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  1. Please look into the massive duping that's happening on Genesis. The servers are crashing and lagging like crazy.
  2. Any fix for the getting kicked out of tribe when transferring? It's still happening. /edit: thanks Jat for replying to people again
  3. - Added `BabyImprintAmountMultiplier` as an additional game.ini config for globally tuning imprinting. Is this a fix wildcard? If so,
  4. I can't as I'm on official though. But yeah a tiny adjustment would fix it. So like an anky would get 100% instead of 50% on x3.
  5. I don't mind it on creatures that take less time to raise than imprint timer on increased rates (like the otter). But it's way too tight on some creatures that you are able to print fully. However, a sidenote. Raising a Giga on x1 is impossible to get to 100%. As it goes from 9>11 and 79>81 (correct me on the 2nd one). You are always stuck with a 97% printed giga.
  6. Yeah fishing was nerfed very hard. They even lowered the max fish (no more 2.6+ coels or 3.0+ salmon). I got a 500% rod from genesis but I'm not sure if I wanna spent time fishing with it. Used to get Ascendant blueprints.
  7. Imprints on x3 needs fixing Some creatures are fine on x3. But some aren't possible (online w/lag). For example an Anky (and others with the same print time (lightpets, moschops, trike, daeodon, direwolf, saber, etc) needs two prints. However you only have 15minutes spare to do so. With lag this is often not possible. It needs some tweaking as we're gonna have more x3 breeding (x2 and x4 was never a problem btw).
  8. They should just merge and keep the player base and better communities.
  9. You do realize WC doesn't own these servers, right? They rent them.
  10. If they wanted it to be gone, why add servers for a FREE map?
  11. Sooner or later all official servers will be gone. What's your point?
  12. Then why did legacy servers get hardware upgrades? You realize they removed 300+ servers when they came out of early access? They added ~50 new ones back then.
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