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  2. Yes this last patch needs to be fixed. cant place any s+ structures anywhere. PLEASE FIX!
  3. To answer your 2nd question, the OP stated: The turret limit will effect: Plant Species X, Autoturrets, and TEK Turrets.
  4. I tested to see how far the distance is. Good job on killing official pvp servers. Might as well remove breeding while you're at it.
  5. what is a most useless item in ark

    Pachy Saddle n radio
  6. We are looking for new people to join our server. No admins, friendly community, a damn good owner, and a bunch of awesome mods. We have two servers, a 10x and a 100x. Need people. Elder Dinos Insects-Plus RAWR Beacons Death Helper Mini Vault StackMeMore Reusable Plus Structures Plus (S+) Kibble Table Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] Super Spyglass Scorched Earth Plus Map Extension: Base Builder Resource plus (No Fly Version) EZTek Classic Flyers Editable Server UI (WBUI)
  7. Ok few turret related questions. 1 Do alied turrets count? 2 Do x plants counts as turrets? 3 Do mountable turrets caunt?
  8. what is a most useless item in ark

    oh, I thought you were still able to handcuff people to chairs
  9. I can see why turrets would be a problem, seeing as my tribe would compact layers of them to the heights of behemoth gates pretty scary looking might I add, and every single one takes an item up in the area which can slow things down once that limit starts to fill up, but that applies to everything you can build though.
  10. I think this is a welcome and much needed change. PVP are rapidly turning into PVE servers since its very easy to just spam turrets and deny PVP through sheer lag let alone bullets. If players want unraidable bases, the devs have created the PVE mode to suit their tastes. PVP servers should mean frequent and constant warfare not colossal bases with thousands of turrets that can't be attacked because the server crashes if you try to. Most PVP servers today might see one battle once a month if they are lucky otherwise its Farmville with everyone hiding behind their lag generators.
  11. So you're telling me that wildcard still has no idea how to balance their game or fix important exploits? Tell me something new. They need to fix stego bombing before they decide to remove turrets, (which was a mistake that they implemented when they added target players) and before that they should fix all of the other glitches that have plagued their game since it was released to early access. Ever had your dinos flying upside down? That's existed forever. 100 turret limit is completely insufficient. Do you even know how this game is played???? Hell, Dinos still fall through the map sometimes, and items do as well sometimes. There are still places you can just get 100% stuck, in both caves and the overworld, and collision boxes for babies are still broken as well. Ever run into a a baby gigas tail? There are still caves where you can't walk cave tames through (direwolf/sabertooth) even though visually it looks like it should fit 100%. You need to quit giving us unrealistic release dates for dlc that we don't need and fix the base game wildcard. If by some miracle you do read this and take player feedback and use it to fix certain things in game, you need to look at pvp as a seperate game mode from pve and make changes accordingly. Everytime you add a new update, you break something else. A recent example would be the invisible phoenix bug. Do you even check the code you're writing? How do you break something unrelated to what you're changing??? If i didn't know better this turret patch will erase tames on turret mode as well. Your dino policy for glitched tames is BS and half of the time your GMs don't even show. Hell my post here is making me question why i even play your game. Oh that's right. Dinosaurs. Team wildcard, please, do a better job.
  12. Not sure if any of the devs will read this but worth a shot! Do you guys (Wildcard) plan on releasing an updated collectors dossier? Like, that includes all the creatures in DLC’s such as SE and Ab? Even if you release one AFTER all upcoming DLC’s with new creatures? Thanks!
  13. what is a most useless item in ark

    "Chair is OP" is an old joke among the community that aside i would have to say Medium crop plot & Water Jar Blueprints
  14. ROTFLMFAO!!!! aww shucks, the META changed.
  15. My tribes is looking for a nice protected server we can build on, we will contribute to server defense and follow any rules alphas put in place, pm me:mh114714
  16. Already sent request for refund for the season pass. Nobody wants to have limited turrets.
  17. skins Acheivement Skins (xbox)

    I still haven't and not only that but my map unfills and my explorer notes lock up once a month.
  18. Good point...extra ammo as well as 10x damage.
  19. With the extra damage and ability to hold more ammo per turret it should be fine.
  20. I sincerely hate watching youtube videos for base locations due to the fact that once the video becomes popular enough. Everyone bases those spots (it's an inevitability I know but bear with me.) My tribe is being asked to move out of the large cave in Burning Mist canyon, the one that is almost directly across from the stone hewn bridge to the ruined castle. The cave with the three waterfalls is taken and I'm frankly just trying to find a bit more of a unique or easily defendable base location for our PVP server. The last time someone "helped me choose" I wound up building atop a mountain and was pretty easy for trolls to spot.
  21. Time to tame griffins only pump hp and suicide with rockets into turret walls and effectively raid a base with one rocket divebomb after destroying 10+ turrets. If you're going to lower the turret amount, then buff the hp to survive 2-3 rockets and put the built saddle tame limit down to 100. You're going to have 15 brontos just rushing bases when this update hits. Killing your own game i dont understand it. Who the heck is in charge and WHY?
  22. Thanks for the heads up @xNeo much appreciated.
  23. Yes on our server we cant place any S+ structure too. Says: No ground or place point. Tested on ragnarok map.
  24. What the raptor were they thinking?!?!?!?!
  25. Nighttime Lighting Glitch

    I am unsure how to do that
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