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  2. UPDATE I was able to finally get it to work with an otter. I have been unable to find the answer to this anywhere but I am playing on Nintendo Switch and I haven’t been able to get the “interact” button to show up when trying to tame an otter or moschops. Am I doing it wrong or has it just not been added to the Switch yet? Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Dead right - that's exactly how I have proceeded for a looooong while. As @Pipinghot sez - the "order" of going forward is nowhere cast in stone! From my personal experience at this lot (and my very little server is only OK running three maps together), I have chosen a "Home Base" map. This is where all the real business of breeding and crafting high level saddles and so on happens. And that map is ALWAYS started. The other maps I kick off depending on who wants to do what. In my case Rag is my Home Base ... but again that's very much up to you! There is merit in @SunsetErosion comment of keeping the Island up. (and yes he was making jokes - no trolling you!). If you have a really decent base there with all the kit then by all means use it! Your issue may be that if you have run Island, Rag and Crystal Isles for a bit then some "segments" of your community will be attached to one map or the other. And you have already kinda skipped SE by running Rag (most if not all of SE is incorporated inside of RAG). And Crystal Isles is waaaaay down the release line NOTE: when you get to some of the later maps - your wee server may not deal with 4 maps at a time. Genesis II in particular WILL bring the thing to its knees. And Fjordur ain't so brilliant either.
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  5. I guess that's my biggest ignorance. I've never played on the official servers so I don't know how they handled it there. When I first started Ark, the reputation of the public official servers was horrendous, so I played Singleplayer. Then friends and fam wanted to play together so I built a linux server for the sole purpose of running 4 instances, Island, Rag, Crystal Isle and Flavor of the Month. I've been thinking of swapping the mobo and ram for even more instances, but... meh... time will tell.
  6. I'm with @SunsetErosion - lodge a ticket. Maybe WildCard will address your issues. Be sure to include your SteamID, note the Server you are playing on and (as above) paste screen shots.
  7. As above - and for more info see this thread
  8. Can you play single player Extinction? If not - I'm Afraid - your only answer is a re-install .......... If yes then I am lost with solutions anyway - sorry. (Again I ain't familiar with console stuff - but on Steam it is possible to Unsubscribe (or delete) a particular DLC and then "re-install" it. If that is available on PS - then have a dip at that for extinction.)
  9. You ca not export characters from Official servers, which means you also can't import them to your private server (this applies to both dedicated private servers and local/host games). And, of course, you can not upload your private characters to the Official server. Having said that, if you have a character that you've been playing in local/host mode, yes you can transfer that character to a private-dedicated server that you own. And you can copy characters from your private-dedicated server to your local/host game. For that matter, you can transfer your entire map back-and-forth between your local/host game and your private-dedicated server, and the other direction also. Once you set up your "own server to play online", you will have to take some time to learn where the files are stored for the game, and then you can transfer your character/tribe/map back and forth as you wish.
  10. Ok, i couldn't ignore this, it's free, it's different, you have a problem with it? Talk to the devs. Oh wait, that's what this person tried to do, and evidently failed.
  11. Either way, you clearly still play the game, otherwise you wouldn't be complaining, so instead, thank the devs for even giving us a free mobile version. And if you don't like it, get the full version and stop complaining. Plus, who doesn't love minor soothing balm for only 10 amber! Come on, that's a bargain.
  12. Turn on default survivor items, then die and respawn. The chibi noglin is something you get in your inventory when you spawn in because you bought the genesis season pass. You will get a new one with no exp if you die.
  13. (Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos, did an egg run. Three high level eggs, AND I got a 41 armor velona saddle form a beacon! Uploaded it all, returned home. (Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the stuff. Checked eggs, surprisingly, it's the lowest (150) level one that stays. 40 stam! Unpodded and bred velonas, unfortunately, nothing good. Fed eggs to my titanoboa. Bred carchars, again, nothing good. Did a milk run, unpodded and fed wyverns. Spent a while feeding gachas, all went into generators (I should do it sooner next time, I guess). Repodded wyverns and that's all for today.
  14. 100x Doggpound boosted Here we have our boosted server With 10/16 regular players We offer free Griffin (painted free) on arrival as starter kit, with 4 flags, 1 paint brush and 50 of the current months dye We have dinos spawned in from other maps: Manamagmr Rock drake R-giga Basilisk Bulbdog Featherlight Shinehorn Some of witch are Modded with Bush Berry Seeds (in game currency at admin/player owned shop) We offer 50k BBS just for joining our Discord: https://discord.gg/5rv2AvrV8M We have recruitment programs where if you bring a friend with you to the server you'll receive 100k BBS We have fun activities: -Assault course -Shooting range -Bounce house/Castle -Race events -weekly drops -fishing events -public house -PVP events (PVP arena only) Teleports are available for free transport for all players located at all above stated places and obelisks Ragnarock map PVE
  15. We play from separate ps4 consoles. We did reset console and router Re-installing the game would take us days possibly a week or longer to install per console. We have tried to submit a ticket but it takes us to everywhere but where we need to go to submit a ticket. Not sure what we aren't doing correctly
  16. ...copy in other thread... yes, if you are playing from the same PS4 I also think that the Map File on the PS4 is ruined, especially if you said that your friends are being able to access without problems (<- if I understand correctly) it means that the problem is not on the Server but on your PS, for sure you have already tried to perform the complete reset of both the PS and the Router, so the only deduction is that the PS did not load the update correctly or damaged the map file in the process.
  17. yes, if you are playing from the same PS4 I also think that the Map File on the PS4 is ruined, especially if you said that your friends are being able to access without problems (<- if I understand correctly) it means that the problem is not on the Server but on your PS, for sure you have already tried to perform the complete reset of both the PS and the Router, so the only deduction is that the PS did not load the update correctly or damaged the map file in the process.
  18. Ark is the most crappy game I've ever seen, with a lot of bug graphics. There are a lot of hanging garbage wildcard, garbage GM will only and know the player, such as thousands of PVP88 service, as long as a player hit them will crash the server, and GM also know is no matter, only allow them to hit others we can't touch them, regardless of these bugs. How many people have reported it. Inside the door. And I'm not going to expect any more Ark 2 because Ark 1 is already acting out, Ark 2 is real. - Tomus is about making money regardless of the player's inner mind, Ark2 will be just like Ark2 when it comes out. There is a full map bug that no one has fixed. Because dogs can never change their habit of eating poop. The garbage Ark.
  19. Nobody here can help with actual "server" issue - you need a ticket for that - however from your other thread and with reference to the "After Update" comment - your local game copy of the extinction map is probably busted. Your best bet is to try and re-install the game.
  20. You say "our server". Is this an Official server? An unofficial server? A private server set up by you? A server at your location run by you? Are you platform or Windows Ark or Steam Ark? Can you join any other server without issue - or is just this Extinction server an issue? It seems maybe from the info that you post that the issue is likely with you home internet stuff. You can see the server - but it cannot talk to you. Has anything changed with your internet stuff? i.e. a new router, a different ISP, or even changed rules / policy with your existing ISP. As a last thought, check that firewall rules on your PC (assuming a PC based game client) has not changed to now "block" Ark traffic. Having typed all that I re-read your post - you say "transfer" to the server which implies that you are in game somewhere on a different server? In that case can you kick off extinction as a single player game? Maybe your local copy of that map is corrupt. Does the server run Mods? If so maybe try and unsubscribe to those mods and then subscribe again to refresh the mod install? Sorry - There are many different things that could be at issue - and without more information - I dunno? -------- EDIT --------- Mmmmm I see another thread (probably related to this one - apologies if not) which speaks to PS4 and a general issue with ANY extinction server. Give that thread's info - maybe your game client is busted for extinction? Can you run Single player Extinction? Do you guys play one one shared console or do each have a console - and are they both busted? I am clueless about platform stuff - but the 1st answer here would probably be to re-download the game to make sure that your local copy is not busted.
  21. @All Thanks people - some good perspective here!
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