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  1. im being really careful but every 2 days i have a dino just flying of into the mesh. oviraptor carcha procoptodon. im scared to move or uncryo a dino now.
  2. they found a bug in the bugfix update, they are bugfixing it now
  3. i remember loosing dinos at the entrance in 2017 which never got fixed. you could let a friend do the tek cave, i had a friend of mine do overseer for me because i crashed non stop in the tek cave due to how buggy the game is right now.
  4. this is a known bug since 2017
  5. while 1 cheater can destroy a tribes entire base with 200 members (ours 2 months ago,rollback refused) he can not insult us while doing so because of the new chat filter so everything is under control, stop worrieng.
  6. they used an old build , maybe even an older early access build of ark ase to port into the new engine, so we have all those bugs again that where previously fixed. and about muh pvp, i play pvp and i fear for the day they open transfers, i randomly crash when my game has to render vegetation so i cant even help defending.
  7. this was actually part of a bug in ase that almost nobody understood. this will make the tuso way better in official pvp.
  8. its a bug that wildcard didnt address yet. many players have this issue and have put the game aside for now. it is extremely saddening. does this sollution work for you ?
  9. i crash in a certaun region in lava cave, always in broodmother and overseer. amd 5600x gpu. my laptop cant spawn my char on a bed. amd 4700m. device hung error i see the most. everything is updated
  10. please put the maewing back into the game asap because the game right now has become an ugly unsustainable chore again. i can do without cryopods or incubators but handfeeding is just a stupid amount of work even for 1 baby like giga.
  11. you are able to enjoy it with all the client crashing going on ?
  12. all 200 gamebreaking bugs will be fixed when they rebuild ark from the ground up with next release
  13. its an april fools joke, they already mentioned weeks ago that the saves move over to the new ue5 engine
  14. ''stepped down'' is sensored. you cant use 3 characters in a row, so you cant ask for 1000 fiber.
  15. yes, this please. hacks are getting worse. even players get personal ddos attacks on there home connection, ip address somehow leaking via hacked clients
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