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  1. I built my base in the River Valley. In that little field beneath the North-East cave entrance.
  2. I play on PS4 and when I play the non-story maps (The Center and Ragnarok) it plays the Aberration theme. When I play one one of the story maps ( Island, Scorched, Aberration, Extinction) it switches to the Extinction theme.
  3. "Digiorno" means "During the day" in Italian. On the Extinction map, it's always day. So instead of a new map maybe they just added in more areas to the Extinction map.
  4. My first, and currently main, base I built was in the River Valley. It's in the field just beneath the North-East surface cave entrance. I have another base in the Luminous Marshlands. It's in that flat area on the shore near the entrance to the Hidden Grotto cave. I don't frequent that base though. I mainly used it as a staging area when preparing to head down into the Grave of the Lost for Drake eggs.
  5. Have someone get a drake and fly around firing at at the orbs. You can shoot from the back of a drake.
  6. Some YouTube channels are sweating up and down that at E3 Wildcard will unveil Crystal Isles as an official map to kick off a new Season Pass. Apparently this Dino will be exclusive to that map like the Griffin is to Ragnarok. I don't get my hopes up too much for that blessing though.
  7. I hope it's not just a "raptor skin" like they gave us during the Arkaeology event.
  8. I've heard the voice before. I just assumed it was Rockwell down in the depths trying to lure survivors to their doom.
  9. Instead of trying to 'Thanos Snap' the mesh problem, you should 'John Wick' the mesh problem.
  10. It's not there anymore. They moved it to the end of the jumping puzzle in the underworld.
  11. It does it on PS4 to. But the loot inside is still of of high quality.
  12. The first time I tamed a raptor. I was such a noob at Ark I didn't really know much, except that every time I'd set foot outside my little 6x6 that hut, I'd get murdered by raptors. So I knew they were to be feared. So after a few days I got myself to the bola/tranq arrow level and went out hunting for a raptor. It took forever to find one, which is ironic considering how often they seemed to find me. I finally found one in the grove of trees by the red obelisk. A level 80 female. I managed to tame her and was so darn excited I finally had a raptor. We went everywhere on the island together. Eventually, I widened up and started getting higher level tames, so I eventually retired Artemis. She became my base mascot. There were other raptors of course, but she was the first.
  13. Well, considering I told him the name sucked before you even commented, I guess that makes you a hypocrite. And if you knew what a 'Polar Vortex' was, you'd know it would be fitting for an all snow map. But no, let's go with 'Frozen Earth' so simpletons like you can understand it's a snow map. 'Polar' and 'Vortex' must be hard for you.
  14. No OFFENSE, but 'Frozen Earth' is super cheesy and sounds like a generic name for a National Geographic documentary. I was at least trying to be creative with the name instead of just giving it one a three year old would have come up with.
  15. Anyone else having trouble with wild Surface Reapers being invisible on Aberration? I've been having this issue off and on since the last update. I'll be doing surface runs on my Mega and I'll hear the Reaper roar and the sound of it coming out of the ground. I orbit the camera to find it, and then I'll be hit with the Reaper's tail goo. Then I'll be flung backwards as the it hits me with its's tail. Most often I just run in circles, biting, until the Mega hits something, then that'll tell me where it is, but that does get kind of annoying, especially when you're in a race against time to avoid the sun.
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