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  1. I didn't know you were an expert at ark engineering.
  2. I said those Arks were PLACEHOLDER Images you moron. They may be the same/similar image but they're not supposed to actually be the Island Ark. Why would WC go the trouble of making an image for a new Ark that the player doesn't visit? We see Aberration and Scorched because we visit them, so they were showing the player the other levels And no the survivors are not homo deus clones. Did you even read the explorer notes? Helena is from 2008. Rockwell and Me Yin are much older than that. They are clones of humans from the past.
  3. Suddenly you know how much it costs to create Arks? The Arks were made for the humans to grow, survive and evolve in strength. Once they had finished with one Ark they would Ascend to the next Ark where they would be tested anew. So, what would be the point of having them learn and grow on the Island then send off to another copy of the place they just were. Each of the Arks were supposed to be a unique and different Ark. So, you saying 'Oh, it's cheaper to build two of the same Arks." Is the STUPIDEST of answers you could have come up with.
  4. Pretty sure those are just placeholder images. Wildcard probably just used the image of the Island Ark instead of designing a new Ark that we'll never actually get to see.
  5. Another theory I've seen being tossed around on the net is that this doesn't take place after Extinction, but BEFORE the Arks themselves were launched. The term decoded is "Genesis" which means "Beginnings" so what if the map we get is like the 'first ark' or a prototype ark. Or perhaps the facility where the Arks were constructed. We could get answers on how it all started!
  6. Prove that. I've seen nothing in the established lore that there are multiple Island Arks.
  7. Unless, of course, this doesn't take place AFTER events of Extinction. It could take place counter to it. So at the end if the game, we could see the Arks returning to Earth, signifying that elsewhere, someone had just beaten the King Titan. It could be one of those things where we find out that while one thing was happening in one place (The survivor fighting the king Titan) another related series of events (this new map) was happening elsewhere.
  8. If the Arks descended down directly from where they were orbiting, then the Aberration ark would be close to where the Island Ark was at. If you remember, when you entered the Island's Overseer arena and looked out through the glass, you could clearly see Aberration floating close to the Island Ark. And in the Extinction cut-scene the Island Ark touched down close to where the survivor was after beating the King Titan.
  9. Technically humans aren't extinct. They're living on the Arks. The survivors on the stations aren't homo deus, but cloned versions of regular humans. The Arks returning to Earth at the end was basically humanity returning to Earth
  10. What if it isn't an Ark, but a space-station where the surviving Ark builders have been living? I think there was more in orbit of Earth than just the Arks. On Extinction, survivors received the Orbital Supply Drops. Where did they come from? Who sent them? I think this will be a new map, but not an Ark, a giant space station.
  11. It would be cool if the Olympus map became official. Maybe even give it its own exclusive creature, like a Minotaur or a Pegasus.
  12. Considering the game is still broken that's clearly all they're capable of doing. And it took a MODDER to find a worthy fix for the meshing problem. So this development team is so focused on new content they can't be bothered to work out the stuff they've already got out.
  13. They need a reason to fix their game? How about SALES. Yeah, Ark had been out for a while, so does that mean they can just sit back and coast on it? No word of mouth is big in the video game industry. If people were on the fence about buying Ark and came to this site or others like it and read about all the bugs and glitches that hamper the game. But no, forget optimizing the game and making sure it works. New stuff. Let's give new skins and Dino colors. Let the game crash, lose characters, progress and all that, people won't care as long as they get that rad new Dino color.
  14. Most of those games don't continue to release new content. They don't ignore the problems with their game and try to distract us with fancy new stuff.
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