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  1. ''stepped down'' is sensored. you cant use 3 characters in a row, so you cant ask for 1000 fiber.
  2. kwh prices are nearing 1 euro in my country. it would be nice if ark has more options to drop gpu and maybe cpu power consumption way down. custom ini's already do this pretty good so if people want lower consumption this is an option. example: fog in this game around eggs makes your computer use way more power. this should be optimized maybe with high priority. or have it removed with a menu option. creating 'green' options could also put ark in a positive spotlight. (led spotlight ofcourse)
  3. yes, this please. hacks are getting worse. even players get personal ddos attacks on there home connection, ip address somehow leaking via hacked clients
  4. yes this whole box is down, genesis 638 639 and island 2 are on the same ip. it ran ok 15 hours ago, it was pretty playable on my island 2, then few hours later it crashed and cant seem to start up properly, its trying to startup 3 times an hour.
  5. server 77 pve pc didnt come up yet after update, waiting for 2 hours now.
  6. island 77, kicks with every save, then you cant connect because a player already exist on the server, so a double kick in the face. and occasionally crashes.
  7. collected eggs all week so i could do some breeding this weekend. but now they turned on 2x breeding and now our server is 255+ ping.we can do nothing, even my roo doesnt harvest berries anymore.
  8. it has never been this bad in all these years, wildcard has reached an absolute low point. we are a tribe of more then 100 players and all our official servers that we have bases on are not functioning, each person pumped over 100 euro into this game and we are all waiting for the servers to be restored.
  9. that was due to the breeding event which is now over, many of those servers have returned to normal. now a completely new problem has started since last weekend and this thread is to make wildcard aware of it. you bring up old problems and so you are not helping here at all.
  10. you are not helping the community this way. servers are running completely fine, communication with many servers is currently broken.
  11. no the op is talking about a new situation that started last weekend. half the time the server is suffering from this lag, that feels like ddos. moving around is impossible, areas take 5 minutes to render etc. it is not the hardware fault, its some kind of communication problem.
  12. DO NOT INCREASE BREEDING RATES i am one of the most experiences breeders on ark and i can say without doubt that increasing breeding rates is very bad for officials. during x3 i managed to get 3 rex mutations a week on a constant basis and capped the dino to 254 points easy in a short time which would normally would take far longer. this will shorten the lifespan of the game or a total wipe will be required sooner. servers are also back to normal ping now that breeding is back to x1. the game is playable again, no more 255 ping nonsense.
  13. servers are now crashing that have good ping and only 20 players. what is going on now ???
  14. just came home from work to throw some eggs down, but server gone, crashed, nice start of the weekend.
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