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  2. Atrex's app First Name: Drew PSN: Atrex_Social Age: 17 Amount of experience playing ARK: since it came out on ps4 Current characters level: 81 Nationality: White Languages spoken FLUENTLY: English only Would you be bringing any dinos with you in joining the tribe? If so, what?: My argy Why are you leaving your previous server?: Im sick of being bullied by sausage head alphas Why do you think you would be a good fit for the Dirty Flankers considering what I have told you about the clan?: Since im laid back and dont talk "smack" because i understand that their could be consequences for the tribe and I. What would you consider your favorite activity in ARK?: Air drop hunting and base building Most stupid thing you've done in ARK: Scammed people with wyverns for dodo kibble lol Best thing you've achieved in ARK: Taming my first Trex
  3. relocated to 645 changed name to outlaws
  4. Troodens infestation all over island map. There is a huge surge of Troodens all over island map after the latest patch. And Pegomastax are spawning in bases now killing dinos while we are offline instead. While taming a dino, i killed at least 20 troodens in order to protect my tame.... wat the.... -__-"
  5. Yeah true to that is the cntr being handled by wilcard or the modder?
  6. Elegantly simple. Increasing wild egg rates would also make taming and breeding oviraptors a viable use of time, since they already have a mechanic where it picks up wild eggs, so a player would actually care about the stats of an Ovi.
  7. Lvl 81 Iam interested in joining gt: proiraqigamer
  8. Dung Beetles Are dung beetles completely broken at the moment? I have been going through the south caves as well as the volcano cave for the past week, multiple times a day and. It a single dung beetle. Anyone else having this issue or any advice as to where you have found one. I am on a NA PvE official server.
  9. Xbox Server Trouble my friend is hosting a dedicated server and no body can join. when we first started it people could join but we restarted because it turned really laggy and we wanted to change it to PVP but ever since that no body can join. unless invited. we cant find any privacy settings but we only changed it to PVP.
  10. Attempt #2, not looking so goooooooddddddddddddd.........
  11. Bounty Server 645 !Wealthy Raiding Tribe! Bounty notice posted for Alpha alliance. Targets located on xbox official server 645. Target Tribe Names: Outlaws (main base located in south redwood forest and hidden cave, disposition consists of at least 5 wyvern and war quetz mostly air) !!very wealthy tribe!! They have been extorting the server for months. Bare Minimum Bandits (main base located on tropical island north, disposition consists of at least 3 wyvern, and war quetz) enforcers for Outlaws with multiple sub tribes of cross server raiders. Benefit for looting: This alliance never posts in global and only operates actively outside of server 645. They leave the server to raid and store the loot on this server. They have stored immense wealth and are blocking off the spawn points to fortify the server against revenge raids. They dictate to tribes that anyone caught in redwood is kill on sight, anyone with a poison wyvern is kos. anyone building "too" close to a spawn is kos (range varies day to day), anyone building too large with out communicating with Outlaws is kos. Basically they use this server as a vault and do not allow rivals to threaten the loot locations. They are normally offline during the week between 0300 eastern US and 0900. On weekends they always have a player on but low manning is between 0400 and 1000. Common tactics include snipers to cover wyvern advance with pteras to pick and drop players. They use insiders and sub tribes to avoid risking assets so be mindfull of who you recruit in server. Happy hunting!
  12. Got an up and coming tribe about to set up on our 2nd server add me Leds52 if interested on the island and centre
  13. Please help us fix the ark support system to stop pve kiting Please actually help this time, I've been kited two times in the past three days and submitted tickets for both. I've lost everything that took me mouths to get and all I get is an automated message.
  14. If you think imprinting is unhealthy, try diet imprinting.
  15. Seems this has been a controversial topic that has generated alot of tension. We're still going to take a break simply because we don't have time for the grind right now but we are planning on coming back one more time in with the idea of building small and inconspicuous and then adding in a crap ton of turrets, more than we could need to fight off an assault as inspired by pipinghot's advice and then expand once we're secure. Just have one question, we're likely going to be building away from a water source, I'm wondering what is the limit of x turrets that a metal water tank can support? Because in our last attempt it seemed we built far more water tanks than we needed and it almost seemed like we didn't need any because of how often it rained. Also bubba the majority of the drama that was brought up here was caused by you trying to tell us we're wrong for thinking there is a problem and then making suggestions that contradict themselves more than they did us, instead of listening to our side of the story. Clearly we've experienced the game in a different way as you which has given us the viewpoints that it has, and if you payed attention you would know that our unwillingness to adopt your suggestions stem, not from stubbornness and a desire to make the game look bad, but from the lessons we learned the hard way through bitter experience. This is why we get hung up on the negative experiences we've had in the game, to learn lessons that we don't forget so that the next time around we're better prepared to prevent the same events from unfolding. I ask that the next time you enter a post with the intent to clutter a feed with your persistently optimistic ideas, that you actually take note of what the OP is saying and if you think you still have a valid point then express it as such, back it up with evidence, and listen to the reply, that's how a conversation works. If you refuse to do this then just check yourself at the door because to me you sound like a whiney privileged child, and I can't imagine anyone enjoys listening to that incessant screeching.
  16. Lightning storms have a 60% chance to knock-out your electrical generators / wind turbines. Turbines out in the Dunes have about a 5% chance to be Knocked Out.
  17. Friendly PVP/PVE server? Looking for a friendly server.....again. Me and my 4 friends have put about 100 hours combined into the game this week on a server we were told was friendly, and no raiding enforced by the alphas. Formed alliances with several tribes right away and besides one solo guy, no trouble was had. Then 3 wyvern riders decided they wanted to destroy everybody and everything they had built for no apparent reason. Didn't even steal any valuables, just destroyed everything. After all that time I half want to move on from the game but will give it one more chance. There's 5 of us total, who just want to build and enjoy the game. Don't want to cause trouble. We've all just started but every server has players flying wyverns around destroying new players so new people can't even play the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Community Crunch is a COMMUNITY showcase for everyone, not just you. If you want a personal showcase, compile a bunch of images on Imgur or something and post it on the PlayArk subreddit or something. Take into consideration that they've even went into past weeks' crunches to make you a winner, and for you to be bitching here in a post that it's starting to get "personal" just shows that you're nothing more or less than a self-centered brat. Seriously dude, grow some balls and get over it.
  19. If downloads are enabled can i upload items from my non dedicated server? The server i play on allows downloads so could i load up a non dedicated i run and send saddles over?
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  21. Allowing people to store dinos in the obelisk indefinitely would cause problems. Especially with regard to pvp. People would just start storing their best dinos until they hit the limit, keeping them safe from raids... and then when they were ready to attack a tribe, they'd rush in with everything that the tribe couldn't attempt to kill prior to the attack.
  22. I don't want breeding rates to be increased. We pumped out 100's of dinos over the Valentines week. Makes it way too easy to make mega raiding armies.
  23. Bud. You sound a bit too self-entitled and self centered here. There are probably tons of people entering, and to be honest, you've been getting special treatment for far too long, along with a couple others, in MY honest opinion. Heck, Xbox One players aren't even able to enter this contest stuff because they don't even have mods to make their stuff look cool. That said, this is just another week, with the exact same names showing up as winners, runner's up and honorable mentions. Nothing new to see here to be honest. Stop whining.
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