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  1. I've been farming the notes on all maps after the update that will give +10 levels. But Genesis 1 Notes were broken! Would not unlock on a character that I've done all glitches with. And for a new character one would unlock and one wouldn't. Very random. This is all on Official Servers. This 'fix' didn't work! So I gave up for a long time. Until yesterday. I decided to mess around the with local player profile. I made a backup and logged into Genesis 1 with my first character. To my surprise the buff for XP showed up in the bottom right corner (lasting 89393.9 seconds). And the missing Gen1 notes were unlocked. I exited Ark and restored my local profile file. The notes were still unlocked! I had to repeat this step once more because 1 note (story #40) wasn't unlocked. But repeating the process did fix that! I'm guessing it's a max amount that can be done. Who knows. The file you will be looking for is PlayerLocalData.arkprofile in %programfiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles\ Make a backup! Rename the file or move it to a safe location first. Any questions, ask! Hope this helps others getting the +10 levels!
  2. A small group of people block the boss terminal. Everyone still has to do the missions to join the boss. Also, some areas are better for certain missions. Mainly the tranq ones.
  3. Please allow us to do so. As the terminals are permanently blocked by space whales and megachelons. Reply if you want this to happen!
  4. How about fixing the gen 1 notes? They're unobtainable. The fix you did didn't work: v678.51 - 09/17/2021 Fixed a bug where Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on Genesis Part 1 and Genesis Part 2. Any missing Genesis Part 2 note can be re-collected, and Genesis Part 1 notes should be fixed retroactively however may require you to respawn on Genesis Part 1.
  5. FYI WildCard, the Gen1 note fix didn't take. Relogged, respawned, they are still locked.
  6. There is. They just forgot to make the imprint x2.
  7. That happened months ago. You get double the stuff from before. Old x2 is now x1.
  8. @Cedric @lilpanda Server 430 isn't getting back up after patch.
  9. @Cedric @lilpanda @Dollie Patch just now. Every other server is up but 430 the island. I got rexes out.
  10. They did. Somewhat. But Genesis is unplayable because of the dupers there. Last Genesis patch was... When?
  11. I know, same here. But this is a bought dino. They're usually duped. And go poof.
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