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  2. When some change to 1x occurs, it will still say 1x without evo events. so if they make double harvest permanent, picking up a rock on 1x will still yield 1 rock.
  3. how do you know this? what are you sources because if your not lying THIS IS AMAZING NEWS
  4. Today
  5. does anybody know if the free maps are coming to switch? I know that the ragnarok files are in the game because of griffins but, Its Switch so Idk
  6. Wow. Thank you, that makes perfect sense. I have experienced this while I was still online so I can piece it together well enough. Will have to start again I suppose.
  7. Not according to this announcement. That's not to say it won't happen at some point, but I would doubt it because adapting those free maps to Switch would cost a lot of development time. Nobody works for free.
  8. Yesterday
  9. So are we getting the free maps aswell? I really want them but I feel like they wont add them in
  10. Yup, more than likely the server crashed and rolled back to the point where they were all still out.
  11. the server crashed after you logged out and when it loaded its last save your animals were still out and not podded. its happened to me before too.
  12. Woke up to find that 5 x baby Rex's 1 x baby giga and 1 x baby mane that I had froze and put in the fridge to sleep miraculously removed themselves from cryo and starved to death. What's weird is 2 of 7 baby Rex's (all lvl 350+) that I had frozen were in my inventory and I was not in my bunk bed where I put myself before signing out. The file shows that I froze 3 baby's at a certain time, then 2 days pass and the baby's start dying of starvation. I'm so confused. Guttered as to say the least. I've lost a lot more to bugs, but this just isn't worth the time and effort! Note: No, my tribe did not do anything as there are only 3 of us ( mum, my sister and myself) and we all went to be at the same time.
  13. The event just finished yesterday you can see official rates here http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
  14. Admins are hosting awesome server events. Get involved today to see what's going on!
  15. Terrible timing... terrible timing... No.. really... that´s not important now... don´t ask something like that while people are mourning a loss in the community I´m sure that would´ve happened with every other Creature being announced but with no current info. Not a Carcha specific thing... but I´m with you on the basic issue... really not cool. Same goes for people that go "wiLDcArD fIx BuG pLz!" just to mention that.
  16. Looking for tribe (18+) PST timezone Official pvp servers 1500 hours played Have normal and small tribes characters (with boss kills) I quit playing around genesis and I’m back now for gen 2 /fjordur Friends all quit so looking to find some new ppl to play with. GT: T0XX1N discord: toxxn#6390 Lmk - thanks!
  17. hello im tired of playing solo and im looking for a tribe, im a hard grinder and im friendly
  18. Message me on discord I'm looking for some people to run ark with

  19. Bump Our playerbase is pretty friendly and helpful! many small tribes and solo players out here having a great time!
  20. Without negatives, 21/20 melee mutation on blood wyverns took me over 1800 eggs. 22/20 mutation on melee -> 2400 eggs. 1-20/20 never more than 700 each. Time becomes the commodity, and the enemy is how much this process consumes after 20/20. PVP will give you way more options. On pve before incubators, we hatched 200 eggs at a time, the 2nd baby you claim has the mutation. You have 205 more babies waiting.... don't claim them, 4 fps while at your base for the next several hours or days..... or, for a couple hours, go and claim them and kill them all.... I don't think there's a limit on what animals it is useful based on their maturation times. It takes no effort to raise these alongside of things you are already raising. Its just waiting for them to finish to make it useful that will delay your mutating maybe a month(2 day raise assumption here) - if you were working non-stop on mutating that entire time. But that 1 month delay would be insanely worth not having to waste your extra time going through thousands of bunk eggs. You can even combine the older generation counts so that you can create a positive # to mate back to your first negative generation. If you do that at the same time, it only takes one or two new generations to wipe the -2 billion # you get down to -1. Like, 2 day raise - 10day raise, the process to reach the negatives is about 42 generations. If you do this non-stop, you will probably get 30 done before you reach 20 mutations. Because there's no stopping except when you are short on the # of females to make the next generation. Another factor is, you can start the count roll before you even find that winning melee to start working with. I don't' know many people who find the 54 point melee on day 1. Someone always does though, its just odds are good its not going to be you. You could be 5 generations in before you even find that melee you want to mutate. Its best to start this right away if you are serious about it. Say you got 44 points to start with. You want it to be 254. The first 20 mutations gets u 40 points. Now you are at 88. So you would want the negative mutations for the next 65 mutations. After that, it could go to zero again since you need only another 20 mutations. To put it into some perspective, I think it took Bert over a year to reach the end of the line on the traditional rexes. x-rexes took about 6 months(though the negatives existed before anyone actually tried to hit 254 with them - regular rexes were already done). People got better and better at managing the workflow. *official pve server history here* PVE official is running out of animals to min/max, I think the arthro and the 2 pachy's are all that's left to hit 254...jk...but seriously... If you want a crazy idea for them. Move that -1 over to a level 1 female. Clone your 300 breeders of that. Then take the highest stat you paused with, turn that into a zero count. Now, every mutation you get, resets the new potential stud to zero again, the -1 mutates to zero. And you mate back to the -1 females, get a mutation -= back to zero.... Now you have a loop that gets you all the way to the end with no more thinking. You did a lot to get there, but don't have to think again about it after that. One caveat, I think you can't merge -20 + 20 to get zero. I'm not 100% sure as I haven't actually done that or tried. But others have told me you have to mutate from -1 to hit 0 again. This is hearsay, since I can't confirm this as fact. I got too bored trying to reach the -1 mark with aberrant spinos and rock drakes. I was too lazy to prep that last set of positives to wipe out the -2billion in 1 shot... Solo breeders should avoid mutating for max.... its a team effort.
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