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  2. Another question for you and i assume it was an error most likely when they wrote it. the increased level cap the dinos and player got is 1 per chronicles. Now in these notes it says that the players will get 1 extra level and not the dino. Do you think that was an error or will it be players can go that extra level and not dinos?
  3. Says the person who never used a tapajera. You believe what you are saying is true, i actually tested this like a day ago. Do you have any proof to support your statement ? I can upload a video of me doing damage as a driver on a tapajera clinged to a wall, with a pistol. Someone tag a dev here please.
  4. Baton

    Best PVP Island Spot for Base 2018

    A plato near green ob (someone calls it snail) pretty big. But need lot of people and hrs to build there
  5. that would make a lot of sense, it was kinda thinking that it would werid to have this cool dino and the only change would be its design. Thanks for the help
  6. I suspect it may have been missed off by accident. Wouldn't make sense to not have the increase like the others.
  7. Baton

    WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    Use cactus soup and bug repellent go on foot no need fot dino. Especially on off servers
  8. Banshee5000

    Can't upload character any more

    Well over a dozen tickets submitted in the last year regarding both consoles and still this hasn't been fixed. Many complaints have been made about the way this has been handled and nothing makes any raptoring difference. If it's not an official server, Wildcard don't give a raptor and won't lift a finger to meet their obligations.
  9. Question, where it says you will add the Tek Raptor. it does not mention it will have a 20% higher base level. Why is that? As the Tek Stego and Rex have the 20% higher base level so why does the raptor not have it??
  10. Today
  11. Flameguy677

    Locking bug

    My Huawei y7 prime 2018 has an issue playing ark. Whilst playing it randomly turns off my phone and bugs it out this mostly happens on singleplayer and it also overheats my phone a ton this is a 2 month old phone with no big apps except pubg and ark if you can please patch it I will be happy
  12. AparajitaStormhoof

    Can cloning chamber be used for land/sea dinos if positioned

    That right there allows the Tuso to be cloned. Boy is she expensive, at 12500 shards. That's deep enough to allow a Squid, but shallow enough to allow a land dino. Note: I did not clone her, so I do not know how she will spawn - if she will die from being out of water. Source: Single Player Spawn Ins.
  13. I'm assuming this is an unofficial server:- This can happen if... 1. The server's firewall is not allowing Ark through. 2. The network router doesn't have port forwarding set up correctly. 3. The Steam or Wildcard servers are not responding - this sometimes happens for short periods of time). http://downdetector.co.uk/problems/steam http://downdetector.com/status/ark 4. Your (or the server's) ISP might be having problems. Search on google for your ISP's status. 5. Make sure the server's config has the cluster ID, cluster directory and "prevent" settings correct ?PreventDownloadSurvivors=False ?PreventDownloadItems=False ?PreventDownloadDinos=False ?PreventUploadSurvivors=False ?PreventUploadItems=False ?PreventUploadDinos=False See https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration Also note that anybody can take items out of Tribute Data. If you want to transfer items between maps, use "Ark Data" and remember to take it out within 24 hours - or it will be lost forever.
  14. I There are no private servers on mobile correct me if I'm wrong
  15. Yay Tek Raptor! I bet next up will be hmm, Trike or Parasaur.
  16. AparajitaStormhoof

    WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    Cactus Broth is the most effective method imho. I run the cave constantly, usually don't die at all.
  17. AparajitaStormhoof

    Whats the new tek dino for this month?

    So, other than the 20% added level bonus, is there any real difference between Tek and Regular dinos?
  18. Have you setup port forwarding on your router and opened the server's firewall for the ports you're using?
  19. AparajitaStormhoof

    Best PVP Island Spot for Base 2018

    I prefer to have a behemoth hatchframe build on the top of my house, PopMaster. That allows turrets, when built on the hatchframes, to guard even against the walls. I usually place Spike Walls on the top of the house to deter stego-dropping.
  20. Sunnymetes

    poll Favorite Mod Types

    It a good idea
  21. Pyralys

    Lava Cave Island

    if you are talking about west lava cave sure just run and jump through get things in water and stun them. For east lava cave better off with a theri and just walk through everything as nothing attacks you or get a rock drake
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