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  1. I enjoyed the map fairly well but as you say not many do and typing to urself in chat kinda stinks lol the boss was fairly easy the weather cycles kinda keep u occupied listening to jerboas .the look of the map I enjoyed aswell .as far as the deathworm horns rag is best map to gather actually the ice queen cave can gather 50-60 in no time but scorched was always my favorite map .it may have to do with the difficulty of it. great topic tho im interested on why ppl still play this map aswell
  2. lol noobish statement wouldn't u say? I raised my drake from a egg …
  3. same happened to me on aberration I tossed my drake and cannot deploy popped up and said I deployed the drake but it vanished 21k hp 1200 stam 560 melee on official legacy lol so im on the egg hunt now lol on pc
  4. Please have no raptor clause ....I would like to see increased loot quality like we had at aberration release ....
  5. But to stay on topic I would the turtle to be a total war machine lol heavy turret placement allowed tek turrets whatever I'm tired of Mana fights lol I need some excitement
  6. when u said[ Exactly how you said it,] I thought you meant how he was saying theres 0 threats on pve I misread your post when I quoted ya my bad but yes zzz raptors are evil incarnate lol
  7. put into cryo then release a week later gains xp while in cryofridge if on official x2 put them in then only release when x2 is on gains x2 the xp
  8. what we really need is a pvp/pve separation lol when it comes to nerfs but that's another thread lol but yes I agree. something needs to be done either nerf to the ground or we need a new counter/meta to fight them lol a good mana rider is [almost] unstoppable atm lol
  9. not quite true even in pve you will find evil ppl my friend always remember that .because even on official if a player wiped your bases support can only help a little.. 10 dino max ya? imagine a tribe set out to destroy you and accomplished their goal you lose everything but 10 dino… ya their alts get banned pfft just build in mind that its the internet trolls are lurking behind a bush somewhere lol
  10. I just used extinction as a reference. but stone base equals noob base if a player wants to break it its easily done via kiting/teleporting only offline you are safe in a stone base and dinos will still aggro a base that was really never fixed.im only ageing the fact I play legacy pve and there are no laws on these lands you would be surprised what a player will go to to get you if he/she really wanted to im talking imprisonment forever kinda like pvp but lil different strategy all kinds of nastys lol but yes we have threats just the same .hostile chinese/Russian take overs included lol goes to great lengths to block every drop loot crat terminal or way off the map and since we have no support we handle are situations as a pvp /pve server. Alpha predator damages Thatch Greenhouse Wood Adobe Stone
  11. Ty Joe haha I was like I been good lol hehe fears your ban hammer! !!!
  12. #3 Rex BP are best found in extinction red\purple osd. #4 the rates were already boosted from the original 1x.#5 a little googling can go along way.my paintings are just fine XD can pull any pictures from the Internet and paint on anything on ark
  13. When has pve ever had 0 threats lol build on extinction on any pve server lol literally ...your base will be wiped lol
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