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  1. on legacy we still have zombie wyverns from the first event you can't ride them though.
  2. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/477186-deinonychus-are-gone-from-valguero-and-raptor-bug/
  3. they are pve bosses, no base will be safe. from my experience with the dodowyvern, we never had them aggro on structures, but they will attack dinos. keep your dinos inside and maybe turn turrets off. we had the dodowyvern+adds spawn right next to our base several times, and they didn't destroy anything. they killed some dinos in our outside pen though, before we moved most of them away that night. I believe the dodowyvern spawns every third night at midnight or so, and it will play a sound and show a text when it happens. nights are longer during halloween, so you might be able to simply log out and let orp kick in before midnight to be completely safe - orp wasn't a thing back then and our small base had no defenses. it was partially made from wood, but we still only lost a few dinos that were placed outside. it can be different this time though!
  4. place mouse pointer over food in your inventory, put mouse in a place where it can't be moved by accident. stick a piece of paper between the keys to hold t down.
  5. can confirm, did the same with a event ice wyvern
  6. check out the dododex app, it will help with taming
  7. I'm pretty sure you can turn it on and off without the engram, but you can't use it, set pincodes or lock/unlock it.
  8. - you may find friends or foes when joining a tribe - if you struggle with taming dinos, build a trap and lure them in! - some dinos will allow you to use tools and weapons while being ridden. - baby dinos need to be hand-fed. they will eat from troughs as soon as they become juvenile - a tamed dino on "passive" will not react to anything - a tamed dino on "agressive" will attack everything in sight. - a tamed dino on "passive flee" will run for it's life and leave you to fend for yourself. etc.
  9. I had a few dinos that didn't eat after being in cryo. If you notice their food is depleting, force feed them above the food value they should have. it might take a few mins for the food bar to fall back to the point where it should be, but the dinos will start eating from the trough by then. at least that's what I did and worked for me.
  10. do you use ark smart breeder? if so, you can use the "export Dino" option on the menu wheel and Import the file to smart breeder. it will include the color zones. (you have to tell the software where the exported files are stored before you can do so)
  11. edit: the original topic has been merged with this one, so my answer makes no sense any more: are you using mods? https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/447942-babies-eating-way-more-after-last-update/
  12. I thought it's fanart friday? Isn't info about events supposed to be in the community crunch? do I need to check the Website twice a week now?
  13. don't worry, it probably just crashed, happens to legacy as well as "new" officials. the migration was done a few days ago already. is your server on the maintenance list? if not, report it and it will be taken care of. you can find the links here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/93249-currently-known-server-outages/
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