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  2. Genesis Release Time I saw a server message saying genesis was delayed until 7pm EST instead of 1pm EST like originally, but my friend said he saw another message that said 4pm EST, but I did not see this message. Is genesis going to be release at 4pm or 7pm?
  3. Genesis and the release time I just want to express my general frustration. I cannot be the only one, but the release time to be at 7pm EST which is the time I have to head to bed to be to work at 1am is rough. I am part of a full discord of people that took off the day to play this new map just to be punched in the gut and not be able to enjoy this map like the rest of the community cause we have to work. I get they are trying to do a simultaneous release for all platforms, but like, you knew the time, why not just push it back a whole day to the 26th and do a 10AM release, or release it for the PC audience/which ever console can allow you to release when you can with the PC version. I feel like you guys are betraying the audience as a whole. EU feel scammed, EST feels scammed, and PST feels scammed. Only people that are going to be able to enjoy it is Hawaii. Hope the launch goes well, but goddamn, feelsbadman.
  4. On my Xbox it says Owned but I can’t download it or buy again I tried killing my self it didn’t work
  5. Its a damn shame wildcard cant sell people a game that works ive been bluescreening for 4 days when it was never a prob before
  6. While that's a fair enough point, isn't that the idea of regional servers- that everyone on the server is in the same boat? And there is my point. There are plenty of people for whom that time is incredibly early morning (like the entirety of Australia for example). Someone will always miss out. The times aren't always going to be convenient for you- sometimes you'll be the person to miss out, sometimes it'll be someone else. Yes, it sucks, but that's just how things are, and there's not really anything anyone can do to change the fact it works like that.
  7. How big is the Ark Genisis update? When ark launch their new update, how big will the update be so that we are prepared
  8. No offense, but why play on pve servers at all? Why not just play single player if you dont want to pvp or deal with other people? You knowingly build in a spawn area and complain that other people build there too?
  9. I walked into what looked like a cave on the center map and was killed with a bunch of good cryos i just got off a dude I killed , was unable to get my body back. It wasnt even a dodgy looking cave just an opening you can walk into nowhere near in the mesh.
  10. I seriously dont understand how people can play this game on a PvE server, how boring
  11. This has to be one of the dumbest posts ive ever seen on these forums, and that says a LOT. You basically whine about a bunch of non issues, and then contradict yourself over and over. You didnt play for 2 years, and come back and automatically assume your "huge bases" got dev wiped? They couldnt possible have just gotten raided or abandoned in the TWO YEARS you didnt play right? You also complain about duping and cheating not being fixed, which means you must be using the cheats yourself to know that they still exist. But then why whine about getting dev wiped if you are so anti cheating? What a poop post. I guarantee you are just a trash cheater that got caught and now you are whining about the game because you got caught cheating and got wiped.
  12. https://gyazo.com/070ac44a415ecb7351cb20e9e52b53c4 https://gyazo.com/dada4104596f317bfbd31ff08fa1f0af https://gyazo.com/7c9fbe0f85ba9106b31090d6c5077c75 think castoroide despawn because was in farming mode with doed and he just get trap in a rock unfarmable
  13. @GP I don't like your profile picture it makes me sad. Would you like it if i change my profile to Rick Astly (Rick roll) <---You know this dead meme
  14. submit a ticket it seems people will get compensated but no chance of a rollback. the loss of complete data for everyone is too much of a risk than the people who got exploited or wiped robbed etc like this
  15. redjerboa


    how do you get one?
  16. seems to be no command or patch for the fix as of yet. ill keep u informed if i get any news
  17. I have the same problem. A lot of us do! No supply drops, No giant bees nor beehives, no dienonychus nests, no wyvern nests, broken or semi broken fishing... and apparently its been going on sinse their january winter wonderland update back in early January. im furious they won't even give us an update about the issue and honestly does NOT look good for wildcard with then launching a new DLC... I hope they are working on this issue but communication with their customers and fans is key here. We are left in the dark wondering if they even care at this point. best you can do for blueprints at the moment is try to fish them with sap or leech blood and i say TRY because fishing has been buggy for other plays as well as myself too although fishing seemed to work better today. im sorry man
  18. Mon histoire avec Wilcard ça a commencer comme cela suite à la perte de mon perso et par la suite de ma base qui n'est plus accessible, regardez bien les dates des discutions... mon deuxième ticket Première réponse, j'étais vraiment content, je commençais a croire en Wildcard co Cool il vont m'aider, super, je répond et j'attend un rendez vous... Suite de ma réponse...regardez bien les dates Je leur ai pourtant stipuler plusieurs fois que je jouais seul...là ça commence à m'énerver...ils me font tourner en rond, et là les jours passent, plusieurs ticket de ma part , je me dit que je vis les harceler d'email, etc...et voilà les petite réponse automatiques... A enfin une autre réponse...alors là essayer et vous verrez... on repart à zéro....le 24 février 2020, ça fait maintenant 8 jours, et mes dinos commencent à mourir dans ma base que je surveille de loin sur la map... dernier email aujourd'hui, suite a un harcèlement d'émail de ma part, et là j'arrête pars que je pense que mes dinos ont tous disparus aujourd'hui, après 9 ou 10 jours sans nourritures Leur dernier Email: (plus d'espace pour l'image) Hi Since you requested tribe ownership I am still awaiting visual confirmation of tribe status, via image of tribe roster or confirmation of solo tribe. Once that is received, we can proceed with character restoratio. Thank you for your patience and cooperation thus far. Sincerely, GM Chival Studio Wildcard http://www.studiowildcard.com Security Tip: Please do not give your password to anyone for any reason. Studio Wildcard will NEVER ask you for your password. Note: If your ticket status is pending (you have not responded to us) for over 5 days, it will automatically be set to solved. If this is not the case, feel free to respond to the ticket and it will open it back up. This process is automated and not done by the GM. Bon courage à vous et a bientot, et je continu à aimer ce jeu, malheureusement pour moi
  19. I agree with Dave, we are getting the dlc on the 26th and most people will be in bed in EU due to work and school. Initialy 1pm PST is 9pm in the UK so that's on the same day. This game does not forgive if you miss out on a whole day on release. I was off on release and was hoping to get a head start which of course will not happen. If they wanted to have the game for all then release should be like 10 am PST so that most people can play it around the world.
  20. We have been seeing the comments about the force join and now it has happened to us. One of our tribemembers got cloned and it was saying he kept dying but wasnt. We went to get something outta our cryofridges and all fridges were empty. We were being attacked at time and one of tribemembers said she had seen guy with white name above him when he ran by us. I have been playing this since it was a beta and literally just lost thousands of ours to getting cheated. Also we have SS of tribe attacking us saying someone would be joining our tribe soon. I really hope there will be a rollback for all of tribes who have had this hack happen to them. It will be a joke to see all this come to an end for so many people because they got cheated
  21. I was in-game earlier when the server message popped up saying genesis launches on 25th february at 7pm eastern time. Im in UK so thats 12am, on the 26th february right? Why is it launching at such a retarded time?
  22. No drop's on single play Why is there no drop on almost all map's in single playr the only 1 yhat does is the iland
  23. It wont let me post pictures because i can only upload .39kb? So this is literally all i can post at 1 time. But a reaper queen push our rockdrake under the mesh on the EU abberation crossplay server (there is only one) it had all of our chibis on it as well. Is our drake gone forever? Im sure the chibis are but that was our only drake at the time.
  24. Server Admins on Official Legacy PVE? Hey recently a question was asked by someone on one of the servers I play, and answered by someone named Adam. Some were so happy ti have been answered that we jokingly referred to the player as a prophit and joke when the game gliches that the great Admin Adam has smitten them. Can we please have more Adams? Maybe a contact person for each server? It would be helpful, and is fun :)
  25. Today
  26. Discord: https://discord.gg/gnmeaz6 Clustered Maps: Solitude PvP - Center Solitude PvP - Ragnarok Solitude PvP - Extinction Solitude PvP - Valguero Solitude PvP - Genesis (Coming soon) Server info: Instant tame Instant level Max character 105 Max wild dino 300 Harvest rate 20x Maturation: x120 Incubation: x100 Crop growth: 20x 6 man tribes, no alliance Demo-craft Easy-craft Democraft: To briefly explain demo craft, there are items in the game that cost significantly less to make then what you get from breaking them down. The main items include. Industrial grinder Industrial cooker Industrial forge Industrial grill Rocket turret Tek generator Drops: White drop - Basic kit (flak, tools, whip, tranqs, longneck) with a chance of bp for tools/longneck/whip Blue drop - Assorted saddles and saddle BPS Green drop - Imprinting foods Purple drop - Assorted pre-made armour/bps Yellow drop - Boss fight Red drop - weapon/weapon bps, plant x, y and z seeds, bullet bps Rag desert drops - weapon/weapon bps, plant x, y and z seeds, bullet bps Cave/Underwater drops - Cheaper varients for flak/weapons/soaker bps Custom recipes: shadow steak - raw meat mind wipe - 100 narcoberry 100 stimberry medical brew - tintoberries Kibble - fiber Vege cake - mejoberry Bug repellant - Amarberry Boss fight rewards: Easy - 100 element + tek rifle bp Medium - 280 element + tek railgun bp Hard - 500 element + tek suit/railgun/rifle bp How to join: Set server filter to Unofficial PC Session Search Solitude PvP
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