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  1. Was farming some metal with a tribemate (him on argentavis, me on anky). When picking the anky up with me on it we went slightly below mesh. Killed me and destroyed anky. This was on Valguero 936.
  2. I didn't but it said in log it was removed. Was just farming some metal.
  3. About false positive. Lost an anky last night, pushed under mesh a little when picking it up with argy, it got deleted (and I got killed, was on anky). Happened on valguero.
  4. You really tink they're adding the samen amount of servers they delete? That has never happend.
  5. Hmmm, well there were the holidays (I can forgive that) but those are past now. Hopefully they are working on it. But some acknowledgement of it would be nice.
  6. Happened to me and a fire wyvern (I raised), friend had it happen to his giga, another to also a wyvern. And just now another player had his fire wyvern dissapear. Message is cannot deploy and the cryo with tame inside dissapears from inventory. @Cedric This needs high priority fixing!
  7. Hmm, we got only 5min warning. And I just threw out all the babys so all were cryosick.
  8. Will the new DLCs have Legacy servers?
  9. Maybe fix the reason why people need new servers. Taming caps & lag. People building 100s of rafts to take up slots. Tribes pillaring entire zones with ceilings to kill any spawn. My ideas for improving server performance & make room: - Limit rafts to 2 per Tribe, add 1 to the limit per new tribe member. - Auto decay (remove) more structures: campfires, torches, tree sap taps, spikes, dino doors, leash (these can't even be demolished after timer). - Lower taming cap per tribe to 300. We don't need more with the new kibble & cryo system. Most people use it but some tribes leave all out (including raft spam). - Punish spawn blocking. Like pillar+ceiling. You still haven't found a good idea to prevent pillaring. Maybe a certain structure with a big range that has a limit per tribe that allows them to keep their farming areas safe. Spikes should still be allowed to protect others tames, but they will decay even if near. - Lower player limit depending on map. Not many people play in big tribes (especially on PvE). 70 Players will fit on a map like Ragnarok but not on The Island. Simply deleting servers and adding new ones isn't gonna fix the problem.
  10. No. They have done that before. They had their chance. It was in a community crunch.
  11. I play on Legacy PvE since before it was legacy. Over 2.5 years now. The community is great on our server and on others. Like many other players I agree that WE supported you from the start. Tested your game, reported bugs/glitches, we all stayed through the ups & downs of the game. We deserve some love from WC. Wiping us all would be a slap in the face to your most loyal players.
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