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  1. July could mean any time up until the last day of that month but watch people lose their poop if the month progresses and there is still no release yet. It’s quite funny actually that people can’t grasp that simple concept. Fortunately, I scour the internet for all Ark news and know there is a planned fixed release date however Wildcard stopped making dates publicly known for consoles a while back due to so many missed dates. Although ETA means estimated time of arrival, they were off most of the time so the ETA given was of no value.
  2. That’s why my first comment was to contact Nitrado. You’re paying them for technical support, why wouldn’t you contact them first?
  3. If you play on PC unofficials (rented for PS4), there are better options. I allow all structure locking on my cluster to prevent that type of theft. Only structures with inventories will be effected but they lock by default on placement, but crafting stations that have fuel in the them can still be toggled on/off.
  4. Ghost command. I mean that’s a seriously low thing for an admin to do on a PvE server let alone any server, but still. The worse part is that only an admin would be able to do it so they can’t even blame anyone else.
  5. I get all of my info from the wiki (server config), but you could alway try a custom ini generator. You’ll find the settings you want quite easily because the descriptions will be obvious.
  6. @azuramoon The wording of your comment raises a few eyebrows.
  7. @CalamityRains FYI, every server has a default timed-restart that you can set manually on the Nitrado interface. If you wait until the 3..2..1.. ends then it will always appear to crash but it’s actually just restarting. You still need to contact Nitrado if your server is stuck in a restart loop though. I usually try and fix it myself first by restoring the last back up game save or the 1 before. Failing that I’ll contact Nitrado immediately after.
  8. As far as I’m aware, the reason the cross play option was removed is because it’s on permanently.
  9. You can host as many servers as you want on separate Xbox’s but they’ll never be clustered because console player dedicated doesn’t support that feature.
  10. To be fair the trailer had a Griffin in it so if that wasn’t the case then people would likely not be up in arms about it, but at the end of the day it was Wildcard’s decision to make the map official so they have the final say unfortunately.
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