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  1. because its a cool creature that fits the theme of this map really well.
  2. trikes are not arks cattle. how did you come to that conclusion?
  3. again it seems as tho your interpretation of cool creatures are combat based creatures. we have enough of that. we dont need another giga in the form of the carchar, we need a giga DLC. As much as i like the carchar its just another giga. again. if you dont like the bison then dont use it if its added to the game. there are over 100 freaking creatures in ark. you dont have to use every single one of them. we're getting the adrew which is combat focused, we're getting the dinopith which is also combat focused. we're getting the amarga which again is combat oriented. the only other utility creature we got is the sino. you can already bet the 3rd creature will end up being a combat oriented creature. so the bison would be a nice causal creature to have. the submission for the bison also gave it some combat use. the bison IS an interesting and unique creature idea. you people just dont like it because its not another gof tier combat mount that you can use to flatten your neighbors base. I'm not attacking anyone. they came here with the intention of malicious hate. you dont like something fine. but dont intentionally inflict hate on the submissions. you dont like something then dont vote for it. my argument is not crap. you just dont like it so in turn you call it crap.
  4. so what your saying is because its not some big op creature its gonna be boring and useless. ark is not based around extremely op creatures. why cant we just get a simply and unique creature. the milk production is a cool utility creature. this would be a great creature for a nomad style play through, if you dont like the creature then just dont use it. gas bags are actually more caterpillar like imo. enough like what? we have no cattle like creatures. if your referring to farm like creatures we only have 2 rn. ovis and equus. stop hating just for the sake of it. you dont like the creature then dont use it when if it comes to the game.
  5. if its gets s charge attack, then the charge attack could possible have a build up meter, if its at full charge it could damage stone. metal seems like a bit of a stretch. another thing i thought of is possibly resistance to bullets, so reduced damage.
  6. I really love this idea. Being a farmboy myself i'd love to see this creature added. Tho may i make a suggestion. when taming it. could it possibly be tamed by riding it (like the equus) but instead of feeding it food you have to feed it narcotics. this in turn makes it drowsy and eventually passes out. then you'd feed it its taming food. expanding on this, you could simply just ride it to tire it out, but using items such as narco berries, narcotics and biotoxin tires it out faster, meaning a faster taming process. its just an idea. but i think it'd be a really cool and fun way to tame the creature. As for abilities. Could its charge possibly be given the ability to break stone?
  7. whats wrong with not so well known creatures being added to ark, a large majority of arks real life creatures are not so well known. secondly this creature is not just a giga rival. its a siege beast.
  8. a lot of you dont seem to realize that being anti something does not make it better than that thing. it means that its aimed at countering the object its meant to counter. for example. anti air craft cannons are the counter to aircraft, however they are not unbeatable. they can be taken out by other things. this would be the case with titanoceratops. it can counter the giga by being immune to its bleed and taking reduced damage from it, it can also potentially do increased damage to the giga. these features would make it balanced in the way that it can contest with gigas while still being beatable by other creatures. i personally think the giga counter is a bit too niche. a better idea would be to just be a carnivore counter. but overall i really like the idea of this creature.
  9. on a side note, i've realized something. most of the new creatures that have been announced this year have been thr 3rd for its kind. the amarga was the 3rd sauropod, dinopithecus was our 3rd monkey and if titano gets in, it'll be our third ceratopsian.
  10. thats what i suggested in my post. it gets a saddle that gives it metal armor that allows it to break metal structures.
  11. the idea is you send hordes of kentros at gigas, due to its massive AOE it procs multiple kentros. since each kentro does thorns damage thats based on a percentage (10% of damage dealt i think) it can be devastating.
  12. Titanosaurus Wild Titanoceratops tend to live in groups of two to four. They have a tendency to attack any carnivorous creature that enters their territory. It is unknown why the Titanoceratops has taken to this approach. The most likely reason is that this ceratopsian has developed the behavior of attacking anything it perceives as a threat. When attacking a group of Titanoceratops will line up to form a wall of sorts and charge the enemy. during this charge they take severely reduced damage from any form of harm. Being hit by this charge stuns medium and large creatures, meanwhile small creatures will the thrown back immensely by this attack. Titanoceratops also deals more damage to carnivorous creatures while taking reduced damage from them. Domesticated Once domesticated Titanoceratops is an invaluable siege mount. Its buff from being around Carnivorous creatures makes it an ideal mount to use in combat where carnivores are ever prevalent. using multiple Titanoceratops will result in them using their wall charge. Forming a line and charging at the enemy. Titanoceratops also has the uncanny ability to instill its buff apon other ally herbivores by using a roar. Due to the sturdy structure of Titanoceratop's frill. It's capable of destroying stone with relative ease. Survivors are taken to constructing saddles that place reinforced metal plating apon TItanoceratops, especially around the frill and horns. This allows it to not only be able to charge through stone with more ease. but also Titanoceratops to break through metal structures. Abilities . When carnivorous creatures are nearby Titanoceratops deals increased damage and takes reduced damage . Multiple Titaniceratop's can be set to form a wall and charge at the enemy, this causes them to take reduced damage and attracts automatic defenses (turrets, creatures on sentry mode and plant species X) . Can use a roar to buff nearby ally herbivores, giving them increased damage and take reduced damage when carnivores are nearby . can use a charge that breaks stone, cripples medium and large creatures and knocks back small creatures. A fabricated armored saddle can be equipped to give the titano increased defense and thee ability to break metal. Here's a dossier description and abilities list i conjured up. hope you guys like it.
  13. kentros are basically living spiked walls, they are good counters to gigas. but they're more aimed at being a counter against high damage dealing melee attackers in general.
  14. your focusing on the negatives without thinking about the positives. this thing could be turned into a literal battering ram. the real life size doesn't really matter since ark's creature sizes have never been accurate. this thing has potential. its a cool creature and has great potential. if you wanna see some kind of idea for this creature read the post i made suggesting ideas for it.
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