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  1. kapros are easy to sort out and heres my, have your tame on follow and nuetral, and it can kill the kapro, kapros dont have much health. i have an asc pistol and shotty which can kill a 150 in 3 shots of the pistol, and one shot of the shotty. as for swarms, a torch will easily take care of swarms, that and a capable tame, raptors and their AOE pounce attack are great for swarms. as for the arctic. it really depends on your luck in whats around you when you spawn. i tend to build in high places where stuff cant get me, worse i had to fear was yutys, but without their carnos they are not that d
  2. my friend, some people like a challenge, and dont just wanna sit and cower on a sea stack until they get to metal tier. i love a challenge, one of the reasons why i play ark. yes the artic is not easy, for most, but experienced players can easily survive in the artic when starting off.
  3. nah, i find artic to be the easiest and funnest biome to live in, bog after that.
  4. this is gonna be a doozy. so i finally managed to get genesis on my PS4, even tho fate seemed determine to prove otherwise. i loaded in the map for the first time, crashed. This happened 4 more times before i finally loaded into the bog, i died and decided to respawn in the arctic, crashed. so i reset my world, made a ne character and started again. i spawned in the bog and made my way to the dodoball mission, there i slowly made a makeshift wooden base surrounded by spikes. i tamed a raptor, it got kaproed, tamed another, it got kaproed, this went of for some time. i'd tame a raptor, and it'd
  5. so the download is about 17.5GB, that seems doable with the internet i'll be using. thanks for the help.
  6. how big is the installation for the map, and aprox how much internet data would it use. because i'll be using my hotspot to do the download.
  7. so if i buy genesis on the store, will i have to install the map or will it already be there?
  8. So im going to buy the genesis season pass for my PS4, since i wont have my PC set up any time soon. however i have a few issues and questions i need to have sorted before i bother purchasing the dlc and installing it. firstly. when i went to check how much space was left in the console and how much space ark was taking up. something did not make sense. i have scorched, abb and extinction bought and installed along with the base game. i looked up how muhc each DLC and the game take up on the console and i compared it to how much it was taking up on my PS4. what baffled me was that there was li
  9. ok, so im going to try an explain this as simple as possible. from what i have been learning about coding in game assets. ones like the creatures in ark. stats and colour are characteristics. when the babies hatch from the eggs they seem to inherit their parents characteristics AKA stats and colours from its parents. the odds for what exactly it inherits from it parents may not be 50/50 for both parents but still. now assuming the eggs layed by the parents dont already have code which results in them inheriting the parents characteristics and we just cant see them. then WC would just have to c
  10. i have been learning a lot lately about asset characteristic inheriting when coding video games. from what i know, the babies inherit certain characteristics from their parents this would be their stats, colours and potentially gender, however gender is not a given as it may just be coded that there is a 50/50 chance the baby will be a male or female in the coding. but back to the point. im assuming and to me this would seem the more efficient and easy way. is for them to just code the eggs to inherit the characteristics of the parents. now this is assuming its not already done. eggs may alrea
  11. i was actually talking about this with a friend on discord. i assume they will change the code so layed eggs will be assigned actual characteristics like the babies when layed, instead of the baby being assinged the characteristics only after it has hatched
  12. so with the announcement of the new incubator coming in Gem P2 i am super hyped, its gonna make breeding so much easier, no more mass hatching eggs to hunt for mutations. since we will be able to see the colour and stat that the mutation will give then im going to assume we will also be able to view info like the eggs stats, region colours, level and gender. Now that we have an incubator it would be cool if we got some kind of way to automatically collect eggs. maybe have the incubator have different craft-able upgrades. like an upgrade that can further increase the incubation speed of the egg
  13. ummm, the image showing the new creature is a bit freaky, kind of unexpected from WC. to make an image like that. new brown undies affect monster incoming.
  14. i suggest playing unofficial server, great servers and much better than official ones. however im assuming the pillar issue was because you were playing on official.
  15. i've heard that the mining tool from gen is good at collecting element dust, but i have not seen heard or tried it myself. from what a friend claims. its the best way to gather element dust from the tables, chairs and what not on extinction.
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