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  1. The point of playing ark

    It entertains me.
  2. Ew ew ew Not sure if it's already listed, I can't access our allies industrial cooker even though it's unlocked. I can only turn it on and off. (just like any non-tribe locked grill/cooker/forge etc.) Allies unlocked grill works fine. Unlocked+pin coded transmitter also only gives me the turn on/off option. Locking it and keeping the code allows me to access it. Edit: 62. Dino claiming is patched
  3. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    Wohoo, nice christmas gift, wiping the servers I play on every day. But on the other hand, having raptor claus drop bombs instead of presents would be pretty cool...
  4. Because our allies, who are usually on SE, have some dinos in our island base and it would save them time if I could tell them when to reset. Yes they can slap two foundations in our base, but I'd prefer to not have random structures around. If that timer would show up briefly when pressing H, like the follow distance does, that would be nice.
  5. Hmmmm... Would it be possible to show a "auto-destroy-in" timer?
  6. Dino decay timers?

    Yes, ty. I thought all the timers were gone, I just logged in and saw structure timers are still around.
  7. Dino decay timers?

    I'd like the timer to stay We remind our allies that they need to reset the dinos in our base.
  8. Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    When have the saves been taken? Will there be another "save point" later in for every server? I will keep playing on legacy until the very end, but it would suck when in three monts all I have is the save from now.
  9. Refertilizer not working for some Trees?

    Try standing with your back or side to the spot you want something to regrow at. Sometimes it'll work.
  10. Phoenix Troubles

    My tribemate and I have been hunting phoenixes a lot, and I think they spawn similar to how DWs do. When we hunt for DWs we usually walk over their spawn points, and most of the time there's none. On the way back they are all in their usual spot. We found at least 3 phoenixes when we flew over an area for the second time. One time I flew straight out into the desert, and back the exact same way into a phoenix. The other two times my tribemate crossed the path I was taking before and found one.
  11. 2X?

    I have to shut up, can't tell you
  12. 2X?

    You LOL a lot
  13. Even if they don't change anything, at least next time I can't place spikes and am far away from the base, I'll think of what @Midnight_ said, and the other positive things everyone mentioned about orp. I'll still curse orp when someone is blocking the obi though