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  1. Honestly titanosaur in my opinion is way easier to tame 30 cannon balls and a quetzal roughly a 30 min tame can be done solo and you can box the rider. unlike extinction titans where the rider is exposed I've tamed titanosaur on official and wiped 4 bases with it lol the only reason it died was from a player in the opposing tribe lured a wild giga as a last Stand .and proofed to work really well . My tamed titan on official had 350k hp I was able to heal him passively to around 275khp before I started the raids. Just my 2 cents
  2. 100% correct flame arrows are very efficient for x species although I prefer a reaper the cocoon attack damage's very well and is a great bullet soaker aswell
  3. Actually you can trigger the spawn of alphas by killing the Dino that are associated with the spawn. now yes was a unlucky mishap that he aggroed to ur base
  4. The Tribe War System ...Was Abused These Changes Wasn't Because PPL Warred Each other And 1 Tribe Lost The War And cryed lol if you would like a pvp experience. ..join the official pvp network I can gladly show you the full experience without any crying on my end
  5. Try shooting a single arrow at the beak I've heard this works on a pvp scenerio so may work as well on this case
  6. That's a ufo I swear lol but truestory tek saddles can 100% be fired from a platform
  7. Yes walls\fence foundation work well at one time this was a way to breed ;)especially quetzal the baby would eat less an be in persay stasis. vault's are by far the best way to keep prisoners ...
  8. Lycan187u

    Red OSD

    This is why I play legacy nobody can cry to a gm about my builds or report me for building spike walls around osd so solo 2man or 5 man can do purples without the need for 3 gigas or a titan .just because a tribe is to lazy too walk 10ft from a osd smh
  9. Come to the realization that everything you tame breed .build will be taken \killed\destroyed every time u push join and the game becomes easier.
  10. I say windows 10 if playing pvp you have great advantage overy most if not all xbox players .you can gamma 5'' the lag is near to none if not on a potato.. never DC ...not a single crash at least from my xp .aiming is amazing I mean slightest lag from a xbox console ur missing lol
  11. Dismount swim straight up an whistle passive follow to u
  12. Ya way safer lol I get the spino bloody then 1 shot it level 100 plus spinos gives 2-3 levels if x2 or if u have high lvl breeder spinos u can prepare for it an have 10-20eggs in the fridge an pike bbys broth of enlightenment works great too
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