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  2. Tattare

    ARK Favicon?

    why dont you guys add a Favicon to the website? looks potato.
  3. Bring25mantoxbox

    Community Crunch 174: Introducing... Classic PvP!

    No surprise there for pc. How about xbox get new server 😧u wonder you ppl quit on xbox and it because u have no new content for us. Add classic to xbox plz
  4. Jemcrystal

    PC NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok383 Down for 9 hrs

    Okay using Battlemetrics I have made a quick chart of all the RAGNAROK servers in our 383 cluster group. Guys, 383-NA-PC might very well be the most unhealthy server in all of Ark. Sad because I really like that community. link in case pic to big to show up
  5. Bring25mantoxbox

    Fanart Friday 2!

    I have realised u have no care for console. Pc get so many more severs and 2 get nothing. Maybe u should give us new severs as we have had no new ones for 10 months. This had made thousands to quit and maybe u should add more to bring ppl back.
  6. Meanwhile on Unofficial. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all these Official players suffering because "official". Enjoy that lagging mess. Yeah, I'm sure if I got that much traffic, I wonder if my Threadripper and NBN 100 Mbps connection could handle it. Probably better than the out-dated hardware at a data center, and better configured.
  7. Tattare

    fix mantis

    :beating dead jerboa:
  8. I have successfully launched the PvE NoTame server to the cluster. I still need to finish the advertisements and get the website updated.
  9. Servers down again... If this is gonna be like that all the event you should consider taking down ragna 72 and let us play, server crashing with just 6 ppl is far from acceptable...
  10. No - possibly Legacy though. I don't miss official at all. It's nice being able to play when I want to.
  11. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I feel ya man - happens! Make a project with long term gains. This is exactly why I made this self imposed challenge Maybe try getting some nice easter future breeding projects? Start the cave building project? A new main base spot? (Thinking desert?) Mainly easter taming? Youll regret it later if you dont
  12. Today
  13. Itsmememe

    Bring back Managarmrs!

    Totally agree with thedonn
  14. KingLittleD

    Tek Tier in mobile version

    I think it’s cool I Seen people play this mod
  15. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I love the cave as a base location, if I get access to it I always use it for storing wyverns, makes a great wyvern lair base. Just need to slap down some cliff platforms inside the cave. It is also accessable by gigas if need be. I have seen a few cool build ideas on youtube too which I want to try out. Should be on tonight. Feeling a bit burned out of Ark atm, which is annoying considering its the easter event right now which I have been looking forward to for ages.
  16. Hello i need help because i have a unnoficial server in the ark mobile and i cant get the mats i click to get but don't work with someone can help me...
  17. DimondRavens

    In-app purchuses

    I just spent 14$ on amber, and it never showed up, it’s been 3 hours any ideas on how to fix this
  18. Carnaldecay85

    Dragon Island

    pretty fierce rhino :)
  19. DimondRavens

    Ark Mobile How to Get Lvl 100 in 3 DAYS {Full Guide}

    Rocke, I might have a look at that server XD and yes I see that all the time people asking for level 100 it gets annoying haha
  20. Carnaldecay85

    Scorched 193, Ragnarok 72 crashing every day

    ragna 72 very laggy
  21. DimondRavens

    Ark Mobile How to Get Lvl 100 in 3 DAYS {Full Guide}

    No problem dude glad I can help
  22. Issie

    Tidy save

    Where can you find tidy save in extra, I cannot find it. can anyone help me, thx Greetings issie.
  23. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Didnt get on until late last night. Bred my last remaining argies for my breeding project and on the first 2 eggs got a mating pair with all stats and colours. Now to work in the purple wingtip stam mutation! Set a transmitter at our forge base. Did another ice cave run. Was very careful about my inventory this time and tried to replicate the glitch but didnt get it, thankfully. Didnt get much in the way of good loot from the ice queen - just a bunch more premade asc fur which is helpful for Murdersnow ventures I guess I checked out the cave @AngrySaltire and its really cool!! I think this would be a great major outpost / second base location. I would move the transmitter there - its a great spot in the middle of ice cave, beavers, canyon and close to highlands / scar! Lots of potential. Premade a small base and logged out. Next time im on im going to look for a spot to build near the desert.
  24. It is being a pain to play in this server today, since I opened the post this server crashed at least 6 times. This means one crash every 50 minutes moreless. Every time I find a phoenix I cant tame it because it changes location after the reset... Im starting to be tilted, not to mention the wyv I lost in the first crash of today. @Cedric @lilpanda @Jen @Chris Can you check whats going on with this physical server. The time it crashed last time scorched 193 had only 10 players, ragna 72 about 50 players. You should increase resources in this machine, or move ragna server to a more powerful machine and let us, pay-dlc customers, enjoy the map.
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