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  2. Dodorex Do they ever go away my server is full of them and it keeps killing me and all my tame.
  3. By far one of the best communities I've ever been a part of. I've watched it grow since 2016 and it's been a great experience. Meeting new players & seeing new characters each season is by far one of the things I look forward to most about signing in each day. Call me bias if you wish, I won't deny it, I've been here for a while and it's grown into a perfect community for those seeking a new role playing home. Also if it's your thing, LOT of guys have D&D sessions on this server, if you want a regular group there's another reason to join. Just pop in discord and ask away! Discord: http://discord.gg/rwPqu7Y
  4. I've been doing ark Rp for a long time and this server is one of the best servers I have ever been on. It's a guaranteed great Roleplay experience. The community is very friendly, and has an overall great atmosphere. The admins are fair in their involvement creating an amazing story while at the same time allowing all of it's players to add and grow the lore. Overall I Highly recommend this server for those looking for a true roleplay experience. Be that person new to rp or a veteran this server is the place to be.
  5. Honestly, I wasnt sure about this group when I first saw it, just another random rp group that I happened to come across. But now, several months later I can honestly say that I am honored and proud to be a part of this community. Seeing how all the people and staff of Anthology can come together to keep a dead game alive and rolling is incredible to see, and the role play that I am gifted to be a part of is absolutely spectacular. I hope that I am able to continue with Anthology first long into the future, and that anyone who sees this knows it is the truth. Give them a shot, make a character, have fun and let go. You won't regret it.
  6. So, curious as to when the devs are Going to stop raptoring everyone over by releasing updates to console before pc instead of just waiting a god damn day or 2 to release them both at the SAME TIME!!!!???? Also, wheres the accountability to your fans? There's never any answers for the bull poop you pull, theres no reason why anyone would have a problem waiting for a little bit for you to release the damn updates at the same time, you would probably lose less players that way too, pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we're sick of it. Some of us pay for the poop too, are you going to pay me for the time I miss playing on my paid for server? Didnt think so, have some common sense, you only have 1 job
  7. Lost dinos Who can I talk to about this, I really would like my dinos back.. It was ark's fault not mine. I really don't think this is fair for a long time patron of ark.
  8. XB1 - Anthology RP: Your Next Role-Play Community Welcome to Anthology RP Looking for a fun server to Role Play in on Xbox One?Looking to find a safe well-governed role play community?Looking to enhance your Ark: Survival Evolved skills? Join "Anthology RP"! Join the community, be part of the story. We are a role play community for Xbox One hosting servers in both Atlas & Ark: Survival Evolved through Nitrado PC Server hosting! We have seen over 700 players come and go through our seasons and can't wait to bring in more! Our community has so much to offer for those looking for a role play community to call home. Seasonal lore, creative events, professional staff hierarchy, a proper non-bias investigation process and a thorough interview/application process are just a few of the many reasons why Anthology RP is one of the best role play communities out there!Our server offers everything you would want in a great community; friendly players, competitions with prizes (both real and in game), an interactive lore & a fantastic environment to role play. You'll have the opportunity to create a character of your desire and live that character's life in the worlds of the Ark, and now even on Atlas. You'll meet many, some of which you might like or hate, become friend or adversary, trade by choice or force. You will cherish some of the best ARK memories you've ever had, to replace some of you that have the memories of losing everything in official. Start a story, Be the story. Anthology RP. Links: Website: http://arksurvivalists.com Discord: https://discord.gg/rwPqr7Y Twitter: https://twitter.com/anthology_rp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthology_rp/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGpJBCZTMSkI93uKa7NzIA
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  14. HOW TO FIX ARK Hello, after playing Ark for years and focusing my YouTube channel, I am SJ, based on your game there are a few things that worry me about the way the game is ending up. Here are a few of my ideas to make the game more balanced and have people playing your game. -Make it so when a tame exits a cryo-pod it has a de-buff. This de-buff would be the opposite of a "Yuty" roar, were it has a larger impact on larger dinos such as Gigas and Golems but has minor effects on small dinos like a Pteranadon. This Debuff could also be slowly degrading, in which it slowly goes back to normal. -Instead of ORP (offline raid protection), it should be Online Raid Promotion. Where if starting a raid online turrets should do decreased damage slightly. Currently Extinction makes tek turrets too easy to fill and making them. This makes 6 man raids less fun and hard to online raid. -Meshing (not saying this is possible). Making it so instead of being banned it deletes all characters and tribes linked to a IP and Device. (Currently People just make new accounts and use those to mesh so they have no punishment.) If this is implemented then you should add a System where if people are detected in the mesh and do damage to a structure then the base is in ORP until owners are online. Combining Character deletion across IP and Device combined with this Mesh Protection would make meshing nearly impossible. - Right now breeding is based on whoever has more time to spend. Breeding needs to be slightly changed. I suggest making it to where imprint timers on a baby should be every 24 hours so people with schedule can actually raise dinos. (I believe making it to where other tribemates could imprint would help too.) Also there should be a dino raiser such as S+ where it only feeds babys. this should be set at a low inventory slot and a structure limit so mass raising is still difficult. -Also add counters to meks and gigas so other dinos can have a chance. I was thinking for the mek electric prods could explode the mek if hit. For giga pheromone darts could enrage or make giga more vulnerable to enraging.
  15. I cant ride on my nitrado server I have server with 2 more peoples together we 3 and we have alot dinos but we cant ride on anyone from them pls help me
  16. 24 hours no comment from devs More than 24 hours without a windows 10 version update ????? no word from devs??? are you listening @wildcard ????? WE WANT CROSSPLAY BACK
  17. LONG OVERDUE: Dyes of ALL Colors! Since such a long time we're waiting and longing for that: to be able to generate dyes of all the colors! All colors? See here! https://ark.gamepedia.com/Color_IDs We players could so so much better the paint jobs of structures and animals, if we wouldn't be limited so incredibly much with a tiny amount of color shades available as dye. Please, PLEASE, give us dye for all the colors! Also, on a side note, the dye in Ark does often enough not even colorize the underground well enough. Too often it is more like a translucent layer and hardly the desired color we intended. And metal structures, due to their reflection or mirror attributes, are way too dark after paint has been applied. All that needs to be improved, as any paint on metal would override the metalic attributes and would replace them with a plain flat or glossy surface.
  18. Must confirm this, so far i found in purple atleast 7, highest so far 115 asc I used to farm swamp before, but never lucky.
  19. Im stuck on 792.3 for my windows 10 but on my xbox i can play on the newest update is this a bug or are the screwing us again?
  20. Release all updates at the same time Everyone knows the constant problem that is a no brainer and easy fix. Get the Windows 10 crossplay update out the same time as EVERYONE else. Simply put - NO UPDATES until that one can go live with them all.
  21. Once it's on Rag, it should be saved to Rag or else dino's/items from other maps would disappear every time the server they/it came from went down.
  22. You asked a question that i have too many answers to and my brain is stalling to find only a few to list. I'm gonna go dig up the essay i wrote about this a while back and update it for extinction and valguero because i wrote it back when AB was the newest map
  23. I would like to join. Hello, I would like to join your tribe. I have experience on rag and the island and while I am actually completely new to pc, I have 700+ hours on ps4 pvp official before I got wiped. I would love to get back into the game and reclaim what I used to have.
  24. pretty sure that eco's mods are the only mods i even bother running because they add such a plethora of artistic expression for players without making anything feel real exploitable or easy.
  25. The game is meant to allow progress to the point where you grow beyond the initial challenges. Obviously your narrow definition of survival isn't likely going to allow for that. You can't have your cake and eat it to. Based on your definition of survival, you'd have to choose... either you want a survival game, or you want a game that you can beat. Pick one.
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