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  1. I almost dont care what it is - IT´S SOMETHING NEW FOR ARK, YAAAAS!!!
  2. Very excited for the next DLC but since it is the last.. I hope they finally have time to really fix all the little things that are still not working quite as it should in the main-game after it has been released.
  3. I adore Stygimolochs and having them as an actual dino in the game would have been such a wonderful thing. Instead we get a skin. I must admit, I am not jumping for joy over a skin I can shove my Pachys into like an overbearing mother forcing her crying kids into an itchy christmas sweater for the family photo. It ruins the game immersion for me. If it is a server issue, why not replace half the pachys with Stygimolochs during the event? I love this game and the devs but this is just such a weird choice. They must have known people would be dissapointed to get skins rather than actu
  4. Oh dear, that is even more saddening. I wonder why the SP´ers were excluded. I was really looking forward to the Halloween event. Maybe next year... Thank you kindly for your quick response, that was very nice of you.
  5. .. I hope we get to transfer our dinos because I am NOT setting foot in that horror-movie dungeon without my pets. This expansion looks so scary!
  6. Hurray! Congratz to ARK and all of us, we made it all the way to full release!! Gonna turn on my Xbox and download the patch right away
  7. I still believe in you ARK team. I played your game for a few hours originally, but chose to wait for the final release since, well, my beloved dino-companions kept getting stuck inside trees. I cant wait to see the finished game this december, when it has been polished into perfection. I even bought your DLC to further fund and support you.
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