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  1. It would be cool if the Olympus map became official. Maybe even give it its own exclusive creature, like a Minotaur or a Pegasus.
  2. Considering the game is still broken that's clearly all they're capable of doing. And it took a MODDER to find a worthy fix for the meshing problem. So this development team is so focused on new content they can't be bothered to work out the stuff they've already got out.
  3. They need a reason to fix their game? How about SALES. Yeah, Ark had been out for a while, so does that mean they can just sit back and coast on it? No word of mouth is big in the video game industry. If people were on the fence about buying Ark and came to this site or others like it and read about all the bugs and glitches that hamper the game. But no, forget optimizing the game and making sure it works. New stuff. Let's give new skins and Dino colors. Let the game crash, lose characters, progress and all that, people won't care as long as they get that rad new Dino color.
  4. Most of those games don't continue to release new content. They don't ignore the problems with their game and try to distract us with fancy new stuff.
  5. It never ceases to amaze me that this game which we PAID for has so many bugs and glitches the devs choose to ignore. Oh, but no, give us crappy free stuff instead of fixing the game.
  6. Read the room Wildcard. We don't want new stuff that's only temporary. We want you give permanent fixes for the current problems plaguing the game.
  7. I always thought some of the Aberration creatures were regular Ark creatures mutated by the radiation on Aberration. (Reaper Kings are mutated Rexes, Ravagers are mutated Hyeanodons, etc etc) So I assumed that, because the Deion and the Rock Drake look similar, and have similar climbing abilities, that a rock drake was a mutated deion, so that's why it isn't on the map.
  8. Some YouTube channels are sweating up and down that at E3 Wildcard will unveil Crystal Isles as an official map to kick off a new Season Pass. Apparently this Dino will be exclusive to that map like the Griffin is to Ragnarok. I don't get my hopes up too much for that blessing though.
  9. I hope it's not just a "raptor skin" like they gave us during the Arkaeology event.
  10. Instead of trying to 'Thanos Snap' the mesh problem, you should 'John Wick' the mesh problem.
  11. Every time Wildcard updates Ark to fix something, another part of the game glitches out. Let's put our guesses here, what part of the game will this update mess up.
  12. No it hasn't been patched. Not for console anyway. Just scroll through the Bug and Error reports section on here and you see players still reporting losing characters after fighting either Overseer, Rockwell and King Titan.
  13. You guys plan on ever fixing the console glitch that deletes characters when a player beats Overseer, Rockwell and King Titan?
  14. Did you actually click on it in the Add-Ons section or just look at the description. If not click on it, and on the next screen click the 'Install' button
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