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  1. No what I seen it’s bigger then a Utah raptor
  2. Hmm can’t be Utah raptor because the raptor in the game is an Utah raptor says in the dossier
  3. Could you fix the skylord artifact that won’t appear glitch in single player for PS4 I been this way for months as far I know
  4. I having the same issue also on PS4 it happen when I pick up one of the explorer notes yesterday
  5. I bought ark for my PS4 and been playing since November of 2018. I play single player all the time and started to explore the caves. When I explore ice cave with the skylord artifact I couldn’t find it so look up a video to see where the artifact and I found out this has been a bug since 2017. I I revisit the cave after a few updates and the skylord artifact is still bugged in ark in 2019, so I spawn it in to fight the dragon. P.-S. Would like to be inform when wildcard going fix this bug
  6. They need to fix the split screen looking under water because if the host out of the water the 2nd player can’t see in water
  7. Hi I been playing ark for a couple of months on ps4 and I fought the oversee boss and ascended but when I go back to the island I couldn’t download my character and it wasn’t even there. I used admin commands The only admin command I was using was to spawn kibble so test out to see admin commands was preventing me so I heavily cheat by making me a god to ascend then it happen again so I want to know if admin command prevented me from ascending or it a bug that wc never fix yet p.s when will wc fix the sky lord artifact
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