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  2. Since the V1773.13 update last week we have not been able to collect coal and existing drake saddle BPs have vanished. Also, no primitive Drake Saddle engram was included in the update. Prior to the update Drake Saddle BPs existed. Server NA-PVP-Aberration-PrimPlusCrossArk3
  3. Hi, If my english is not good excuse me because i'm french. In my GameUserSetting.ini when I change : OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 to OverrideOfficialDifficulty=10.0 for obtain wild dinos lvl 300. Just, I have problem because after save the file and restart my server this command reboot and become again OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.000000 Please, have you got a solution for that ? My server is on Ragnarok Thx
  4. I've created an amazing new Unofficial PC Server for PS4. The name is in the title above. The map is Ragnarok. Come check it out! Our discord is http://discord.gg/AzaggDF and our PS Community is the title above!
  5. LustyLaila

    Breeding Project

    we might actually do it we live on the center so there is only two caves a rock drake cant do and one of them is in the ocean but what the hell right
  6. The only bug I really want fixed is rafts handling like drift-cars!
  7. Sphere

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today in ARK, I installed all this beautiful RAM into my server : The showcase of the 128 Gigabytes of RAM for my Threadripper server, is being displayed on top of a Sandybridge Gigabyte Motherboard with a 2600K. And I did some tickets for my server. Now all I need is some time to actually play the game. Lol And YES it does "feel good" to hold over $2000 AUD of RAM in my hands. Probably only a few people on Earth out of the over 7 billion people have done this.
  8. Takami

    Tribe Alliances not working

    PreventOfflinePvP=false works fine mods suck and cause lots of prob. they come online even when you are online
  9. Yeah the website is still under construction and in flux although the main website link at the bottom, discord link and server links all work for me. None of that should affect your connection to the servers
  10. Hello thanks for u responsI créateur a home server So i play on my local network I wnat play on m'y server un m'y home!! Why not working
  11. Captnmorgan

    speaking with admin

    It may have been a glitch and a auto response. Nothing to worry about that I could see.
  12. I really wish it was easier to add Aberration items like the glider, zipline, climbing pick and cliff platforms to single player or dedicated console "servers". I know this can be done on the rentable server and it involves using a program to essentially changing the game files to swap out the aberration gems for other universal resources but honestly, that's way too time-consuming and expensive for most people. It would be awesome though if we had an option to check that would make these items craftable. Programmatically I doubt it would honestly be that hard the devs would just have to add that checkbox then edit the schema of the items to be the conditional-based.
  13. fatmommajuju

    Primal pass

    Can u please reply to us and tell us when we will have our purchases?
  14. Durbinhaze

    What's Your Best Arkaeology Event Loot?

    i got a finished mastercraft electric prod out of one
  15. Fresh PVP Ragnarok Xbox Nitrado server looking for mature players to populate. Rates Instant taming Instant level 100 and all engram unlocks 10x Harvest Instant dino breeding and fast egg hatching CUSTOM DROPS Additional Server Information Level 600 Wild Dinos Aberration Dinos including Featherlight, Glowtail, Ravager, Basilisk and wild RockDrakes PVE area at Green Obelisk around the Arena and Shop Regular server events Boosted player and dinosaur stats Crop growth speed x10 Extremely slow fuel consumption Mature owners and admins Rules No undermesh exploits to raid other tribes and no building under the mesh No bluetagging or insiding No PVP in the arena and shop area at Green Obelisk As we are still a fresh server, we are open to ideas and suggestions. Please join our Discord server for further information or to reach out to the admins/owners discord.gg/6NMHRqQ
  16. SpCowboy


  17. WarDrumBecca

    An Overview of In-App Purchases

    Please make sure that you've filled out the form below.
  18. Still going strong. Come test your self out with friends or mortal enemies!!!
  19. Neonkiller69

    About ARK mobile

    Guys can you help me pls. I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 with android 7.0 and i tried to install ARK mobile and it keeps crashing
  20. AngrySaltire

    What's Your Best Arkaeology Event Loot?

    So far I have only had the one special loot drop in the form of a journeyman shockprod
  21. Esoya

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    Yehay.. i hope the same. I don't like the TEK and future things. I bought the game because of the dinos, beaches, woods, jungles, caves, crafting . I stoped my server and playing since i know prim+ has no updates :/. 1354 hour's of fun, six friends bought the game because i told them to play .... so it's a good time to stop playing.
  22. elweasel2010

    I got DCed while opening a supply drop

    What do you mean "clean the cloud" ? Yes went on single player after buying season pass to get new corruption skin. So what exactly do I need to do?
  23. Recently wiped, great locations available, Archeology added.
  24. Server Boss Fight event Friday at 9:30pm Est. Prizes and and Dinos will be given out. Come join our community. Hope to see you there.
  25. your link to the discord isnt working.
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