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  1. I thought it's fanart friday? Isn't info about events supposed to be in the community crunch? do I need to check the Website twice a week now?
  2. I don't care if pvp servers are wiped, but I don't want my pve servers wiped.
  3. Someone mentioned removing all the mats and putting them back into the cooker will let you craft the new kibble, did you test that?
  4. Cyan, blue, magenta, yellow, light green and a brownish-grey have been used for the last Easter event. Magenta and shades of red for Vday Shades of red, green and blue, black-white, purple were part of the extinction chronicles. Shades of red, green and white for christmas. Orange was used in the first color event, halloween, but they only were available on cave creatures that spawned in the overworld, and last year's halloween overlapped with the extinction chronicles. So maybe this year we'll get those colors again.
  5. Did you fix the unreacheable loot chests inside ruins of nosti too? That's more important than removing a gate that can be bypassed by cryos anyway.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/bubblywums/status/1083487650177302530 Should be today
  7. I'm pretty sure WC will keep in mind that the new kibbles will need to be made of resources that are available on every map. They never said that the extinction kibble will replace the old ones 1-1. For some reason most people expect that to happen though? That would make no sense at all (I know, it's WC, but still...) I really hope they'll get the translation right this time. Some kibble have the same translation which really sucks - you never know if you grab the right one, and you have to guess which one your baby wants. (you want superior kibble? There are two stacks, named the same, made from different mats, used to tame different dinos... *sigh*). The structures I want the most are stone ramps. I don't know the mod, but I'm looking forward to what has been announced. I can already see myself tearing down half the base just to rebuild, it's going to be fun. And I'll need less room for kibble dinos
  8. Sounds really good, can't wait to test our velos again and hatch some owls. Will raptor clause be flying through aberration, or only on the surface? I still need a rock drake saddle and some hazard BPs Can coal and mistletoes be transfered?
  9. *shrug* ARK was uniqe, but there are countless mmos available. If I want to play an mmo, I'll pick one made by an experienced team. Good luck studio Grapeshot, hope you don't make the same mistakes twice.
  10. I don't play pvp. It has been almost a month since my post and we're all set up now. Found a place high up, made a small building, can fly from there to the other biomes to tame the extinction creatures. Bases are still getting destroyed by kited corrupted dinos, so far we haven't been attacked again, but others have lost everything.
  11. Breeding velonas on SE atm because I don't want to lift offline protection on EX for too long. Also got gacha twins, but I don't trust them staying alive if I leave them for too long, so they go back in the freezer when I'm leaving the base. Trying to find good spots to place some Taxidermy bases, but they drive me crazy. Wanted to place a cute deathworm on a small base - it's floating. On the large base it looks fine. Placing a phoenix on the small base looks good, placing it on the large base makes it's tail stick through the ground. I feel like the taxidermy bases need some attention from the devs, many dinos look good only on a certain base and get body parts cut off/floating on the "wrong" base size.
  12. On official pve, lvl 300+ wyverns and gigas being kited into people's bases, completely wiping them, is intended? If yes, please say so, so I don't waste more time on the otherwise very cool map. It's not really possible to find a good base spot high up due to pillars and without flyer. It's not really possible to tame a flyer if you can hardly build a small base that will get wiped the same day anyway.
  13. Just wanted to say that I like these mixed colors more than just shades of the same color. The dinos look way more interesting. @Bangs0789 There's probably no halloween event this year, they are busy with extinction. I think it was posted in a crunch or on Twitter. @probalytheworstsupportteam did you file a server outage report?
  14. Uuuh fuchurs wings - does the glow mean anyhing? Some "charged" status - can only fly/glide when battery is full? Can only fly in certain areas? Or only when it's windy? Does it shiw corrupted plants or dinos nearby like the drake? Really curious what awaits us, but still hoping for SE to be completed some day... And year old bugs fixed.
  15. Wohoo, tek Quetz! Are the listed event colors correct? Seems like it's all the colors we had already, minus Blue?
  16. Rex, stego, raptor, Parasaur, ? If it goes by your pattern trike won't be next, but a carnivore.
  17. an huge artificial tree to park flyers inside and on the branches
  18. I've been watching videos of the past fear evolved events, I hope it will be back one day... crafted stone walls, painted our boss outpost building, sold some things, fed the bases.
  19. Good for you, on PC we had the tek rex and tek giga skin and that's it. I'm happy we finally have a chance to get our hands on those other tek dinos, as promised by WC. The one I'm looking forward to the most is the quetz, I haven't tamed one in ages.
  20. Lost and found my thyla that has all lvls put into speed. Went to the obi with it to upload my char, left it there on neutral. It went pretty far when I came back. Set up a public teleporter on SE next to the scar. Went to the surface several nights on AB, only found stuff we don't need, despite two red drops. Tried to rearrange my tribe leader's mats and boxes (it's a total mess, he is the only one who finds anything - its scattered all around the base, in boxes, vaults, dinos...) at least now we all have stuff we can't find when we need it^^
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