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  1. and it turns real bitter if you think about how our dlc money has been pumped into ports for other devices and atlas and we still see no bug fixing. say something about it and you get a whole flok of wildcard worshippers to defend them. right now i am trying to incorporate tek triangles into my building and to my great horror i find out that the triangle panel is snapped higher on top of the ceiling instead of against it, and so the walls you put on it are higher then the once that go onto ceilings. for wood and stone you wont see it, but if you build in tek its to obviously out of alignment. if you take this game under a magnifying glass, you will notice that almost every item or dino has a bug or glitch. i count 4 bugs in eggs alone. 1 of them is super easy to fix, the incubation timer is right now not synchronized with the server timer while the spoil timer is. but what fix do we get instead ? they try to fix vault dropping .... and then dont test it. and in a rollback 100's loose there char and potentially there bases. so there is time available as long as it is something to screw with us. and after it was all over, autodecay turned back on, we suddenly get a red text in the server window that WE must behave and follow coc rules.
  2. after 2 years i collected the materials to start building my base which is now 20% done. finishing the base could take half a year. its not a super large building but it will be a beautiful one. i did not even finished the first stage of basilo breeding yet, im at 27/40 mutations. i worked on this project since day 1 and similar in new pvp official where i also play, i just started combining tek raptors and we are working on a new expansion for breeding. also here a breeding project here can take half a year if not longer. like others said, pro wipe people just want to see the world burn, they are slackers, they achieve nothing and are jealous at others hard work.
  3. it would be great if they make an option to have the fog removed from eggs. my laptop can also barely handle it and dropping only 100 eggs is a pest. when i pick up eggs i shutdown background programs to prevent crashing. and pregnant basilo that are almost ready to deliver often makes the server ghost for me. or the devil plays with it and doesnt want me to claim them on time.
  4. after playing 11k hours all i can make up is this list: 1. fix bugs 2. fix bugs 3. fix bugs 4. fix bugs 5. fix bugs 6. fix bugs 7. fix bugs 8. fix bugs 9. fix bugs 10. fix bugs
  5. please look at submitted bugs and fix the bugs that this game has.
  6. imagine the endless fun griefers will have with this, half the bases on any server are all open bases with dinos standing around. this bug is 10x worse then the golem kiting was until they introduced ORP.
  7. sold the first 2 lvl 362 base basilos yesterday. can be leveled to 150k hp if you want. 😊
  8. 10 hours rollback and lost characters on my server, 78 was also gone. no idea what happened to this server.
  9. well server is back now. i can sleep. rollback of about 10 hours, rex baby that was juvenile is back to 2% but at least its not dead. was a very special baby. but because there was a 10 hour rollback for this server and probably other servers also, we are going to see another huge wave of players loosing chars.... again. because the server was not changing status for 6 hours, restarting at day 0 all the time and nobody on twitter mentioned they are woking on all the servers that arent working properly made it show nothing was being done.
  10. its still the same problem, comes back rarely then crashes, this means they are doing absolutely nothing about it. gives great confidence.
  11. everybody on 77 should fill in this report: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  12. a whole cluster of servers is down 🤦‍♂️
  13. yes i still am in the tribe with my tribemates (inactive) server also said it was running in pvpve mode
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