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  1. Pillar\foundation. ...Pillars\ladders don't effect resource or dino spawn neither will a pillar\ceilings
  2. All in one location just barely anyone knows where it's at
  3. Just to add my 2 cents rag has the richest resources of all maps besides aberration for metal......in the sea there's thousands of crystal/obsidian nodes just not many ppl know about lol
  4. I was able to do all of the center caves as of yesterday!!
  5. yes I agree mek bp are seldom now sadly I got 1 every 3-4 purples lol maybe^^ I find an mastercraft mek in a red then jm in purple zzzz
  6. Yes wave 7 end its not worth the time involved the loot is no better I aswell went to wave 22\25\27 no difference at all .....
  7. Do not force feed let it eat the stimberry by its self .warning will have 0% effectiveness but will tame much faster
  8. Yes easily done take a shotgun and few hundred ammo for the manticore
  9. U must have in ur inventory during a server reset .after this occurs you can safely xfer with them in your inventory not uploaded into the cloud
  10. Yes cant even lvl a new toon on purple drops on max giga soooo poopy.
  11. You da man cedric...no matter what ppl say in these forums \social media. ... in my eyes your doing a damn good job;)...and this is coming from a 100% legacy player ....keep up the great work team!!!!
  12. Totally agree....I miss beta!!!!! Lolz
  13. Snow bioms usually tend to have best resource spawns I don't get this topic?
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