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  1. Maybe as exclusive SE engram, but can be added to regular or several bosses too.
  2. Weiss

    Add proper stone ramps

    We have wooden, adobe, metal and tek ramps. I habe no idea why stone ramps don't exist, but I really want them added - actual ramps, not the homestead stairs/roof combo.
  3. Weiss

    Favorite Small Dinos?

    Hard to decide, I like the cute jerboa look and they are important on SE. I really like featherlights - the design, the ability to tell max. dinos are around, as light source. They are beautiful. Dimorphs are awesome fighters as a flock. Easy tame, easy to breed, very useful especially in caves. Nice defense when you get pinned/stunned.
  4. Weiss

    Base overrun by bred Rex's

    If you're on pve, please don't let them wander on agressive like suggested, especially not during the event. They might eat other people's knocked out dinos, and there's no way to stop them. I'd put grey saddles on them, throw in a tamed yuti and do gamma ape or brood. If you play on SE, build a trap, place the rexes inside an lure wyverns to them by stealing eggs. This way you might get good eggs or eggs for kibble, and talons for the manticore fight.
  5. Weiss

    Lost Character and Tames

    You need to properly report it and hope for the best - klick on that huge orange banner on top of the page
  6. Weiss

    gacha [Help] Collect Gacha crystals.

    You can use a whip to pick them up easier too.
  7. Weiss

    Stolen cryopods

    If you're on SE, thunderstorms will prevent cryopods from working. That's the only thing I can think of.
  8. Weiss

    New dinos be cool to have 3 headed dragon..

    That is King Ghidorah...
  9. Weiss

    Rock Drake egg kibble broken?

    You even needed them for imprints
  10. Weiss

    color mutations Unicorn

    If you can't change a color zone, then it can't get a color mutation or event colors either.
  11. My tribemate just whistled "follow all" in our base for the fourth time since the homestead update... Because his keybindings keep resetting. There's actually two problems - all his keybindings keep resetting to default every time he starts the game, no matter how often he unbinds them.This has been a problem a while ago, was then fixed, and now it's back. The second problem, which I have too, is that the keys to control the volume now have whistle commands bound to them. My tribemate has "follow all" on one of them, and when I try to change the volume via keyboard it does a whistle too, but I don't know which one (I suspect "land flyer" as nothing happens when I press it, only the sound playing). These keys reset every time we start the game. They are not shown in the options. We're on pc, win7, my tribemate plays in german if that matters. We don't have any fancy Software for our keyboards installed. Any ideas how to stop this?
  12. Weiss

    German server marked as NA ?

    @lilpanda should be able to answer the question.
  13. We have a trough full of stone for our rock elemental, plant y seeds for the jerboas, and sulfur for the phoenixes. We used to have a trough of chitin/keratin for archas. Keratin goes in the trough too.
  14. Weiss

    I learned something new in ark today...

    No  i joined around the release of SE. They couldn’t walk at all? Looks like I learned two new thing today too Bleh, walk of course - but you know I meant that, I guess.. I hope although the griffin CAN do that, it just looks awful.
  15. Weiss

    I learned something new in ark today...

    The owl, griffin and wyvern can the tapejara does a half-assed job, but at least you can place them somewhat accurate if you fly backwards before landing.