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  1. Annnnd ALL of my settings are reset......gg Wildcard....you pathetic morons! Everyone press F.....as in raptor these guys!
  2. Why am I downloading 20.3GB when I do not see a new patch listed in your release notes? Is this Genesis!? DILO Wildcard.....I REFUSE to get you another raptoring dime until you fix the core game and now I have to download content I DIDN'T EVEN WANT!?!?! When is someone gonna class-action these fools?! They need a reckoning! raptoring morons!
  3. You speak from a position of ignorance.....EVERY Ark release has had serious bugs! They still have 3 year old bugs in the core game mechanics!
  4. Wildcard expects us to pay MORE money for a DLC when I have lost TWO Managarmrs THIS week due to a "hey...lets just take off and fly the raptor away" bug. Wildcard is the most clueless game studio that has ever lived. I did not purchase Atlas because Ark at its core was still broken and STILL IS! raptor you Wildcard and after 4000+ hours in this piece of poop game I AM DONE...GO AHEAD AND BAN ME!!!!
  5. Oooor how about WC release that DX11 Optimizations they promised over TWO YEARS AGO?!?!
  6. Well, I made the mistake of stopping my server and updating one of the mods that was out of date...now my server just sits there after primal game data loads and doesn't go any further. Plus, I see my saved ark files skyrocket in size over the past day. I really wish Wildcard would have their act together after all this time. I feel like I have wasted 4000+ hours hoping and waiting for the countless bugs to get resolved in this game. I am tired of waiting! With Genesis being delayed it's only a matter of time before the Ark community moves on to other games that are coming out (have you seen all the great games coming out this Season Wildcard?). R.I.P. Ark...in concept you were amazing but unfortunately Wildcard execution will go down in the record books as an epic blunder! Good riddance!
  7. LOL same on my server! Those look like ants!
  8. My cluster server had the opposite problem on Valguero...in the ICE Wyvern trench there were an epic amount of Fire and Zombie Wyverns....just another Wildcard release riddled with bugs!
  9. Soooo....Fire Wyverns spawning in "The Great Trench" (AKA Ice Wyvern Trench on Valguero).....I guess you missed that test case while testing this release?
  10. Yay! Fear Evolved has finally returned! I can't wait to play! Genesis = meh and the delay was expected because that's what Wildcard does haha
  11. Fool me once (original Ark season pass). I think I'll skip this one! How about they fix the core game first?!?!
  12. So, what is this....like the 8th event and Wildcard STILL cannot provide the dedicated server parameter to run this event?!? FFS Studio Wildcard gets an F- when it comes to communicating! Sheesh!
  13. Nice! Have fun in Valguero! I'm really liking it thus far!
  14. All I did was click + to create a new profile. Then I changed the server name to differentiate from the others in the cluster. I then used the sync (whatever button that copies ALL the settings from another profile over) and saved. I then forced an update and after that completed changed the mapname Valguero_P and saved it a second time. Then launched the server...its been running for 2 days now.
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