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  1. I’d like to congratulate every person in the attached thread for this new change. Like I suggested, the devs figured it’s easier to amend the tribe war mechanic instead of amending the alliance mechanic, so I’ll give myself a pat on the back (don’t bite).
  2. Yeah I love the new Wyvern trench on The Island and The Center.
  3. You’re just as foolish as the rest of them.
  4. I will take my leave from this thread since I’m dealing with a bunch of people who never graduated from remedial class.
  5. You can’t play on both the dedicated server and the session on the same Xbox, you would need another Xbox to play the server on so it’s better to host a dedicated server on a cheap secondhand Xbox, if you were to go down that route. Alternatively, you can host a dedicated server on a Windows 10 PC/Laptop through play anywhere (cross-play).
  6. This is why I welcome the big nerfs such as the flyer nerf. People love complaining about how easy the game is but then have the audacity to complain once that very thing is to be taken away from them. Ultimately, Titan kiters that will destroy anything is the reason ORP was enabled. Preventing griefers far outweighed non-ORP, which people need to bare in mind for advocating for its removal. But going back to my first point that you addressed, it’s not so much that ORP has ruined PvE, but more that the E is not dangerous/risky enough.
  7. The funniest part about this whole thread is that barely anyone has suggested removing tribe wars from the alliance mechanic. That would literally solve the issue. Instead, so far everyone has suggested changing the alliance mechanic even though it works the same for both PvE and PvP. What do you think is easier for Wildcard, adding in new mechanics that may effect more than one game mode, or removing a mechanic that only effects one game mode?
  8. Wow, nice straw-man. Considering I play PvE, I’d like for you to point out where I’m claiming superiority. Also, I’ll repeat again for you slowly too, the alliance mechanic is the same for both PvE and PvP at its core. Tribe wars are exclusive to PvE, alliances are not. People should be advocating for amending the tribe wars mechanic instead of the alliance mechanic. Is this slow enough for you?
  9. Please explain to me what you don’t understand?
  10. PvP tribes can attack anyone, at any time, including raiding allies to bypass defences. My point is that the alliance mechanic at its core is the same for both PvE and PvP, so when making suggestions, you need to consider all stakeholders. Tribe wars are exclusive to PvE but not to alliances.
  11. Seriously you and everyone else here are absolutely clueless. Let me spell it out to you slowly, you can’t change the alliance mechanic without effecting both game modes! I can go slower if you want?
  12. Lol alliances effect both PvP and PvE the same mate. The only difference with PvE is the tribe war aspect as it’s ongoing with PvP. The fact you think PvE is more than just PvP turned off is highly laughable. If what you’re suggesting was easy, explain to me why all PvP balances affectt PvE. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Edit: one more thing, I host and play unofficial PvE, so I have every right to be involved with this discussion because any changes that involve an in game mechanic, effect me just as much as it effects you.
  13. Multi tasking is a thing but other issues have priority, as an unofficial host myself I couldn’t care less about official problems so feel your pain but official issues should have priority IMO.
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