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  1. don't worry, it probably just crashed, happens to legacy as well as "new" officials. the migration was done a few days ago already. is your server on the maintenance list? if not, report it and it will be taken care of. you can find the links here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/93249-currently-known-server-outages/
  2. yup, the tek genny is not affected at all by thunderstorms. you can't use some other things though, cryopods can't be thrown for example, as long as the storm is active.
  3. I'm still on legacy, have always been happy with this decision. I know the servers won't stay forever, but the new servers won't stay forever either, and more important; I won't stick to the same game forever. why did I stay on legacy pve? - our friends and allies stayed - We didn't want to start over. already had nice tames, tek engrams etc. - we didn't get proper support ever anyway - hardly anything is pillared - I will have a savegame at some point (actually looking forward to this atm as I want to take a break from ARK) what bothers me most is that everything takes so long. there's no fun in watching baby dinos for hours of rl time. reduced food consumption and increased breeding rates is what I would enjoy, also dino decay of at least 2 weeks.
  4. we used to kill it with 15khp 400+ dmg random wyverns, all using their bite attack, so I think you'll be fine
  5. we did our first alpha bosses with tamed yutis, the high lvl ones we didn't want to breed. about 15+ hp and the rest in stamina (at least 1k). they had grey saddles. our rexes base (!) stats were about 12k hp, 2k stamina and 450 dmg, 70 armor saddles. Monkey went ok with 4 or 5 lost rexes, spider was a very close call, we lost almost all tames and didn't do it again. manticore on SE (with wyverns instead of rexes) was so-so, depending on where the golems spawned and how much we had to move. the yutis stamina was a problem here. didn't try dragon on island or ragnarok. the first bred yuti generations went in with 25-30k hp, rest in stamina (2k+). the speed through imprint is useful. around 70 armor saddles. the rexes had about 25k hp, 2k stamina, 500 dmg base stats, 70-80 armor saddles. no big problem at any boss fight. didn't do dragon on island though. You don't need better yutis for any Boss, but better stats make it more convenient. by now we use 40k hp, 5k stamina, 450 dmg and rest in speed. 100+ armor saddles. the speed is especially useful and fun for manticore which we do most, and the ragnarok arena. dmg helps a bit with adds but is not neccessary. these yutis are almost unkillable. I put many points in speed because I don't need the other stats pushed further and speed is the most fun we have high end rexes with these yutis ofc. if you have a good saddle and good boss fighters you really can take any 130+ kibble tamed yuti, they are not supposed to take hits or deliver dmg anyway. just watch your stamina and don't sprint unneccessarily. I think I even tamed ours with mutton... if your boss dinos are so-so I wouldn't try without an imprinted yuti. we have never used a daedon in any boss fight, only to heal in between.
  6. never had this happen (my dinos are all named m/f). I only had cryopods say "Male f thylacoleo" but when thrown they had the correct gender.
  7. does the other char have the tekgram unlocked? might make a difference.
  8. when you open the tribe log, does it show how many tames you have? have your tames been outside or enclosed? it it possible they were set to neutral and someone kited them far far away? there are several ways to get killed without the log telling you who did it. was your body locked up in the base? if you log out it's safer to kill yourself, so no one can drag you. you are risking being imprisoned by another tribe.
  9. bye jen, take care! best wishes for your future!
  10. I'm on PC official, teleported several large groups of dinos around during the last 4 days, all of them arrived properly on the teleporter pad. so no problems here.
  11. the best solution is to only log out naked. put everything in a box next to your bed so you have easy and quick access to your stuff. you can even kill yourself before going offline to prevent being dragged away and locked up by other players. there is always a chance that wild dinos walk though your walls or even spawn inside. there was a bug where you'd fall from the sky on login, and sometimes though the mesh, and your inventory was inaccessible (hasn't happened to my tribe for a long time now though). better safe than sorry - never keep important stuff on you when you log out or go afk.
  12. sadly no, you need a tek replicator.
  13. Weiss

    Auto Move

    I usually stick a piece of paper between the keys to hold them down
  14. my tribemate and I having the same problem, I made a thread a while ago, found no solution. Sometimes they reset after every restart, sometimes after patches. i'm on steam if that matters.
  15. no, this is the mobile forum: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20904-ark-mobile/
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