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  1. but that was my opinion, i was not speaking for everyone else. i dont mind the hassle of pumping tranqs with most of the X creatures. i think it give more od a challenge. what i think they should have done was have the X variants take less damage but still same amount of torpor
  2. well i was nearly right, point is they are somewhat better the regular variants
  3. no, they have 4% less HP for 4% more melee overall (someone correct me if i am wrong) just like with aberrant creatures, they too had some kind of stats difference.
  4. just another sad sob who doe snot like a challenge. anything new?
  5. with the release of genesis they added a mechanic in the lunar, when you fall off you are teleported back up. we can do the same thing.
  6. i got an idea for current world events, i know the corona-virus is not this type of virus, but what about adding some sort of zombie Apocalypse event to the game. heck in the crystals isle announcement thread they showed the zombie mod, maybe that was foreshadowing. dont go yelling at me as i am just suggesting and honestly trying to have a joke. but it may be fun to kill zombie players with tames. either that or host special servers where something like swamp fever is abundant and if you catch it you die slowly over time, there is not sure and its very contagious. again just suggesting.
  7. you should give a few more details, what type of server is this on, what country is the server located in, what country is this guy in, how old are the children, what are some examples of what he was saying. i have experienced a few people like him in my life of online gamming. he can be dealt with quickly if reported. but remember to give more detail within the ticket. they cant do much if you say and old guy is threatening younger players.
  8. this has been suggested multiple times, even by me a few times. but because PvP is apparently the core mode of this game and people believe it would ruin PvP alot of people dont want them in. there are a few other reasons aswell. i think its a good idea but doubt WC will ever do it.
  9. ok so the last few days have been hectic on the server. our tribe is at war with another tribe (nothing toxic) because i accidentally killed one of their people and a bloodstalker. in my defense they were near our base and i was a bit worried so i took care of him. so after the first attempted attack on our main base we realized we needed more defenses. yes we have a lot of turrets as is. but we do not want to loose our base. so Riley and i went out to tame some turtles. holy crap does it take forever, the 180 turtle we found which had very high hp (using HLN-A) it would be constantly attacked by sharks and the swarms would occasionally hit it. i was sitting on a sea stack hauling any fish out of the water and shotgunning the occasional shark, at one point some turd decided to shoot our turtle as he was nearly tamed. after a while i left to get a snack. came back to see Riley had tamed it up. Riley went back and got the breeding pair we had used before. we added the health into a new pair and began breeding them. we saved a few mutation we ended up with and combined them into triplets 2 females and 1 male. we bred them a few more and ended up with 10 turtles ready to be used as turret tanks. when back at base we killed about 50 rexes each with the turtles (yes we have that many rex eggs) pumped all into HP. we then made some acs saddles that had around 100 armor which i dont remember us getting. they were super expensive but worth it. i spent forever killing bugs in the bog with a frog and sloth and riley was smashing rocks like mad lad. Skull and Joe both grinded bullets. each turtle had about 20-30 heavy turrets on their back as well as one mounted miningun and one mounted rocket turret. we called in a few favors and managed to get another tribe of 4 to join us. we devised a plan to attack their base as TIB had scouted it out earlier and found a weakness, they supply their turrets with 2 main generators. and each can be easily destroyed with a well placed rocket. the plan was to use well placed rockets to destroy the generators and then use magmasaurs to brake down the metal walls. the turtles would act as defense for our group as they would quickly kill off any hostiles with their turrets, as well a tanking a few hit along the way. we had enabled fliers for the first 24 hours of the war to allow for scouting and possibly resource transferring to be done easily, we used this to our advantage as we had tamed some argents and tapejars. btw we used a tek teleporter to transfer the stuff, we aint spending forever walking 10 turtles across a biome. we sent 3 turtles in to tank the bullets and draw fire while Riley while holding my in the argents talons flew from another way. i had 3 rocket in case of missed shots. we came across a problem, when i blew up the generator room the turrets did not turn off, so we figured they had more gens around the base. we improvised and used some turtles and magmasaurs with high HP to tank the hit. we had a bunch of pigs sitting on some turtles and 2 yuty's courage roaring, we used ambergris on the magmas to heal them fast. while the rest of us shot at the gate. we eventually made a hole into their base. but we still had turrets firing. so we shot a few magma balls and managed to brake most, we sent in a trio of magmasaurs ridden by me, Riley and skull. a lot of their tames must have been in cryos as their were barely any in the base. we spewed magmaballs everywhere destroying their base. the tribe eventually realized they were being raided when someone spotted us attacking their base. we eventually flattened the base to the ground and took what resources we felt we had earned for the raid. all in all we took a lot of their resources like metal, gun powder, polymer and paste as well as about 1k element. we left the rest of their stuff in some vaults that were code locked. i messaged them the code and they got their stuff back. i think that will be the last we see of them for a while. again this is not a toxic war. we done it for a but of fun and they accepted to the terms that either tribe can attempt to wipe the others base. btw i have been typing this over the past 3 days when i have had the chance. a bit of an update. we have had complaints from small tribes about us wiping the other big tribe as they are now worried we will wipe them for fun. i reassured them as technically the supervisors of the server we dont wipe small tribes, if they desire pvp raiding with us there are restrictions in place for both sides. the other alpha tribe still play but they have moved off of gen back to rag. i got word from allies on other maps that they are pretty salty about our win and planning a full scale raid on some of our other bases. again its part of the server rules that they can go this so long as the targets accept. we are deciding on whether we will accept or not. anyway over the past few days i have been working on a magmasaur breeding base. its not done yet but hopefully it will work for what i plan to do. also really cant wait for crystal isles this winter
  10. that sounds funny, drinking lava
  11. I read on ark wiki that they can only survive in island volcano lava and genesis lava, they cant in the rest on island, center, se, rag and val lava i read the same thing and my friend lost one of our magmasaurs tyring to swim in rag volcanoe about a day ago. he did not know and lost it. so that makes me wonder just how the coding works that makes the magmasaur immune to the lava, is i specifically locked to the island and genesis or is the lava on rag and the other maps a different type of lava. anyway my point was that just because its somewhat of a dossier says its immune to lava and magma does not mean it is resistant to physical damage
  12. Lava on Ragnarok does 1000 dmg each time compared to island 75 lava dmg, so its pretty much instakill for players and near instakill for dinos ok well me having common sense have never dared to try and swim in lava or even go near it most of the time. so i assumed it was an insta kill. but i have been told magmasaurs cant swim in it for some reason.
  13. lava is deadly due to the extremely high heat, if magmasaur can swim in lava that means it is resistant to the heat, i never said it cant handle some lava, the only reason it swim in lava on maps like rag's volcano, because it is an insta kill (i think).
  14. yes, well the reason why lava is so dangerous is due to the extremely high temperatures that would destroy or body. so maybe the magmasaur is resistant against extreme heat but not so resistant against physical damage.
  15. the island is a good place to breed them, in the volcano
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