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  2. I think that adding a bigger crocodilian in the game would be cool (purrusaurus or deinosuchus for example) or adding some more aquatic life (creatures could be things such as tanystropheus, edestus, helicoprion, anomolocaris) or even adding schools of little fish to give the ocean some character (pikaia for example). For land creatures they could add more synapsids such as gorgonops or therocephalian like predators. They could also add more dinosaurs such as megaraptor or carcharodontosaurus. For mammals they could do diprotodon or andrewsarchus. for items they should add a tek version of a gps that shows the x y and z coordinates ( with x being longitude, y being latitude and z being elevation) and a tek spyglass that allows you to see a creatures stats
  3. Im saying something like the legacy and new servers from the rag release but not as wide scale something to help grow the community, there are so many players that want to play official but they cant because of toxic alphas, they have done something like this before but i think they should do it again.
  4. You can always fish saddle BPs and bypass most of these issues. That is how I got my argent/rex/giga saddles when I was alpha on beginner... until chineses meshed us...
  5. CATACLYSM 15X Fresshly wiped! Cataclysm (Cluster/Fresh Wipe PvP Console) Search: CATACLYSM (or just CATA) PvP Harvest: 15x Taming: 15x Experience: 15x 6 Man Tribe Limit Every Map! Excellent Stats Max Player 105 Max Wild Dino 150 Egg Hatch: 20x Mating Speed: 10x Mature: 35x 100% Imprint All Dinos Stack Mod Custom Drops Auto Learn Engrams PvP Events to WIN Great Prizes! Very Balanced! Join the Rapidly Growing Population of Players! Just wiped this week! discord: https://discord.gg/7aemYqK
  6. GT: MickyD Hero Looking to join this is my gt on xbox
  7. PS4 Host/local settings being reset automatically!! Please fix!!! I am noticing a lot more ps4 players experiencing this issue but it has not been resolved yet. It is really annoying having to redo all settings on the Host/Local screen every time the game is relaunched. once the game is closed, it wipes all settings back to default and this includes the in game options on the pause menu. It has come to the point that i just stop playing since it is so discouraging...
  8. Bloodstalker Took My Mount How Can I Find It? OK heres the story: I was out trying to tame my first bloodstalker. Was looking for a low level one just to get the technique down. I had three Baryonyxs with me, riding one and other two for defense. I had about 800 bloodpacks in the inventory of the one I was riding with preserving salt tat I was going to move to my inventory when I found one. So I stumble upon a tree that has about 4-5 stalkers in it grouped up in a clump. One grabs me and my other tames all get grabbed by the others. I had on a wing suit and broke loose from the one that grabbed me but I floated a decent distance from where my tames were when I landed. I saw the stalker get my mount up to the tree but I cant find the exact location since I drifted pretty far but i know the general area. One of the lower level barys that got grabbed was killed by a stalker, the other broke loose and I was able to get him back. The issue I have is my main baryonyx the one I was riding I cant find. Its not dead according to the combat log. But because it had a bunch of bloodpacks on it I figure the stalker that grabbed it is possibly still eatting the bloodpacks and not my mount. But, its been over 2 hours and I figure either the blood would have all been eaten or decayed by now but i still have no your tame was killed message in my log. I've literally combed the area for 2 hours trying to find my mount. Iis there still hope for my dear Bary? If possible I would really like to find her she was a 150 with good stats. Also, why dont our tames break free from the stalkers with bite attacks? The bary thats missing can literally 1 hit the low level ones when they are on the ground if I shot tem out of a tree but one was able to reel her in anyway.
  9. Hehe Gamma is Easy, the Part here is Less Antidote for final Round! Gigas doing almost 0 Dmg without bleeding.
  10. don’t let Genesis go into the Animal Zoo like other maps, Only Item transfer On!
  11. Aimbot solution Hey guys, I’ve been aimbotted every day for the past few weeks it feels like. What I wanna know is, how did this get so popular so fast? and how come WC hasn’t done anything to fix the problem? thanks
  12. Dodobitus boss Anyone have any clue on how to find the missing dodo minions? I’ve beaten the boss but there’s seems to be no minions in site. Is it a bug? If so, WC please fix it. I know it’s just a mobile game, but it’s all I can afford momentarily.
  13. bahi yr man nhi lagta yr diii bahi yr man nhi lagta yr diii
  14. bahi yr man nhi lagta or tu dyyyy bahi yr man nhi lagta or tu dyyyy
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  16. bahi yr man nhi lagta or tu dee bahi yr man nhi lagta or tu dee
  17. bahi yr man nhi lagta yr twe bahi yr man nhi lagta yr twe
  18. Is Primal Survival ever going to be looked at again? A new and exciting aspect to bring to the table? 2016 we had trailers for it and then it was "not in active development" has it been scrapped completely?
  19. Margaritaville, lightly boosted PVP. Margaritaville PVP enabled, 32 slots. Fresh server: Started 03/30/2020 x5 Harvesting, taming, and breeding. x3.5 Player and dino experience. x2 Supply drop loot quality. Six man tribe limit. Structure limit increased. Tribe mates can imprint for you. Visible damage values. Admin tribe is private but friendly. Message: FloobHanzWaldo for an invite, help, or questions.
  20. There was a dev in that thread, which is odd to me, as they usually never look there at all. I may try pinging them via Twitter, at least @Ark_Support and see if they say anything. The bug (I speculate) is some OpenGL detection or something along those lines.
  21. Yeah, the boss was easy, but the minions where nowhere to be found. It’s complete BULL, and I found the trek rifle too! WildCard better fix this soon, it’s really pissing me off when minions are practically not even in the room.
  22. Report all instances of DDoS, duping, meshing or other exploits, with your evidence, to support via ticket at: https://support.survivetheark.com Nobody on the forums can help you regarding in-game issues.
  23. So just to clarify the date is unknown when u can bring stuff to genesis but we can still transfer dinos out of genesis. I ask this cuz I was hoping to get an Easter coloured reaper from abb but my tribe is small and we don’t have a base there yet
  24. The 115 bp is the 227 bp after reset
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