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  2. The more I build up bases on ark, the more lag I have. There are no graphic settings on xbox. Please add some like options to turn off tek gen particles, transmitter beams, and replicator spinning. All of those things make the game more laggy than its supposed to be. Also please add a feature to shorten grass length as seen on pc. Also with overall textures, to make an option to make them less detailed further making the game smoother.
  3. At Yggdrasil we believe in offering an awesome level of support to our playerbase. We have an admin team that are active and ready to help. We also have a lot of seasoned players to give advice. You can ask for advice in game or on discord. The two are linked so you can get help and chat with the community and it brings everyone together. Our community has been running since OCT 2017 and we have never wiped any of our maps so anything you build on here is safe for 6 weeks (No matter what material you build from). Our community is a great place to come and play Ark and make it your new home.
  4. Yea I can understand if you are stuck on the island or choose to be stuck on the island then you are going to be relegated to doing things like this. If you use org poly often and you have a base on CI then I would still go to the bee cave as that would be much better than farming penguins for sure, and much faster. As for the hard poly stuff, When i need paste I keep a single gacha with about 10-12 snails around it to pick up the paste and I can get the 100 off each snail. Do that for like a week or 2 and I have more paste than I can keep in a tek dedicated storage. Last time I did that
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  6. Your Barryonyx more than likely had Cryosickness. From the Wiki: Cryo Sickness lasts for 5 minutes, causes said creature to receive increased damage if attacked (10x normal damage)
  7. thats a good point. maybe 85% wight on all resources?
  8. Hi i came on this morning gliching out and when i finally get on it says that i have died and i didnt die when i came on because there was no indication of a bag and i have lost many items including dinos if possible i would like replacements
  9. Devo parlare con un amministratore del server ark per segnalare un giocatore innocuo
  10. The damage you take is dependent on your saddles.
  11. I dont know man, Im so confused. I watched a guy on youtube went through this cave with ease. His Yuty took 60-80 damage max while my Baryonyx took over 1000 and just vanished in seconds.
  12. Hi, i don't really think this is a bug
  13. I agree I find it really unfortunate, I thought I was the only one to have this problem
  14. Is this how ark 2 will be also?. constant server crashing, lag, disconnections, glitches.
  15. I have a metal base, all high tier crafting stations (Indy Forge, Chem Bench, etc) a few practical tames (Angler, DPS Argy, Cargo Argy, Anky) all I am lacking is Members. I want to traverse the ARKs and hit Aberration and extinction but it just isn't as fun solo. I also have a small crafting base on Aberration as I went there to get engrams. Discord is https://discord.gg/Qy5rVDdJ
  16. for radiation immunity you must equip full tek equip and at last reequip chest. same is if you use tek in ocean. if you reequip chest you see cleare.
  17. Hey guys, So I entered cave of the strong with 2 Baryonyx one with 30k Health and the other with 26k Health. The moment they got out of cryopods, direwolves and other creatures just jumped in and deal over 1000 damage for each attack. As a result the 30k Health Bary and I was dead and the other went missing in cave when I got back there. I know that caves supposed to be a challenge, but cave creatures deal over 1000 damage is just ridiculous. Is this possibly be a bug or it is normal guys?
  18. Dododex FTW But as our resident expert said, titanosaurus (yes, it’s tameable , technically) and anthro worm.
  19. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, it’s just a subscription like any other. But you likely aren’t getting a reply because many ppl have their credit cards in Apple Pay settings and thus paid for primal pass with their fingerprint/Face ID, lol
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