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  2. Report all instances of DDoS, duping, meshing or other exploits, with your evidence, to support via ticket at: https://support.survivetheark.com Nobody on the forums can help you regarding in-game issues.
  3. Kibble for them is ridiculously easy on Valguero.. Been wiped 3 times in a row on official from them. Just got wiped literally 10 mins ago from a tribe with 5 golems and we had 3k bullets each turret. Not to mention golems are broke in the first place. I could spend all day just making bullets for them to be soaked in 20 minutes. Why isn’t there something in between regular turrets and tek turrets to prevent golem raiding if your offline
  4. Hey is already fixed the problem of places where u can randomly not able to build? Like one place u can build, then not and then I can build again. Already send video and 2 tickets. Pls fix that, because people are building in mesh and u can not build regularly on hide spot. This is a lil bit annoying. Thx :)
  5. I got 1021 dev wiped for meshing us but they didn’t give us anything back. Hundreds of hours wasted on this poop game.
  6. we got meshed as well, we reported it, the mesher got banned, but they didnt devwipe the base where the mesher brought the stolen stats to. devwipe a base that got help from a mesher was standard 1 year ago but now they do nothing. so enforcement team rendered itself completely useless. 9 months of hardcore breeding down the drain.
  7. Smax0104


    Je me demandais quelle nouriture mange le griffon car j'ai mis la viande normale elle ne prend pas et commente fait pour quelle respect nous
  8. Smax0104


    Je me demande quelle nourriture est-ce que je le mange le griffon car j'ai mis la viande normalement elle ne prend pas et commente fait pour quel respect nous
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  10. Generic armor It's invisible when u spawn it
  11. Split Screen - Xbox One vs PS4 So I’ve just bought the PS4 version of ARK and I’m trying to play offline spilt screen, but I’ve realised that there are many problems with the PS spilt screen. We’ve had a problem where we’ve left the game, but then player two joins back in as player one and I’ve done some research and realised that the only way to fix this is to have two different PSN accounts. This would be quite expensive and I’m considering just getting the game on my Xbox One instead of paying for PSN. If I bought it on Xbox would this problem still happen? Which console is generally better for offline split screen play?
  12. server to raid easy Server 568 main base locations 30,90 green tribe children of lesser god 30,10 beta tribe Turk tek stego 75,40 alpha syndicate/reflection 80,25
  13. I liked my angler, but never used it a great deal. It was handy to light up the water pen, and a half hour run kept me in silica pearls for months.
  14. Well considering all the megas have been dev wiped, they are the remaining playerbase. They are going to quit if the servers do not wipe. Fresh starting is what everyone wants so I’m not sure why anyone would quit? After all, Everyone’s hard work is already gone, only duped items remain.
  15. Happened to me on official too My cave dinos, 2 out of 3, were cleaned No more weapons and armor on them, no items And i am sure on PVE nobody got and looted a live dino....
  16. we want to see Jordan making DLC spotlights for mobile, and the earliest Wyvern review from the developer, new maps, new creatures, that's what players are looking for :))) thanks
  17. That’s sad to fix the Fly command in God Console. Now I can’t fly my tame when the console is off
  18. Most popular social networks? I remember everyone used Facebook before. Now many people use Instagram. What social networks do you use?
  19. Logged in, saw myself falling through floor. waited 5 minutes till i was back in base when image refreshed Hatched some eggs, fed the babies, cleaned my base and podded lots and lots of dinos that matured then looked around and felt i have an empty base now
  20. Brontos are fun....but large and hard to manouver Maybe a few rafts are better, they can move fine, as long as you dont go too far out at sea and find a friendly fish to sink them Also a goof motorboat with a metal encasing is a good mobile base
  21. Make a few incubators around the place where you get animals to hatch eggs. I ahve a platform with 20-30 incubators and on top of it i place my egg bearing dinos if i knowi am away for a few minutes. So when they lay the eggs they also start hatching already
  22. On laggy servers plant z doesn't even register 90% of the time and 6 shots to destroy a tek turret is ridiculous when we have 1500 dura flak and 40,000 health tapeys and then you add server lag on top of that (turrets only shooting once every 2-3 seconds, plant z not registering etc.) The current tek tapey meta is terrible, I say nerf them into the ground because they are FAR from balanced right now.
  23. tek rexes cannot fire their tek saddle while on a platform saddle.
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