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  2. Can you please add breed limit server setting via ini server files? BreedLimit=On/Off (On = turns on the below settings, otherwise breed limits are ignored, default to "Off") WildBreedLimit=0-999 (0 means wild tamed dinos can't breed) OffSpringBreedLimit=0-999 (0 means babies born from wild tamed dinos can't breed) Also please add a counter in the dinos info somewhere, eg 1/3, indicating it has bred once and can breed 2 more times. Why add this? Breeding dinos exponentially raises the power creep. A max breed dino can reach lvl
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  4. Lamentable gestión, después de la pérdida de objetos, huevos y construcciones con el parche 699.7 y no solucionar nada, tampoco ponen evento evo estas semanas para compensar. Los servidores no funcionan bien y la comunidad no les importa nada.. Tienen medios para mejorar y poder tener el mejor juego de supervivencia pero lo único que saben hacer es sacar dlcs gratuitos con mas fallos que el anterior. No entiendo la filosofía de los desarrolladores, si se escuchara a la comunidad mejoraria el juego al 100%. Corregir errores no mas mapas sin sentido.
  5. I find all the empty posts simply complaining about an empty crunch. Amusing.
  6. Having the same problem on singleplayer and this has gone on since turkey trials but for some reason wildcard doesn't fix it even with all the bug reports
  7. Hello BetterthanGood, Thank you for joining our tribe! We would love to have you join us for raids, pvp, pve, community events and ect. Right now, we are planning to build a new base. However, the main base currently is stationed at my home world. We are open to new ideas and concepts, so please feel free to make any suggestions to the tribe rules or anything else. Regards, Keith,
  8. Is it an official server? If so, the decay timers depend on the material (thatch for the lowest to tek for the highest). This will show you the decay timers. Note that the highest for tek teleporters is 40 days, but the highest for tek walls is 20 days: I lost all of my bases and tames from 4 years of playing as a tribe of 1 when my character disappeared in a transfer. Despite putting in a support ticket on the same day, my turn was not called until 2 months later when it was too late and 4 years of progress in breeding lines, gear and structures had decayed. I learned a valua
  9. Honest to god if you don't have anything ready for a crunch then either don't bother or put an evo event! There is no point in this besides being an advertisement, waste of a 300th CC milestone
  10. yeah guys, in the process of learning and with frustration, in the summer of 2020 on the PS4, I played with the imprinting stats and all my dinos started one tapping everything. That was no fun. I know balance is difficult with so many variables, but as a single player with no guidance in an ambiguous game, I was honestly level 50-60 ish before I ever rode a mount or farmed berries with a dino. I kept getting hammered by raptors and losing everything. Also, this is rich, I also could not cook meat on a campfire and my first cooked meat was actually from a cooking pot in a recipe. The hint said
  11. I was afk for about two weeks in pve and when I logged in all of my buildings and tames were gone... This doesn't make any sense since the decay timers I've seen on buildings and structures is usually 100+ days... What happened to my account..?
  12. Do the possibility to use cryo in cave tek (In solo? PVE only? PVP n' PVE, Solo?) solo at least. because its hard to have 5, 10 dinos to follow us in this cave. Add this possibility like cave.
  13. Ark digest said this come soon..haha never see that and lymantria is...hm is useless? i don't know..need lymantria product silk. thanks. And please if this in a DLC, do more for other dinos because its not enought just add silk product for lymantria
  14. seriously..this never add? DILO scorched earth 20$ never had a real end.. its like a FREE DLC by modder. Lymantria dont product silk ?
  15. I still don't get how they manage to break the entire game, not just the new map and creatures. I was looking for a Night Owl in the snow biome and couldn't see any....until I realised I the reason I couldn't see them was, because all that was rendering in was a single grey&blue triangle, they just blended in with everything. What a joke....
  16. Bump Updated the servers to 2x stacking and also added Rare Sightings mod.
  17. But then, it was erased. I'm sorry.
  18. Actually, I found something like this. ↓ https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/18203021 I looked at the fan content guide on the official forum page, is it ok to sell ARK line stamps for a fee?
  19. CV Ark PVE XBOX/PC JUST SEARCH CVARK (UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS) From proven server stats to helpful admins, we are looking to make this one of the best ARK servers you have ever played! Please see discord link at the bottom to join up today! Lost Island is here! 20 Slots PVP EVENT MAP COMING SOON! We run giveaways frequently and have events planned throught the new year! Don't miss out! We hope to see you soon! ━━━━☆ CLUSTER MAPS ☆━━━━ Lost Island - 20 Slots Gen 2 - 16 Slots Ragnarok - 10 Slots Island - 10 Slots Extinction - 10 Slots Aberration - 10 Slots
  20. Official pve I left the game for a while due to irl stuff however around christmas I restarted. I'd left my character on gen 2 and so he was there available to redownload. But otherwise everything I had decayed, so it was almost starting from scratch. I've made a smallish base on gen 2, tamed up a storm of things I wanted and traded a few more tricky tames (I enjoy taming) for good eggs etc. Whilst I've "beaten" the game in single player, I've never done the bosses on official. So the past 2 weeks I have been focussing on that. Made a small outpost on an island server and
  21. I’ve played ark mobile on off for a few years, but after fairly recently getting PC, I can see it needs something to Refresh gameplay. Thanks in advance.
  22. I believe the level cap for tames on official is still 450? But I also thought that you'd get a warning or notification to stop you overlevelling a tame? Or maybe I'm just I'm not remembering correctly. I have a few tames that have reached the 450 mark and constantly have the level up available message, but I was concerned that they'd be lost if I did by force of habit. It's shadowmanes if that makes any difference.
  23. that's a nice video ! snaptube vidmate
  24. from what I heard they are good at the server speed ! never used them tho
  25. Thank you. I thought it was weird, as everything except for aberration sword says that its available for season pass owners, while aberration sword says that its available for people who pre purchased it. Thought you could at least get other skins. Anyways Thank you for your response, as it gives me more insight on the issue
  26. This site provides great information about gaming like anime and I am very happy to be a newbie here.
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