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  1. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Then under the gameusersettings.ini, use AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True There is no reason why it shouldn't be working. What actually happens when you use it there?
  2. SaltyMonkey

    pve Looking for casual adults

  3. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Are you using expert mode or standard?
  4. SaltyMonkey

    How many hours have you played for?

    Ark is 3.33 years old on Xbox. Since December 2015, I’ve spent 1/6 of my life playing Ark, and I’m on 4600+ hours. If you have double my hours or more, maybe rethink your life choices XD.
  5. SaltyMonkey

    Structure pick up

    Because it’s not a command. It’s an ini file that can only be used on a PC unofficial i.e. Nitrado for Xbox users.
  6. SaltyMonkey

    Outrage Mob

    What are we all complaining about today?
  7. Yep, all the passive XP they would usually get while in render is ongoing all the while they are frozen.
  8. You don’t need mutations to beat the bosses, it just makes it easier because you require less level ups to gain the desired stats. Besides, as long as you have a cryofridge, levelling is a thing of the past. It took just 3 weeks of storage for my Rex’s to gain around 50 levels.
  9. I considered having a server run with a higher level cap but decided against it due to the sheer amount of balancing it would require for other settings. The problem you’ll find is for any creatures you tame at the lower end of the spectrum will be very weak, even after levelling. You’ll likely need to consider raising the player level cap too.
  10. SaltyMonkey

    Can we tame bunny dodos?

    The only problem is that creatures will despawn over time if removed from their spawn area when out of render, but this can be counted by setting up a farm in a known spawn area.
  11. SaltyMonkey


    Bare in mind that the Dododex is a 3rd party tool and it’s data is a combined pool of information from the community. It may be worth reporting to the app developer of your findings. Dans loves the feedback.
  12. Boss fights scale with the server difficulty.
  13. SaltyMonkey

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    PvE = Easy mode Since you love posting memes for other people’s posts, here’s something extra on me for your salt: