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  1. When you open your character screen at the top of the list there is a Search, Transfer, Sort... etc options. Hover over the Sort option and at the top of the screen, on the left side, there should be different options of buttons you can use to sort your inventory. Press any of the twice and it will change it from Ascending to Descending or Less weight to more. I think they are the () () buttons, but I don't have the game in front of me atm.
  2. I am a little confused. Having played both the PS4 and Xbox versions of the game as a single player, dedicated host, and for xbox - a online, I have never had the issues you are seeing. Perhaps if your sort by weight or spoil time - you would have the same items in multiple locations based on some items spoiling sooner or being heavier than other stacks in your inventory. However if you sort the items alphabetically ascending or descending, that issue should go away *unless, and this is only based on past experience, you have everything sorted, access a folder of items, and then move back to the main list. In that case I have had things reorganize in my inventory. Which is usually fixed quickly be resorting the items or stepping out of the inventory and then back into it. Even when my inventory has been maxed to 100%, I have never had the alphabetical sorting option cause issue (besides that which is described with the folders - but then again, easy fix)
  3. When I saw the Behemoth Building mod during the last big mod & map competition, I had hoped it would get added officially to help with large building lag. If not as a winner, than as one that made sense. Not so much luck though as it was cut and nothing more has been said. There is however, a suggestion line that has been open on this subject for some time with items proposed in the main title and in the discussion that follows that you may want to take a look at.
  4. I like the idea of blueprinting a building so that you can have it rebuilt. And I am pretty sure there is a mod out there that will do just that. However as console player, we don't have that option. The process outlined below is one that I have discussed with others I have played with in the past which seems to be simple enough to understand and that it works within the realm of the game if you consider what may be possible when reaching the tek stages. Build the structure Mark of the outside of the building (possibly with special building markers to mark the edges of the structure you wish to save) Create the blueprint (possibly with a specialized tool you have to craft that will then list every item needed to reconstruct the structure) Place the blueprint on the ground in a new location Place a "construction box" near the blueprint or in a designated location (the construction box is where the items needed to craft the structure would be placed until all are collected.) Place a "construction bot" near the construction box (the construction bot is was builds the actual blueprint once all materials are in the box. Additional bots can be placed near the box to speed up the process) Once the box and bot are in place, along with requested items (or materials if you would rather they not require crafting ahead of time) you can activate the bot to reconstruct the building outlined in the blueprint. When the process in complete the bot would park once again near the box and shut down. The outline around the building marking it a blueprint would also disappear and the building would be complete. Doing it in this way would require the crafting of additional item/tools and would take a bit of time, which would be a bit more realistic (even for a game) than magically copying and pasting an entire structure. And the box and bot could cost element and/or a tek generator to power through the crafting process. That would just be my way of adding it though. Others may be more inclined towards something more in depth or something far simpler. Overall, I like the idea though so I will upvote it.
  5. Personally, I believe that Ark is a game with endless possibilities - but with seemingly limited capabilities. There are a lot of things they could do, should do, and things that people would like, but over the last year, what we have received have been pretty disappointing. That said however, I still try to be a bit more hopeful and love to discuss the addition of creatures, items, and how they would play out for the fun of it all - and the hope- that someday something may actually make it to the game. On the subject of adding Atlas creatures to Ark or Ark creatures to Atlas. Which is one that I have seen randomly in forums and across the web, I would have to say as long as it is done unofficially, I am okay with both. I run both a cluster of maps for Ark and a group of grids for Atlas. And in both, the players I play with, and I, have taken note of differences between the two and have discussed the inclusion of some items from one to be added to the other. To just add the creatures to any map willy-nilly would be up to the individual if done unofficially with spawn codes. And some may be totally okay with having a cow walking next to a trike. However, if they wanted to truly add the creatures between the games into the others, they would simply have to create the map/island to do so. For example; To get the Atlas creatures into Ark - create and Ark (map) where instead of dinos roaming the ark, there are modern creatures that are found in Atlas along with others they don't have. The Arks are all different at this point, some adding creatures we haven't seen, some reusing creatures we see all the time, some fantasy based in background and others as realistic as they can make them. So to create a map that had modern creatures as opposed to ancient ones - isn't entirely unrealistic. In that sense they could even experiment with what the future versions of creatures would be like if left to continue changing over time. To get Ark creatures into Atlas - create an island, or grid of islands, that has dino's on it. It could be done by the ships sailing through a veil which takes them back in time to when prehistoric creatures roamed the islands or as a tool that could be used to time travel to the island of the past for a set amount of time. Neither are realistic - but it seems it would be the easiest way to explain them being there. Personally, I wouldn't add much more than the shoulder creatures into Ark if I could. However I would add more of the mammal-like creatures into Atlas. (they need a few more anyways.) Overall though - I am good with this suggestion.
  6. I wouldn't say that this would be good for official. They have plenty of reasons to keep them out of official, and for the most part - I understand and agree with them. However as an unofficial cluster host, I would have to say that I would love to be able to to turn off and on the ability to breed creatures you normally cannot. Mainly because A) we are PVE so its more about what you can breed out of those you have and B) we haven't gotten to many new creatures you can breed with for quite a while now. I know that there are other creatures with mods and what not, but from an xbox crossplay perspective, we really only received those few new creatures that came with Valguero - very few of which were breedable for the entire last year. We need something new to mix things up and this would be a nice way for them to do so. It could allow the breeding of many creatures we have never been able to breed before which would expand interests and gameplay.
  7. Thus far this is more of a discussion line than it is a reality of what is going happen. If you read the original post it suggested a few possible futures for Primitive Plus and this is where participants in the conversation have discussed those outlined. So as far as losing everything on your friends server, it is hard to say since they haven't really updated this thread officially. At least not so much that I have seen. I would love it if they would, but they seem to be radio-silent on the subject.
  8. Even it they are not allowed to be kept in for Official - Unofficial servers should allow the option for people to keep the decor if they choose to do so. If you do all the work to chase and find everything each year - why should it vanish on you? A few players on the cluster I run stopped chasing them each time they came around because they couldn't keep them. Whereas if they could - and a few new ones were added each year, they could create a holiday collection that they could get creative with year after year.
  9. I understand what you are saying, and as long as aren't set on the levels you have listed, as long as there was a process - I would be okay with it from an unofficial standpoint. By being set on the levels, I mean as long as you aren't wanting them to truly come out at the 100, 200, and 300+'s. They would have to be, at most, in line with what is available in the game. If the max level creature is 300 - then yes, having a level 5 at 300 makes sense. But if the max is a 150 - having a level 300 would be a little much in my opinion. That all said, being able to use the chibi as a blueprint to "clone" or "create" a creature given very specific and hard to find resources, I think would be an interesting way to add an additional use to the chibis. Again, not saying this is the best idea for official - but I wouldn't be surprised if a mod shows itself at some point. Not that I would then use it, as I play on the xbox network and not Steam.
  10. I have to agree, and this isn't the first time I have read something similar so the thought is definitely out there. They need to take an in-depth look at the tribe set up options. A tribe owner should be able to set what each tribe mate is able to do. Which could be done as you suggested through a ranking system, or as a set of check boxes that you can individually set as the owner, for each of the tribe mates as they enter in. As trust is earned they could then have their options opened further. Thus far I have been luckily enough that I haven't lost anything by inviting someone in, but I have seen and heard of it happening. So I am all for allowing additional tribe settings changes for a more selective ability process on new recruits. I believe that the same should be done for the Alliance system as well. Alliances typically differentiate between groups so it would make sense that there are settings that should as well. For example, I have a few alliances with tribes that I wouldn't mind allowing them to place a bed, a storage unit, or something of that sort next to or on my own, but they can't because we are in separate tribes. This could then extend to which alliances are allowed to power or shut of things at your base, which could utilize your teleporter and/or transmitter, and which could even ride creatures if you are working together and one is in a difficult spot.
  11. Personally I would upvote the first idea if it were its own, I like the idea of having an expanded bookcase/filing cabinet that carries more, if not an unlimited number of blueprints that could easily be set to sort by type. However, since the post has two ideas, and the second does not affect the way that I play - I am not prepared to do so at this time. Love the first idea though - I think I actually included that after some discussion factors took place when I suggested expanding the tek tier. Take a look if you would like. (the title doesn't list it, but it was added to the main topic later after the discussion that followed)
  12. Personally I agree all the way, however there are other forum locations where this has been brought up that you may want to read and look into since they have a bit more development to them. One was a topic brought up to discuss the future of Primitive Plus, which we honestly haven't heard much on lately, and another was a suggestion added just after the new format for voting was added to the forum.
  13. Taming and Breeding rates aside, as those seem to be the main point on conversation in the 3 pages of comments I just read through.... I must say I am ready to start hunting out these new chibis. They are new and there is so much to learn about them since not much was said. Are they pets that follow you around? Something you keep in your inventory? Shoulder pets? Something you can place? Are they breedable? Which creatures will we find? Are they too going to be seasonally colored? So much to learn and figure out with these new pets. I can't wait to hunt a few of them down! And I must say It is nice to see the ugly sweater additions. They still aren't the full santa, elf, snowman, or pluffy snowsuit skins I have been hoping to see, but they are something more than the hat skins we have been given year after year. It just one more clothing item, but it something different and we will not at least be able to wear two holiday themed suit pieces. Thanks WC!
  14. Even if they do not remove the cap, at the very least we should be able to have more than one line item of the same item. This way you could craft 1000 x however many crafting line items exist. Another suggestion was to add the chance for blueprints of all chemistry bench items so you could effectively craft additional line items off of the both the default in the menu and the blueprints. You can do so with ammo if you have the blueprint, if we had blueprints for sparkpowder, cementing paste, and other such items, we could, at the very least, get additional stacks of those items crafting at the same time. As the admin of a slightly boosted server, this very topic has come up many times. Personally, I would prefer the cap be removed or raised - but I am alright with the other as well.
  15. There have been a few different ideas posted for this to work. Some in a menu, some for market stalls, and others with a more vending machine like style. Some suggest both parties must be present, others suggest the seller could set a price and then anyone could purchase the item/cryopodded creature simply by adding the items required to make the purchase. Personally I prefer the later. A market stall like appearance, it could only hold so many baskets (items), and it would be available to be purchased from even if the seller was not on - much like a vending machine. The upgraded/modern version may then resemble a vending machine. Doing so in this way would allow for servers that have a collection of individuals who do not always play on the same schedules to trade with each other without the worry of not if they will pay the price that is needed. Now this doesn't mean that I do not like your idea. I think it would be a positive step in the right direction.
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