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  1. I haven't posted it directly as there are many Building posts out there. Some of which I have probably noted in a similar fashion. Increasing options and fixing the building methods in Ark is by far one of my favorite discussion pieces. And having been an Atlas Grid Admin and Ark Cluster Admin for now both Steam and Xbox crossplay servers - I tend to take note of the similarities and differences between the two. There are some ways the each are the best at what the do, some things they could benefit from taking things on from the other, and others that could be made better for both
  2. Love the ideas and miss seeing these sorts of posts. Just to add a bit of additional options. Some may be a bit excessive, however having used some with Mods- they are awesome. Basically add all the building parts from Atlas, All shapes and Parts and some defenses like Behemoth walls . and add some extra things for ark Small pillars (wood, adobe, stone, metal, tek) To improve/increase pillar options... 1/2 wall Pillar Standard Pillar (1 wall high - current pillar) Short Pillar (2 walls high) Medium Pillar (2 w
  3. It is a simple request that makes sense. You do the work for the boss fight and you earn the rewards from it. As such, you should be allow to take those rewards wherever you wish. I run an unofficial cluster and our work around was to add set it so that when you defeat a boss you earn not only the drop it has by default but a chance to hear the others as well. It is not the perfect exchange as you then don't have to do the specific fight to earn the reward, but for those who have wanted to design a Trophy Room as you describe, it has worked. And because it is based on chance,
  4. Eco, the author, actually has a few mods that deal with the adding decorative items to maps. Such as Trees, Trees Lite, Wonderland, Aberration, Scorched Earth, and other such item packs. That lists also expands with Empire themed sets and such. The wishful hope is that at some point a few of the features are added for consoles to use into Ark 1 or are somehow incorporated for use into Ark 2. If you are playing on PC they are worth checking out if playing with if decorations are items you are interested in. It is true - but extremely rare. In the time that I have been playin
  5. Honestly, I would rather skins not be attached to your inventory. First Reason: They clutter your inventory when you die or transmit between maps if you don't turn them off, but at the same time, if you do - you don't have access to them. So it is an "all or nothing" situation. Second Reason: There are a lot of them them once you unlock them, and if you start including event item... Yikes Third Reason: We can already craft an awful lot in our inventories, most of which I find a bit much and as such, I am not a fan of adding too that collection more than necessary. Inst
  6. We have done the same for my cluster a few times over the last few years. Sometimes to extend an event that we were all out and traveling for, or simply because we had gone a period without one and wanted to shake things up a bit. However sometime around when Genesis 1 was released last year they did an update of some sort that started messing with the events. Since then, the only events I have been able to extend or turn on as needed/wanted have been those that were run since the most recent major optimization update. As the game is optimized it seems the events are becoming
  7. I enjoy the Christmas Event the most - however that said, I truly wish I could keep the items from that and the other events when the events end. It was fun spending the time to hunt the down when I first started playing, but now I find it a bit repetitive and a bit of a waste of time as I cannot keep the items. The time finding them can be better spent elsewhere.
  8. From what I understand, a simple explanation is that the Wildcard does not believe that the game mode is popular enough to warrant the fixes and updates it requires. For the same reason it does not warrant furthering the mode by including it in the main game or having it set aside as a separate one. And I suppose, if the game mode isn't registering a high player count I can see why it may not be viewed as popular enough. Those numbers are a bit skewed however as they are based on a the broken form of the game. Honestly with Ark 2 on the way, I am pretty sure it is an abandoned game
  9. While I can't speak on the first portion of your statement, I didn't start playing until after Scorched Earth's release so I am not 100% how the release went, I do agree 100% with the second part of your statement. (though I do play with some who were and have gained some insight over the years) Now I do not want it misunderstood that I would prefer that PvE take precedence over PvP. I would merely hope that both be given consideration with the items released. There are many aspects that have been argued for and against even just here in the suggestion page about the balance being a bit
  10. I prefer it the way that it is. It forces you to consider where you are living, traveling, and how you choose to resource harvest. The higher the risk = The higher the reward. You have to make the choice for yourself which suites how you play.
  11. Totally cool with this one. They take so long and cost so much to make with the method present. I am good with it.
  12. It would be nice if they adjusted and added to the dyes you can make and how you make them. Such as; Adding a Dye Pot Why? It would manage the dyes and when placed, include the recipes for the different colors so you could make exactly what you need and wouldn't have to look it up whenever you needed something. Adding material items (clothes, signs, rugs, skins, costumes, & saddles) to the pot with dyes could be a way to try and simplify the dying process. It could be set to "dye all" or "dye region #" for all items in the pot. So if you are attempting to d
  13. It sounds as though you are talking about having a resources pulling ability or an item that would do so added to the game. I have seen similar suggestions before. And I have heard of mods that allow the process. For me, I don't care for the ability simply being added, but if there was a item you could craft that would allow the function, I would not be against it. Such as a Sorter that would snap onto dedicated storage that you could put things into and it would auto-sort them into the dedicated storages. Or as a Puller, a device that could pull what you need into craf
  14. Hello, If you haven't figured it out already, you may want to look at your Harvest settings. There are two. One can enable/disable resources harvesting and the other is for item collection (clothing, tools, etc). You can see it through the wheel menu on the creature to see if you accidentally change one of them.
  15. It would be nice to have some decorative pieces that could be used in both scenarios. There are few mods out there for them in PC and the way they can decorate and use the items is pretty sweet. Hopefully they think to do the same at some-point for consoles.
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