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  1. Lycan187u

    Alpha Wyvern Trophy went missing

    They are not transferable sadly
  2. Lycan187u

    The best dino you ever tamed

    Was 275 melee befor tame
  3. Lycan187u

    The best dino you ever tamed

    Mine was a 150 megatherium that had 56 points into melee yay!!!
  4. Lycan187u

    ARK - Things never change.

    Beta version was my best experience of ark in my 7700 hours I had best gameplay
  5. Lycan187u

    Largest Flat area in the Desert - Ragnarok

    I can see one issue with that being death worms they are sneaky as hell an love to eat tames that are unattended if u go from render they can enter ur base an eat ur stuff no joke rofl I placed over 1k pillars trying to stop them an never did
  6. Lycan187u

    Offline raids cowards or smart play...

    What map \server you on then bro I can help you with that not being raided situated!!!
  7. Lycan187u

    Kibble system is trash

    So true kibble rework is trash asf...simple as that
  8. Lycan187u

    Offline raids cowards or smart play...

    I guess you don't read so well .....its OK brother hooked on phonics works for everyone give it a try
  9. Lycan187u

    Need tips for starting soaking bloodlines

    Duh... I just stated I prefered reapers ...I'm 40 btw lol but thnx I feel so young now
  10. Extinction! ! Best map great hiding spots in the waste!!!
  11. Lycan187u

    Need tips for starting soaking bloodlines

    Very easy to get shot off tho even when inflated the gas bag I go reapers all the way!!!!plus mana breath attack doesn't effect the reaper like the rest of the Dino
  12. Lycan187u

    Desert titan taming

    I use the mana to hover above the corruption an let it attack itself pretty fast tame
  13. Lycan187u

    GG Wildcard

    On offical no administration is needed to roll server back...
  14. Lycan187u

    Why Nobody can build up on official servers

    You can build up man just be sneaky bro find a hole to build under a rock if u have to underwater if need be put ur stuff in purlovia vaults in ocean trust me man its possible don't build on the beaten paths stay hidden if you are attacked don't talk global ppl feed of of misery stay hidden be the guy on the server that's never seen nor heard you can do this!!!!