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  2. is it just me or kapros do 3 hit when they launch at you on scorched?
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  4. Hey there, im looking to create a Python script which will be run through a Discord Bot on discord to detect cheats within Ark servers. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so is there a information hub about this somewhere or another discussion about this elsewhere i can checkout so i can get all the information i need in order to start on this.
  5. i just wanna know if any of you has the book of the collector edition. im very interest in buy one and i cant find it anywhere. can you please help me?
  6. hey, looking to join but discord invite link is expired Could you pls fix?
  7. yep its still good stats and as well for singleplayer im actally getting ready for this fight agian right now and the rexes i use are REALLY mutatet but you should be good with dose stats and of course a yuty and some daeodons
  8. Second video in my road to ark 2 series http://Ark Survival Evloved - Taming our First Dino!! https://youtu.be/fIRMkCSPh_o
  9. I don't know if anyone has come up with this before but i had an idea i wanted to share. I really like the machines in Horizon zero dawn and forbidden west, and also the ones in extinction but the ones in Horizon zero always seemed better in some ways , so i was thinking if anyone would be fine with developing a mod where all those machines can be imported in ark with some special taming methods or something. I just thought it would be really cool and if it is possible then i would like to try that mod someday.
  10. I just typed out a whole comment asking the same thing lol I didn't even see this. I hope there won't be cheaters though
  11. So on the official servers this releases on should I expect a problem with cheaters running these servers with aimbot and other cheats?
  12. As a left handed, it allways bothered me a little bit that the tools are allways in the right hand. I think all lefties playing this game would apprechiate an option in the character creator to make the character left handed. I'm no programmer, but in my opinion it wouldn't be that hard to do, since you only need to flip the character model and the first person hand models. Thanks for reading.
  13. Well, you can play with mods. You just can't play with certain specific mods, and knowing that is half of the battle when you're troubleshooting. And just to be clear, when you use mods like "dino overhaul" have you tested to confirm that even that mod running only by itself will cause the crashes? If a mod works fine when it's the only mod being used then you pretty much can't blame the individual mod for the problem. There are 3 basic categories of problems with mods: 1) A mod causes a problem even when it's the only mod running. This is just a bad mod, plain and simple. But if other people are not complaining about a mod like you are then this is not the problem you're having. If a mod is bad you can look at that mod page and you'll see lots of other people complaining about the same thing. 2) A mod experiences a problem when mods aren't loaded in the correct order. I haven't personally experienced this in a long time, but I'm sure it can still happen. This is something that should be documented on the web page for that mod, the mod makers are pretty good at telling people when the order matters. 3) Some mods just don't play well together. If two different mods both need to modify the same asset in the base game then they're not going to both run, because one mod modifies the asset which prevents the second mod from modifying the asset. This is pretty rare nowadays, almost all of the mod makers in ARK have learned to add their own custom assets for their mods and leave the vanilla assets alone. The exception would be Total Conversion mods, as far as I know you simply can't run more than one total conversion mod at a time). If you're having problems with some specific mods, but not other mods, then you're going to need to read the web page for each of the mods that have problems and see if the mod maker has provided any information that will help you get to the root of the problem.
  14. LFM 1x Official PVP steam/epic Experience not important but ideally 500+ global hours Discord: Beanss#8201
  15. Adult with lots of experience in Ark. loved being in a tribe for 2 years and playing the game with people. I went hardcore in it, setting an alarm for 2 hour intervals for an entire day to imprint Dino’s and whatnot (this was before cryo pods). Ran my own server for a year but spent the last few years away due to work. I am still full time and play other games, but would like to hop on an official server and work on gathering materials, hunting down a new tame, or beating a boss with other players. I will attempt to reclaim my OG character that was over level 105, but doubt I can find them (may be on a legacy server). I originally stopped playing official first when our tribe was infiltrated by trolls while me and another were on vacation (foolish tribemate recruited them) and again going solo when I had a massive base and everything you could want get deleted by the snow biome addition to the island even though I was outside the danger zone. I want to come back to officials as a casual player. Currently messing around on Switch Scorched Earth and loving it, but I must get on every week to keep my stuff and there are issues where nothing spawns when I hop on and need meat for my tames. Having a tribe would fix that.
  16. Hello to everybody. Have such a question: I played more than 2 years Ark Mobile on my iPad, but have a plan to give that iPad to my mother, by the way, I bought new iPhone and I want to play my old scenario on my new device. On iPad I played single player local game, but now I want to replace my game from old iPad to new iPhone. Please help me to do that. Also, when I try to make a copy to cloud on old iPad save it tells me about a mistake(this continues more than one year). But when I start playing this game, creating cloud save was not a problem, but once it began to show mistake. So please, help me continue playing. Thank you so much for your answers.
  17. Really Glad it will be in third person similar to Ark though the switchable first and third person would've been more desirable. Third person helps with the "dizzy gamers" so more people can play it. My friends said they might not get Ark 2... but we are secretly hoping for some improvement somewhere... a light of hope in the dark.
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  19. Still not working on any map, xbox series s, they were nuked from the game on consoles, only available to those on Pc version now.
  20. Bug reports -> https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/
  21. When retrieving eggs from Wyvern nests in Asgard or any others besides for Wyvern eggs, they disappear as soon as you pick them up. You pick up eggs and look in your inventory they are gone. Been that way since update and it's sad because we can't get Event Ice, Poison, or Lightning Wyverns. Server is PVE Fjordur crossplay official 2015. Please fix asap. Thanks.
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