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  2. the mission is so hard to beat solo or duo there is so many times ive had everything dead but the turtles almost never take enough damage please balance their health to be more in line the damage to health ratio for them is just sad.
  3. Are you still looking. We have a group of 3 the same thing happens. We looking for more help. We prefer 18 but if your a chill kid we could bring you on. We play almost everyday with multiple people on at once. Hit me up on psn bostong_612
  4. So you're fine with the idea that humans-who-aren't-entirely-human are living on flatland maps that are floating in space inside of spheres of unknown origin, they enter the world as adults who know absolutely nothing about their life before that moment when they woke up naked on a beach, these not-quite-humans are able to progress from knowing absolutely nothing about the universe or even the world they live in to being able to produce tek equipment and travel through dimensions, they're living alongside species that range from hundreds of millions of old to merely 10,000 years ago on the sam
  5. Hey do crystal wyerns need primal crystal to grow up or is it just for imprinting
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  7. I like what you're thinking, but I also think they should have separate offline raiding protection from normal pvp. You need to have faith that your base will hold up, and be motivated to do more than make a thatch house. I still agree with u tho
  8. Its frustrating playing beginner servers (which I do to get away from tek, gigas and op gear) and being merc'd by someone who has a chibi and has ascended, which allows them to get yellow drops and have access to things like argies. Im just a guy who wants to have a fair chance without having to p2w.
  9. to get wyvern milk, you must find a wild female wyvern, knock it out with tranquillizers, then take the milk out of its inventory.
  10. Does anybody know if the Dino Damage and Dino Resistance sliders in the settings menu only affect wild creatures, tamed, or both?
  11. It's not a password problem. I just tested disabling my server's password, restarting, and still couldn't find it in Stadia's list. It's a game client version problem. Stadia's version is still 337.1. It needs to be updated to 337.13 to be compatible with the server version 337.15.
  12. YMMV, but I consider the drill to be a must have tool for short range resource movement. Shuttling stone to the chem station or grinder is epic with the drill. Also, moving metal from storage to forge is much faster. It also has good use for general quick gather of most items. It is a fair swap for the pick/axe/sickle combo. If I want to spot build in stone, it is great to quickly gather and build at the same time. Depends on how rich the resource is. I do love a magmasaur for stone/wood/thatch gathering while holding a drill to transfer/build the pieces. But I do agree it is not a
  13. Hey im looking for a tribe my dc is JayS#8420
  14. Hey im looking for a tribe my dc is JayS#8420
  15. Hey im looking for a tribe my dc is JayS#8420
  16. Hey im looking for a tribe my dc is JayS#8420
  17. Most likely because they would have to revamp the pod system. The strider has a built in transmitter and tek sleeping pod, but they are put there using the platform system to allow structures on it. The pods only allow the Dino and a saddle to go into the pod, the striders would need to also take the sleeping pod and transmitter as well and the podding system can’t handle that. They change it and there could be all sorts of odd implications.
  18. Yes, ARK did, in fact, do the illogical thing again. You can get your own wyverns to make you more wyverns, but you still have to rely on unrelated, wild, extremely angry wyverns to actually raise the babies.
  19. talking about logic in a videogame is always kind of a facepalm. but anyway what egg laying creature is nursing their baby that you want the mother to get milk??? beside the platypus.
  20. please even like 10 seconds
  21. Hey, what´s up. I wanted to ask of the milk of wyvenrs babys. I know that the I know that the breeding of wyverns was enabled about a year ago but I would like to know if there is any option that enables the mother of the wyvern to give milk to the baby, because, of course, it should, but I can't find the way. I hope ARK has not done a completely illogical thing again.
  22. think the game is gonna be very different. I wouldn't be surprised if they go with a better form of ORP, raid times, safe areas of the map, a combination of that or something new entirely. No way to know until they say though.
  23. Well, more like ark 1 before it was broken. I'm sure Ark 2 is gonna be way different and they're prolly gonna change pvp entirely. Also the bad news is that I doubt ark 2 is coming out until at least 2023
  24. So basically you want Ark 2, HAVE I GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU
  25. Server Name: The Divine Vales Discord Link: https://discord.gg/x5wms7vXYz Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2584879689 Map: Valguero Gamemode: PVP/PVE Voice RP Friendly: Yes Text RP FRiendly: Yes Fliers Allowed: No Whitelist: Yes Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Loot Crates Enabled:no EXP: 2x Harvesting: 2x(basic Resources boosted extra 2x) Taming: 4x Breeding: 11x Server Lore: Hundreds of years ago there was a beautiful, peaceful place named The Divine Vales. where creatures and the mort
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