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  2. Stop expecting PC benefits when you CHOOSE to play on console. You want the benefits of console, and the benefits of owning a PC. You can't have both. Look at the pros and cons of each. Just because the current console has a large hard drive and perhaps even a SSD doesn't mean you have the ram or Vram to run mods. You think 1 community must suffer because another suffer, why? What kind of thinking is that. under that mindset you shouldn't even have a console because there is some people in our world who doesn't have electricity.
  3. Yes men i waiting the fixes for the ferox
  4. Same thing happens if you run out of stam while flying, usually the flyer will fly downward slowly for a little bit looking for land and if none found it will then fall but on extinction it just instantly starts falling.
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  6. You can have multiple troughs, I have I think 12 tek troughs in my breeding setup on 1 map and 6 on another. How it works generally is that your dinos will pick 1 trough to eat from at a time, So I fill 10 troughs and they will all eat from 1 until its empty then will all switch to the next. Its fine to split it up into 1 for berries 1 for meat etc. What others have said is correct tho that sometimes (and Id stress its not an extremely common occurrence) a dino wont eat from the trough and you will need to cryo and uncryo it to get it working again. For me this has only happened with juvenile creatures (specifically gigas). It can happen if your dino was out of render and in stasis when it went from baby to juvi so its a good idea to render them for that switch.
  8. welcome to Join ous on zigz server we have now change passive taming on all maps exept center and rag ! We have now change stacksize on all maps all the maps have change Some decaytime settings Tatch 11 days Wood 23 days Stone 35 days Metal 47 days Glass 44 days Dinos 31 days We have change the name on the maps to zigz. x4 xp x5 harvest x15 taming join our discord https://discord.gg/EtaxjAG we also got fb and Instagram https://www.facebook.com/Zigz-Ark-Survival-PVE-105195184623640/ https://www.instagram.com/zigz_arksurvivalpve/
  9. @LlamaMelon It also crashes for me when it gets to the volume part
  10. Can we have a picture of your galiimimus?
  11. Spanish is my native language and I played the game in that language. After this problem I changed to English and I must say... I will not return any more. The problem of cryopods is not the only one that has the language. Filters for exchanging specific items between inventories have also been broken for years. In English it works perfectly.
  12. We are now in August of 2020 and this has just happened to me i am so angry i lost everything i had a max level event coloured yuty on xbox all i did was log off And log in and i lost everything
  13. All it takes is someone to log a ticket. when I first started on the island that was not a square inch of space to build if it wasn't for a raft base I would have quit altogether.
  14. This. People say that the best kind of players are the ones who play by the rules. If you can't play by the rules, then you have to play private where you can follow your own law.
  15. Ark survival evolved codes of conduct PvE Specific Griefing > Game Blocking - you are not allowed to block other tribes from playing the game on PvEservers. This can include but is not limited to: Building at their base Blocking in other tribes dinos Blocking access in/out of a tribes base Obstructing pathways or waterways for the purpose of denying another tribe access Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc) Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames (such as Dodo, Jerboa, or easy to ‘tame and maintain’ dinos) and/or rafts Leaving tames inside of caves or on obelisk teleportation platforms Leaving tames in mission areas or blocking mission areas with tames > Structure Spamming - placing structures down such as pipes or wires for the purpose of disrupting others gameplay is against our code of conduct. > Intentionally using wild creatures to destroy a player's assets when not in a tribe war. GM intervention may be necessary if your structure or creature is negatively impacting a server (ie. you block off a large portion of the map so that other members of that server cannot access it).
  16. Unable to use mindwipe after months of play I’ve played ark intermittently on PS4 over the last 6 months and I have not been able to use mindwipe during this time. Is it possible to have my levels reset to reallocate my points?
  17. Having 2 single player world's at a single time Is they're anyway I can have 2 single player world's I don't wanna lose my tekbase on one and I want to go fresh on another
  18. [EU]Chaos of the Phoenix Hello Survivers!! Chaos of the Phoenix Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community. The server cluster is PvP, and open to the public. All mods and settings are player suggested, but we don't stray far from the official feel. That means moderate rate boosts We have custom drops Stack mod Custom dino spawns 50xtaming 50X hatch 25X mature Always 100% Imprint Starter kit @ white drop Costum loot create drops Valguero map There also server events where you can get great Loot! who doesnt love loot! Discord: https://discord.gg/HAxw4B Hope to see you soon survivers! The server is on xbox one!! P.S im also working the buggs out still on server so if you have problems you can message me on discord
  19. Infant death? ...wondering if you are getting them to juvi? babies don't ever eat from troughs. But baby to juvie transition, I've heard you have to be online for it to register, and if you are not sometimes they don't switch to eating from their inventory to eating from troughs. E.g. you get them to 7 or 8 % and stuff their inventory and calculate that should get them to 10% but log in the next day to them having died and the trough is untouched.
  20. you never said if this stuff that was stolen was inside or outside and if the doors were pinned coded too. I don't pin code anything from what I understand there are programs out there such as autohotkey. which run a script and can put in the 10,000 combinations within a few hours. since epic giveaway so many free copies and auto Hut key is free. All one would need to do is write the script and have two or three computers running at the same time to clean you out. But this is just speculation I'm sorry for your loss.
  21. its a pain it the ass I know, this has been going on for a while, it just seems to be biome specific tho, if ur in the snow, flyers will land normally. The only thing to get around it is if u hit space accidently just hit it again and it will take off before hitting the ground.
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