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  2. Wyvern Landing AI

    Tl;dr it shouldn't require effort to do something as simple as land.

    we have been preparing for Alpha Ascension -- typically bringing 6-8 players and 20-25 rex, one yuty. it is my understanding (possibly incorrect) that any number of players can enter the cave, but only 10 are allowed into the actual Overseer fight.
  4. Release

    Vocês vai anuciar a data aqui?
  5. But I mean there must be something that makes us special if we made it this far.
  6. You are an Nth batch of "survivors" in the grand project, nothing less, nothing more.
  7. Halloween Event - Invasion

    For Halloween how about zombies, vampires, and/or werewolves that start spawning on the maps. If you get bitten, you turn into one!
  8. TLC 3 Recommendation

    I had a feeling it was unfinished but was not sure. Thank you for letting me know. Hope they take time to work on it. I love that map.
  9. What role does our player character play in the story? I mean we know all this info about the story but how our pc fit in that puzzle?
  10. Boss fight

    Dude. I want a fix for this too. I grinded (almost solo, 2 guys helped with some stuff) all the gear (and some extra thank god) for hard. We went in there knowing the connection issue and still the 6 who didnt disconnect were unable to save the rest of us, including me. Thanks to the overpreparedness the 6 of them were able to survive (one guy lost his drake near the end but survived on foot) and win. But the 4 that put more effort in, got disconnected. Suggestion for devs: even if you can't fix the connection as it is a network problem, you could add a bubble. A bubble the size of the teleporter that gives protection for 30 seconds or something along these lines. That is long enough for survivors to act quick and defend the others. One of our disconnected people was dead before anyone could get on a tame.
  11. Release

    This YouTuber and the site that he received his information from appear to have been misinformed. We have not announced a date at this time.
  12. Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    I would actually invite a merge as it would eliminate the probability of the server or servers from getting deleted.
  13. Introduction Yokai

    Hey everyone, I am Yokai! Spino / Theri Breeder on EU Official PvE Ragnarok 42 and came to the ARK Forum to interact with the community and also trade some stuff soon. I am from germany and 27 years old :-) I already spend around 2000 hours in ARK, mostly on Island and Ragnarok and now I am looking forward to start on Aberration soon.
  14. Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    you can, but be prepared to fight it for quite a while -- like 30-45 mins depending on the wyverns stats. we used to kill them with wyvern in groups of 3-5 and it still took a little while. watch your stamina carefully and your range, as you will have to be quite close to hit it with fire -- lightning typically works better.
  15. Any good Lightning wyvern names

    Why'd I never think of that one. Thats a new one to add to my list lol. Reshiram would be great for a fire wyvern too.
  16. Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    you could try
  17. Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Have not seen any 1k dura armor (I have seen 400-500 dura asc riot) might be possible to hit 1k dura with a maxed craft character but unlikely. There are moore than 100 players on legacy top 10 servers usually around 20 players at peak with several servers hovering around 5 then of course you have 2 pages of 1-2 player pop. Sadly download safe is not an option for my platform. It would be difficult to break the new servers as they are already broken and plagued with the same issues. Basically “the same but different” lol note: I am referring to pvp legacy xbox
  18. Yeah the windows 10 PC hosting version is super buggy, mine use to run for 2-3 weeks straight 24/7 no issues but now it will only run about 5 days 24-7 before crashing. I get events for the crash and I post them here hoping devs will address them but chances are slim. The windows 10 pc hosting version honestly needs its own separate windows store app like Nitrado and run more like the steam version with command access and headless. I think a lot of the issues are also caused by MS and their window store app/xbox app/xbox service apps not always communicating properly. But also it is part of the devs fault, you can tell the windows store version was rushed with all the bugs and obvious buttons/controls not working, there was very little QA done. The most annoying bug and most common is textures failing to load when playing, forces you have to restart the game but also gives you an advantage because you can see everyone's base and dinos since nothing is hidden, makes thylo and purlovia "hidden" vaults not so hidden lol. In terms of appearing on server list, this has been a day 1 issue since ARK for both steam and non-nitrado servers. For some reason nitrado hosted servers show up within 5 minutes of starting them but other types of hosted servers are hit and miss. Mine typically takes about 3-4 days of running 24-7 to show up on the server list and even then, it might not always stay there. Something about the query for the list can only show so many servers. I am sure the devs are using some kind of ranking system for what servers show up. Best bet is to try and advertise and word of mouth, the only way people can join your server if not in the server list, is for you to friend them first through the xbox app (super annoying if you are not near your xbox, I have to use my xbox app on my phone and check it). Also on that saved folder, I would advise you make backups in case your hard drive crashes or you want to do rollbacks. The windows 10 version will not make automatic backups even though the map saves every 30 minutes. You will need to use some kind of third-party backup software for this to make versions of each map in case you want to do rollbacks/etc. Last tip, if you are want to host a lot of people with decently high rates, you will need the fastest single clocked CPU you can get your hands on. The game is heavily single threaded and uses 2 other cores very lightly, mostly just one core so that will be your bottleneck. The devs stated this is a limitation of their current unreal game engine they are using and they can't upgrade the game engine to a newer unreal one because it would require a complete re-write since they have modified the original game engine so much. If they ever do Ark 2, I am sure it will utilize more cores better.
  19. I find that the beds on my rafts don't show on my respawn/fast travel map if the rafts are too close the the edge of the map. Not sure if this is a factor, too, in your proplem.
  20. New PS4 Server

    Forgot to mention, WEIGHT affinity is boosted*
  21. no but I would not advise transfering to different servers if you are a solo tribe. In the event of a server crash/rollback your character will be deleted and WC support does not have a good track record for responding to tickets fast enough in order to save your tribe/dinos from decay. Just a warning for you, transfer characters at your own risk. If it is for engrams you don't have a choice of course. Instead make alts on different servers you play on for trades and such. The obi is a cloud that can be accessed by any of your characters.
  22. Split Screen Player 2 Graphic Glitch

    @Jatheish @Jen
  23. I just started playing official again for some reason LOL. I've made a raft with 3 beds on it. Most of the time but not all the time the beds don't show up as options to spawn there after I die or transfer over. Playing on a CrossArk Server, The Island.
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