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  1. TravisMichael

    Mantis Issues After Update

    Well, to be fair, I said every time Wildcard updates the game to fix something, it breaks something else in the game and predicted it would do do this so this time.
  2. TravisMichael

    Mantis Issues After Update

    I just want to say I called it. I posted on the community crunch that when WC released the new update it would break something else in the game, and I was right.
  3. TravisMichael

    ragnarok Dire Polar Bear (ps4)

    Just be careful. The ones in the ice dungeon can't be tamed. Also, normal dire bears don't aggro unless you get too close or mess with them. Polar bears, however, are highly aggressive like raptors and wolves.
  4. TravisMichael

    ragnarok Dire Polar Bear (ps4)

    They are mostly in the Ice Dungeon now. They look like pallet swapped dire bears, being grey instead of brown.
  5. TravisMichael

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Every time Wildcard updates Ark to fix something, another part of the game glitches out. Let's put our guesses here, what part of the game will this update mess up.
  6. TravisMichael

    Should Ark get NPC humans?

    However they don't want to make the tamed NPCs too powerful or game breaking. Their AI should be similar (but not exactly the same) as the Dino AIs. Like, humans shouldn't be whistled passive, neutral, or aggressive, or set to mating, that kind of thing. I think you should be able to put weapons in their inventory for them to hold and they have different jobs thry can be assigned like "Guard" for the ones who patrol the base "Harvester" for ones who can be set to harvest certain resources and "Hunter" those you take out with you when you go exploring or go into a cave or something. And when it comes to levels, given that they are survivors like you, their max level should be whatever the players level is at. (105 if you haven't ascended, 120 if you have Ascended, 135 if you've beaten Rockwell) And wild NPCs, their wild level determines how dangerous they are. (Below is a hastily proposed theoretical one, I'm sure there is a better system that could be implemented) Level 1-20 Primitive: Weild mostly slingshots and spears. Mostly naked, no armor. Level 21-40 Apprentice: Weild bows and hatchets/picks. Cloth Armor mostly. Level 41-60 Journeyman: Weild pikes and metal picks/hatchets. Mostly hide armor. Level 61-80 Mastercraft Weild Crossbows and Swords. Mostly Ghillie Armor. Level 81-135 Ascendant Weild guns like PAS, handguns, sniper rifles. Wear Flak armor. The higher the level, the more dangerous they are. Again, that was a hastily assembled set of ideas, I'm sure there are better ones out there.
  7. TravisMichael

    Should Ark get NPC humans?

    Given that the Arks are supposed to be home to multiple people, I'd love to see NPC characters added in. I don't see why Wildcard hasn't implemented the "Bushpeople" mod.
  8. TravisMichael

    New releases that might come soon!

    It's because of Youtubers like LoadedCrysis and Neroku. They post BS clickbait videos based on the flimsiest of evidence. Like one time someone tweeted to Jen a picture of an extinct animal and said it would be perfect for Ark. She liked and retweeted that tweet. The very same day, both LoadedCrysis and Neroku released videos saying "This new creature is coming to Ark!" A year later that creature isn't in the game. When the creator of Crystal Isles tweeted their map had been added to the Ark Wiki, they both released vids stating the map is coming to the game.
  9. TravisMichael

    So where are these underground rivers?

    I'm pretty sure it's the same kind of 'element river' one finds in the red zone in Aberration.
  10. TravisMichael

    Cant live long enough in SP to use obelisk.

    That's bull. I've played all the maps on singleplayer and did just fine. Even Aberration. Singleplayer just requires more dedication and skill due to the fact your doing by yourself what would normally be done by multiple people.
  11. TravisMichael

    Cant live long enough in SP to use obelisk.

    I had trouble surviving on the surface at first, but here's what I did. I got myself to the Stone Building level and the Metal weapon level. I built some basic square stone taming traps. Simple 3x3 foundations with 4 high walls. An exterior ramp leading up into it. I trapped and tamed 6 high level Ravagers (Anywhere between a levels 130-150 should do) I bred the ones with the best health and melee stats. I ended up with 6 really strong Ravagers. I also bred a few light pets till I got a shinehorn that had a high charge capacity. With said Shinehorn and six powerful Ravagers I journeyed to the surface and now do loot runs daily (at night, duh) For you, if you just want to get off Aberration, you just need the Ravagers to keep the Nameless and Reapers busy long enough to access the obelisk. I play singleplayer and I'm thoroughly enjoying Aberration. I think you should stay and keep at it. If you need a safe place to build a base, try in the River Valley around 30, 60. No big carnivores spawn there, so the worst you'll have to deal with is raptors and the occasional ravager pack. I built my first base in that valley in front of the Norteast surface entrance until I was brave enough to build in the Marshlands.
  12. TravisMichael

    ravager zipline follower issue

    Approach the zip line, whistle the other Ravagers "Stop all" Jump on the zip line, move forward a bit, then whistle "All follow" they will jump onto the zip line behind you.
  13. TravisMichael

    Building by drops.

    On console? If so, what is it?
  14. TravisMichael

    Building by drops.

    Anyone else think it's kinda stupid that in offline singleplayer, you're not allowed to build by drops? I mean, what's the point? I know in multiplier, it's supposed to keep people from blocking the drops, but in singleplayer, why the need for that roadblock?
  15. TravisMichael

    Aggroed Wife

    Tranq her, cram her fullllllll of Stimberries so it's all she has to eat, then handcuff her to the toilet.