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  1. It might work if there was a wall that would kill you when you meshed under the world, or like a turret that would shoot you if you meshed
  2. Sorry to not say this sooner, but have you heard of Blender? It's a free animation software that has the same core things that companies like Pixar are using. Was wondering if I could have permission to use it to create a movie for the ARK community. WIldcard would get lots of credit and attention, and so would ARK in general. If I had permission I could make this movie showing how cool ARK is. Anyway, when is Primal Survival coming? And when is ARK console going to get something that isn't hand-me-down from PC?
  3. 1: When will OG events comeback, like the Dodorex. 2: We don't need a new DLC every year. Why not more TLC's, even if you focus on one dinosaur each time, and maybe you could actually show us how we get to abberation by finishing Scorched Earth. 3: Please listen to the community! I'm seeing so many questions being asked, like, when will you fix undermeshing, when will you fix this or that. 4: CONSOLES! The reason pc players call us peasants is because of the fact we don't have access to the awesome things the community can create. Just by making this structures plus update, we are one step closer to making a workshop for mods like in Steam. That's all I have, except one thing for the community devs. I'm not saying to post new things daily, but twice a week, let us know what you're doing for the game. And don't make me bring up Atlas. I have seen like six videos for it on Youtube, but if you look up ARK survival evolved, there are probably thousands. I'm just saying, when you made Atlas, you left something that changed gaming for the good. Have a nice day. If you are wondering how Atlas looks, find this video.
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