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  2. I'm having the same issue, I can find dedicated servers but no unofficial pc sessions.
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  4. Hi Mirage I found one issue with some dino displaying twice. These are not copies or duplicates, in each case there is only one on the map, but in the app many dinos are displayed twice. I checked which dinks are shown twice and found that those that are blocked by a teak leash, on hitching post, in Gacha Gavager, Children in Meawings/Procoptodon etc. I don't know how it works exactly, but my guess is that their ID is assigned to these devices, which is why they appear twice in the file, and the remaining data is taken from the real dino. I'm guessing that's why you might have had a function to remove duplicates in your code, because of this bug, which shows not only a truly duplicated dino, but also a normal one sometimes doubled. There are 2 options, you can try to filter them somehow, or just turn on the function you had before, but then real duplicates will not be visible. Kind regards
  5. Bambams Solos Windows10 /Xbox Pre-Season: October 7th 2023 12:00 PM PST Server Stats 🌐 20X 🌐 Instant Levels 🌐 6 Week Wipes 🌐 Custom Caves! 🌐 Instant Tame 🌐 Max Wild Dino Level 150 🌐 100% Imprint 🌐 150 Turret Limit 🌐 Easy Craft Items 🌐 Cheapest Dono Shop Around 🌐 Bosses only require artifact (PrupleDrops) 🌐 Turret Damage 1x 🌐Custom Loot Drop 🌐Raid bases & Events Come join the server community. Server suggestions welcomed!!!!!! https://discord.gg/mNdVb4x7Jw
  6. I'm guessing you'd be ok for about 5 people on a map before they start to see some lag. Each person on a map will consume some RAM and CPU, so the performance will look ok while no-one is logged in. Mods will also consume RAM and CPU - but I can't estimate their effect as I don't have mods on my server.
  7. Certainly NOT a fast bird, CI already has two exclusives Tropeognatus and TropicalWyrm. A small and difficult to find (female) lizard on the floating islands and in the BloodWyrm area, a slightly larger (male) lizard that is even more difficult to find inside the Griffin nest and on Eldrich Island; that can be carried on the shoulders in pairs, different abilities between male and female (e.g. female carries enough weight, male some special function); Rare Spawns; taming method: bring a Glowtail (high efficiency, shorter times) or a Jerboa (low efficiency, longer times) with you and leave it on the ground near him to make friends. !^^!
  8. You've been introducing a lot of new creatures and features, but what about basics? Do we know if we will fix the transmitter bug which after a couple transfers it stops listing actually extisting servers? And not finding the server you attempt to transfer? Do we know if we will fix the error which stucks you onto the cloud Ark Data label and not let you move at all, not let you even cancel, etc? Besides dynamic water so much said, and dynamic fluids, is it possible to feature dynamic blood? Cause well we're already risking the game's adult or adolescent clasification tag and taxes, then explode all of its potential, let creatures who are injuried, and die, depending on the physical violence will spill blood around? This would be my only suggestion for ascended, fix basic bugs and do most fluids work like in real physics.
  9. Hello! I'm fairly new to ARK in a whole. I've tried my hand at some ARK RP servers and I must admit I'm a rather big fan now. Creating a new world! Developing, Trading, Battling and just progressing through the game as someone a part of a Tribe .. Prolly some of the most fun I've had in a long time on a game with friends! After doing some research, checking out some different ARK servers to get and fuel my Ideas.. I have decided to open an ARK server of my own! I love Greek Mythology.. Gladiator Era. So this is the theme of it! So the Admins of my server as well as I are all Greek Gods. We help players, create events and quests for players alike to join in on and complete! And of course, there are rewards for completing God Quests as well as Being in the top 3 for events! You start out on the beach.. Itching your arm just like any other ARK beginning. You locate your place of preference and you begin your life! As you progress through the game, in our discord we have set goals for players to reach for and complete in order to level up yourself, you tribes level. Leveling yourself up will grant you rewards such as better engrams, obtaining beneficial items for you and your tribe to use to improve your resource harvesting, damage output/input and more! With us being so new, the only downfall is we only have about 60-70 players in the Discord.. So I figured I'd try to reach out to Reddit and see if I can't come and find some new players who are just as enthusiastic about ARK as the rest of us! The new, freshly wiped server will launch this Friday at 3pm Western, 6pm Eastern. If you feel like you'd like to test the waters and or are up for a fun, grindy challenge with Custom Created Classes, a Whole discord community.. Then please give us the benefit of the doubt and come to check it out! It's a US Server with 70 slots! Join our Discord! : hzKDHxN8g
  10. Ragnarok Override should be the original Ice Wyvern, but I could be mistaken on that. Ice Wyvern was initially a Lightning Wyvern that could breath blue fire. No, they can't interbreed. Unsure if Ragnarok Override can even be spawned anymore.
  11. When looking at blueprints for admin commands, I learned there are multiple Fire Wyvern choices. - Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire - Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override What is the difference? Which are wild on Fjordur in the volcano island trench? Can the two inter-breed?
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  13. Phoenix Dawn Server Cluster All inclusive and safe PVE servers that take player satisfaction seriously and beyond. Join us, we won’t disappoint! Want somewhere with that official feel without all the bad bits? Join our Vanilla plus servers. What makes it plus? Plugins that allow Epic players to join the fun! Vanilla+ Details: Epic players friendly Wild Dino level: 150 3x rates Plugins for added fun and comfort Maps: Lost Island The Island Fjordur Want a slow and comfy cluster that still has the chaos of Ark? Join our Comfy Rogue servers! With mods like Immersive Taming, Paleo Ark, CFK, and more! You’re bound to enjoy your time here! Comfy Rogue details: Wild Dino level: 350 Modded Maps: Crystal Isles Fjordur Gen2 5x rates Looking for more of an overhaul feel to Ark? Join our Grim Dawn servers, we rotate the overhaul mods every few months Current overhauls up is Primal Fear on Crystal Isles Eternal on Valgeuro Monthly Events and frequent giveaways! Custom ArkShops! Discord link: https://discord.gg/SgPVtfyQ Server IP’s Vanilla + Fjordur- Lost Island - The Island - Comfy Rogue Fjordur - Genesis 2 - Crystal Isle - Grim Dawn Eternal/ Valgeuro - Primal fear/ Crystal Isles -
  14. I got to say that I’m a Gorgonops fan and I’m really hoping that this time it will get into ASA on the perfect map for it. But I do also like the Ozimek and Jumper and put them pretty high on my list.
  15. User Generated Content means it was made by Garuga in ASA developer kit which means it is UE5 content. You can see he is in the ASA early access developer kit and not ASE because there is an image of the site in the bottom right corner of the picture.
  16. Back at the beginning of the talks of ASA. Plus FromtheDepths (One of the main team members of Ark Additions and the Paleo Mod, if I spelled his name correctly) announced that Ark Additions and his paleo mod were going to be CrossPlatform
  17. Instead of a new creature they should just add rock drakes to the area that has them on the original mod map. Alternatively, some sort of creature that masks detection from parasaurs, for primarily PVP usage would be interesting. Or maybe a shoulder pet that adds armor to your character.
  18. It would be nice if we could see some actual actual gameplay footage before ASA is scheduled for release and not a fancy pre-rendered trailer.
  19. so thats a creature for the island then? because all we know is its name .... not been rotten but yes its says it will be available as a mod at launch but for what place? and even so WC / SG might charge us a couple of quid (or more most likely - if its a paid mod) just to have that ONE dino on the island / wherever lol Its just too vague atmo for many of the community which with such a SHORT amount of time left we really shouldnt be this much in the shadows
  20. brochoadmones the many finned fish murrindalaspis polymerichthys Ornithoprion Gladiopycnodus Anglaspis polysentor allenypterus Rebellatrix Glyptolepis
  21. Dasyleptus a very early insect with giant mantis leg like mandibles
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