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  1. U should always have arrangements made incase of griefers... I build every build as if I was going to be griefed .
  2. 4.9k hp 1100 stam 1127 weight 566 melee on legacy ; )
  3. Yes lol yesterday I helped defend a base a friend was being attacked the enemy tribe lures 1 corrupt ptera broke a single pillared next to his base then placed a single pillar totem high enough to place a teleporter above his base then places a beh gate and Dino gates around it then logged out 5 min later the alt tribe comes and started raining corrupt giga and assorted dinosaur down on his base lol. He mesh me I then left tribe made alliance gated off where he was dropping the corrupt Dino and I left tribe giving him 2 weeks of protection. I almost had the guy too he dc I was dragging him to a pve prison I made incase of this situation. I was soon ready to keep this guy's character forever...legacy ofc.....
  4. No sadly no support same gene let me know if u need anything
  5. Google wizard hat skin I believe
  6. I mean theres a certain distance only one can be placed next to eachother like x2 the max radius of the shield then u can place another shield
  7. cocob1 are u from a crossark pvp server by chance?
  8. well I can tell u the legacy community isn't as toxic to new players .infact theres a .and pillars are gonna be on most servers but u need to explore a bit to find a good spot travel inland
  9. sadly cant be placed so close to one another but yes 250k hp would take abit to chew threw .
  10. I've also noticed the same issues my gacha now dropping less than before was 180 everytime now 113\122 the occasional 180 dust this is mate boosted no other gacha out atm
  11. I'm a solo pvp player I would not like solo\duo servers myself here's my 2 cents ..I enjoy attacking the larger tribes .I love to snipe\kill their tame's the thrill of being hunted would be gone on a solo server or duo server ..I can see those servers being pve at the end of the day..
  12. o man im sorry to hear that man he was at a friends base looking aswell on 928
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