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  1. servers are now crashing that have good ping and only 20 players. what is going on now ???
  2. drop an egg for incubation in a very laggy server with more then 200ms ping and watch the spoiltimer closely.
  3. but why unsync the egg timer with server timer ? doesnt that create more work for the server. also the spoiltimer is still synchronized with the server timer and is constantly corrected. so if they unsync the spoiltimer and sync the egg timer, there would be no change in server performance and everybody will be happy again with breeding.
  4. he is saying it is due to high ping and not a bug and that there is no problem, but im trying to say the opposite, wildcard made some changes that has ruined breeding for everybody. it has doubled the time i need to hatch, thats absolutely redicalous. i drop an egg with 1 minute remaining and 2 seconds remaining and after a long wait they hatch both at the same time.
  5. can you back this up with personal experience ? or is this just a baseless assumption grabbed out of thin air?
  6. check server ping, that could be the reason. many servers in pvp do everything in there power to keep the epic players out, afraid of that one crash from which the server wont recover whole weekend.
  7. just came home from work to throw some eggs down, but server gone, crashed, nice start of the weekend.
  8. they are following statistics and a business model. as long as there is no law that forbids developpers to have a buggy game like ark, nothing is going to change. but google facebook twitter etc might soon loose there freedom that they abuse which will be the first step in that direction.
  9. also see this tweet from ced so many people replying shows its a big issue right now. 100's of dead servers.
  10. many servers are dead for days, they also didnt wake up after the server update today. so its pretty bad this time. 5 year anniversery is celebrated with one big bug explosion.
  11. breeding timers are completely random, when eggs suppose to be done, eggs have random timers remaining ranging from 0s to half an hour on rex eggs during x3. this is on a server with good ping.
  12. devs have not looked at the outage reports for at least half a year. that link should be removed from the forum. same for bug reports. it is disgusting that they keep these things up pretending that there is somebody on the other side caring for our issues while it is 100% ignored.
  13. everybody i know that works with breeding has now issues. eggs that are dropped after other eggs now hatch before them. random dinos refuse to mate. after the female dinos layed there eggs, i have to go look for the dinos that didnt mate and i must cryo uncryo them for the mating to start. a 20 minute task is now turned into a 40 minute task. 30 eggs that i layed down 1 by 1 over a period of 1 minute, now all hatched at once, except the first dropped one that i redropped to check its timer of the whole group. so i was there watching 1 egg still 1 minute incubating and 29 hatched rexes, makes no sense. this was a quality of life update in the most reverse way possible and has screwed all breeders.
  14. battlemetrics doesnt show epic players. in pvp we clean the beaches every hour and we farm slotcaps of engrams.
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