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  2. ARK: State of the Game

    Seriously? 2 years of waiting and we now have to wait for the ps4 cert ? 8.8 was the definitive date, and bc ps4 may/May not pass cert, the rest of the users have to wait? It's not a patience issue at this point....
  3. probably wanna correct this if 8 days later, it isnt accurate at all . . .
  4. I was browsing state of game and Jat posted that he is aware retailers are changing the release date cause ps4 certification problems and he can't say anything officially about release date which makes me think they are unsure. Wouldn't there be huge fines and ultimately take resources/funds away from improving performance and the new servers.
  5. Can anyone please help me?? Every time I go to join a server I get stuck on the loading screen whenever the snapshot_10 shows up, this started since the most recent update on ps4. I just really want to play the game I paid for all help is appreciated, thanks.
  6. Is anyone else having is an issue with artifact crates not spawning in caves after update 510? So far all I can do is spawn them in which sucks seeing as I'd prefer not to use cheats to play. Also I noticed I'm still not getting the skin for having all artifacts (the bunny ears I think) even though I had originally collected them and have spawned them all in since the update to try getting it to work. I don't know if they 2 are related or not but it's might be.
  7. Snapshot 10 loading screen

  8. Have the same issue reported it since July 17, and still nothing from wildcard... since then I haven't created a character at all, loss a argy in the process transferring to another server... i like the game, but don't love it haven't play the game with my only one main account... will be easy to quit this game with no problems, so many issues in this game. when I went back to after 2 months BATTLEFIELD 1 multiplayer, I just forgot how good is a well done product... I know that wildcard is a small company, but come on, you guys add something to the game because it was so SANDBOX, and on top on that on the oficial Wikipedia app of ark it says. There have been reports of players losing their character by using the transmitting-feature, so use this feature at your own risk.[citation needed] (6% chance to lose all items and saved character data.)[citation needed] Are you kidding me, a 6% chance? It looks like a 96% chance for all the research I have done ther a 100s of people with this issue... oh wait, is a early access... the game is out since 2015 we at 2017 wow, my wife bought the game for $60 the biggest regret so for this year for me in gaming... sorry for for my rant but had to put it out there somewhere... have a good one guys and wildcard team, sorry it a offended someone... Sorry for my English I from Puerto Rico well English is my second language...
  9. ARK: State of the Game

    While seemingly unrelated, will this possibly push back Ragnarok on consoles? Asking for a friend...
  10. Tek troughs eliminate the need to cook the meat in the first place saving tons of time 20 gigas on 10 tek troughs would only need 1 meat run a day no cookingg required not sure what kind of pvp you play but very useful to my tribe
  11. Cant reupload tames

    Probably just wasn't functioning on PS4 but the timer has always been there for us on xbox.
  12. I'm still unable to log into the server on my laptop. I still need help.
  13. Snapshot_10

    oh ok, so the little file name in the bottom left corner of the screen when starting up the game. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. I think we should have a dino discussion subforum, with people discussing the different creatures in the game, such as which dinos are best for boss fights, Trike vs Stego, etc.
  15. New island boosted server taming max breeding 15x everything else is boosted rules no blocking resources no passive killing unless in battle you can only make TWO bases add: pyrhex
  16. Explorer notes reset after restart

    Having the same problem on PS4. Any fix for this?
  17. Snapshot_10

    The server I'm trying to join is 497, but my friends are playing on it as I speak. I don't want to have to delete my local data cause it sounds like that'll lose my survivor's current gear. I'm wearing Journeyman Flak that I don't have the BP for, and a shotgun given to me by an Alpha that I can't possibly replace.
  18. New island boosted server taming max breeding 15x everything else is boosted rules no blocking resources no passive killing unless in battle you can only make TWO bases add: pyrhex
  19. My map and Explorer notes keep resetting every time I transfer or log on on PS4...
  20. Breeding mutations

    How do the mutations affect stats potentially when the mutations list like 1200/20 one parent and 1100/2 on the other parent? For example say you had a melee of 525 with both parents how could you get an offspring with 565? I was speculating that 20 of the 1200 would or could apply maybe. so would that mean that there were 20 melee mutations applied out of the 1200 possible mutations?
  21. Snapshot_10

    On server 630 on ps4 i can not rejoin the server after a blue screen I now can not load in since I am stuck on loading snapshot 10
  22. 109 server down If you have not already done so please feel free to fill out the server outage report. It is the fastest way to get the information to the developers. FYI
  23. ARK: State of the Game

    Wait, what? Are you saying the full game may not release on the 8th?
  24. Snapshot_10

    I'm stuck at snapshot_10 as well and it's utterly unplayable. This is incredibly frustrating.
  25. Where are the ps4 patch notes?

    I'm yet to turn on the PS and look at it.. I have a lot of things that I haven't done because I was waiting for this patch..
  26. ARK: State of the Game

    There have been a few posts regarding the release date and why some retailer sites are displaying a different date to what we initially announced. This is because We're currently working on getting the game through PlayStation 4 Certification at the moment (as all platforms will need to release simultaneously). As soon as we've got a definitive update to the release date, we'll let you know officially.
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