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  1. You clearly don't understand what I am saying, as you resort to immature name calling and repeating the same false statements I just informed you were not correct. I will repeat: Integrating it into the main game does not force you to see ANY tek. It can keep the EXACT gameplay experience you have today. I don't understand why you keep bringing up about redoing something. My point was there that wildcard SAID integrating it would wipe your progress - it sounds like you are saying "I'm okay with that, I've dealt with it for 2 years" - However I was arguing that their statement is false. It's possible for them to integrate it without a wipe. But hey if you're ok with loss, that's not my problem anymore. But it's unnecessary to force a wipe. Integrating it leaves it EXACTLY as you are use to using it today. You configure the server to run it as P+, and instead of the problems and broken updates, it just has less bugs in the future. ~ I'm out now.
  2. At least on xbox, you can make a new Xbox profile and play it without buying the game again. then simply switch profile and load game up (shares games with main). Or just get off the horrible place called official and find a good server that gets rid of the Mindwipe cooldown, so you can mindwipe as often as you want.
  3. Seekers are on surface, in artifact caves, and the radiation zone.
  4. I've noticed some funkyness with transferring too. even my character is reverting levels it seems. but not sure if its some setting our server has out of sync over diff maps.
  5. On PvP doing so on raft was recently declared as against ToS, but it is allowed on PvE. As for general "lowering" of foundations, I think if its purely for cosmetic detail and doesn't offer an advantage, it should be fine for PvP too. But it's subjective to say if the lowering technique is a glitch/bug or intended game mechanic. I think rafts are more specifically called out for EXPANDING them as not allowed but i'm not sure if it was really answered if lowering in order to protect the raft using ark building techniques is really considered an exploit or not.
  6. Or just escape that hell hole of official, find a good unofficial server that actually has active support/admins, who will enforce fair building policies. On our server, you aren't allowed to build within 30 foundations of another players border. It use to even be not allowed to build within RENDER of another player. We have a server with 25~ people on in the evenings, with no pillars, no traps littered everywhere. The admins enforce the building rules, and wipe out abandoned traps. You can have nice things without redesigning the game, just gotta leave the flawed official servers that have non existent support.
  7. Are you checking all 3 surfaces? I've also read there can only be 1, so if it's at another surface, it doesn't matter how much you clear or look at the surface you are at, it's not going to be there.
  8. The poster has a valid point. This thread is relevant information and it is better to use the same thread than it is to make a new one. It is BAD to make a new thread in this case as Google Search results are going to find this one. Keep information contained. So no, it doesn't need closed. "Don't bump old threads" only is applicable when the thread no longer contains relevant content. This one does, and is mostly still valid. Note this is one of the most viewed threads in this forum. As for fighting queens, yes it is normal to have to heal after 2 if you are using a primitive saddle. An upgraded saddle will make a world of a difference in damage taken, but higher level queens will end up dishing out more damage. It would be recommended to take like a megalo army with you too, to deal out faster DPS, though they'll likely steal aggro from you. You can also use a shotgun while on back of drake for faster DPS than the drake can do. The region in bottom left corner of map is more land accessible for finding queens, so you can glide over there on drake and unpod some megalo's to help with the hunting. Also, I recommend getting MasterCraft/Asc hazmat suit with 250+ durability before doing this, so you can stay down longer and less risk if you get knocked off by a Purlovia of suit breaking.
  9. At the Obelisk, where you can transfer to Extinction to get them. (They don't drop on Valguero)
  10. If you turn off Detailed Graphics on the X, the difference is massive. Entering Rockwell on anything but an X generally crashes people. People lag around my base when I don't. I played on my brothers S and it was so noticeable how much slower it was. Comparing S to X with DG turned on, yes won't be a huge difference, but you'll also have much longer load times with DG on. I don't need DG, so it's a huge improvement.
  11. There are separate actual caves on Aberration, the general open areas are not treated as caves. But yes plenty of good hiding spots on ab. Don't know on val.
  12. Latest update causing increased character loss? Hello, In roughly 24 hours I have lost my character 3 times and at least 3 other people have lost theirs Case 1 through 4: Transferred server, choose spawn point, start the login, briefly see world, disconnect. Login: Create new character Case 5: Character was logged out pre update. Logged in post update for first time to Create new character - no xfer occurred Case 6: Logged out to fix inventory desync bug (when you get too many items and cant see some items) - logged in Create new Character - no xfer occurred As a developer, I'm aware the latest update worked on code dealing with transfers to prevent character duplication. This means code dealing with character association was touched, leaving me highly suspicious that this update is the source of the increased rate of loss. Who else is seeing higher rates of loss since update? This is on unofficial servers.
  13. [Developers] Loss of Character on Transfer - Code solution This is to the developers as a solution to a long standing problem with character loss. I lost my character twice yesterday upon transferring to a new map. I transfer to destination, choose my spawn location, hear the armor unequip/equip sound, even see the world briefly, and get disconnected. Login and no character. Upon creating a new character, my body is sleeping on the ground, tribe member can access loot, etc. The character is clearly "detached" from my gamer tag. This indicates that either there is no Map<GamerTagID, SpecimenID> being maintained, which really there should be, or else the value for this map is not being inserted until the END of the transfer process. a solution would be to ensure that mapping is inserted before the character is removed from the cloud. (worse case scenario with this approach is if the transfer fails, you simply have a dud entry in the map for a gamertag that doesn't have a character there, which isn't a big deal) It also might be worth storing a double link if not already occurring, so that if no character is found, scan all active characters and look for the reverse link. Character loss is a devastating experience in this game, please help improve and resolve the easy ones to avoid this massive headache. This should be such a trivial problem to fix if it is simply changing order of the association mapping insertion. I'm on Xbox but this problem is likely shared to all platforms. @complexminded
  14. I can see cost being harder on official servers yeah... But with an Element Dust gacha, the element is pretty easy to obtain. But yes it is expensive to risk in PvP. I do agree why doesn't the BP's come with the labels? There is obviously different quality tiers, and the rifle even comes in standard qualities, why not armor. Also agree on helmet. Tribe mate died last night as he discovered its not same as a Hazmat helmet, despite it protecting from radiation. I would like to add, give a full TEK Suit an Air Conditioner bonus too. it doesn't make any sense that this end game armor has you struggling with heat protection. Have to carry a piece of Ghillie on me to survive my furnaces. Why does it even need to give negative insulation? Why isn't every piece coming with TEK Personal Air Cooling?
  15. I strongly recommend taking this as reason to escape that horrible place called official. There are some well ran unofficial servers out there that has quality administration teams, with no admin abuse, etc. On these, you can talk to actual humans and they can help with problems to ensure you don't lose stuff. Not to mention, your transfers wouldn't of even been disabled anyways. Yes there's a lot of bad apples out there, but take the time and find the promiseland.
  16. Someone or multiple people effectively obtained admin on some official servers, stealing things from tribes, disabling anti cheat, etc. WildCards been super quiet about it.
  17. Speaking as a developer, this is pretty spot on. I just wish ark gave us better options to reduce structure counts. Until Valguero, most locations are forced to use ceilings and things get worse on official where you have structure clipping enabled.
  18. Reported over 3 different platforms and even in ATLAS. Can we please get some action on this issue? Climbing picks are VITAL to Aberration gameplay.
  19. Climbing Picks (which sadly are now even MORE broken if you even manage to get one, thanks WC), Canteens (confirmed as a bug on the bug thread) You can't even learn them. I think I might be missing 1 or 2 more.
  20. Only if those servers did that by mistake. The engrams don't even show up in the list on P+. Server admins likely copy paste engram configs to do it and might include non P+ engrams, but if they don't do that, shouldn't happen.
  21. Well I was actually kind of serious. A mega tribe is a tribe with lots of members. In them, newbies pretty much do all the grunt work to provide for the tribe in hopes of working their way up the ranks.
  22. they are made out of blood sweat and tears of newbies.
  23. Stop playing official. Official doesn't really have support. Unofficial you can find a server with an active admin team who will handle that situation for you fast. On the server I play, there are no pillars. Stuff like this can be resolved in minutes to hours. Unofficial can be the promise land if you find a good server. That can be a challenge yes, but take the time to find a good server and then you'll truly see how horrible official is.
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