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  1. it is 100% a hack of some sort, we need to find out how far his control reaches and what we can do about ourselfs. this is not a thread about mistakes with merging or insiding at all.
  2. this should be an information thread about the situation and how we can handle it. it should not be locked, it is for the community to talk about it. what we know so far is that he goes thru structures and has access to vaults and cryofridges. what is currently unknown to me is, can he access your dino inventories and could this be a save place for your valuables? is unpodding valuable dino stats currently a good idea or does he gain full control over these dinos as well? wild card is currently doing nothing about the situation what makes me believe that they do not know how he does it. so until this is not fixed, we have to find a way to deal with it.
  3. player in 77 with admin access kiling peoples dinos player in pve island 77 with admin access kiling peoples dinos right now, gg wildcard.......... goes from base to base , going inside closed bases and empties cryofridges and kills dinos in front of the players submitted a report, but offcourse response is far to slow so a roll back for this server is needed
  4. we got meshed as well, we reported it, the mesher got banned, but they didnt devwipe the base where the mesher brought the stolen stats to. devwipe a base that got help from a mesher was standard 1 year ago but now they do nothing. so enforcement team rendered itself completely useless. 9 months of hardcore breeding down the drain.
  5. 30k580 1125md but they are no longer high priority for me, i still try to mutate but not as much. im now working on basilo, borns stats 39360 hp 626 md , pve official. they can be leveled speed only.
  6. all the parked dinos and rafts where autodecayed after 8 days. every week i get a new player. enforcement wont help me because there response time might be to slow. the whole server knows i dont want anybody in my base. but the new players dont know that.
  7. last monday i placed 30 extra behemoth gates, to keep players out of my base. they leave rafts and tames in my base. or worse, they tame or lure wild animals at my babies. i am building a new base and i am not ready to finish it yet. there should be no orp on tames that are in caves or near other peoples structures in pve. orp makes a different kind of very nasty griefing possible.
  8. several times i had a double mut in melee or hp + another stat like food or oxygen, these you also have to kill in the first 20 muts. and you need to keep hp and md line separate so that you get 20 hp muts and 20 md muts. for the first 20 mutations you only need 35-50 females but when you are mutcapped and you still want to mutate then you need to go above 100 females or way more. (not nice for server performance and your fellow arkers and i hope wildcard will make a stop this nonsense some day) normally i get a mut every 200-500 babies in a mutcapped line. if you are unlucky it can take 2000 to 3000 babies to get a mut in the desired stats once you are mutcapped, even with 1000 females. but once that mut comes it can be in a whole bunch of babies at once, ark rng is really weird.
  9. why touch meta when the game is still broken ? spend time to breed a dino together, nmy player uses a new steam account to undermesh and take your dino stats. defense turrets barely work with high pin while other attack mechanisms do work under high ping. velos stance changes to passive on server restart. big tribes can attack with 40 tapejara and destroy a 50 turret defended base in under a minute. best is you join a big pvp tribe and talk with them and participate in attack and defences and dont listen to 1 tribe only. we cannot simply loose bases again because you want to adjust some game variables.
  10. as long as wildcord does nothing about the meshing problem, the game is not ready. it will remain garbage. no more then a showcase of what the engine can do.
  11. there was a guy keeping such a list with 200+ bugs and glitches but the thread eventually got deleted, was not allowed. you now have to submit the bugs which is not shared to the community so nobody can see how much bugs this game has. i have submitted some very easy to fix bugs but they are not addressed so we can confidently say we are posting bug reports straight into their thrashcan.
  12. they first have to fix the issues this game has, we just got meshed this morning.
  13. also on top of the high wall are 2 snap points like ceilings have. triangle ceilings are also wrong, they snap higher then normal ceilings and so putting walls on them will make those appear higher also. super ugly in tek.
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