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  1. Weiss

    Animal Brush

    I do like the idea of a brush that gives adults a little buff. Maybe for imprinting, you could hold the item while doing your regular imprints, and it would give a small bonus % instead of running there every few hours. This combined with the kangaroo puch would be amazing for small-medium animals, and still help a lot with large creatures.
  2. Weiss

    Light theme, any news?

    I agree with everything @IanHighlander said. I'm reading this forum on my mobile phone only, and it really hurts my eyes, especially if people use a bold font. I can't read those lines. The white text "burns" into my eyes and keeps reappearing when I blink. When the design was changed, several people complained about it hurting their eyes, but I can't find that topic. I really, really hope for the light theme to be back soon. I have to look somewhere else for a few seconds every time I read or write something, so I don't get a headache.
  3. I'm not 100% sure, if you're on a server that isn't on the kill list I'd rather not risk transfering them to a server that is going to be deleted. If your nostalgic tames are old; from before last wipe, better check the save files that are already available. There are save files from different dates in the list. Maybe they are already safe.
  4. Is there a difference in xp gained from killing babies that just hatched and are still unclaimed, and babies that just hatched and have been claimed? I'm on pve do I can't test, we can only kill our own dinos, not "foreign tribe" ones. So on pve we can't put boss rexes on agressive and wander to auto-level them, like someone mentioned here (sorry, at work atm, no time to look up who it was).
  5. Weiss

    Do you force weed wyvern milk?

    Force feeding milk is no different than force feeding narcos. If the wyvern won't eat by itself, force feed it before the milk spoils and is wasted.
  6. Weiss

    Event this weekend?

    Yes, scroll down, someone has asked the same question already. Other than that, evo events are announced in every community crunch, make sure to read them to stay up to date.
  7. Since everyone is going off-topic here; Why is it that every time someone asks a question about legacy servers, people come in and bash on that player, instead of either answering the questions or ignoring the topic because it's not their concern? If you don't have anything helpful to say, just leave this thread now, and don't waste your time discussing it. Unless you enjoy beating a dead Horse. Legacy players have decided to play legacy and are well aware of the pros and cons. I play legacy, I'm happy here = not a waste of time. I don't go around commenting on threads that complain about pillaring and tame cap, and tell people to join legacy servers because that's not such a big issue here. Q: When do I have to transfer my dinos and to which server, so I can download a savefile in which they will be stored? A: the saves have usually been taken on the day of the announcement, but last time, if I remember correctly, there was a second save available from the day just before the wipe. There are also saves from servers that have not been deleted yet, your dinos might already be safe somewhere. If your server is on the kill list, and you want to move, do it immediately. The save will contain your stuff (unless WC messes something up).
  8. @ThzNutz Mmmh... But to get fert eggs you have to have a breeding pair. If you buy it you have to go into the wild and farm mats to pay. If you tame them yourself you have to to go into the wild and work on getting the kibble, tranq arrows/darts, a weapon, maybe a trap, find the animal, finish the tame, bring it safely back home. Ofc as soon as you have nice parents it's easy to make eggs. But as soon as you have any nice tame it's easy to collect mats and explorer notes too. I never power leveled any char (or tame), so idk how efficient the different methods are. It would definately feel "more natural" if babies gave less xp than adults. That's why there's a smiley at the end of the sentence.
  9. I'd rather keep it like this, because 1. Low level wyvern eggs can at least help you to tame troodon and are not completely useless. That probably wouldn't work any more. 2. For leveling when you have a reaper inside of you. If you take the time to collect that many eggs, or sacrifice many tame slots just for leveling, isn't that already a big enough drawback to compensate for the quick xp? And and least you get something if you baby doesn't hatch like you wished^^ It's equally safe to sit around and let the grinder do it's work, isn't it?
  10. Tbh, I klicked on this topic because it was written in all caps with three "!!!" and it made me want to shout back. So maybe this is "why everyone is kicking up a big stink". I read the community crunch every week, because I have interest in additional info on things I like. I still think WCs communication could be better (why is there no link to the latest crunch in the main menu?). "A lot of gamers" are actually adults with jobs and families and don't sit at their pc/console 24/7. Still, I'm happy for the mindwipe, I have a little more weight now.
  11. Weiss

    Methods of Farming Spino Sails?

    Don't farm the sails on other servers like suggested, they can't be transfered between maps. I usually walk up and down the river at redwood, kill all fish and other animals that are around. It will take a while
  12. Didn't he just ask if it would be possible to allow non-transfereable items from his soon to be deleted legacy server to another legacy server? Where did the talk about starting fresh on new servers come from?
  13. Yes, everyone on pc got a forced mindwipe. It's in the patch notes and was announced in the community crunch.
  14. Can you please add the info regarding the great migration to the main menu?
  15. Weiss

    Migrating to Scorched.

    A similar question has been asked here: