. but now they turned on 2x breeding and now our server is 255+ ping.we can do nothing, even my roo doesnt harvest berries anymore.
  15. this is pve and they are not in your tribe but have full access to everything. happens in pvp also but on a smaller scale, here you just see items dissapearing from your vault but there is nobody around.
  16. you can put the ac units on a seperate generator, which i have. then this is not possible. right now you can uncryo animals in someones base until server hits the tame cap, but this is also not abused much.
  17. one of these pvp servers is ours and i also would like to know what is going on @lilpanda, is this ddos ?
  18. non tribes members should not be able to pick up eggs, females should have an option in the action wheel that says, allow public baby claiming. males and females should have an option in the action wheel that says, allow public mating i have to build a base to protect my babies from being claimed. now people are able to glitch inside, so 1 layer is not enough, how many layers of walls and ceilings will be enough to keep those people outside. i have to build a super laggy multilayered base to keep people out......? those dino gates are anti kiting protection, h
  19. it has never been this bad in all these years, wildcard has reached an absolute low point. we are a tribe of more then 100 players and all our official servers that we have bases on are not functioning, each person pumped over 100 euro into this game and we are all waiting for the servers to be restored.
  20. exactly, not your problem. it is mine and many others. this is due to events and breeding events, 87 pages:
  21. that was due to the breeding event which is now over, many of those servers have returned to normal. now a completely new problem has started since last weekend and this thread is to make wildcard aware of it. you bring up old problems and so you are not helping here at all.
  22. if you read my post, you would understand i was not speaking for myself. you think only about yourself and dont care that other servers will become unplayable. isnt that unfair ?
  23. this is like asking, "can you please make the servers unplayable for everybody" stop this begging for breeding events, we had half a year breeding event and it was a disaster.
  24. you are not helping the community this way. servers are running completely fine, communication with many servers is currently broken.
  25. no the op is talking about a new situation that started last weekend. half the time the server is suffering from this lag, that feels like ddos. moving around is impossible, areas take 5 minutes to render etc. it is not the hardware fault, its some kind of communication problem.
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