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  1. You loose everything. Sucks but it has to be that way for game balancing reasons.
  2. Im not talking about only being right on predicting wipes but whatever man.
  3. You'd be surprised by the amount of times i've been right on these matters.
  4. Jesus thats a lot of tooths in that raptor.
  5. Hello chris, to find the MTS servers you must join their discord, and then go to the server channel to get the link through steam. No te recomiendo mucho los servers ya que siempre estan a full de gente pero bueno. Si necesitas mas ayuda dime.
  6. Small tribes is a rotting carcass of what it used to be, but it wont get wiped in at least 9 months.
  7. There just isnt enough content for us to keep on playing. The gamemode would be nice in a smaller tribe scale, but as it is right now it's boring (everything got rushed in the first week and stablished very fast, with little to no battles for the dominance of each server) and all the big scale battles have already happened. This is coming from a member that was in (probably) the biggest tribe of classic. The concept was well thought out I believe, getting rid of meshing(kinda) which is surprising coming from these devs.
  8. Theri tamed first? I guess you're one of those people that enjoy playing on a x1000 taming server and have a megabase within the first hours.
  9. Nobody knows. They could hire more people and expand their IP' besides ARK(Atlas is an ARK clone so it doesnt count)
  10. What happened to the livestream? Huh? The only vid that we see in WC's channel is some dude with a test sign. Huh? Huh?
  11. Argy (specially if you have a tribe and not solo) and dont let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Good luck growing without an argy, and the guys saying its not the most important are probably on boosted servers where they dont need to farm at all.
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