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  1. There is definitely something up with the spawns on Valguero. I have used the game.ini files to alter, add, and remove to spawn regions rather easily on the other maps. Once you figure out the percentages you want, it is a relatively simple process. (speaking for Nitrado changes on a PC-Xbox cross-play map cluster). However with Valguero.... Very little seems to work with ocean and aberrant spawn zones. I can code in - and over code them- and still nothing seems to increase in the area. And some have carried over it the wrong zones. The snow area, the chalk hills, the redwoods, the beaches and such, I haven't had any issues on. Their adjustments have worked thus far.
  2. Can't wait for this event! It is going to be fun! I share these Community Crunches and those on my cluster are excited! And while happy for the candies, and the speed boosts they normally come with, it would be nice to have some Halloween themed colors mixed in - and possibly some "costume" skins sets that are more than just a hat/helmet skin. We do appreciate and enjoy the skins provided, but it would be nice to get a couple full set costumes to mix things up. Kings, Queens, Knights, Pirates, Explorer's, Scientists, etc... If not this year then perhaps some other time around. A few days away and counting!
  3. As a player, admin, and coder for a PC-Xbox Crossplay Cluster, when I saw the first line, I knew I had to stop in and read if over. Just to see if the things you have been seeing/noticing are the same as what I have come across. Fix building snap points so they don't cycle through and change on their own when placing something. - Agreed Adjust creature and player hit boxes so things don't get stuck on each other or get knocked around so easily. - Agreed. Some are pretty bad. Bred some Theriz's and the box to claim them was way off the mark. Make all structure pieces (campfires, sleeping bags, spiked walls, pipes, cables, dino leashes, etc) that currently don't automatically demolish once their timer runs out eventually auto decay. - Please! Patch the bug where after you log out while laying down in a bed or tek pod, you either are stuck in the bed and can't move, or can move around, but can't interact with anything without relogging. - Another good one. Make dino leashes able to be demolished by people outside of the tribe that owns them when the decay timer runs out. - Again, this should be a must have. Make pipes and cables able to be broken with kill commands and the creative mode gun. - This would be amazing. For the most part I have them set to a quick despawn timer, but if I am cleaning up - I would like to just be able to take it all down. Fix bolas on Extinction, they don't work a lot of the time. - I noticed this back when we had an extinction map, but we closed it due to the constant crashing. If it is still an issue, it should be addressed. Make all containers and structure pieces with inventory slots able to be locked. - The only item we have noticed this issue with are the Tek Dedicated Storages. Vaults, boxes, and whatnot seem to be able to be locked by default if the setting is set to do so. The Tek Dedicated storages however, seem to require a pin lock in order to keep others out. Even if they say "Locked", we have had new players steal from those who had some placed outside. Add a server option that makes it so that only tribe members or allies can turn things like torches, generators, replicators, fabricators, turrets, etc, on or off. - Honestly I would take it a step further so that there is a setting in the alliance menu that will let you approve them do to so or not. Sort of like the governance settings, but for alliances Fix the bug allowing anybody to access dedicated storage, even if they're locked. - Agreed, and mentioned above. Make tek lights not change brightness settings after server restarts. - Agreed, though I would have to expand this to all powered lighting including lampposts. On our server we have had both reset, not just when the server restarts, but when a character leaves render for too long. Most players have tried to find a work-around such as painting the light so it doesn't seem so bright. Add an option to toggle snap points on and off. - love it. Make more things snappable, I.E. storage boxes, paint canvases, bookshelves, feeding troughs, compost bins, beer barrels, etc. - This would be awesome. I would imagine if there was a key, or combination of, that you could use to turn it on and off, then both those who like it free style and snappable would approve. Fix the glitch that causes wild beehives to spawn on top of each other, often resulting in dozens in one spot. - This is an annoying set up. Find a "live" beehive is often difficult enough as is - and find those that are stacked is just annoying. Make it so you don't get turned a different direction when using the teleportation mode with the creative mode gun. - Honestly, I hardly ever use that function, so I haven't noticed this issue. But if it is exists, it should be reviewed. Make it so that if an Ichthyornis steals and eats narcoberries or narcotics, its torpor increases. - I like it. It makes sense. Add functionality to the Tek Cloner that allows players to change their character's appearance by making an "imperfect clone" of themselves. - Not sure about this one. I don't mind the idea of being able to change your character without the use of commands, but it almost would make more sense to be able to use a mirror or something to do so. On the fence with it. Add functionality to the Tek Shield that "reverses" it's use, and prevents enemies caught within from leaving. Could be used as a high tech taming pen, a trap to capture and ensnare creatures and players, or even as a Tek prison. - oh boy... I can see a few of the tribes on my maps having a bit of fun with that one. Give admins commands to toggle weather effects like fog and rain on and off on all maps. - I am all for customization of unofficial maps - be them rented, single or dedicated maps. I would probably expand on it though. If not a checkbox to turn weather cycles "off" or "on", there should be a Weather Customization section where you can choose between each type available on the selected map. So if I were setting up The Center for example; I could choose to turn off the storms and leave on the fog because while one is annoying, the other causes terrible strobe lighting. Give admins a "Fix" command which repairs all damaged or broken gear in their inventory. - Not something I can see myself using - we use the commands rarely. However I don' t mind the idea for those that might be more likely to use it. Add a command that destroys all connected pieces of a single structure, similar to the GiveAllStructure command. - I can see situations where this could be used - Our work around has been to use a secondary character who can take ownership of the structures then remove them. This way I do not have to worry about my playable character losing their items. It is actually how we complete most admin duties. Players know that our secondaries have access to the codes and will use them only when necessary while our mains are players only. Overall, great list of items. I think they should take a look at it.
  4. Well, you learn something new every day. I am sure WC has their own reasons then - whatever they may be. I still agree that the HLN-A should be added to the tek set - it visually fits better and seems to be appropriate, but for whatever reason they decided against doing do.
  5. Honestly, I am not sure. My best guess is that tek item are coded not to accept skins, rather than coding skins to skip over tek items when it comes to placement. If that is the case, then when the HLN-A was coded as a skin, they simply didn't adjust the Tek Shield to allow skins. It would have required a new code with an exception to the rule of the other tek items and may have been seen as more effort that it is worth. I am not saying that is 100% the case, but it was the one of the only reasons I could come up with. But I am not an experience coder - So I could be off the ball on that one. But I do agree, from the standpoint of what the HLN-A does and its visual representation, if anything it would seem more suited to tek, being that it is a tek device of sorts. And the PVP reasoning wouldn't apply as it makes you stick out like a sore thumb regardless of the items you are wearing.
  6. Tek Trough - I have nothing against this idea. Though I would prefer an upgraded engram - perhaps a more costly trough to craft that will have more line items and larger range. That way you could place the basic one if that is all you could afford/need and would have another option that would work a bit differently. Tek Vault - This one I am 100% for. A while back I actually posted a suggestion for a few new tek items and a vault was included on that list. I posted the link below just in case you are interested in taking a look. Tek Helmet - I don't use the Tek gear if I don't have to. I prefer to use skins and armor that is easier to fix/replace if needed. However I have heard many that I play with ask for exactly what you are looking for. Personally, if they are worried about overpowering the helmet by adding new functions too it, I would imagine that a way around it would be to craft skins - similar to the glider - that could be added to the helmet to supply additional functionality. That, or they could simply create separate Tek Helmets. Such as... (these could also be the skins that could be applied) Scuba Helmet - breaths underwater and clear view of the underwater terrain (I know the current helmet does so when powered - but this one would do so and the power would last much longer) Poison Helmet - provides light and protection against gasses Creature Detection - will detect max level creatures by default - will detect all creatures using heat signatures when activated, with max level creatures glowing stronger than others. Radiation Helmet - When worn in the radiation zone they provide protection and better lighting. Corpse Locator - Allows you to locate not only your own corpse, but also that of your creatures and tribemates. Tek Transmitter - I am good with this idea as long as it is either A) for PVE only or B) an unofficial setting that server/map hosts can select when setting up a map. I suggest this due to the issues had when it was in PVP. If there is a way around them, then I would be good for it to apply to all. Tek Dedicated Storage - while being able to move the storage with the items would be convenient for some - I have many items that would simply to be too heavy with stacking to do so. However as it could be useful to some I can go along with the idea. Tek Structures - As a coder for an unofficial cluster - I can say that I had the opportunity to set it so that items placed could be picked up at any time, however because the option to do so could accidentally be selected, we chose not to. We could foresee that at some point someone would have accidentally picked up something that may have caused something else to collapse, so having that limit was the way we went. If I knew if this suggestion was for unofficial or official I would provide a more guided response. If this is for official, I would say an unlimited pick up timer would not work. If for unofficial, I would say the option to turn it off, on, or increase/decrease the time between placement and pickup should be added to all unofficial menu's for server and map set ups. Those are just my thoughts. Overall a good list of suggestions I can get behind.
  7. Flyer Speed - It is a topic that has been added and/or included in many posts. Usually suggested as.. Added as a default Added as a default to PVE - since there is little harm in doing so from a PVE perspective Added as an option to turn on or off in server set up for all unofficial methods of gameplay. Added as an option - but with limitations that can be set and/or adjusted unofficially to avoid incredible server lag with flying speeds that are too high. Overall - as long as it is an option - I am good with it. I would like to be able to add it to my unofficials. As it is, everyone relies on Mana's or Owl's since they can be bred up to be faster than their non-breedable counterparts. Slower Spoil Timers - If you are referring this to be added official - I cannot comment on that. I don't play it and as such, I am not effected by it. If you are referring this to be added unofficially - We have done so on the PC/Xbox crossplay cluster I run, and it is nice. You can make it back to base without losing half of what you picked up due to timers. Make Ark Great Again hats - Saw the note, read the note - and personally, I am good with the addition of just about any skin option coming to us. The clothing hardly ever changes so it is only the skins we can rely on for variety. Raft Tiers I can agree that they are missing out with including more rafts/boats - but I am going to hold of on outright suggesting any as there seems to be a slight chance that Genesis may include more ocean to travel and with it, additional engrams. Fingers crossed. In the end, this is a suggestion I can upvote.
  8. Personally, I do not use tek armor all that often, even though I have the levels to do so and suits to wear - so this issue hasn't affected me too often. However, speaking up on behalf of the others on the cluster I play on, I would have to agree. This is something that needs to be addressed. If the issue is with the "tells" tek gear may give off in comparison to regular gear with the flashy lights and such - then fine, those servers with PVP settings turned on may want to keep it as is where skins cannot be added to tek. For those with PVE settings powered however, skins should be allowed. I have had many ask my why they cannot and quite honestly I cannot think of a reason why it would matter. It is one of the few times where I have had to say "Because Wildcard says so". Most of the time - there is a reason. It may not be one we can agree with, but it does have some sort of foundation - if even a shaky one. This is one of the points however, where there really isn't a reason I have have been able to find. In all honesty - the PVP reasoning of having lights on the suit is the first I have read that I may be able to use - though I doubt it they will agree with the statement as it again, wouldn't apply to our PVE settings. As a last result, to compromise, it would be nice that if they, A) add a checkbox in server set up that would allow for the ability to use normal skins on tek suites to be turned on or off during game play for unofficial, dedicated, hosted, and single player games, or B) add some tek suit specific skins that could be applied to tek suits to give the users a variety of styles to choose from. And if they can't think of any- all they would have to do is reach out to some modders. I would imagine there are plenty of "tek level" designs out there that people would like to see as skins for their suits in game. Not only that, I am pretty sure some of them would be thrilled to have their creations added to the main game.
  9. @Thyme is correct. Official maps are known for having lower levels with very few reaching max, while the mod maps tend to have higher chances of higher levels. Though there are those that would argue that the low levels found on Official Maps are the way to go. It takes much longer to catch the number of max level for breeding thus extending the life of the game and the difficulty of it. On the opposite side of the spectrum however, there are many of those that like the officially added mod maps because of the higher levels. They are able to play with breeding a superior line easier because of it. Which may also be one of the reason that unofficial server owners tend to incorporate the creatures from other maps. It makes it easier to find them if you know the spawn zone they were added too and the chances of find one of max level increases dramatically. I have spent entire days on Aberration looking for 1 max level creature only to find it in the matter of an hour on the other maps if you kill off enough fo the creatures in the surrounding area to get it to spawn in on one of the mod maps. That said, I do not know what it would mean if they "corrected" it at this point. Would they bring the chances on Official up or the chances on the Unofficially added maps down?
  10. Locations of the new discoverables: #1 Island - 68.7 86 #2 Island - 70.2, 59.2 #3 Island - 27.7 27.8 #4 SE - 56.7 44.5 #5 SE - 76.2 79.6 We "collected" all five but only the first shows as collected. No new skin yet as a result. -playing on xbox.
  11. Though I probably wouldn't use it, I can see where it may be fun to some. As such I will upvote it. I mean it is an option/setting, and I am all for personalization of servers, single players, and dedicated maps. My only question would be though - how would you know it was an alpha? Would they still have the same slightly-larger size or an alert when you get close? Otherwise if they are a decent level, someone may try to tame them accidentally.
  12. You do have a large list put together... So much so it is difficult to simply go through it and comment at random. So I copied your work below to comment individually on some of them. 1.Dodowolf dodoraptor dodogiga. It would be nice to be able to tame the Dodo variety creatures they have now. I think it was a Dodo-Rex and Dodo-Wyvern? Either way- It seems we no longer have access to get them during normal gameplay and it would be nice to see them again. Even if they were only tameable during specific events. I would also like to point out - that even for a cost- I would pay a small sum to get access to a Terror Bird sized Dodo that you could ride. If not as a tameable creature during an event - then as a situation specific type of dino. Sort of like the Unicorn, one per map in certain regions. Or the Phoenix, only shows up during sandstorms. 2. More tek skins. I know that there are many that like them, and as a console user - due to the lag they seem to cause - many that avoid them. However in order to try something new, I think it would be nice to see a few more. 3. An instant tame shot extremely hard to make made from rare stuff that is very hard to get. I can already sense the arguments this item may bring... Some being that it is game breaking, others that it would ruin the taming experience, and others I am sure I am not coming up with. That said however, I do not mind the idea of there being a tek tier taming tool of some sort that wouldn't make the process of knocking out a creature easier or a kibble/candy you could create yourself - similar to the valentines day chocolates that they have- that we could use to help the waking process along as they do. 4. Dinosaurs resurrection, bringing back dead dinosaurs. This one is hard. I mean it sucks to lose a dino, specially when it is something you have raised up and imprinted - but at the same time reviving something from the dead seems a little gruesome. I guess it would depend on the process and any limitation doing so may have. 5. The ability to release a dinosaur to the wild, once clicked release a timer appears on the selected dino ( 5:00 ) when its his zero it becomes a wild dino. I have no issues with this one except one. Are we talking leveled or unleveled? An unleveled dino could be somewhat on-par with those in the area. A leveled dino could become a nightmare if it decides to go up against someone's dinos or base. 6. Dino footprints and a dinosaur that can track them It would be a neat inclusion to use either footprints or some sort of scent tracking as with a direwolf or something. Not sure how they would code it, but it would be something fun to bring to the game. 7. A flying and a land dinosaur that can track the last dinosaur they hit. I think I would prefer the method of tagging a dino over having your dino track the last they attacked. By use of a marker they could attach a tracker to a creature that they could then follow while riding another. 8. A flying and a land dinosaur that can track dinosaur by smelling a wild dinosaur poop. My preference would be the answer to number 6. 9. A tek that allows the player to take dino abilities, example like adding the arg ability to heal to the player, and it won't be permanent ability. Doing this would change the reasons to use certain creatures. I would rather the saddle method where each saddle would have the base design and then they would have a Tier Two or Tier Three design that would provide abilities or buffs that a saddle usually could. Such as weight cut, increased speed, increased defence, multiple riders, more line items, portable smith or forge, etc... 10. Each time a carnivore dino attacks a living dino it will get meat from the attacked dino. Basically if they attacked it you should are saying it should be taking a bite out of it? I think this one I can do without. But that is just me. 11. Cracks in ice that break if heavy dinosaur or players walks on them, it will cass the dino or the player to fall to the icy cold water and to there death. This makes sense as far as it being a terrain item. Like it. 12. If a player harvest a human they get flesh ( human flesh ) not meat, and if u keep eating flesh, and after awhile on eating only flesh it will make player a cannibal Then the player will not be satisfied by eating normal cooked mate, the normal cooked meat will make the player feel sick if the if they eat it. But the cannibal ability makes the player to be able to eat raw flash and spoiled meat without getting sick from it, and it will change the player to beast like, (long nails) when it attacks it won't use fists it will attack by scratching, and it will case bleeding effect on the dinosaur there attacking. Yeah, I am good without this one. It is bad enough that you can cook the regular meat that you get from dead players at this point or that you can dermis them. I don't need a "human meat" to make it any more awkward. It may a good concept for another game - but I would prefer it not for this one. That is just me though. 13. Herbs, ability to harvest different type of herbs to make more powerful meds better than the berries meds They do need to expand on Harvestables, Plantables, and Craftables where consumables are concerned. That I can get behind 100%. There are Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, and a mix of many other items that they are missing - some of which is in Primitive Plus - but even then - they seem to be missing some items. 14. Ability to upload your own image on flags etc... Not my cup of tea, but I can see where it may be for some. 15. Hygiene bar and poop bar, and self cleaning items and showers, the lower the hygiene bar is the more dinos can spot you. Basically some more day to day personal care? We have toilets but no sinks or showers that require use? It almost sounds Sims like. I am not sure if I would go that route for the main game, but it could be a mode that some may be interested in. I wouldn't mind the engrams to decorate with- but not the requirement to use them. 16. The ability to throw special meat mix or special berries mix distract dinosaurs. To use to distract or attract, I am all for this one. 17. The ability to throw any hand hold item at a dinosaur. You sort of can already, that is how to you tame a Gacha - so I am not sure what you are getting at. 18. Wild baby, juvenile And adolescent dinosaurs with their parent's If you are talking about family groupings in the wild - then yes, it would be like to see. Thus far the penguins are the only dino I know of that have young in the wild. It would be a nice change of pace and could mix up the taming process a bit more if there was a specific method to taming the younger creatures. 19. A special food recipe, if make the item and feed it to any wild dino and the dino will become friendly wild dinosaurs that will save the player if the player is in danger, tho it will depend on how many times you feed the dinos. This almost sounds like the passive taming that a mod worked with. Basically it adds the ability to "befriend" any wild dino. Essentially adding a passive taming option to ever creature on the map if I remember correctly. 20. The ability to make ice cream with berries and iced water jars, fills food and water bars and keeps player cool and gives buffs depending on the berries been used in the ice cream. I think this ties in with my response to number 13. Essentially adding more crafting consumables for characters to use. 21. Bait recipes, each dino gets a specific bait recipe that will attract the specific dinosaur to the bait only if the dino is around the area the player put the bait at. It would be an interesting inclusion that could change taming a bit for some of the creatures. 22. incubator, small incubator, medium incubator and large incubator, when eggs reach 0 it is a won't hatch until the player drops and opens the incubator. There was some sort of egg incubator for the Structures Plus mod. They didn't incorporate that one - so this design may also may not be likely. Though I wish they had - even if it were only an engram that unofficials had the ability to turn on and use if they wished it. PC may have the mod - but console was left hanging on a horribly cut down version of the actual mod. 23. Ambero holder to put mammals dinosaurs in it for the artificial womb I am good without this one. 24. An Artificial womb chamber tek item, it will allow mammals to be grown inside of it, it skip baby fase. I am good without this one. 25. Adrenaline hit: when a player HP gets to or below 20% the player gets boost of 40% on speed, stamina And melee. Interesting concept. 26. Thunder storm, a storm hits the maps, thunder strikes randomly in the map and the player can harvest thunder energy to have free electricity by building an antenna connect to a electrical generator. I am good with this one, if it could hit trees and turn them into charcoal trees - that would be a nice inclusion too. Overall, many of them I am good with, had a few suggestions on a few, and there were a couple that were simply not something that would affect my gameplay or were a bit reaching so they were not something I would normally vote for. However as so many of them were up my ally, I will upvote the suggestion.
  13. Personally, as a PVE player, there are some things in your suggestion that I think would work well - so I did a quick summary below; 1. Increasing official multipliers to evolution event multipliers - and adding new event multipliers. I can't say much for this point as I only played official for a few weeks before dropping it. Something about liking to have a life outside the game.... essentially everything took to long. So I have since been playing on unofficial servers and now run my own that fits my needs. I do think I read somewhere though that there are some boosted official servers - but I can't remember where. 2. Time reduction between cryopod releases This I can get behind for every reason you mentioned. I can see where the time could be needed in PVP - So you essentially can't release any army to attack on a whim. However for how it is used in PVE - it really seems unnecessary. So if not removed from official gameplay, there should at least be an option to remove or cut the time for unofficial servers, dedicated, singleplayer, and such. 3. Allow Transmitters to be used for boss fights. There is an entire suggestion line dedicated to this topic, and just like there, I do agree with it. I have see the dinos that have been left sitting on the obelisks - blocking others from using them. There were issues in PVP when this was possible and unless changes were made it may not be safe to add it there again, however it would be a nice balance to PVE 4. Increase egg laying rates for Dinos. Honestly I have no idea what this looks like on official. We have it raised on the unofficial cluster so... yeah. 5. Decrease Breeding time or include Recipes for items to do so. I would prefer the recipes format. Simply because it would be something that I think all forms of game play would take advantage of. The recipe may need to be complicated - time consuming - or consist of items that are difficult to collect, but it would be worth it to some to put into the work. 6. More Boss fights with dino and weapon restrictions: No regular Boss fighting dinos such as Rex, Spinos, Carnos, Velos, etc. I think there are a few ways this one could be worked. As it is everyone seems to fight bosses in a similar method. With those that you list above. If there was a way to get an achievement or a skin for changing it up. Example: Run a boss fight with a full party of a different creature: Say you take a group of direbears in - and defeat the boss (regardless of level) - you get the engram to create a bear rug, a skin for a bear suit or had, and/or a bear head you can hang on a wall. Adding new achievements and engram/skin rewards that are usable in game could generate some new goal minded interests. And if there was a way to incorporate some dinos specific fights- that could be a nice change. Example: Flyers - Have flyers go up against an incredibly healthy manticore. Example: Swimmers - Bring in an underwater boss - that if not summoned via an underwater obelisk - could be summoned to the map with a transmitter. I also liked the suggestions you had as well. Dino's have a "Weight" class by size/egg and that could be utilized to dictate which creatures could be brought into which fight. 7. (broke it down a bit) Imprinting It seems like it would be a work around to have something you could use to imprint something that you missed during the actual process of. The only way I could think it would work is as an unofficial setting or as something that is a nightmare to craft. Such as requiring tribute items and specifically added new resources that have short shelf lives. And once crafted - it could not be given to something that is already 100%, one piece could not be given to a creature more than once a day (24 hours-not gameday), or it is tied to an event so it is only available when the event is active. For official that would probably be once a year at best. This is one of the few items I can see some crying "game breaking" - if not done carefully - regardless of gameplay. Forced Mutations I would like to see a way to color your dinos. Such as with the Candies given during events. Having something we could craft to make a color permanent - or at the very least - something we could craft to specifically change the color for a set period of time - would be nice. It could be like the candy - but without the speed boost. Just a coloring kibble. You could craft it and then feed a dino multiples at a time to stack the time it would last. Cryopoding the dino would make the color fade, and if used to breed, it would do so with the creatures original color - not what they were colored. As for why I am not a fan of forcing mutations - it would take a chunk of work from the breeding process to work and as a breeder - it would make all the work I have done thus far, seem sort of sad. I am good with the way mutations work. Overall, there were many good points that I enjoyed - which you can probably see with the length of the response. It would be nice to see at least a few of them be added. Excellent ideas.
  14. Personally, I do like a large majority of the suggestions listed, but there are so many, it is a little difficult to address them individually as is - so I copied the items listed down to comment on a few. 01 - Rain: Weather Seasons - I would suggest on expanding on this one and to go as far as having in-game seasons. I think it would be a nice mix. Such as 60 in-game days = One season. Then you would have a rotation of the 4 season. Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter. It could be set to follow the patterns of the year, or simply have its own seasonal system in game with adjustable settings for Unofficial Servers/Cluster. Each season could have its own - more likely weather issues such as heat waves, heavy rains, and possibly extend to the falling of leaves or the color of the grass on the ground. 02 - Rain: Slippery Slopes During Rain - Like it. 03 - Rain: Health Risks - Like it. 04 - Rain: Rain Gear - I am always for new gear to wear. We have very few options as is, and most of the clothing skins sets we have seem incomplete or out of character. Having another option to mix in would be nice. 05 - Storms - I like the idea of have a few more weather patterns added, and that they would have a bit more of an effect on the map itself besides blinding us with seemingly non-stop lightning flashes (The Center). Even simply things such as lightning hitting a tree and turning it into a charcoal tree, damaging structures that are taller than the tree line, or possibly knocking flyers off of birds that fly higher than the tree line. The water issues I would be interested in seeing as well, but I think I wait to see what the manage to do with water going forward prior to making any notes. 06 - Storms: Defense - Like it. 07 - Waves - If they could make it happen - I would be all for it. 08 - Waves. Raft Movement - The concept sounds simply enough - but I do not know enough about coding to say if this is truly "simple" or not. As is, I am good with the way things are unless they are able to make it work easily enough. 09 - Waves: Danger for Rafts - Much like those above - this is one where if they went that route - I would be all for it, but if it came down to this or new items/gameplay because of the complexity of the coding - I would probably place my vote with the other items. 10 - Berries: Identical Plants - Agreed 11 - Berries & Co: Variety - I agree with the idea that they should add more harvestable, plantable, and usable plantlife. Whether this is a prehistoric game, or simply Arks by Wildcards design - it never made much sense to me that the berry selection is so small. The Primitive Plus version of the game certainly stepped up this portion including grains and other items you could cook/craft. But there are still things that seemed to fall a bit short. There should be a large variety of bush, vine, and even tree harvestables that could be gathered/grown and harvested along with many other food items that could be crafted with them. 12 - Aquarium Crop Plot - Agreed. Even today we have uses for crops grown underwater or at the very least, grown surrounded by it. 13 - Dye Colors - Agreed. The colors we have are becoming somewhat stale and it would be nice to have some new ones to work with. 14 - Dye: Paint Effects - This is another point that would be awesome to see in game. In fact, on another post someone was asking about having some fluorescent glowing colors that we could use to paint items. Similar to the glow that you see in aberration. My suggestion then had been to mix Angergel with the colors to create the glow. It would give another use to the resource and a way to simplify the process. 15 - Maps: Involve Voxel Areas, 16 - Voxels: Cave Dangers, and 17 - Voxels: Don't Dig Too Deep - These seem to involve actually adjusting the map, and while I would be alright with some minor alterations, such as placing a foundation on the ground and allowing it to cut into the ground for placement to avoid clipping - even that is more than Ark seems to allow. As such I am going to have to pass. I only see this a possible meshing issue in the future. We already have enough problems with the ground layer of the map - messing with it further just seems to be asking for trouble. 18 - Game Crash in Mid-Air: Why Always Dead - SERIOUS / IMPORTANT - Having been one to experience this more times than not - I would agree that something should be done. In the meantime, I have taken to flying over laggy map areas low to the ground with a creature on neutral - follow to protect me from that which would kill me and some tek boots. If not locking characters mid-air on the creature, then at the very least, they should spawn on the ground below where they where they were flying to avoid the fall damage. 19 - More Fashion Wanted - This is something I have been requesting for the last few months, and have commented on nearly every suggestion I have seen with the concept brought up. A few of the situations I have come across are; New Skin Sets. We have a lot of skins that are basically random and some incomplete. Have you noticed the large number of hats in comparison to other clothing pieces? Or how some only apply to one or two clothing items and not the full suit? Having a few more that we can place on top of existing clothing/armor sets would be nice. Such as a Pirate set, Ranger set, Explorer set, Knight set, etc... Each having a Hat, Chest Piece, Pant, Glove, and boot skin included so the sets could be complete. New Hairstyles. As you mentioned, a variety of hairstyles that reach out to other nationalities and time periods would be a start. New Theme Sets New Clothing/Armor Sets. Cloth - Hide - Ghillie - Chitin - Scuba - Fur - Hazard - Flak - Riot - Tek. That is pretty much all we have. And in order to stay alive in game - more often than not we have to ditch the lower level items, even if they are at an ascension level, because they simply cannot match up to the higher level items. Which means that without skins, the only thing we can do is color the sets to create a slight amount of individuality. Personally, I would suggestion that each clothing set style be given an evolved form, like a cloth 2.0 that has a different look, better stats, and possibly better buffs in one area or another. By providing the same to the others - they could essentially double the number of clothing styles available. They too would have their own journeyman, mastercraft and ascension levels. It would give a bit of variety. 20 - New Animal Behavior Command: Attack until Own Health Level at 25-50-75% - It would be nice to have them only attack up to a point. Whistling passive works if you are in range, but if not, this would give us a way to make better the chances of your creatures survival. 21 - New Animal Behavior Command: Added Safespot - Neutral. Interesting idea, but not something I would use based on how I play the game. 22 - Pets on the Run - They do have the trackers in game already - they do look a little on on some of the creatures though based on their size and placement. Personally I wouldn't mind a second version that may resemble a collar with a charm of sorts for some of the creatures. 23 - Triangular Ceiling: Hatchframe - I don't tend to build with them - but I know those who do who would appreciate this 24 - Triangular Ceilings: Snap Points - Ditto to the above. And if you are wanting to expand on building items further, I would like suggest the following; 25 - Large Foundations - Arranged as either 2x2 or 3x3, they would allow us to cut down on lag in game. They would could only be placed in areas where foundations could normally sit - meaning they could not be placed to stick out over the edge of a cliff ( leave that to the cliff platforms), they would have to snap to the ground. 26 - Large Ceiling Tiles - Arranged as either 2x2 or 3x3, they would allow us to cut down on lag in the game. They too would follow the rules of their singular counterparts. A 2x2 tile segment could hang over the edge, but a 3x3 would require additional support such as foundations placed below or columns 27 - Square Wall Segments - the 4x1 large walls have been great, but it would be nice to be able to cut down on lag without having to build something that is so high. Having a 2x2 segment would allow us to do so. 28 - Small, Medium, and Large Columns - If you consider the standard column - just that - a standard. Then the Small column could be a 2 high, Medium a 3 high, and Large a 4 high. They would allow for columns to be placed in a way that would allow for us to dramatically cut down on lag when in use. 29 - Double Wide Spiral Stairs - The spiral staircases are pretty, and they fit neatly in a tight area, but I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen over the edge because of how narrow they are. It would be nice to have a spiral staircase that takes up a little more room - but at least would be safer to walk. 30 - Double Wide Tek Bridges or Connectable Tek Bridges - The Tek Bridges are nice, being that they are one of the few (only) bridge options we have. And they are narrow. If we could have wider bridges, or at the very least, be able to widen the bridge by placing more than one next to the other so that they would like together - that would be an awesome use. 31 - Large Cliff Platforms and Tree Platforms - Essentially large platforms to build with. Right now they are a decent size and having a larger variety could add to the type of structures you are able to build. And if you are wanting to expand on personalization options, I would suggest the following; 32 - Additional saddle types for different creatures. Currently most have one - or two saddles if they have a tek option - and regardless of how durable it is, they all look the same unless there is a skin. My suggestion would be to add new saddles for some of the creatures with different craft costs that would do different things when worn. Light saddles to add to speed, saddles that cut weight of certain items, saddles that will allow a second passenger, saddles that would act as a traveling refrigerator, saddles that would act as a traveling trough for other animals in the party, etc. Each with a different look. 33 - Additional saddle skins. We have a few that can wear a skin to change the saddle or the look of the creature. And we have some silly hats they can wear. But there are many that don't have an alternate skin to use. I mean, how fun would it be to have a Thyla skin that resembled a Lion or a Tiger for example? It would change thing up to have some fun. That is all I have time for for now. Again, love the list and hope I do not come across as too demanding or pushy with this - I simply enjoy adding to those suggestions which I enjoy.
  15. Personally, I would love to breed the insects. And because I cannot, it is the one reason why I don't bother taming them. Even if they do not add the access to official gameplay - they should, at the very least, set it as an option - a checkbox of sorts - that unofficial, dedicated, and single player games. I know that there are probably mods out there that will do it for PC - so having a checkbox to turn insect breeding on or off for every other unofficial playing style would be fair.
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