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  1. I'm pretty sure you can turn it on and off without the engram, but you can't use it, set pincodes or lock/unlock it.
  2. I thought it's fanart friday? Isn't info about events supposed to be in the community crunch? do I need to check the Website twice a week now?
  3. If you see this on an official server take a screenshot and report them. Most people sell/trade for ingame stuff though.
  4. Our enforcers will teleport through our walls when they are on follow. If they had one with them, maybe it's possible they used one to transport the stuff outside?
  5. Tribe / alliance / public Sounds good *bump*
  6. This would be so useful, atm we paint the floors or place fence foundations to mark the "death zone" outside of the trough's range.
  7. I would like 4x4 and 3x3, but another big one like you suggested would be nice too.
  8. I don't care if pvp servers are wiped, but I don't want my pve servers wiped.
  9. Cyan, blue, magenta, yellow, light green and a brownish-grey have been used for the last Easter event. Magenta and shades of red for Vday Shades of red, green and blue, black-white, purple were part of the extinction chronicles. Shades of red, green and white for christmas. Orange was used in the first color event, halloween, but they only were available on cave creatures that spawned in the overworld, and last year's halloween overlapped with the extinction chronicles. So maybe this year we'll get those colors again.
  10. Did you fix the unreacheable loot chests inside ruins of nosti too? That's more important than removing a gate that can be bypassed by cryos anyway.
  11. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Dedicated_Storage According to the wiki you need ammonite bile to craft the dedicated storage? How to access it on SE/extinction/abberation? Ammonites don't seem to spawn there. If so, can you please provide an alternative material so the storage can be crafted on all maps? Edit: what did I miss that I earned a "facepalm" @ilias I can't learn from mistakes if you don't tell me what's wrong.
  12. Without having played the beta yet, these things I want to comment on: I like that prime fish meat isn't needed in any of the recepies. Can the cooked prime meat please be replaced with prime meat jerky? Seems pointless to make it now, and I really like that jerky doesn't spoil as quick. If cooked prime meat stays as kibble ingredient, I'd like to see prime jerky added as imprint "kibble". Will all dinos ask for extraordinary kibble for imprints on all maps? If yes, I can see myself replacing all the egg layers I don't need any more with snakes, so we will still have the sa
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