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  1. SaltyMonkey

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I’d advise just checking on the console from time to time before you jump into a session.
  2. SaltyMonkey

    Unable to get Vday event working on unoffical

    Nitrado haven’t added it to their web interface yet.
  3. SaltyMonkey


    S+ integration is still in beta on PC. Once it’s finished testing, it will get released on PC then console afterwards. Mod integration is different from standalone mods because one requires implementation to the base game, and the other are just add ons. Only 2 gaming companies allow downloadable mods on Xbox; Bethesda and Paradox Games.
  4. SaltyMonkey

    orp Can't access any container or unmounted dinos

    Fast travelling fixes this. Make sure to place another bed down from where ever you log off. Lay in one bed, log off, then fast travel to the other bed on log in. You can’t interact with anything but fast travel is still an option.
  5. SaltyMonkey

    is it false advertisement?

    Wildcard and false advertising goes hand in hand. They only just recently fixed the bionic skins after disappearing for months, yet never pulled them from the Microsoft store.
  6. Doesn’t matter what you put in the gameusersettings.ini the override you need is in the general settings on the web interface. I had the same problem.
  7. SaltyMonkey

    Dododex account

    Ask the Dododex developer on Twitter; DanLev.
  8. There’s always this weekend but you’ve got that entitlement down to a T. 1 weekend out of 52 and people lose their poop. You guys claim to have a life...
  9. SaltyMonkey

    You can't succeed in this game.

    It could be the end of the world... of warcraft.
  10. SaltyMonkey

    WC and events

    It’s even in the latest community crunch: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/410019-community-crunch-169-valentines-day-event-concluding-upcoming-server-maintenance/
  11. SaltyMonkey

    Raising wyverns without milk

    It probably only changes to another kibble within your testing due to the sheer amount kibble options. The cryopod trick is nothing new because the same thing happens when going out of render. I can’t remember the exact details but it’s happened enough times for me where a creature has wanted a kibble but I’ve returned to walk or cuddle it instead.
  12. Oh no, they cancelled 1 evo event over the other 51 in the year because a more OP event was on. Oh the humanity.
  13. SaltyMonkey

    Help! Creative on XBOX one not working

    Are you online? Are you able to enter other commands? Creative mode can be toggled on or off from the start screen in single player, but must be enabled in the options screen first.
  14. SaltyMonkey

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Evo events are easy mode