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  1. TravisMichael

    Constantly free falling on the ground since recent update

    Open up your command line and type in the word "Fly" then hit the jump button. You'll lift into the air. Move forward a bit, then open the command line again and type in 'Walk' and you'll drop back to the ground. Another thing you could do, instead of typing in the 'Walk' command, is, if a tame is nearby, mount it,,then dismount, you'll be walking again.
  2. The first time I spawned in on the Island. I was so amazed and in awe of the game, I get nostalgic just thinking about it. My spawn point was the Footpaw in the southern islets. I made my way to that stretch of field that overlooks the swamp and the Redwoods. Built my first 6x6 thatch hut there. I went out to hunt for my first tame when I came across a big, bright red Carno. I didn't know about Alphas at the time, so I thought 'go big or go home.' And I went home, because the Carno killed me in one nip. Few hours later, I was gathering resources for a smithy and forge, when I started getting the messages "Your thatch wall was destroyed by an Alpha Carno." I raced home to find my nemesis obliterating my hut. I tried to fend him off, but again, ended up his breakfast. That death forced me to spawn in the Western Approach, where I found a nice cliff overlooking the end of the bay. There I settled for a large part of the game. Now, for some reason, when I get home I want to jump back into my Island game and visit my old base and the tames I haven't seen since I left for Ragnarok.
  3. TravisMichael

    Constantly free falling on the ground since recent update

    If you are on Singleplayer or an Admin on your server, just do the 'Fly' command when you get stuck. I know it's annoying, but it's a workaround till Wildcard gets their poop together and fixes it.
  4. TravisMichael

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    Well I've farmed the Ragnarok boss fight fight several times (on all difficulties) since I made that video I posted. I have never lost a Rex and the Manticore lands quite often.
  5. While I like the idea, I think the map name of 'Frozen Earth' is terrible. You should go for a more colorful name. Some suggestions I came up with are: Frostbite Icebound Snowbound Icefall Polar Vortex Glacial Ice Age Blizzard Arctic Blast
  6. TravisMichael

    Still Getting Stuck on Foundations

    No, that fix was only for the PC version.
  7. TravisMichael

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    I did Gamma Ragnarok boss fight not too long ago and I didn't hav much trouble with the Manticore. I'll post a link to a vid of it below in case you want to see it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=990975610395&id=62400633
  8. TravisMichael

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    People on console are getting stuck on Foundations also!!!!
  9. TravisMichael

    -Added Whistle Land Flyer command

    No, that's not it.
  10. TravisMichael


    Your best bet now to find the Admin of your server and ask them to spaw in th dinos you need. Seeing as to how it's PVE they probably won't mind.
  11. TravisMichael

    Will they ever fix the Nintendo Switch version?

    Don't get your hopes up. I read an interview online by the devs from that company and this is something he said in the interview. ""Maybe the controls aren't quite right yet. Perhaps we've just mapped a mouse pointer to the analogue stick in a console port of a point-and-click PC game. You can still play the game and still complete it, but it's probably going to be horrible. That's a straightforward port. And I kid you not, there are companies out there that have done ports like that and released it. We obviously don't do that." He says they won't make an incomplete game, but they clearly did. Here's the full interview if you want to read it. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-03-21-how-they-got-ark-survival-evolved-working-on-switch
  12. TravisMichael


    Just cut your losses and spawn in more Rexes. GMSummon "Rex_Character_BP_C" <Insert Desired Level> And to replace saddles: GFI RexSaddle <Quantity> <Quality> 0 That is really your best option. I know it may seem a bit cheaty, but, look at it this way, you got those first set of Rexes legit and the game screwed you over. By spawning in those dinos/materials, you're simply replacing something the game stole from you. Or you could waist time looking for help from the devs who can't be bothered to help you. PS. Next time save your game BEFORE you enter the boss arena. That way if it xpcrashes again, when it restarts it should start you back at the most recent save, which would be before the time you lost all your dinos.
  13. TravisMichael

    XboxOne Extinction dlc not registering as installed

    The DLC is downloaded to your console but not installed in the game itself. The solution is a very easy fix. -Go the Xbox Dashboard and select Ark. Do NOT launch the game. -Go to the information section of the game. Select the Add-Ons tab. Open it. -Doing that will show you all the available DLC for the game, maps included. Find Extinction and select it. It should give you the option to download/install. Click that button. -The install should take only a few seconds. -Once done, return to the dashboard and launch Ark. You should be able to play Extinction now.
  14. TravisMichael

    Will they ever fix the Nintendo Switch version?

    Abstraction Games, the same studio that ported Ark to the PS4.
  15. You guys gonna address/fix the new glitch that console players are experiencing after the latest patch? Players are getting trapped in foundations and rocks.