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  1. Yes!!!! I love my xbox account but so bad is the performance that I stay on pc 😕 windows 10 version is the best way to play xbox account by far plus 'small tribes are cross play with windows 10 sooo nice big advantage over most xbox players hehe in a pvp aspect
  2. Actually in community crunch 135 wc stated not all legacy servers will see a wipe a lot of people looked over this may have forgot dunno but I'm here to remind ya
  3. Very true our legacy stats are not that far off from official even better really some 500%melee giga..which could or couldn't be spawned by a GM literally. Let me lose 10 giga to a bug an wildcard will replace them I wonder what my new giga stats will be after they spawn them in...sound familiar legacy?
  4. Nobody from legacy wants to play on official it's trash ....legacy we don't need to cry to support or even ask anything from GM while all they do is listen to all your tears...we play the game as intended your official cluster will be legacy one day always remember this...you can keep official it's poop
  5. Thanks @Cedric for giving legacy the opportunity to enjoy this map
  6. community crunch# 135 states that top 30 most popular legacy servers wont see a wipe lets stick to that deal WC ...think of all that $$ you will lose if legacy never bought a dlc ...
  7. Lots are without cap atm or at least on legacy I dunno about official. ..
  8. just go to extinction do 2 50k veins that's about a hours work then convert to dust 600-650 element per vein that's roughly 200+ element to go to any server
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