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  2. Vengecide

    pvp Xbox NA The Center PVP Server 96

    That server belongs to berserkers your not getting on that server it's invite only they are a big Alpha tribe. I've been to that server a couple months in when the new official servers started. They gave me a metal pick to build up and wiped me the next day. But before they wiped me they knocked me out and dragged me around for about 45 mins. Sorry man it's not worth it on that server your wasting your own time.
  3. SaltyMonkey

    When will the XB server Patch for 777 be??

    Yeah I didn’t think the devs would be that incompetent to fix the issue on officials without releasing a client side fix later on.
  4. Went on a rag server to go trolling, then lagged out on xbox and the server wasnt in my favorites
  5. Did the sea also turn into a forest? That might mean you are not at the beach..
  6. Baklap

    Help please... lol

    You should go to the mobile part of the forums...
  7. johnm81

    Alphas on the broken servers conquest

    absolutely not true. not on my server...
  8. @Froggerqt Unless there is a client side update, you can only activate events through Nitrado, and even then it’s only what Wildcard allows. Also, there is no Fear Evolved event this year, and not only that, the one you’re describing will likely never happen again because it was an outsourced team that worked on it. Wildcard have being doing their own style of events since the game fully released out of early access but only one Hallowe’en event has happened since and not to the extent of the Fear Evolved we’ve seen in the past.
  9. Anyone big time raiders on psn? the server I am on had the alpha tribe wiped who was a good tribe and the second largest took over not very big but they have been pressuring and trying to make everyone force quite wiping all solo and small tribes killing Dino’s just fully wiping ever1 over and over every week and I’m looking 4 support all ally tribes want to fight back but we have been backed into a corner if anyone would like the location of a alpha wipe or would like to support.message me psn Killanic911 looking for strong friends I’m on official
  10. SaltyMonkey


    @chancho33015 The biggest challenge with the Cryopods/Cryofridge, like everything else in this game, will be other tribes. Just because there will now be a way to resolve the server cap issues, doesn’t mean people will suddenly take on board this critical new mechanic. Despite the devs best intentions, I see the issue staying the same for quite some time as it will now be an easier way to hold whole servers at ransom because human nature has proved what people are really like when playing this game. You think by playing PvE that people will be more compassionate except it can be the opposite and more toxic than PvP because you can’t just kill them for their actions (and no griefer wilfully accepts a tribe war request). Real diplomacy amongst the tribes on a server will need to be achieved if they wish to reduce its overall cap successfully. The bigger tribes should even consider selling the Cryopods/Cryofridge to smaller tribes that can’t obtain them as easily to really get things into motion. Chris W (Dev) has confirmed here on Reddit that you don’t need to kill a boss for the Cryopods but unfortunately doesn’t mention the Cryofridge so it can only be assumed he means that aswell at this point.
  11. UAEFalcon

    Grind to get Pearls is way way to hard....

    place beds in underwater caves with chests fast travel and farm it 250-300 per cave in less than 1m keep farming for few days then bring a fast water tame to transport all the pearls
  12. Today
  13. Eli

    This Is How Clueless Wildcard Support Is

    I recommend going through support threads in the Xbox support section for people with similar issues and see how they managed to resolve their problem.
  14. CaptainSaltyYT

    Grind to get Pearls is way way to hard....

    I agree to this, its so annoying having to go to the turret littered, giga filled snow to get pearls, it seems the best way is to trade for them I had a thought the other day that maybe the devs should add a creature that if you put on wander would collect pearls. Maybe a crow that likes shiny objects, or a decorator crab! Just a thought but of course fixing the angler would counter this problem. Peace, -Cap
  15. CaptainSaltyYT

    Unbalanced Stations

    Dear Wardrum, I have taken a great passion in protesting against your extremely unbalanced IAP stations resulting in me writing this article so sorry if I offend anyone, also I wrote this after school when I was pretty tired so don't judge my typos I recently received a large amount of compensation (750 amber) for the loss of my single player world. I slowly rebuilt with the amber as aid but realised something while buying my quetz a saddle. An item that allows you to build on the largest flying creature in the game was 1500 "cures" while a saddle for a giga, the most advanced land predator was 650 "cures" like seriously DILO. A dire bear saddle last time I check was 1000 "cures." Did you even think the tanner ystation through while you where making it? cuz to be honest it looks like whoever made it was a little drunk. Something else im a little peeved about is the tuso saddle. Like seriously. You have to be level 97 to get a quetz platform saddle and level 91 to get a tuso saddle. So why is it that i can get a quetz plat saddle but not a tuso saddle??? This shares the same argument with the mosa plat saddle, which you need to be level 93 to obtain. All in all i believe that you should really revise the tannery station and edit what you can buy, along with the prices of them. Peace, -Cap
  16. KingVenom

    Help please... lol

    So, I am on mobile, and my leader left without making me owner... the owner currently is someone that comes on for 3 mins, and only plays 1 day a week. Now I know the owners only have to play once a week, but I was jw if they should be made to play longer to keep ownership... I'm a recruiter in our tribe, and everyone else is inactive in the server (Drayo's Cove) I am the only one playing, and I have reached my building limit, and I would like to be able to unclai dinos, and take down structures... please let me know what I can do without leaving the tribe, and my dinos...
  17. SaltyMonkey

    Quiting Ark because of Server Cap

    It’s almost like having a cap prevents the server from underperforming. You do release that no server, no matter what it’s hardware capabilities, will always have a cap, right? No server is infinite, and on PvE it’s inevitable that it gets reached unlike PvP, but get this, both modes have the same server cap of ~5500. To put it into perspective, on a fresh PvE server, up to 11 tribes could have 500 (tribe cap) dinos each and immediately cap out the server.
  18. I've hit the same problem, boredom. Its getting harder and harder to find novelty and new discovery in this game, it was so fun when i first played. I remember i woke up for the first time in the swamp thinking that "Medium Zone" was a sort of area id be restricted to and i didnt want to sound like a scrub so i did medium. It was so funny as i punched a tree and some dragon flies... before i was bruatly murdered by a sarco . Anyway i feel like the late game of Ark is really hollow. It used to be so fun working up to making a house, finally killing that carno that kept terrorizing you and your dodo and leveling up to get something new and interesting to play with. Now you need hundreds of thousands of xp just to get scuba gear without paying... it feels so boring grinding away trying to level up finally realizing how long it will take to get that shiny minigun turret or tuso saddle that I've longed to get I kinda of just resort to boredom. Its cool to have a few side jobs like building a pretty base instead of a giant metal cube fitted with a hundred turrets but the grind is just to repulsive. Maybe make it easier to get xp or balance what engrams you get from leveling up. Sorry if i feel like i ranted, like i said im bored and have lots of time on my hands Peace, -Cap
  19. CaptainSaltyYT

    soothing balm so, about soothing balm...

    The Soothing balm effect does not stack, however it is incredibly useful on its own. I've tamed tusos, gigas, rexs, quetzals all in very little time just by using soothing balms. I found that cave in the south gives a decent chance for soothing balms but by far the best cave for them is the Swamp Cave. I have done it at least 20 times with my frog and almost every time i have gotten three soothing balm. tbh ive hit the tame limit and dont know what to do with all the balm Hope this helped! -Cap
  20. CaptainSaltyYT

    Curious: What Dino Skins Are Available For Mobile?

    Been on this game for almost 5 months and never seen a tame skin (unless you count hats on snails and gigantopithicus)
  21. chancho33015


    Today was an interesting day. In the Community crunch 154 Wild Card Team finally answered some real questions that are actually a big deal for the future of the franchise. The main news is the Cryopods. This new addition to the game play will help PVE in a mayor way. This is what they said: "We think that Cryopods coming in Extinction should help with this problem directly. When a creature has been captured into a Cryopod, it does not count against the tame cap of the server. In addition, Cryopods can be kept forever in a Cryofridge with power, arming players with a powerful tool to work around the limitations of the cap." With that being said, now the cap problems are over in a mayor way. Being able to store dinos and not have the dinos counting as part of the dino population while being store in the devise will allow PVE players to experience the servers once again as intended. No more waiting until cap disappears for taming or breeding. Also, it opens the game in a new way which is to build near your allies as now we will no longer need big spaces to keep our creatures safe. However, it is good to note that one mayor factor that is important that it hasnt been discussed officially is how many dinos can be stored per cryopod. This is actually a very important piece of the information because if the pods can only carry 10 dinos per pods then you will still need to build a big unnecessary structures to fill them with pods. Nevertheless, if each cryopod is able to store 100 dinos per devise this will be the best scenario as you will only need 5 per tribe to store every dino you can have! It is important to keep in mind that this new mechanic will impact pvp in a very different manner. IF the structure is broken will the other tribe own your dinos? if the structure loses power will all dinos die? There are many factors we still dont know about this so it is a good idea to keep our heads cool just in case we get one of those sad surprises. Another thing revealed today was the Gasbag...which is funny lol Other news revealed today was also the fact that this new DLC is not going to be focus in bodies of water...i think that is a good thing. This can allow maybe the option to wildcard to focus in a map that only focuses on water...like some type of atlantis...but that is just an idea for the future. There is plenty to grow in that area as ark's water world is empty and perhaps the weakest ecosystem in the game. Wild card also mentioned today that the Tintans will be tamable...but that is not the interesting thing. They mention that you can experience them in all servers in a different way "Our hope is that Titans bring a new type of PVE encounter to the game with in-world boss fights and interesting new mechanics that are interesting in themselves. Once tamed, Titans are very powerful. They can clear space and take down lots of dinos quickly making them good for area cleanup or meat runs. In addition, we’ve worked to make each of them fun to ride. I enjoy exploring the various maps on them for that reason." ....which begs the question... will they become permanent tames? and will they be transferable? i wonder if that is what they implied... "head scratching" Now with crypods on pve there is no reason to not have those dinos not as permanent tames... but like i keep repeating, pvp is a different beast... Last but not least, corrupted creatures will have other behaviors than the dinos we have experienced so far. Apparently they are more aggressive and perhaps far more dangerous than what the normal none corrupted counterparts. This might be a good reason to perhaps tame this new class of dinos... HOwever, if Ark Devs are ark devs these new corrupted dinos are just reskin dinos... I hope not...but... i mean tek dinos, right? lol Well, i just wanted to summarize what i thought was interesting about today's latest development. I hope everyone has a wonderful day in ark.
  22. Eds11

    Reaper King = Strong?

    true though my reaper is on neutral most of the time so ravagers would have the bad day. lol
  23. Eds11

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    so its better to tame mosa better my end game is to be able to farm squid for black pearls and tentacles
  24. BaldBudgie

    Emergency floatation device/raft

    Wouldn't it split into H2 and O 😉 but yes i get the point
  25. What dino skins have people gotten so far on Mobile version, just wondering? I'm looking to obtain either a Bone Rex or a Bionic Rex skin, but I don't know if they are even available on Mobile? Can anyone confirm?
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