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  1. wait till you fly one flying shadowmane glitch - YouTube
  2. its been a sci fi game since dec 2015
  3. how can i disable tek gauntlet punch on my nitrado server
  4. the shadowmane is the counter birth them in space they will fly on all of the map lol. has something to do with teleporter but ill never tell my full secrets haha
  5. if you are referring to the new genesis 2 skins your are in the wrong subforum check out https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/22916-genesis-part-2/ threads or check out youtube
  6. solo it with a roo look at video i linked below gl
  7. cheese it on the mushroom shotgun solo only roo/procoptodon its 2021
  8. what time will gen 2 be released for windows 10
  9. that's a xbox issue... buy a pc and throw that trash xbox in the dump lol
  10. did wildcard ever state in this thread that the reason for the delay was the riots/protest in America? no lol it stated … for the problems going on in the us...and the rest of the world....chill the dlc will come soon we all can wait ?
  11. bruh...do you know how to read xD?Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now ...stop hating on murica lol
  12. you could tell us what system you play on …. could be your console or maybe even ur pc ? i never dc ingame? In my opinion ur running a trash system that cant handle this awesome game and your now blaming the devs^^
  13. pillars are not just for land claim^^ to protect ur bases as well …. random alt places pillars and teleporter starts bringing corrupt gigas lol all because the new officals wanna cry about pillars^^ pillars are a needed evil....play legacy awile handle things on ur own do diplomacy make friends ..survive without support bobs lol love you
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