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  1. WC already said even on pve its not against The rules to build in there as long as its not a Mission Area Karkinos are useless anyway same as Roll Rats Magma is all u need
  2. There is 3 caves in total in Luna and one is a Mission area where nobody can build so stop crying just because u aint knowing where to find em
  3. There is 3 Lunar Caves where u can tame Karkinos And other Abb Dinos i doubt they have Rexes in all 3 of them
  4. Why u crying there is 3 caves in Lunar and 1 is a Mission zone where nobody can build
  5. Pros: Chibis, Event Coloured Dino Spawn, Event Rates Cons: Chibi drop Rate could have been a bit Better, Raptor Presents in Abb Surface landing behind Map Barricade, too much toxic players, Coal not transferable
  6. I have all Chibis Ced Official PVE Aberration Server 611 PS4
  7. Cant get those Colors on unbreedables and I personally collect event Reaper so its not getting old at all.
  8. Random colored Dinos is all i'm hyped about
  9. Lol missed them Dates again on evolution event did somebody just copy and paste
  10. It would be nice if you add the Breeding of Griffins like in Ark Mobile and I also would like breeding Mantis
  11. You need to Read the Specific Patch Notes increase will come with update today
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