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  2. Hello all, I am having the same problems and now lost two gifted tames which I had uploaded (official Server), because I couldn't log in all day. A lvl 300+ Velo and a 200+ Lightning Wyvern... does anyone know if they are lost for good or if a ticket might help?
  3. I am getting the same issue between me and all my buddies, Says could not retrieve address, Anyone finds a solution please let us know.
  4. Tribe mate can’t connect issue Hello I have a tribe mate who been having this issue where he can’t connect to the server... any solution I can suggest for my tribe mate to try? we normal run on 1093 xbox vag
  5. Beat story mode Island map I have always wanted to beat the story (all bosses) and i have recntly started playing again on a boosted server i will post ip. I am looking for some people who are interested in beating the bosses too. I have a small base with metal and some birds i have over 900 hours in ark
  6. I’m having the same issue right now between me and all my buddies, If anyone finds a way around please keep us notified
  7. I read it as place crop plots stand Dino's on said plots it stopped the egg from falling through foundations. Basically it serves as a floor for the eggs to land on. If I'm wrong let me know.
  8. Since I breed yutis for boss fights I tend to have lots of spare eggs but I can see why using the dein would be a great idea even tamed they seem to have a great egg rate. I haven't looked into it yet. Does anyone know if the tamed deins can be transferred to other maps I kept seeing people say they turned into raptors in cryopods. So I haven't bothered with them much.
  9. I stumbled across this server when looking for a new place to call home. I had never played on an RP server before and was a bit hesitant to check it out. But between the welcoming admins, and great people on the server I am so glad I stopped by. The admin team is incredibly active in the community, and are all incredibly fair and transparent in their decisions. Any and all changes to the community are voted on by the members. PvP is enabled so as to not limit interactions to non-violent ones, but you will never be wiped or griefed by the people on this server. The community is warm, friendly and welcoming to new people, and has been a place I have been happy to be, and hang out in since I joined. With a new season starting soon NOW is the perfect time to come check us out!
  10. Yeah, it sucks to have to get right up to the tv just to read it. Not sure why they made it so small.
  11. windows 10 version, says all servers are up but i get "could not retrieve address" Lol. i swear. every patch something breaks.
  12. Xbox servers not connecting They say their up, but when you try and connect you get an error saying connot connect to island or some such.
  13. There are loads of posts about this in the bug reports. Something broke during an update. Quite a lot of things broke during the recent updates.
  14. I've been on scorched building and crafting adobe from clay on Xbox single player for last couple of weeks no issues for this item thankfully. It's just everything else that's broken. But at least clay is fine.
  15. For me it dc’s me. I try to to relog it does the primal data bp load. That fails and sends me back to the server list and it just says joining server. I don’t have to redownload the patches. Just Restarting the game a few times allows me back in after like 15mins
  16. Having trouble logging in to official servers For the past week I’ve been having issues logging into my official pve server. I click join and it starts loading like normal then after about 10-20 seconds it goes back to the server selection screen and says joining server like it does when you try to join without closing the game but it never joins ive been trying to join for 2 hours straight now without any luck. Please help a girl out my rexes need to be fed
  17. Hello all, I just lost several tames because I could not log in for hours... anyone know if submitting a ticket will bring them back or is is pointless? Lvl 340+ Velo and Lvl 235+ Wyvern just gone!
  18. Ark Game Play Issues I am an avid player with more than 12,000 hours in Ark. I have a great group of great friends that I play with on multiple maps. Many of us have played together for 4-5 years. We have an excellent community of players, all of us with many thousands of game hours. I want to start by saying that I have really love the game and have enjoyed many years of gameplay. Recently however, problems have been introduced to the game that are causing us to lose items, dinos, time, and more importantly players. Many of my closest tribemates have left the game citing extreme gameplay issues. All of these issues could be addressed and corrected if the will was there to do so. Let me outline a few issues that have happened over the last month or so. Lag. Oh my goodness the lag is unbelievable. Trying to raise dinos in a 36 hour period on an island server we have seen timers shift more than 3.5 hours. It is difficult to plan our raising when you log in after 8 hours of sleep to do an imprint before work… and you discover that the imprints have shifted 45 minutes to an hour and you no longer have time to get the imprint in before you have to leave. Lag. Lag has been so bad that many of our tribemates have been disconnected constantly. It is hard to leave the base to do anything as you could randomly disconnect. Couple of tribemates have lost gear as they are not certain where they died when they finally got back into the game. Lag. One tribemate in particular has been collecting wyvern eggs from our rag server and he has lost 3 wyverns that landed in the lava when on his screen he was in a nest. He has lost many pieces of decent gear and cryod dinos. Losing stuff to bugs in the game is frustrating. Lag. Raising gigas I personally imprinted 5 gigas before going to bed. When I got up the next morning the gigas were no longer imprinted and now I can’t get a full imprint. I was on track and 2 of them were 100% done before I went to bed. Now I get to watch the last 3 also not get the full imprint. Lag. Downloaded some cool new coloured event tames from the Christmas event to my island server only to have the server crash and roll back. I lost all of my new colours. Server restarts. Random server restarts in the middle of peak time for new version updates. The week before the Chrstmas break had an inordinate amount of restarts. Every time I was in a cave or doing a boss run I had to panic to get things squared away so I wouldn’t lose anything. The amount of time it takes to set up on the obi only to have to abort for a server restart that didn’t happen on time… frustrating. I don’t know how to categorize this. While on the island chasing drops with my mana, my screen suddenly locks up. I am used to lag and disconnections so I simply wait. After about 40 seconds I am logging back into the server… no death message, no notice in the logs. My mana is gone, all of my gear and stuff collected from the drops missing. Everything gone. I am simply on a screen as if I had just transferred in. I couldn't find a death beacon in the area I was in. Chibis keep resetting to level 1. Many tribemates have leveled to 3, 4 and 5 only to log in the next day to a level 1 chibi. Chibis stop leveling. I get to level 2 and can't gain any more levels from the chibi no matter how many alphas I kill. I got another one to level 4 and it too stopped leveling. Raising 2 gigas that made it to trough a few hours before going to bed. Upon waking the next morning to discover that they starved to death.I have raised a lot of dinos, We have 70 tek troughs and the base has been designed so that there are no spots where a dino could be without being on trough. Only two logical conclusions can be taken from this. Either the server rolled back or the gigas simply stopped eating. Tribemate was raising several dinos on Ab while being pregnant with a 150 reaper (more than 12). He had to log out for a couple of hours in a tek pod and when he logged back in, he had died and lost his reaper to radiation in the green zone??. Unfortunately he had the cryoed babies on his person (Not something we recommend) but he lost his gear and all the new babies and the 150 reaper which ended up being a red and white event. While on extinction another tribe member tek flew to a purple drop we were at so he wouldn’t be cryo sick and when he tossed his giga out, it was somehow cryo sick. He lost the giga to corrupted and his saddle was nowhere to be found. While on extinction raising babies, a tribe member saw some death notices show up on the screen. When he searched our bases he found that one of our bases was completely gone along with all of our stuff. Hundreds of dinos, element, and more and another base was ¾ destroyed.. This is a PVE server but someone used a tactic that literally destroyed two bases that is high up in the snow biome. While farming element veins and box triber showed up as we finished and started harvesting our vein. I didn’t know that was possible.. But it is. During my weekly time in of my Rag base, we noticed that 6 of 10 cryo fridges were not powered for some reason. When opening them, all of the pods had expired losing all of the dinos. Looking at the logs, we see that some electrical cables auto decayed. Some of the many hundreds of electrical cables in the base and for some reason all the pods lost 30 days of charge in just one week. Logged into my main base on an island server and saw half the cryo pods were at half charge, even though the fridge was fully powered and has never lost power. I play on this map every single day. This base is the most frequented base we have. Someone at this base at least 4 hours a day. Half of our base on Scorched Earth suddenly auto decayed. Even though we were playing as a group on the map 4 days earlier. Stone structures stayed where metal ones auto decayed. We lost element, dinos and gear and a lot of it. We have put support tickets in and have been told that we could have 10 dinos at a max 150 level to replace the hundreds of dinos lost in the last few months. Honestly this has turned a lot of my group of friends off playing. While ejecting the loot from a red drop on extinction, someone used a new trick to steal stuff as it came out using. Again.. Didn’t know this was possible. Now we add an event that pits player vs player to chase presents that drop from the sky in a line. Routinely we have 3 or 4 people all trying to open the same present and then arguing in global chat. The Christmas event has turned players that normally can play well together into enemies. Global chat has been horrible to read as everyone is upset about the drops. Merry Christmas I say. At the end of the day the game has become seriously broken. The lag on the weekends when I can commit some time has made it unplayable. I don’t want to trash the game as I absolutely love it. However, the current fixes are not helping and in fact are making the game much worse. Then when contacting support for what are rather serious issues that have ruined hundred if not thousands of hours, we are given responses that do not adequately respect this. There has to be a better way that to have policies that confront the player base when they have issues. We understand that a free to play game has some limits on what can be achieved. Many of the avid players I play with wonder if there shouldn't be a pay for official server cluster that can help with some of the expenses and installing admins to monitor the servers. My group of friends would love to have this as an option. Being able to still log onto official maps but having the ability to go to a server that is actively maintained.
  19. Could not retrieve address I keep getting this. Ill play for a few hours log off then try to log in again and cant get on to any of my servers
  20. Teleporting to the spine when trying to do rockwell So, I've been playing for 2 weeks and have got enough powerful dinos to do gamma rockwell. I place the artifacts in, the 20 sec timer starts, and everything seems normal. Timer ends, and instead of the arena im transported high above a random big black bone spine in the deep parts and I start falling down. Anyone know a fix or how else to go to the arena?
  21. Would you happen to have another controller connected I sometimes find when one goes idle the other won't let me type? Worth a try maybe. There has recently been a lot of problems for Xbox but I've had no issues using console commands today. Hope you find a fix or someone else can advise.
  22. PS4 Connection Issues? Related to the XBox Issue? So... I am playing with friends on the apS4 version. Each of us are having to try joining a server, have the connection timeout, and try again 30 minutes later to maybe get connected. Is this related in any way with the connection issues that XBox users were/are experiencing?
  23. My character tuis wiped to the king titan I lost my character left to the king titan977
  24. Did you get any screenshots? That'd be cool to see if you did!! Also cool if it means that Gen is indeed coming out soon!!
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