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  1. yep just found out myself, what platform has it happened to you on?
  2. same on my server, i managed to forcetame 1 though, took a "fake" egg and jst spammed FORCETAME at the nest ,wyvern stays invis, cnt ride it, or see it or name, cryo it and it shows a raptor image... nice 1 wildcard
  3. with events can we get permanent event items we can unlock to use regardless of if the event is still active? so for instance you can no longer place gravestones/pumpkins/ ect after the event ends, similar to our perma skins we unlock allow us to perma unlock and use said items which can just be stored with our default survivor items/skins?
  4. facepalm these suggestions.. ok firstly.. why do ark players not read or listen ? asking for things like a trough range viewer or breedable griffins... they are asking for ideas for servers they can create using/adjusting ini game files.. that being ced.... #1 aberration server with flyers ( to test feedback from players as i believe aberration would be 1 of the most popular maps IF flyers was allowed ) #2 1 life server (not hardcore mode) server lasts 1-2 weeks, you literally get 1 life, only small tribes, you die you are kicked from server and CANNOT re join making space for the next player, even a lag out above water will mean you are done, players, dinos & structures will have a 24hr decay so people couldnt join then not log in and win, only the hardcore players will survive, at the end of the 2 weeks anyone left on server wins, (this would be a very experimental idea & would kinda make it a bit like a battle royal server) can call it a HARDCORE HARDCORE SERVER #3 a no flyer server - very simple but fun idea #4 2 tribe server meaning when you join you have to pick 1 of 2 tribes so it will always be 1 tribe vs 1 tribe, 2 tribes going to war ! ( not sure if this can be done using jst ini but basically you would need a timer period where you can remain a solo player but after 2-3 hrs you must have been added to 1 of the 2 tribes or you are kicked, it would also have to have something in place where anyone from a tribe can add someone else ) #5 no tame server - ( very experimental server ) #6 solo server #7 add foreign dinos to other maps, ab dinos on rag ect ect just like the pc private servers but on offi, just needs spawns adjusting * bonus = WILDCARD ! please give us the option on private pc hosted servers to lower the main sea lvl on rag,
  5. if you fall of a cliff irl you would probs die, and if you passed out in water irl you would probs die, thats the point of my idea, a hardcore hardcore server, it would only be a event, timed event for maybe 1-2 weeks, very fast decay and ya character auto dies if you dnt log in every 24 hrs
  6. how have you come to that conclusion ? do troodons climb walls ? do troodons have nests ? can troodons latch onto enemy dinos ? can you ride troodons ? the answer to these is no, so explain ya stupid comment pls
  7. its tuff dealing with us... we are so invested/addicted to the game you helped shape that we get a little crazy, you did good jen, good luck, oh heres a idea iv just had while writing this...... can we get a 1 LIFE SERVER ??? (*as a experiment) you only need 1 SERVER running, it would fill with 70 players, they all get 1 LIFE, then when they die the get kicked, event/server lasts 2 weeks, at the end the remaining players win... ideas for days, hit me up
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