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  2. Hi, I’ve been working hard the last month or so to breed rexes. Ive managed to get 10 full grown rexes base stats 35k hp 1400% damage. These will only have primitive saddles because of the bug at the minute with the supply drops. Would I need to keep going on the breeding or is 10 going to easily do the gamma bosses?
  3. I had a small tek base outside one of the caves on Gen 1 before the Gen 2 patch. Official 1270 Xbox. 36,46 coords. Was full tek materials (walls ceilings floors doors) had a tek gen a couple Cryo fridges, regular fridges and a bunk bed. After the gen 2 patch this base vanished. there is no record of it being destroyed or decaying in the tribe log. the building is gone. My tek transmitter that was next to the base is still there though. Was this build admin deleted on official?
  4. Yes, the DefeatBoss command is one way. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Console_commands#DefeatBoss As an alternative you could use the MaxAscend command, which will unlock everything from Alpha Overseer and Alpha Rockwell (including levels) in a single command. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Console_commands#MaxAscend
  5. If lag is bad the pistol will literally not do damage. The fab pistols you find in drops are usually better anyways, I just use the tek pistol for healing and trolling people with stuns.
  6. Revamped shop! Designed to help early game progression (points earned per hour of play)
  7. This happened when they launched gen 2. The crypods stopped showing colors, gender on Xbox. Dinos previously podded still show the colors but once unopposed and repodded nothing.
  8. Are you the administrator/owner of these servers, or is it someone else? If someone else is the owner/administrator you need to begin by talking to them and letting them know what is happening.
  9. Are we not supposed to be able to tractor beam dinos after we tame them? I know at one point i definitely could. I could even raise and lower them to any desired height. But now even if i picked it up to take it home and tame, i can never again do so once its been tamed.
  10. Dupejo


    Please, fix that server. Crash every 2 hours
  11. As the title explains; Was going for a supply drop in the southeast corner of the map, hopped off my astro to pick it up and was suddenly teleported to the northwest corner of the map in the opposite biome. My tame stayed near the supply drop, but this could have ended up a very dangerous situation. This was on an Official Xbox server.
  12. So just started extinction, and 3 times now if I leave the dino I am taming(I have slow taming rates) on the ground floor, they fall under it. Even if I ghost it won't let me put food or access their inventories. Just lost a 145 PT to this garbage. Any suggestions or mods come to mind. I know I can up the rates, but that defeats so many aspects of the game TO ME(only my opinion). Any help is greatly appreciated
  13. I play with mods in singleplayer but the server doesn't have mods. I've already tried turning off my mods, didn't work. We're literally getting this exact issue now, the server just can't seem to read its own settings. Now we can't breed, tame, or build. Thanks, Wildcard; I guess we're waiting for a hotfix now, until then my friend and I are gonna play other games.
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  15. Lately the lag has been really bad. Wasnt like this on launch, but over the last few days the game has been just about unplayable. Bounced around a few servers today just trying to find something stable enough to play the Survive the Ark mission to no avail. DDos, duping, or just bad server performance on the games end ? Maybe all three at once ? I don't know exactly what the cause is but I know what the result has been - me shutting off the game within 20-30 mins of turning it on. Not exactly what you want to see in the 2nd week of the delayed DLCs launch.
  16. Ive said it the past few days on h ere... NA-PVE-997 on PC has been down every hour. Some days its down every 30 mins. Whats most annoying about this isnt just the downed server, is the complete and absolute silence from WC and failure to acknowledge it. Either they arent monitoring the servers at all, or have zero cares for their paying customers that they cannot so much as acknowledge the fact there is a serious issue affecting servers. Think with your wallet when Ark 2 hype is out..
  17. We have two baby maewings that should've been done yesterday afternoon. They still have almost 10% remaining, and probably won't get finished until next May at this rate. And during 2x its a one day maturation! I feel sorry for anyone raising a giga on there!
  18. For some reason the Mini-HLNA skin is automatically considered to be in every single folder you make and you can't remove it. That means that whenever I use a folder to equip a set of armor it gets equipped too and kicks out my slotted item. It's not really that big a deal, but it's really annoying and I'd like it if I didn't have to deal with that.
  19. I am on 995 as well... it's gotten to the point that the server can't stay up for a half hour. The last crash was after less than 15 minutes up. Wilcard needs to take this cluster down and FIX IT. I keep collecting the same mats and building the same things over and over again. The game is unplayable on this server atm.
  20. I am also having this problem and would like an official response from the developers. I paid the full amount for ARK and all of it's expansions, because I really thought Wild Card deserved it. I have heard a lot of talk from around the web that Wild Card does not care about it's customers and dismissed this for the most part. However, I would like assurance from Wild Card that my $150 investment in this game was not wasted and that this issue is being looked into at this very moment, and that this is not some kind of attempt to lock me out of playing offline because I do not have a good inter
  21. Sorry to hear that grown up discussions are beyond your abilities. Since you're looking for the kiddie forums you're on the wrong web site. I never said it did. If that's your takeaway from the discussion then your reading comprehension is exactly as good as one would expect it to be.
  22. Just telling us that it's a confirmed issue that will be fixed, would go a long way at least for me.
  23. I recently got dedicated storage, and with the S+ version, it isn't recognized by my Stryders so I changed it to regular (Non S+) dedicated storage and now it won't let me place it down anywhere. Is there any solution to this yet or is this a common bug?
  24. not even virtually, straight up unplayable. I spent time farming up mats to make my base, and i've had to do the same thing 3x now for the last hour and a half. putting down 10 pillars isnt' asking much is it?
  25. The last 6 times i didnt had so much troubles to force it to Land. I will try what you said nexttime cause a Crash let it Land. Everybody is welcome to talk here about the Problems which they have with this Bug. They need to fix it. 1 Year is long enough.
  26. Didn't see any ramp up happening...of course, this was weekend Gen 2 lag levels so maybe it didn't work because of that?
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