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  1. some dinos have only 2 color regions and it would be nice if the stats mutation is combined with a color mutation in the region the dino has. for instance on basilo you rarely get a color which is a shame. if they make this change, then every 20th baby +/- will be a color mut. which is often enough. but this is not a qol improvement and so we probably never see this happen.
  2. on new server, i dont need that high melee, for me weight is more important on giga in pve. and i happen to have an egg with 425md and high weight
  3. during the event i raised a 425melee giga that happened to have around 1000 weight, which i imprinted 100% and then leveled only in weight to 1700 right now. with a shoulder pet you can farm a boatload of meat in one go.
  4. rex has enough melee, what rex really needs is a large bite range, especially around its feet and maybe a bit further forward. and the bite range on giga is actually ridicalous. which is why it is so loved for meatfarming i think.
  5. when everybody was frozen the server was running normally and if you had early stage babies they would die. you could actually still see that onscreen.
  6. i just lost 2 basilo babies, starved to death, after being baby for 16 hours according to the log, while baby phase is only 9 hours. be aware that breeding dinos in ark is still broken.
  7. yes there are players that can open doors and access everything, from what i gathered so far its best to put your important stuff in a house with no doors.
  8. we help beginning tribes with dinos and help defend them. if you think you can make it on your own in this game you gonna fail bad and a wipe is not going to change that. we get attacked and we attack almost everyday. even if they come with duped stuff it can be a lot of fun. they often have no skill and die within minutes. our tribe cleaned a lot of "unraidable" ice caves. if megatribe players think the servers are stale then you are just not being creative, you can grab one of your thousand kits you have ready and go pvp wherever you want.
  9. you can not stop players from glitching inside bases. once inside they can uncryo a male to mate with your dinos and steal the stats. i logged off yesterday next to a door outside the base and today i logon and i am now inside the base with my females.... you can not take 150 dinos of mating every day. pve right now allows for to much pvp and it is up to wildcard to protect pve players better.
  10. ah yes i added that bug as well to the list where they hatch between the airconditioners. very annoying one to. i think this bug doesnt happen if the base is elevated above the ground.
  11. here is a list of bugs that i face just with breeding alone. egg incubation timer not synchronized with server timer, but the spoil timer is when the ping is above 120, the rex eggs dont rest on the ground, they fall down and hover back up into the rex, with 255 it goes all the way back into the rex eggs stack on other eggs, try that in real life lol, and with high ping, this means eggs can stack up, once again into the rex itself. rex can lay egg in the mesh, and basilos can give baby into the mesh if positioned on the ground. the rex tale can push you into foundations and you are stuck, with god knows how much rex eggs around you spoiling the baby rex collision box is far to big, same for giga. info cards on screen are on the wrong position on some dinos like theri and meso unclaimed dead baby rexes cannot be harvested in pve and you cannot walk over dead baby rexes. during growth, dinos get stuck into structures. they can even despawn if that happens in some locations the egg fog is way to demanding and makes fps drop, sometimes way to much. and then the baby to juvenile bug, if a baby is not rendered when it transitions to juvenile, it wont eat from the troughs and it will die. when the eggs are not rendered and they hatch, the babies can drop down thru structures, which will force you to destroy your hatching area to reach your babies.
  12. thank you for not making it a boring color event!!!!!! we had enough of those.
  13. i got hit bad in pve as well, not in extinction but a mentally ill person glitched into my base and stole dino stats. there is more pvp in pve then there is pvp in pvp.
  14. in pvp dura is more important and he probably meant 1500 dura on each part
  15. better come back when meshing is fixed, wild card added dinos and tools to easily mesh with. i heard they do work on a fix though.
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