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  2. Light pets in metal base

    Aside from turning down your gamma (which might make it harder to see outside at night), you probably have to paint the walls or just run some electricity in there to power a light instead of a dino light source.
  3. I hate the swamp. It is the worst biome in my opinion The mountains might be cold, and the volcano might be hot, but at least they don't continually knock you out, pick you, and annoy you. Titanoboas are hands down the most annoying creature in the game. They will knock you in 1 hit regardless of their level, or your fortiude. Wearing armor? Doesn't matter. This would not be such a big deal except for the fact that they are literally everywhere. The whole Eastern part of the Island map is infested with them. There are literally hundreds of them. On top of this, they are incredibly persistant and have a terrible hitbox. They can climb over walls and have a large aggro range. Historically speaking, these snakes would constrict, not use venom. Why Wildcard thought that was a good idea is beyond me. For whenever the magical TLC update comes out, fix these damn poison sasuages and their terrible hitboxes. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Pachys. Considered by many to be one of the most uselss dinosaurs in Ark. Pachys are incredibly fun to use as they are essentially a battering ram on legs. PvPing with them in quite fun and unexpected. However, they are quite useless outside of early game PvP. They cannot collect berries, fiber or any resources really. Their charge attack could be stronger, and I wish they could turn. Allowing the pachy to turn as it runs would make it so much better. Turtles were the meta for years on Official, trikes are very popular, heck even parasuars and phiomias are used as cheap storage and transport. All of these dinos are deemed useful... except the pachy. As far as I know, I am the only person breeding them on Officials and that makes me sad as it has so much potentional. A speed and damage buff as well as the ability to gather some berries and turn while charging would make this a great dinosaur. Cheers.
  4. Welcome to Behemoth Ark I'm your admin Runswithalpaca and I'm here to tell you why you should join our server. 1. No admin abuse. 2. Friendly community. 3. Boosted enough to make things easier, but there is still a bit of a grind 4.Weekly events. 5. Community Center set up at red ob. 6. Everyone will be given a starter pack. Stats per level: Health goes up by 25 Stamina goes up by 40 Weight goes up by 10,000 Melee damage goes up by 12.5 Movement Speed goes up by 7 Fortitude goes up by 12 Rules: 1. No foundation wiping. 2.CC is PvE 3.No building at red ob As of now the server is only 10 slots, but once we start getting more players we will increase the size. We are open to any suggestions when it comes to stats or events. Message Runswithalpaca or Absenttomato62 with any questions.
  5. Dinos you just feel bad about killing :(

    I wish I could spam this with nothing but laughing faces
  6. Light pets in metal base

    Paint the base or turn off the light
  7. Abberant megalo breeding

    Yeah it's still bugged on Xbox. We fully raised a couple to make sure after the patch and they still some sleepy dinos.
  8. We need players, ever had an event stadium underwater? You can have it now with atlantis
  9. Setting up a server.

    As far as I know, you can't cluster two PS4 servers together. You would have to upload everything into the Obelisk, shutdown the current server, start the new server up, go to the obelisk to download everything. Its a lengthy process and probably not what you're looking for. You can setup Ark Clusters with hosted servers.
  10. Bioluminescent metal nodes cant be collected by Ankylo

    It's the mushroom thing like the above guy said. Can confirm.
  11. It's been this was since day 1, I have reported it as well as others.
  12. Dinos you just feel bad about killing :(

    Tangent... I have an aberration server with the difficulty turned up to 15 and wild Dino Stat growth at 6x normal. The first time I logged into this server, the very first thing I saw was a scorpion stinging a dodo. The dodo was fighting back (not sure why this was happening) and killed the scorpion. (dodo was a level 430, scorpion was level 15.) after the scorpion died, the dodo walked 2 steps then passed out.... I picked berries and tamed it.. It was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed in Ark... Period....
  13. Nitrado server issues anyone?

    You may want to check their site for a support phone number, and try that instead.
  14. Prime fish

    Looking for any other good sources for prime fish aside from fishing(slow and sucks) or sickle also slow and sucks with low drop rate. Id like to tame more barrys but need the prime fish and an event to even do decent at all.
  15. Center Boss Fight Broken?

    Hi everyone my tribe recently has started to grind out to tek level in our server, but we have encountered many issues and are wondering if anyone else has encountered the issues and could offer suggestions. 1. When teleporting random tames are left behind sometimes when not over the limit. (this has happened 1 time) 2. When teleporting if anyone is moving or unable to move freely they are put under the map during boss fight. (this has happened 2 times) 3. Tames are deleted from the game while teleporting in and out. (this has happened 3 times) 4. Medium and hard Megapithecus boss will kill you instantly if his boulder attack touches you.( this has happened 2 times) As of right now we have decided to just do the easy boss fight over and over again because these glitches happen less often in the easy boss fight. WC if you see this post can you look into these issues as it is really demoralizing to lose imprinted rexs out of nowhere only to get 16 element per boss fight. Also as a side note the stats of our rexs are 22,000-30,000 hp and 450-530 melee.
  16. Ps4 unofficial pc server. Cluster server with Ragnarok - Aberration - The Island. 5x and 10x rates. No admin. PvP everyday but Raidng is allowed friday 10pm till Sunday 10pm. Just search for dARKtimesUK on ps4. Any problems contact us on dARKtimesUK community.
  17. Ps4 pc server hosting options

    I heard by things about survivalservers. Try G-Portal. I've heard pretty good things about them. I haven't had too many issues with Nitrado. A couple little things but other than that i've been using them for about 5 months.
  18. Do rock drakes always want to cuddle for imprinting?

    SHHHHHHHH dont make em break it...... they really suck without imprint..
  19. Is anyone else having a problem with their Nitrado server? Mine has been stuck in a Server Stopping loop since yesterday morning and it wouldn't load to play on at all. Must wondering if it's just me. I sent a support ticket in yesterday but nothing yet. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.
  20. 100X HARVESTING, 100X TAMING, 100X SPEED HATCHING, MATING INVTERVAL 0.02, 4X PLAYERS STATS, 1000X WEIGHT PLAYERS & DINOS. Our mods are: AA, 2.0, Fog Fist Remover, Cross Aberration Dinos, S+, Utilities +, Kibble Table, Starter Kits, Awesome Teleporters and other + Mods!!! Come join now, still spots to build!! click this link>>>> https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1757052
  21. Ps4 pc server hosting options

    I heard by things about survivalservers.
  22. Euryptids on the surface of VIking Bay

    You need to talk to WC about that one. The scorpions almost never come out of the water on my server, however its because they were never meant to have access to the surface. On the island (their original and intended home) they only spawn on the bottom in the deep ocean and I guess to keep them from clipping through the ground or something they made them float above the bottom a little but still be locked to it. This means when they go on the surface they float above the normal ground as well, but on the island they have zero ways to do so unless dragged there. The Rag devs placed them there in Viking Bay and the scorpions aren't really supposed to aggro out of the water but they do occasionally and wreak havoc. However this is a great thing cuz that means suuuuuper easy black pearls for you with a Theri
  23. Cannot re claim reaper

    WC deleted my char again. SO i had to go re level and get tek grams back. I went to a brood fight with some friends and joined tribe with my reaper to do the fight. Got done and i was going to unclaim reaper and drop tribe and reclaim my reaper to take home later. Well since i didnt birth the reaper with this char after i unclaimed it, the reaper became unclaimable to me or my friend. The option was there but greyed out.
  24. Still having this problem on windows 10. Anyone find a fix that they can verify that works. The video shown above does not work as i cannot access the obelisk without getting the same crash as the drops. I am experiencing this issue on unofficial servers, but my friend who plays with me on the same servers does not have this issue.
  25. Euryptids on the surface of VIking Bay

    I had a similar thing happen to me-2nd day just finished building a raft - Euryptid walks out and mows me down
  26. 100x harvesting, 100x taming, 100x hatching speed, mating interval 0.02, players stats 4x all except for weight 1000x on players and dinos. what are the mods? we have AA, 2.0, S+, Cross Aberration Dinos, Utilities +, Fog Fist Remover, + other mods. its a fresh server, so there's lots of places to build! come play now by clicking to link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1757052
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