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  2. Yeah they used the freepaint method to make templates
  3. The Dev seems don't even care about local multiplayer on mobile, if they does, why they want us to rent a server? Why don't they just make something similar like terraria or Minecraft multiplayer? If the Dev really care, they already have done making local multiplayer at the "BEGINNING" since the game release, all they want are just money and money. For now the only way to play with friends on mobile is to play on official server which was "FLOODED" with players made structures and tames (the decaying things is useless for some reason) or else just rent a server on Nitrado which means you have to "KEEP PAYING" to let your server alive. It's sad but that's truth. Hope the Dev really fix this in the future.
  4. jessika

    Server 828

    server online !!!!!!!
  5. Selling paintings? Ok So I'm currently playing on an official "new" valguero PVE eu server and was wondering that if is there any way to sell paintings. Selling like going to a base place down canvasses there and ofc paint them. The only thing is that I cannot interact or do anything in other player bases, meaning I cannot paint. The question is that, is there any way of possibility to have an ability to build or just paint in other player's bases, ofc with their permission and understanding.
  6. DKAF ACTIVE PLAYERS REQUIRED DKAF ACTIVE PLAYERS REQUIRED Minions, the time has come our tribe is making big progress and is currently working towards an alpha boss fight, we are looking for active player with experience from NA/OC/EU and are looking for around the clock coverage.Steam/Epic games. Mic not required. Join our discord for more info! https://discord.gg/vwRRrmK AUSSIE TRIBE BTW
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  8. I just finished installing ark, i verified it several times and restarted my computer. Every time I launch it, it says it's running but it is not. I don't know if its because I'm using a Mac or not, its brand new and doesn't have much applications. Someone please help me :(
  9. guess i will just see what happens then visit my tribemate today and report back later incase anyone else needs this info.,
  10. New cluster setup - transfers work, but not travel I've run a dedicated server under linux for a while now (literally years). It was running on a wimpy little i5-3200 processor and 8gb 12gb memory. I recently upgraded hardware and got the server up again (i5-6600k, 32gb memory) and with the extra horsepower I was going to run a clustered setup. Everything seems to work fine - I can see both individual server instances in my lan/favorites filter, I can connect to each one individually just fine, and items/dinos dropped into monolith data/creature tabs appear on the counterpart system just fine. The problem I'm stuck at is that I have been utterly unable to use the 'travel to another server' function at the console or transmitter. Here's my setup: Server system: Single installation of ARK handling 2 instances (one set of Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini, exclusive/whitelist file, etc. only launch options are different for map/session/port info, see below) IP - Firewall - none ark1 startup options: (carriage returns inserted for readability) TheIsland?SessionName=HNP-Island?AltSaveDirectoryName=TheIsland?listen?MaxPlayers=10?QueryPort=27015?RCONPort=27020?Port=7777? ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval=86400 -clusterid=HNPCluster -NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=/home/arkserver -exclusivejoin -automanagedmods ark2 startup options: Valguero_P?SessionName=HNP-Valguero?AltSaveDirectoryName=Valguero_P?listen?MaxPlayers=10?QueryPort=27017?RCONPort=27022?Port=7779? ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval=86400 -clusterid=HNPCluster -NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=/home/arkserver -exclusivejoin -automanagedmods GameUserSettings.ini relevant options: [ServerSettings] CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=True noTributeDownloads=False PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False Client system (Me): standard windows desktop with steam/ark install IP - WIndows Firewall normal settings, plays ARK with the dedicated server just fine - always has. All mods pre-downloaded and unpacked via single/local session Server favorites info: entered manually by IP:PORT to steam as favorites, no DNS to worry about shows in steam UI with map name, session name, etc all perfectly properly Been banging my head on this all night.. any ideas? All manner of searches I've tried here in the server admin forums get me no useful results, only a ton of advertisements for other peoples' clustered servers.
  11. I made a post Similar to this one a WHILE ago, but the main difference is that while you are suggesting that ice wyverns are made to have the same freeze ability against dinos as manas, I proposed that ice wyverns should instead be immune to managarmr freeze and snow owl freeze. It would provide a nice counter to those two dinos and would make ice wyverns a more viable tame again
  12. hey man I started a sever on ark an I was using your code (because this is my first server) do you have the finished code because I can't ride spawn in tames and I players can't use ten 

  13. Last few days really but I've been getting back into ARK and finding inpsiration in the new Crystal Isles map so been doing some builds. I did a tree house, an ocean platform fish pond fort and just completed my house in the cold zone to keep us warm and provide some comfort when doing gem/black pearl runs. Couple views from the edge of the ledge looking onto the house. Ground floor view with under stair storage. Under stair storage View out to the world Upper deck - cooking and bedrooms. 4 bedrooms - 2 each side in the wood towers. My bedroom - others similar but different furnishing layout.
  14. Good question - will look at this after work today and get back to you.
  15. Its yet another dino on the long list of deprecated dinos in ARK that need some TLC. In theory Daeodons were omnivores (given their mix of teeth), but ARK developers aren't big on realism sometimes. If they were omnivores ingame like they should be, feeding them wouldn't be as big of a chore.
  16. Wait did the tame do it or was it a wild? If it was a tame, that is only on PvP and so there is nothing to report. I only ask because you said it had a tribe name on it. If PvE, kiting is easily the most disregarded issue even with what would seem to be good video evidence so video will need to be provided for that. You can however report the presence of that dino as it is probably interfering with your right to play the game.
  17. ComicTitan


    Bugfixes PLEASE FIX BUGS WILDCARD. RENDERING GAME NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY. PLEASE CARE ABOUT YOUR PLAYERBASE FOR ONCE INSTEAD OF PUSHING OUT PAID DLCS WHILE THE GAME SUFFERS. So many bugs... Disappointing. Game crashes, forced to restart, friends cannot join unless I restart game, glitchy hitboxes, the list goes on. Please fix!
  18. What if I don't have this problem and Epic Games still says my ark is running even after a complete computer reboot?
  19. Ok thank you, I don't have a video but I have screen shots of the name of the dino and screenshots of the tribe that owns it. Do you think that would be enough?
  20. I need help I recently bought another server to add to my existing ragnarok server. The problem is i cannot get the crossark to work. Ive changed the cross ark id twice. Nitrado has changed it twice and changed the ip for one of them. But nothing works. Any help would be appreciated
  21. Gigantopithicus Shoulder pet bug Having trouble picking up a shoulder pet with my Bigfoot. Used to hold in right thumb stick and it worked every time. There was also an option when you held in the action button in the wheel menu it said pick up. That option is not there anymore. If I spam holding in the right thumbstick it will eventually pick up the shoulder pet & a option in the wheel menu is there to drop shoulder pet. I dont expect this will get fixed as the small issues are being overlooked by devs. Sad that this amazing game is being ruined by a plague of bugs.
  22. Thunder Pvp 20x 20x gather rates 5x mating rates 50x breeding rates Two maps Island, Ragnarok Island: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Discord link https://discord.gg/s4UDA2
  23. 10x HAWKES ARK !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK ISLAND [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK SCORCHED EARTH [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK ABERRAITION [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK VAULGUERO [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK CRYSTAL ISLES [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK EXTINCTION [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK GENESIS [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK CENTER [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/ !WIPE 07/07 10x HAWKES ARK RAGNAROK [CROSSPLAY] steam://connect/
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