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  1. Wow, there are some really angry people on here... Perhaps it is because I play on an unofficial server cluster - but the issues that seem to be bothering everyone else, haven't really affected our gameplay at all. We have received no additional lag or trama with the event, and everything seems to be working same as always, with minimal issue. That said, there are many people on the cluster I play on who are very excited to see the event extended to hunt some more colors and kill a few more turkeys to craft a few more skins from the event. We would like to see more new content for genesis. If not "brand new" creatures - if there are no more to show, then perhaps an image of the reskinning that another creature may receive that has thus far not been released. We did get an image with a few of the re-skinned creatures during the stream, but there are hopefully more out there and I would love to get a sneak peek as to which they are.
  2. Personally I wouldn't mind being able to have both beds and teleporters added to a player map. If it is an issue with it not being realistic for items to automatically pin when you cross them, then so be it. An easy work around would be that if you are accessing the inventory of a teleporter or a bed and you open your map and on the wheel you could select the option to "Pin this...." By doing so this way it still requires the player to participate in the marking. On that note it would also be nice if they had an image that reference the different items. Even the earliest of maps had methods to mark different types of locations as such doing so would make sense.
  3. To try and hit the different points discussed... Taming Turkeys - Yes. Even if all they did was drop a small or extra small egg - it would be doable with the new kibble system to be used and another form of egg to collected. However I would suggest that they do not make the "Super Turkey's" tameable, but rather create a seperate "basic turkey" that could then be tamed. Possibly something the Super Turkey could call upon when aggroed and the challenge would be to tame the basic turkey after defeating the super turkey. (hoping you do not kill them all in the process.) Harvesting Turkey Meat - Yes. As a a new, or even temporary, meat sources that could rival, if not surpass mutton would be awesome. Skins - 50/50 on this one. If they continue as they have and add just a had or random tool/weapon skin, then please no. If they started adding full body skins to create a complete outfit, yes. We have so few clothing options that a few complete clothing sets would add a bit more variety and customization to character designs. Emotes - I don't mind them. I don't use them, but when we gather for events and what not, the others seem to like running around to use them. Candies The colors are nice, but I use them for the speed boost. Esp. on slower creatures like the argy. Any little boost helps. Creature Colors I love being able to go out and hunt some new colors. I tried to do so this time and managed some snow owls, but unfortunately couldn't find Thylacoleo with the color regions I had been looking for. A lot on the their backs and bellies with few on their sides. I think I hit them all. All in all, I like the events - but I do not love them. I wish there was a bit more to them.
  4. This isn't the first time this has been suggested, nor will it be the last most likely. And it is a well known fact that there are those for the idea and those that are against it. Which is why as long as it is an OPTION for unofficial servers, I will upvote it. And yes, there are mods for it - which is one reason to prove there is a group out there who like the idea enough to actually take the steps in creating it. However as a console player I do not have access to it and honestly, would love to have it. It wouldn't have to be overly complex. Just build them as the creatures. Below is how I imagine it working out... -They could be found running around the map as individuals or groups that find each other. -They could be passively "tamed" or befriended with food, clothing, and basic tools. -They could be set to follow a creature or yourself and set to harvest within the radius. -Given tools they could increase the amount harvested. -They could be leveled just like creatures to have additional melee, health, weight, etc... -They could be set to sleep if provide a bed (it could be named for the character) or the bed set to a sleep time (in game hours) if you rather them not be out during the day. -No breeding. - They would all have a chance to be leveled up to the in-game maximum (some unofficial servers have higher character levels set) and depending on the level they are found in the wild would tell you how many points they would have waiting to be applied. -Those in harder spawn areas would be of higher level and harder to befriend, but would have more points to apply once befriended. -no crypoding, but they could be set to ride a following creature that would act however you have it set. -Behavior settings would be identical to that of the creatures. If they gave a weapon, they could use it or would default to the tool provided if on neutral or attack target.
  5. @GambyGamby I agree with part of this statement. The unicorns need something more. While it is fun to think you have tamed a Unicorn - unless they are boosted unofficially- they are difficult to find and to tame at a decent level. Even harder to get a breeding pair at decent level. And then once you do, you have to wonder why (at least I do, not all may feel the same)... They are essentially an off-white equus with a horn on their head. They don't seem to provide anything over a normal equus, and honestly with the lack of colors and color mutations - they are pretty dull. Personally I tend to go more for the aberrant equus' with the patterns and colors. For that reason I think they should have some sort of boost, much like aberrant creatures did over the standards and how Genesis is said to do so over the aberrant creatures. They should also have color regions - possibly unique to them. They should still spawn in as white (unless an event is on), but should at least have a chance for a color mutation while raising them. The note I can't agree with is the addition of the wings for the reason @Joebl0w13 mentioned. A Unicorn and a Pegasus are quite different as the article lists. And combining them could remove the chance of having a Pegasus added to the game in the future. It may be a long shot that it ever will, but if so, it could be a difficult tame. Such as having to tame them the same way you do an equus or a unicorn. Meaning that you would have to sneak up on them after they land to apply the initial feeding. They could then fly into the sky and possibly toss your character to the ground if you do not feed them when prompted. It could make it very different to tame them. And if limited to an event tame, a weather induced spawning (like a phoenix), or as something that appears only during certain hours of the day and limited to one wild on the map at a time. It would increase the difficulty to find and tame them - and worth it too as one of the only tames you could fly on and also use as a taming device (through the kick effect when landed). That all however, may be suited for further discussion elsewhere. On the note of the topic of the Community Crunch however, I was happy to see the image of another item added and example patch notes that we may see. When comparing it to the google sheet however, I noticed that a lot of items are still listed as New and Archived over anything else. It would be nice to get some additional discussion on these items as well as recently discussed, added or commented posts from the suggestion section of the forum, or even some news on the weigh in documents that seem to have fallen to the weigh-side - such as the events discussion or that of the future of primitive plus. I have been following the later since the start and there hasn't been much commented or said on it for some time by developers.
  6. I don't think that the point behind the suggestion was to tell you where to put things when. Especially not in items like a campfire. But instead for items like the industrial forge where you get 60 line items. 59 to use and 1 for the power source (gasoline in this case). You could have one line item that you could lock gasoline into and 60 items to fill to be cooked down with whatever it is you are looking to make. To make it easy to see, you could place it in the center menu as they do with creature saddles and costumes. The ease of this would make it a quick process to transfer all in or out without taking the power source with the ingredients. Just as you do with a creature inventory. Everything goes with it excluding the saddle. The way I see it, this would only work for items that had a specific power source requirements; such as the Industrial Forge, Chemistry Bench, Industrial Cooker, Industrial Grill, and such. Essential giving Gasoline a dedicated slot from those that play the standard version of the game. For those items that need both power and gas, you could have two, one for Gasoline and one for a Charge Battery if that is how you choose to power the device. It wouldn't be required however, as you could connect an electric generator or tek generator. Now would this all be required? Absolutely not. We can play without it and have been for some time now. However, as a quality of life scenario, I am still going to be voting for it and hoping it someday comes to the game.
  7. I would have to agree. Personally I think if they are extending to or adding to the game, regardless of when it happens in the story line, the King Titan should be reviewed. If the King Titan was the "end", then so be it. After all, who expects more after the end? But now, with another map (simulation?) coming out - I believe it should act as others have. It should add additional levels to the character - as you described. It should add additional engram points to the character - as you described. It should allow the unlocking of new tek engrams - or at the very least - engrams from other maps. As it it, you only get A variety of ascendant items already in game and the ammo to go along with some of them, An unlocking of the HomoDeus outfit (if it sticks - went in with a group and half of them never received the skins- even upon restart and the defeating of the boss a second time) A set amount of element depending on the level defeated. It is the biggest boss of them all, so it should, in my opinion, have a bit more that comes with defeating it. The after-show is great, but it gives nothing to a character you may still be using.
  8. I know there was a post like this entered in at some point, however I cannot remember the title of it. That does not change the effect however that I still agree with the idea. There are other ways to reach people, be it offline or online, however it would still be nice to do so while in game (this is from a console players prospective). There is a mailbox in Prim+ that is currently busted, but I always liked the idea of being able to use it. And I think that on the other version of this suggestion, it was suggested that the following options be available: Send Message to all (available to server admins at the very least) Send Message to Allies Send Message to Tribe-mates Send Message to "_________" (select or type tribe or individual destination) Drop of a message in another characters mailbox. I think it would be a fun way to be able to communicate with other players or a way to make deals with others who are offline.
  9. I would have to agree. I would rather get the creature or the saddle - not necessarily both. Which seems to be the case with this one - the creature having been released earlier. At this point, I would even be happy to get a sneak peak to which creatures would be getting a "Genesis Makeover" since it seems like there may be many that will that haven't been announced beyond the image provided during the live stream. I love to breed and would like to get an idea as to which creatures I may be able to work with in comparison to what I work with now. As far as the Turkey Event - Love the colors. They seem to be coming through well. Though I was a little disappointed that all we received were again hat skins, and not the other armor skins to go with them; pants, leggings, gloves, and shirts. They are cute, and fun - but they don't really go with the clothing options we have. And the Turkey's themselves are cute - cute destructive little birds. Just wish we got a little more from them such as Turkey Legs you could cook, feathers to craft a cap, or a few non-"super" turkey's we could tame that could drop dodo-sized eggs. Perhaps one day. As is, still enjoying the event - and hope it expands year by year from where we are now.
  10. I agree! Since this event doesn't really have a tameable or breedable creature, but relies on the one new addition instead (I don't really count the Dodo-inspired creatures as they are part of another event), I would be nice if it had a bit more to it. Dropping a unique food item as you are suggesting would be a nice addition.
  11. I would imagine not, I simply haven't had the need to do so. Everyone on the cluster I run knows when it happens and it hasn't been an issue for months. The point is however, rather than having to add it when you sign on to build the map, it would be nice if they simply had a built in message that read "daily restart in XX:XX" as opposed to simply restarting it or requiring an additional set up. I am not saying that would have to, should, or need to, it would simply be nice if they did. I would be just one more thing those building servers wouldn't need to worry about - especially if they are new to the process as I had been when I started over a year ago.
  12. I run an unofficial cluster and I can tell you that if that is what you are playing on, you are probably running into the daily restart. We have one set for sometime around 4am. There isn't a warning before it goes off, in simply shuts down and restarts the maps. We were having issues with people losing creatures they were taming or missing imprints for a while, but once we got the word out, people just stayed away from doing anything the restart could affect heavily when it was nearing time or logging off for the 15 minutes it would take to restart the map. I can see where a warning would be nice, especially for new players who may join the maps - unaware of the daily restart, but we do not get too many new players too often as we are password protected. For those that aren't however, it could be nice. For that reason I can agree with this post. However at the same time, I cannot say for sure that there isn't already a way to do so. There may be a way schedule the message to go out just before the restart - I simply haven't tried to do so.
  13. I like it. I am all for adding more to the events. It would also be nice to get some full costume skins that you can either craft or earn by defeating a dodo-beast. We get a ton of hat/helmet skins most of the time, but no full set costumes. Some could include; (but really this list could go on forever...) Scientist Adventurer Pirate Knight Astronaut etc...
  14. I would have to agree, though there would be some stipulations attached to that statement. Of which I have noted on one, if not both, of the links posted below. And as stated, I have posted the two conversation lines for the adding Primitive Plus to the main game that I have been watching. One that Cedric posted as a Weigh In document an another that was posted just after this Game Suggestions forum was updated to the new voting set up. If you are interested, you should take a look and possibly add your own thoughts.
  15. Personally, I agree. They could keep it the way it is, so that they spawn white and you have to breed for color mutations, or make it so that they will show up colored only during events that have a creature color palette. Either way it would give a bit more of a reason to breed them. I have a pair on cluster I play on, but prefer to breed my aberration equus because of the color options I can find and breed out through mutations. If I could get the same mutations on Unicorns- the shades at least not the patterns - I would be more likely to use them. However, as much as I agree and hope that the Unicorns at some point get a little love, adding color regions to their skins was noted on the QOL list as "archived". I will still upvote it in hopes that it gets added at some point though. *This is from the perspective of an Unofficial PvE Console Cluster Player.
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