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  1. i love making recipies. so i made a poison by adding 100x rotten meats 5x large feces 50 narcoberries it works like a charm, we used it in a raid, it killed the hostiles in a matter of minutes. also made some noice foods. i now carry 20 carno cakes on me as they are so good for healing me and givin tames stam.
  2. also i have always wanted to make an element based food. what could i use to make an element bases food when i learn to do this.
  3. @ConeyAW, i never even knew this was a thing, and i have played ark since the very start. also i would love if u made a video on this or posted a video on here showing how to do it as i have no idea ho to make custom recipes.
  4. Kodking194

    TLC pass 3

    maybe instead of an alpha rex it could be a rex with a nesting bonus, where it is extremly agressive and gains a big melee and resistance buff. also if there are any other rexes nearby they should all aggro if u enter the nest zone
  5. Kodking194

    TLC pass 3

    problem i see with the egg deal is that means say a rex nest is nearby but the rexes were killed by brontos (which is common) that is a free egg. so maybe to lvl it out u must be the lvl required to make the saddle. also there is a chance the egg will not be fertile so it is less OP. also i liek the idea of alpha herbivores. how they form is when a herd of say stegos or trikes form. an alpha forms and becomes really strong. sort of like with the nameless alphas. megalodons should be bigger and scarier, also should be able to sniff out injured victims like wolves. yeah i think they should attck un gaurded rafts. like ones with no building structures on them. they could also have like a thrashing attacks that causes the target to become crippled and release blood attracting other sharks.
  6. as having experience with tamed gigas up close, it depends what u have acess to. i use rockets al pumps. grenades and other explosives are alos good. i tend to grapple to something and have him caome after me, i then inflict him with fire arrows and start fireing the pump at him, after bout. i use pumps as they can also harm a rider, i use metal arrows after some pump rounds are put in, when he is low on health i use rockets or grenades to do mass damage
  7. i doubt it will have same mechanics as titan, i mean it u build on this guy u gonna lose it also, if he is in the water that makes him more dangerous. if u have your tames on their they dead meat
  8. srry guys, my friend changed the serer to private a while ago, i forgot about this thread, the server is now only for friends in our little circle.
  9. Kodking194

    TLC pass 3

    i watched a vid recently showing a cool carno TLC, so here is what the carno should have .ram attack (not for the horns but because carno's skulls were heavily built and supposed to be hard) . raptors dont head on attack them but rather run away, will run up an nip carnos in the rear, this of course would work to some extent with tamed raptors, all depending on carnos lvl and raptors lvl (if carno is higher lvl than raptor it is more likely to cowar and flee . a sort of ego buff would be cool, where it gains a melee and defence buff for a short amount of time i dont know how many times i have said this but i feel like it should be added since they have made grappling and wall climbing a thing. spider should have these abilities . can deploy a webbed grapple hook -can attach to large creatures and attack them . can do a blood sucking attack that slowly heals the spider or if bloud packs are in it inventory it refills them with the blood, also by attcking webbed creatures they also gain a small healing buff . can deploy a zipline that only allies can use, enemies that mount onto the zipline are stuck for a short amount of time, then they drop off of it . can climb up walls and on ceilings, can also drop from above with a web line also a cool way to make the spiders more diverse is u have to find a female spider and kill it, then it will have have an egg in its inventory, u hatch the egg and raise the spider inside by feeding it blood packs or dead corpses. either that or to tame it u have to knock it out or passive tame it by feeding it blood packs. it will give the blood packs a use. also make it a bit bigger in size. i like the idea of a giant ridable spider, and it has been arks oldest and most underatted tames, simply cause it has no use, i mean who even knew the spider was tamable aside form oOG ark players
  10. dude u dont have to beat the bosses to be a great addittion to a tribe, just find a group of friends to play with and play with them, u will learn the ropes, i got good by playin with friends, honestly i do better with others.
  11. point is people will spam these things with turrets and have fleets of them around the map
  12. oh trust me if u have read the what did u do today on ark thread u will see me and my friends are good at pvp, we have our own server but we like to find public servers to join to interect with others, this seems like good pvp server to join.
  13. hey i will be getting a better internet soon along with PSN, is their room for another tribe of possibly bout 3-5, bty we like to breed and build, we like to make community markets at our base, we sell tames and other stuff we dont use or people ask for. i am a breeder aswell as builder. i have done pvp and love the sound of this server, also is it only rag and valg, if so do dlc creatures spawn on the maps?
  14. honestly i like the turtle, but i can see a bit of a problem, people spamming these things in the oceans with turrets on them, so they kill any and all rafts and other sea mounts, i knwo turrets cant work under water but they can certainly shoot into the water and if u have their range set to high it can be impossible to go in ocean
  15. what? how does that work, they are passive flee creatures
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