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  1. You loose everything. Sucks but it has to be that way for game balancing reasons.
  2. Jesus thats a lot of tooths in that raptor.
  3. Argy (specially if you have a tribe and not solo) and dont let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Good luck growing without an argy, and the guys saying its not the most important are probably on boosted servers where they dont need to farm at all.
  4. You wont be able to do anything ever if you dont have argies.
  5. Probably not and i'd rather have an ocean or an ice oriented map. You know,the ice option map really hypes me but it won't happen.
  6. You're just pathetic. Using the same art over and over, banning youtubers that show how flawed your game is, launching broken maps and gamemodes, scamming us with Atlas (ocean dlc that the devs transformed unplayable garbage) and list goes on to the INFINITE. Wildcard you're just raptoring shameless. A company so corrupt and moneyhungry that makes EA look good.
  7. Killing beach bobs. With my my 10th tame, a Carno named Charles, a 135 tame that took 3 hours to tame. I remember him even to this day, and sometimes I build monument honouring his memory. RIP Charles, lvl 210 Carnotaurus disappeared right after the war of Cuba on The Southern Bob Islands. Here's a photo I took, the last time I saw him before disappearing.
  8. I feel you mate. WC are the worst game company of all time. Look it up yourself, it's too much bullpoop for I to comment here. But the game is not that bad, and some bugs you mentioned are actually in-game mechanics, for example you mentioned a bow "bug". That isn't a bug, you cannot reload a bow while sprinting. Though I understand that you consider it a bug, because of the whacky animation.
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