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  1. It's a poopty move to still sell Ark and DLC while you guys are abandoning it. There's no warning that there will be no servers/multiplayer and no further patches.
  2. How about fixing the gen 1 notes? They're unobtainable. The fix you did didn't work: v678.51 - 09/17/2021 Fixed a bug where Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on Genesis Part 1 and Genesis Part 2. Any missing Genesis Part 2 note can be re-collected, and Genesis Part 1 notes should be fixed retroactively however may require you to respawn on Genesis Part 1.
  3. FYI WildCard, the Gen1 note fix didn't take. Relogged, respawned, they are still locked.
  4. There is. They just forgot to make the imprint x2.
  5. That happened months ago. You get double the stuff from before. Old x2 is now x1.
  6. @Cedric @lilpanda Server 430 isn't getting back up after patch.
  7. @Cedric @lilpanda @Dollie Patch just now. Every other server is up but 430 the island. I got rexes out.
  8. They did. Somewhat. But Genesis is unplayable because of the dupers there. Last Genesis patch was... When?
  9. I know, same here. But this is a bought dino. They're usually duped. And go poof.
  10. Because they changed it to be perma-x2 (except breeding) a while ago (x1 now is old x2).
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