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  • What Are Sponsored Mods?

    ARK Nucleus

    ARK Nucleus is less about adding new content to ARK and more about making the content from your favorite mods more user friendly.
    You'll find features for mods such as searchable registries of creatures and items, additional localization tools, and custom server UI support to add that extra splash of personality for your personal server.

    ARK Genomes - Extinction Evolved

    ARK Genomes brings forth a significant overhaul. Complete with challenges, a new tiered improvement system for creatures, and it's own story flow. Take on difficult challenges to fight off the corruption of element, gain new rewards and raise your tames through multiple stages of genetic evolution!


    Alemia is a map project that reworks many aspects of the game to take the player on a challenging survival adventure without any trace of technology. You'll find new structures and mechanics for crafting, exploration, taming and harvesting. And if that's not enough for you, there are many dungeons hiding underground... Alemia awaits.

    Cosplay Evolved

    Cosplay Evolved lets you get even more creative with your characters. Beyond being able to adjust character proportions to even more significant degrees and further colors and complexions, currently the mod host 158 "Parts" that can be used to make your character fantastically unique. Wings, claws, fins, entirely new heads, multiple heads... this mod lets you get creative with coordinated positioning, rotation, scale, and colors of all of the parts. Some parts even act as functional components, such as claws that let you climb walls, wings that let you fly or eyes that give you a predator vision.
    All of the customizations of this mod are also saved uniquely for your character, separate from any equipment, and there are even more parts are in development!
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