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    I have to disagree with the statement that this is a "dino game". It is simply so much more than that and it has the capability to expand far beyond what it is. For that sake, I would have to agree, if they went that route, I would not mind having a few NPC's around that you could "tame" (more like convince) to join your tribe to manage simply functions. It's not like the idea hasn't been worked on, their are mods for them. Which means you are not alone for the want for them. This does not mean that it would happen, but I would enjoy the feature should it ever be added.
  2. Honestly, I would be happy if we could use them for anything outside of simply displaying them. They could be used to craft a new weapon as you suggested, add them to other weapons/tools/saddles/clothing to adjust status, or simply grind them up and use them that way somehow. I say the same for other tribute items that some of the maps do not require for boss fights. Since we cannot transfer them between maps on console, this would at least give us something to do with them.
  3. While on official there is high probability this will never happen, those on PC can play around with the idea thanks to mods. And I am sure that with all the mods out there, there is at least one that will let you breed the two beasts either separately - or possibly together. For those of us on console however, this will likely never come to pass unless Wildcards gives in and starts adding some unofficial server settings for single, dedicated, dedicated, and server hosts to utilize. As a person who would do so, I would not mind checking a box to let the breeding commence, however they are unfortunately far more concerned with items that relate directly to official and seem to care little for unofficial as it relates to console versions of the game.
  4. While I agree the chances are slim that it will ever be added, I think it would be a nice inclusion. We were told we were going to get Structures + mod and instead received the watered down, Homestead Update. It seemed people believed that the inclusion of some of the features would "break the game". Which is utterly ridiculous. All they would have had to do is set it as an option for unofficial servers to use and let the officials due without if "breaking" the game was the concern. So yes, the chances may be slim-to-none it would ever be added, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to give others the chance to use the equipment if they so wish to. And as a console player, who owns and admins on a unofficial cluster, I can say easily that those on the server would welcome the use of the item and therefore will vote for it.
  5. I was reminded up this post yesterday while attempting to explain why such a limiter exists, and finding that I had none... If we can queue up several items at the 999 limit of different types, I see no reason why we could not do so with same item. With stacking we are finding we can place many more items in something to craft, but are hit with the 999 limiter. Hopefully this posts gains some footholds because, as always, if not something for Official, I would surely love it to become an option for unofficial. I am sure there is a mod out their somewhere that may play with this, but for console we are stuck.
  6. I am all form bringing back the leveling of flyers. If not for official, as you stated, but for unofficial. I run a cluster, and even if the speed percentage was a slow increase, if I could add it, I would do so in a heartbeat. That said I completely understand a few of the reasons from removing it originally, and take no issue with them. I would simply wish it to be an option for other's to set outside of the official and PC realms. In fact, I am pretty sure it is listed as one of the requested changes for server hosts on the list below. You may want to take a look and see what others have listed.
  7. Personally, I do not hate the idea. I am not a tek suit wearer myself, simply because I am not a fan of it, but I know plenty who are who have mentioned the same changes that you have mentioned. If not as a fix to the current design, then perhaps as a way that you can modify the suit? Beyond skins, their aren't too many ways to modify clothing and equipment to adjust it to the wearers needs. At least not for those of us who play console where mods are not an option. If you could build or add features through crafting or the use of hard-to reach materials, it would add variety to the game in a new way. Such as grinding up tributes you cannot use on a map as they are not required in order to bolster the attack or durability of a usable item? In doing so you could ideally build a set of armor to live in the harsh conditions of the radiation zone.
  8. I agree. It seems the "tiers" are selected are incomplete. We should have starters, fillers, and end game items for the different stations and weapons, yet for some reason they were selective and only added a few.
  9. I am going to agree, as I always do when someone suggests larger building segments. And I will upvote it as well. You may, however, want to take a look at the idea attached as it has a bit more traction and add your thoughts to it.
  10. @Floatgoat, I would have to agree. It would be nice to hear something or have a comment made. I was so excited when this post came out because I love the primitive plus version of the game, but it has been so long since we have heard anything. In fact, because of the issues, we have temporarily closed down the primitive plus server my friends and I had on our cluster. As much as we liked it, many things were broken. We hope that it is addressed some day so that we may open it up again. Or if the items are later made an optional inclusion into the main game, we would love that too. Fingers crossed we hear something before too long.
  11. I would have to agree. I have been watching the suggestion forum since the day it was reworked. I find it interesting to know that people outside of the cluster I play on and code for think of the game and the items they are the most interested in seeing changed. In fact, I usually go over many of them with those I play with who do not follow the page as often in order to keep them in the loop and see what they think. And often I try to include their opinions in the posts I place. And because I have been watching it since it came out I have a relatively rough idea the types of things that have gone in, but I would have to agree, it is a little convoluted. And I have seen many times, the same idea being re-posted. Either because a slight adjustment to the title, or because they had not researched the idea thoroughly before posting. If I could simply search by tags, I would. However they aren't always used. Then there is also the overuse of the "ideas" or "several ideas" title lines that bring no information to the subject that is being discussed. I have found some with such titles to be enjoyable to read, but I have also found several to be a little confusing or incomplete. If not sorted the way you have listed, I think at the very least, certain tags should be required so that the topics could be sorted by them properly. For example; Type of Gameplay: PVE, PVP, RPG, Single Player, Dedicated Server, Unofficial, Official, All Gameplay, etc... Platform of Gameplay: Console, Crossplay, Windows, Steam, Mobile, Switch Specifics: Mods, Maps, Engrams, Weapons, Tools, Clothing, Creatures, Skins, Items, Craftables, etc... Type of Suggestions: Fix, Update, Rework, New, Removal, Continuation, etc... It would also be nice to allow the creator of the post to alter the title of the post. At times it seems to start out as one item, but later in the discussion it grows and the post itself is changed, but not the title to include the addition. Specifically so if it is a list of items. This said, I know there are ways to search for things currently and how to use them, but for those who are not as familiar, I would agree that an easier method to find things would be nice. Great idea.
  12. Honestly I am all for this idea, for all the reasons listed. I actually posted a similar idea once upon a time, but it listed a few other upgraded pieces of equipment. Check it out if you are interested.
  13. It is true that if you rent a server you can place most dinos on the map to spawn in different regions. I did so on my own maps in the cluster I run. It takes a bit of time learning how the adjustments work, but it is possible. Strictly for single player though, it may be a bit more difficult as you cannot simply adjust the ini codes as easily. I have read their may be a work around involving installing the codes, but never really researched it fully. As a console player myself, I hear where you are coming from. Valguero is awesome and it would have been cool to get all the dino's we thought we might get. But their reasons for not having them makes sense. Which is why I researched which of the dino's they added to the PC version, and it's extension, and added what I could to the cluster I run myself. It's a bit of a work around, but tends to work for my group.
  14. Congratulations to the winners! It was nice to take part of the voting process and fun to watch the add videos. And although it may be unlikely, I will go ahead and cross by fingers that we get a part of some of the mods or one of the maps in the future for console game play. Can't wait to see what the next contest will bring.
  15. Something so simple that would be so helpful. Fully support. 100%
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