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  1. FYI WildCard, the Gen1 note fix didn't take. Relogged, respawned, they are still locked.
  2. After defeating any of the Titans and King Titan their dossiers will not unlock. Any solution?
  3. Did a test, in singleplayer. A story note does not unlock or give xp. Until you use the command giveexplorernote X. Hope this will help you devs a bit.
  4. Same for me. And unlocking hln-a story notes on 2nd character doesn't work.
  5. Same issue, all glitches fixed. Yet 0 notes unlocked in the notebook. /edit: Also on another character the story glitches don't give xp buff.
  6. Still, this isn't a matter of support. It's a matter of being against WIldCards code of conduct. It's still their game, their servers.
  7. If all that you have on you gets wiped? Put all my crap in a tame. That works. Exited exo-mek once it fired. Still no flag & trophy.
  8. There is. They just forgot to make the imprint x2.
  9. That happened months ago. You get double the stuff from before. Old x2 is now x1.
  10. @Cedric @lilpanda Server 430 isn't getting back up after patch.
  11. @Cedric @lilpanda @Dollie Patch just now. Every other server is up but 430 the island. I got rexes out.
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