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  1. THIS line right here --> And yeah, we may miss our deadline on certain aspects, but they’ll come in over time as we continue to support this next generation of ARK. Says all you need to know on how much they care about how they get their work done.
  2. SO , the SAME redone Ark will be $60 now and Ark 2 will be just as expensive (not including maps ect ) So now THIS way ,they will be getting even more money then their first bad decision . If you all think wildcard will be treating you ( or the community/game ) any better than they've shown in the past , You are sadly mistaken , and have learned NOTHING from past experiences with them . And you deserve what they are going to hand to you !
  3. Being a disabled person , I can say NO we're not like everyone else , we ARE different , hence the word disabled ....... and yes , singling out that blacks have their "own" month is keeping rascism alive and active , they were not the only ones to be slaves ect ... but you won't hear about that side of things. and before I get timed out /banned for this post , Wildcard is the one who actually brought the topic up so ....
  4. Whens white history month ? and will the valentines event be on unofficial servers also ?
  5. It IS possible to rebind it. I have a razer mouse with 12 side buttons and was able to rebind it to one of them ( both F and R buttons )
  6. is it possible to rebind the F key and R keys in the new SOTF ? Because I've tried and it won't work for me. I'd ask in the discord but that channel randomly disappeared and I can't rejoin , So I have to ask here
  7. Yesterday I was able to use/chat in the official ark discords , but I went to ask some stuff about sotf in there ( today ) and the whole ark channel is gone and theres no way that I can find anyone to even talk to ( to fix it ) because theres NO channel ( it just disappeared overnight ) I tried to use the ( find public channels ) in discord and the link for ark ( which I found ) does nothing. I don't know how to fix it
  8. This is BS , and needs to be fixed. It's been DAYS and it's still a problem. You can't raise anything because theres NO meat to feed the babies with. Another wildcard fail , that's being brushed under the carpet and not addressed.
  9. We would still get the same quality of Crunches , That would just mean even more work NOT being done and less frequently.
  10. THIS is the ulltimate in not even caring about the game. PURE laziness at it's best. Couldn't even do an Evo even't to somewhat make up for the lack of work put into the CC . However this is not surprising at all .
  11. Atleast DO an EVO event ffs. It's like there isn''t even any thought that goes into these anymore
  12. You're REALLY going to put the pick of a guy flipping 2 middle fingers in the CC ? SERIOUSLY ? with little kids looking at that?
  13. Lost Island is a HUGE letdown. It's obviously NOT even close to being a finished product. smh
  14. I think at first ark 2 will have alot of players (for like 2 months ) then I think it will tank because of peoples lack of interest in it . and it will reside with Atlas in the closet lol
  15. If you're taking time off work for a video game that's NOT going anywhere , you MAY want to rethink , your Priorities ...... just sayin
  16. People remember how you're being treated when they ask you for money to pay for ark 2 . A leopard can't change it's spots nor will WC change how they are dealing with their games . You have been warned ! !!
  17. Bet they try the pay to play option. Which will flop , because their management and follow through on problems lack hughly. I'm begging that they go that route , it will end the game lol
  18. You shouldn't have to look in 5 different places for news for 1 game , that's just stupidity on WC's part (bad management of the game )
  19. Everyone notice that their paying less and less attention to the details of this game because of ark 2 ?
  20. Is Wildcard paying you to Simp for them ? Get a clue, they've had a over a year to adjust to remote working , so that's just a copout. It's unbelievable how you people just keep making excuses for wildcard incompetence
  21. No time to pay attention to this ark , they have to rush gen 2 out and hack together ark 2. This game is already being forgotten sadly .
  22. Why doesn't/can't the servers (ingame) show even remotely close how many people are actually on the server at any given time? I mean Like when youre looking at the list of all the servers and the numbers are never correct EVER ! OR is that just chalked up to "another ark heheheheh OPPSy thing" that will never bet corrected ?
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