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  1. Griffin (peter) and black pearls

    I have no experience, but did you try killing them by hand, dragging them to shore and then harvest with the griffin?
  2. I really had to get used to in the beginning. But now I see no problem, it's not interfering with my breeding and I would not want to feed more than 500 dinos anyway. Most of them are egg layers, so I'm really looking forward to this kibble rework to reduce the number of my dinos even further.
  3. phoenix map transfer

    There is a phoenix on our legacy island server, it was transfered this week on tuesday (I asked the owner) pc
  4. Preserving salt in preserving bin

    PC, official legacy pve, the island. Never had issues and tested it when I saw this thread. Last time I remember putting salt inside was the version before the otter was released. Then tried again today.
  5. Preserving salt in preserving bin

    Tested today, we can put salt inside.
  6. I see the same in a cave at the canyon. It stretches far enough to "hide" 3 wyverns. My two tribemates see the same. We also see some greyish "concrete wall" in the cave and along the walls. No idea what to do either, but you're not alone
  7. Phoenix are STILL BUGGED

    Someone on my server found a lvl 30 phoenix stuck in the ground between rocks when there was no heatwave. He went to his base to grab stuff to tame it, came back and it was gone. No idea if it respawned in the rocks again, there was no heatwave for at least 5 h and I had to go to bed.
  8. How does Auto Decay work?

    Not replace, just log in and make sure everything is within render distance to reset the timers.
  9. Swamp cave

    I have good experience with dimorphs or vultures in addition to whatever you're riding. throw them and whistle to attack the arthus. Flame arrows work good too.
  10. How does Auto Decay work?

    "Demolish allowed" will be visible when someone is in render distance of a sructure while the timer runs out. If no one is in render distance when the timer runs out everything will "auto decay" as soon as someone renders the structure. Animals that are not rendered when the timer runs out will be deleted, if someone is near they can be claimed. If you see "demolish allowed", leave the render distance and come back, everything will decay/be deleted. You can often see the parts breaking and falling in that case.
  11. How does Auto Decay work?

    Well that's new to me. OP stated he placed a single foundation so the 12h rule should apply. I never heard of/experienced thatch stuff auto-decay as quick as you say. I didn't read the patch notes though, so idk if it is intended by wc for some reason.
  12. How does Auto Decay work?

    Lone foundations and pillars will decay after 12 hours. Be sure to snap two foundations if you want them to last. Usual timers are, if I rember correctly, 4 days for thatch and glass, 8 for wood and adobe, 12 for stone and even longer (15?) for metal and storage boxes.
  13. Similar thing happened to me too. Wanted to reset a base, and when I arrived the adobe parts vanished, leaving bags from the boxes on top of them behind...
  14. The-PVE-EU-OfficialServer89 Still OFFLINE

    Why doesn't wc respond to all these servers that are missing?