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  1. Just another's perspective on the suggested changes, Make the Transmitter craftable at level 20 so that more people can take advantage of expansions and maps sooner. Having played all the maps at official and unofficial levels as a individual player without a tribe, I can say that while it can be difficult - it is by no means impossible to access an obelisk, loot crate, or drop on each of the maps at an earlier level if you need to move between maps. They all exist on each of the maps if you know where to look or can ask google for some assistance. Now it does take some work, an
  2. Although the post seems directed to PC, in the reference to have the holidays as mods, I would have to say that as a console player I too would love to have event options back. One of the things we used to do on my cluster is allow someone who has a birthday to select an event for a week. Usually the selection was based on the colors behind the event more so than the event itself, but it either way it was a fun method for to select when an event would be active. However I do understand the issues with memory. They did explain it as such when they started to remove certain aspects f
  3. I upvoted this month's ago, but only recently realized how odd it seems that it doesn't already autoharvest. There are creatures that auto harvest other resources. Below are a few that I have started playing around with. Some I just set on their target for the occasional harvest - others are set to wander within a leashed parameter. Moschops - Fiber, Thatch, Wood, Berries Therizi & Beaver - Wood, Thatch, Doed - Stone Gatcha - Flint, Stone, Thatch, Wood I know there are probably others out there - but one thing I have noticed is that there is no creature for met
  4. Achatina: The Achatina is one of those simple creatures you tame with Sweet Veggie cakes that provides a decent utility. Overall, I'd simply increase their production of Inventory Cementing Paste Agreed. Allosaurus: Allosaurus are an amazing mount, but they have a problem where they will spawn inside of each other in the wild, and if both Allos are hit at the same time by something with knockback, they will simply poof out of existence. This should be fixed or at least looked at, because almost all the packs I find have this problem with two of its members. Personally
  5. Just to make it easier to go through.... Fix Jerboa spawn level on Ragnarok (it only spawns at level 1) I believe they always spawn at level on. Even on their first map, Scorched Earth. So I am not sure it needs to be fixed as much as it needs to be changed. I never really understood why they capped it. I love the little buggers, but having them stuck at level one kinda ruins them for me. If they were leveled like the other creatures - I would probably breed them just for fun. I agree with this point. Remove option to "Enable mating" from radial menu on W
  6. This could be fun. Events around holidays are nice. At this point you can almost depend on them and plan around them. However having events focused around creatures could be pretty cool too. They could increase the spawn of that particular creature (or group of creatures), have some skins/costumes for those creatures dropped, or even do as you have mentioned and possibly increase the chance for finding Alpha variants. Going off of your Shark Week idea.... Shark Week Increased count on Wild Megalodons Increased count on Alpha Megalodons
  7. Prior to the suggestions section being switched to the voting setup there was a similar suggestion. And after the change was rolled out, I added it again because it is something I agree with 100%. It should be easier to harvest from the the plots, it should also be easier to add fertilizer to them. On the suggestion I posted, a few of the methods below were proposed; Use of the Sickle to harvest from crop plots. It could cut the items grown and take from them or simply take from the plot and leave them growing. Addition of a "basket" as an item. The c
  8. I like the idea of being able to build pools, it would be something new to try. Irrigating it may seem weird if the water level isn't going down elsewhere, so perhaps by using rainwater? You can build it and place it, but you can't use it until nature fills it?
  9. I like the idea of having the timer. It would be easier to track the timing between feedings. I like the idea of the Honey. Working with what is in the game, it works. If Primitive Plus were added, I would prefer to use the crops you have to grow as the primary feeding items. Not a fan of using the Extraordinary Kibble as a tame all. It defeats the purpose and efforts put behind the others. Plus, having to use the other kibbles means taming more creatures. Not as many as we used to on the old system, but enough with the new system to make it worth it. It's a process in the game tha
  10. This is a subject matter I could go on for about forever, and probably have somewhere in the past. Ark needs some "fillers". Maps are great, Creatures are awesome, but there is more to the game than that. And Farming/Cooking could be a big part of that. Though I would go about it a bit differently. Add Primitive Plus Farming/Cooking Items into the game. Create new menu items using said items. Add new items in the game and create recipes using the old and the new. The Primitive Plus items would add a good foundation to build upon. They may need to be c
  11. Halloween Event Ideas? Zombies Zombie Creatures Re-skinned Creatures (Homodueos) A Werewolf skin for Wolf and Ferox Hellhound Creature that appears only after midnight. Tameable only during the event. Rare like a unicorn Shifts into a shoulder pet during the daylight hours that allows you to detect life signs as a wolf does normally. Mad Scientist costume skin (fitting the Chemistry Bench) Bloody Sword Skin Glow in the Dark Paints Perhaps as an item introduction Mix a Pain
  12. When I read the title I knew there had been a few that have put in this suggestion. I have posted two of them below. Put them together and it may be a very long list of possible achievements. And honestly, I agreed that there should be a some more. Between the two posts below there is quite the list, and I am sure that with a bit of thought and effort, it could easily grow. It would be nice to have some Boss specific challenges (some of which are listed), some creature specific challenges to possibly earn some saddle skins and/or costumes, along with so many others. Eit
  13. There are certainly methods that can be used to track the information as is. I have known people to use notebooks, notecards, xcel/sheets, etc... And it all works. However having a tab that list the information would be a major QOL adjustment in my opinion. It saves time and effort. Time and effort you could use towards the many other things that Ark has you spend incredible amounts of time doing. Either as an addition to the current ancestry tab or added as a tab all its own, it would be an awesome addition. To add to that it would also be nice if they had the "wild" and "ta
  14. This would be a nice feature. The cluster I have is password protected and basically the only one I am on, but I do have to put in the password every time I log into one of the maps. It would be nice if this would work for when traveling between maps too as we have to enter it in again each time we transmit. Not a requirement, but a nice qol adjustment that equates to being a slight time saver.
  15. Wha....? Essentially you are stating that the experience earned from crafting shouldn't exist? Because that is what it is tied too. Crafting. The crafting of building items, clothing, weapons, tools, saddles.... No thank you. Building is one of the many facets of the game, and to try and "Stop rewarding bad behavior." as you stated by removing that factor doesn't take those who play that game for that reason into consideration. Ark could loose a collection of players that way. And if the root of the suggestion is create less lag in the game, there are other methods to d
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