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  3. Do beaver dams generate more paste on increased rates? If not, then swamp cave is still better. During charity event you could inventory cap with cp from 1 cave run.
  4. It's a bug that is not worth the time needed to fix it. Even when toilet was working as intended you could still drain your stamina and poop 3-4 times in a row. So basically same result in any case, only difference is that it's effortless now.
  5. Apparently not. "It's a stand-alone PC app that utilises the lovely new savegame reader from Flachdachs"
  6. And ? What's the problem with that ? Ark pvp meta is about destroying turrets instead of soaking them whenever possible. Official pvp raids involve using tek tapes or tek rex to destroy tek turrets, having hatchframe racers or quetzals drop towers etc. Soaking turrets does not work when people have 50 dedis of arb and 10 dedis of element in their base. On Officials takes 25 mins to farm the gunpowder and metal to make a slotcap of arb. A 20 min element run gets you 2000 hard ele on genesis, and on other maps gacha towers produce 2-3 dedis of element dust per day, completely automated without h
  7. Ark does not have a lot of weapons. But what I like is that all the weapons are very unique and serve a purpose. There is some useless junk like lands and assault rifle. But most of the items in the game are solid. There is no point to adding more weapons without first answering what purpose it serves and how it is relevant to the pvp meta of how the game is actually played.
  8. same here my discord is Hidemi ~ Chan#8419
  9. Began raising another big litter of wolf pups, set the existing pack other than the breeders out in my hunting area to train for the upcoming test vs a wild giga.
  10. It takes a lot of work to have the trees coloured like that, it's not as simple as a command-line parameter i'm afraid.
  11. Well the game itself is ment to "Evolve". Like start primitive and become future. Why would it else been named Ark Survival "Evolved"
  12. hi guys i encountered something strange! my water well despawned, but the connected waterpipes & Taps where still "blue" and had water flowing out of them and the one connected crop plot with a defence plant was still showing "irrigated", but was empty on 0 water on the crop plot. so, to try & refill the crop plot i took a full canteen and put it in one of the water taps. it "transferred" the water to the crop plot, but BROKE the canteen in the process! now it stays broken, and cant be filled anywhere, neither in active water taps, nor in lakes/rivers! since
  13. This is exactly the kind of narrow minded response I got to my "Why are there not more Dinosaurs in Battlefield" thread on the official battlefield forums
  14. Yes i am also trying to join a tribe but i yet dont know how lol
  15. I don't really rely on beaver dams. Don't get me wrong, I know they are a good source for quick paste but I only find a few dams, like one or two in an area and their spawn locations are too far apart across the map (on the Island of course) Like around how much paste are we talking in a single run? and what are the dangers involved (aside from the beavers)
  16. YES! I use my arms so much when I'm swimming, it would be nice to get some Scuba Gloves ingame. I've thought about this before, but what if it allowed for stamina regen in the water. Like, moderate stamina regen, nothing crazy. That and the swimming backwards buff would make it super useful!
  17. Rag has caves similar, but Rag also has 2 spots with tons of beaver dams to farm Cementing Paste from. Just take out the paste, dump everything else (or take it) so the dam despawns and let them build more dams. Rinse repeat.
  18. I'm thinking of transferring to either Rag or The Center, I'm wondering if there are areas like the Swamp Cave from The Island. Areas where large amounts of insects gather in one area. I gathered insane amounts of Cementing Paste there with my frog and I'm reluctant to leave the island mainly because of that. Playing on singleplayer btw.
  19. Hi there, looking to join a fun tribe to survive ark XD
  20. I have been playing mouse and keyboard on ark for Xbox and it’s always come to my mind if custom controls will ever be added, because it’s really hard for me to play on default settings having to reach across my keyboard to access my inventory. Hope you guys can respond to this.
  21. I am also getting this on windows 10 and xbox one x same account in lunar biome of genesis.
  22. That is because you tested locally, where there is no networking and the server has nothing else to do. I won't address timing/data because I don't think that is relevant but here is a short clip illustrating it: The more busy a server is, the more noticeable it will be. For pretty much the same reasons tames can take few seconds to react when asked to follow you, or the mating progresses are all over the place and keep resetting client-side, etc.
  23. Keeping 40 wolves from tangling up and getting stuck on eachother is difficult in the best circumstances. That's why I've organized them in follow lines. The only way I can think of to properly pull it off with a "kill pen" would be to have something outside of it on passive that each leader could be following, but then the predators might lock onto those instead of the wolves, So it wouldn't be as effective. thought that does give me an idea... I could build a stone cage in the middle of my hunting area, drop my raptor in the center on passive with each lead wolf following... and then se
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