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  1. fairly later response on my behalf but i enjoyed the map. I had no issues besides pve trolls on legacy but that issue was solved got a nice little shack going on at blue obby got a few friends join in the tribe so having a blast so far. I would rate the map 7/10
  2. post any videos or info regarding bugs here Bugs - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com) use as much detail as you can it helps thnx
  3. its amazing at pvp scenario's. its fast/can pick players off of most tames /the dive swipe is op.../u can grab a player then shoot him while flying/ its faster than wyverns.
  4. i would suggest punching the turtle to lure him/her closer to the fish
  5. that's a xbox issue... buy a pc and throw that trash xbox in the dump lol
  6. did wildcard ever state in this thread that the reason for the delay was the riots/protest in America? no lol it stated … for the problems going on in the us...and the rest of the world....chill the dlc will come soon we all can wait ?
  7. bruh...do you know how to read xD?Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now ...stop hating on murica lol
  8. you could tell us what system you play on …. could be your console or maybe even ur pc ? i never dc ingame? In my opinion ur running a trash system that cant handle this awesome game and your now blaming the devs^^
  9. found this tweet ;( Cedric @ComplexMinded · 3h Legacy servers are planned but realistically they may be coming later today. +10 hours
  10. I just wish we could have a eta or something lol @StudioWildcard been up 24 hrs I need a nap
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