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  1. morellatops Why are the saddles for these NOT craftable in Extinction ? And where are the cryopods and cryofridges crafted at ? not terminals.
  2. putting a rocket on a bird, utterly stupid concept.
  3. If only Wildcard didn't already have your money.........
  4. I didn't say it wasn't popular ,but it is losing people because of the way its run. I was talking performance wise , the lack of optimization and lag/bugs not being fixed. The game this far out shouldn't be running this poorly and seems to constantly get more and more bugs in it , because of lack of testing before release.And the size of it is utterly rediculious.
  5. IDK , but running the game as it is now , is NOT working (that is apparent). But will they have the sense to actually do something about it ? I doubt it , thus it is as good as it will get . I noticed that one of the servers I play on (official) was just "worked" on LOL. It's still running the same way it did as before they "fixed" it. so ......yeah
  6. I personally wouldn't pay to play it . After watching how they ran (or lack there of) survival of the fittest into the ground ,then gave up on it , I don't think wildcard is capable of running this game smoothly. IMO this is as good as it will get.
  7. Up the ram and get a GTX 1660 , there not that expensive and can run ark on epic easily.
  8. This is a joke right? Buy a game to play so you can have other people tell you how you should play it ? Just stop please LOL C'Mon
  9. DUDE ! you CAN'T have it both ways .....grow up and stop whining about things that can be turned down.
  10. Favorites not showing None of my favorite servers are showing up and when I look at the servers through steam, it says that the servers are NOT responding ? (none of them ) How am I suppose to play if I cannot connect to ANY server I play on ? Any Ideas on how to fix this ?
  11. THIS right here.....WC when are you going to do something about the official servers ? This game is getting WORSE instead of better as time goes on ! I won't even consider buying the latest dlc because your lack of being able to run the game is SO POOR !
  12. It finally there Official is totally unplayable with the rubber banding and the errors and DCs. You literally cannot move enought to get anything done
  13. its getting really old Tired of the fatal error messages happening after the latest patch. It's pretty much unplayable now.
  14. Where is the 50 percent off of the season pass at ? I hope your'e not saying that the 34 dollars is half off because that is what it's always been priced at. Half off would be 15 dollars for the season pass.
  15. I (for one) will be sitting on the edge of my seat , waiting to relay that important info to you .
  16. Once AGAIN , Wildcard drops the ball. LOL . Like we ALL didn't see this coming , NEVER prepay for games EVER ! Wildcard is known for doing this .
  17. I'm sorry, but an event that's been done many times before should NOT run into this many problems. Ark shouldn't be running this terrible for as long as it's been out and the price. Wildcard just keeps digging the whole deeper every update.
  18. Just curious, what are they trying to patch/fix that needs this many patches ? and is this hard to patch.
  19. SO , now theres a specific time their aloud to update the game?
  20. First ya'll complain it's not getting updated/fixed and NOW you're complaining it is LMAO
  21. Nah,scorched earth,valguero,and extinction are all kinda boring to play on. Aberration wasn't to bad (not my cup of tea though)
  22. They will never upgrade the servers (spend money) nor will they optimize the game (seems they can't figure out how to). This is pretty much the "best" this game will get performance wise (on official).
  23. Mine flickers like crazy,but only when flying on a quetzal
  24. I know when I went to log on and feed my dino's this morning (on Val), I couldn't access my bronto at all (inventory or ride it) It has the skel skin on it so maybe that has something to do with it ? idk. My other dino's seemed to be ok (On official)
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