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  1. adding both would be nice. but please please please dont make the carchar just another giga.
  2. so to clear up a bit of confusion. the Dinopithecus was not voted soley because MONKE!!!! it actually had alot of cool ideas behind it. gun wielding, climbing, different abilities for males and female, throwing explosives etc etc etc. however, a lot of people did make jokes saying they chose it simply because monke. this is ok. if someone decides to choose a creature because they like the creature itself then what's the issue with that? i supported both sides as i'm a big monkey fan as well as a large theropod fan. however i chose the dinopith over the carchar as it had more ideas behind it.
  3. what was the actual point of this post of yours. Or did you simply post this so you can be toxic?
  4. its nice to see fellow STA users who can actually communicate without being toxic. I understand your stance on WC. While i will admit that they are partially competent. they can't seem to take the most basic of actions to ensure the vote didn't spiral out of hand. it honestly seemed like they just went "here's a creature vote, send in your submissions and vote what you for what you want, we're off to sit back, relax and watch this whole thing burn while eating popcorn." they done very little to actually moderate or keep things fair. Its just this constant process of WC making screw ups that co
  5. So with the latches community crunch WC have confirmed they will be holding another creature vote later this year. now WC is known for repeating the same mistakes over and over again. They are incompetent and seem to be ignorant to their own mistakes. but holding another creature vote. after all the stuff that went down with the first one. This is a new level of idiocy for WC. if you've been living under a rock. Or have been lucky enough to not know what happened during the vote then here is a recap. call it a highlights if you will. The vote started off with a bang not long after beginni
  6. obviously you didn't see the full affects of this vote in the ark community. there were supporters of all the top ideas such as the dinopith and carchar who were attacking each other but also other ideas. smaller ones. not only that but they then took it further and attacked people on other platforms such as discord, twitter etc etc. this vote was toxic to everyone. it didn't matter whether they were supporting a winning submission or a loosing submission. just look at the nexus fans and their comments in that submission he went and promoted. same for LC when he done his videos on the acro. th
  7. so ig WC really did lie to us this time. it was confirmed that play as dino was coming. then it wasn't there. tho im not surprised. this is WC we're talking about. also regarding the whole primal survival thing being shelved. if this was the case. then why tf did they announce it in the first place.
  8. have you ever paid attention to the game itself. especially the explorer notes. if so you'd know how humans, animals and dinosaurs exist. this is like the silliest question an ark player could ask.
  9. while i do like aspects of this idea. that also poses its own complications. say for example some friends from America, Japan, Europe, China and Australia all wanted to play on a server together. due to the region lock they wouldn't be able to play together. unless im reading this wrong and you mean that this idea would be for official servers only. but even if that is still the case players from different regions still wouldn't be able to play with other friends in different regions.
  10. its a storage box. this has 500 hp. if structures can be damaged on the server. just dragon something like a shark over and get it to aggro onto the box. it should break in no time.
  11. he's making a joke about arks current state with stuff like lag. saying that if the series is going to be about ark. then it will mostly just consist of lag, bugs and glitches.
  12. you could try dragging something like a rex over. its a long shot but they might die to it.
  13. there was a story pre extinction. it just wasn't as fleshed out. it was still interesting. just not as fleshed out.
  14. its not exactly just bugs and issues that makes single player unbearable for the most part. its also the gameplay itself. im not complaining here nor am i saying i have issues with these. im just listing things that ik are issues for players (not all) that play single player 1. genesis part 1 missions, more specifically the gauntlet missions. 2. taming process for some creatures like the quetzal tbh these are the only ones that come to mind as of rn. but there are more. yes there are ways to deal with these things. but for the most part ark is a game that seems to focus on the onli
  15. have you ever taken the time to actually learn the story? granted you can learn more about the story by reading the wiki and watching vids about it than actually playing the game itself. but for the most part its super interesting and well crafted for the most part. tho at some points it does seem like they are making it up as they go along. you cant really judge a story till you have actually taken the time to learn about it and understand what it is.
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