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  4. The title I think says it all just about. I want to build a private server unofficial PC session playable on PS4/PS5. I'm pretty well versed on building apc server using steamcmd. Any idea why I can't see my server on PlayStation? Built in house not rented.
  5. There's another thread about this topic already. No, no one has any updates. There is a way to play via cloud apparently (depending on what region you're in) and that is the current work-around. Ultimately the certification for the Xbox version for Windows is being held up. Only PC players who play via the Xbox app have this issue.
  6. Same issue, cannot update game manually either, cloud gaming "works" on xbox, microsoft/xbox needs to get a move on
  7. Especially you should know it better. You Complain - often with sarcasm - all the time about the Game and / or the devs Doing the Same stupid Crap over and over again is something you and the Devs - if we believe your so called commonplace or Sense - have in Common.
  8. the new update has been out for 3 days or so and I still haven't got it on Xbox app on windows 10 what's the problem? This happens on the Xbox app every single time they release a update and its kind of ridiculous if my base decays over this im never touching the game again. I have done everything i can to try and get it to update anyone have any ideas? and i have thought about buying the game on steam it seems to not have this problem and updates as it should. I know its cross play is it cross progression? and how would I link my account?
  9. Seriously, Wildcard and Microsoft need to get their @#$# together. This update was released on the 17/06 and its now the 21/06 and Microsoft PC users still cannot connect to servers. Cloud Gaming is horrible with pixelated graphics and stupid amount of lag making it unplayable. I've already lost my juveniles and will soon lose my adult tames as it's impossible to farm food in cloud gaming......
  10. There must be other reasons than profit for them to run ARK. Most other MMOs have currencies and markets, but not ARK. Maybe the donor is more interested in recording the behaviour data of the players.
  11. Same issue... been waiting for over 13h and not a single heatwave since that one 13h ago. Sure didnt miss any because the pheonix is still with the same taming % as it was and still burried and still on my tracking. However toned down the frequency of the storms expecially heatwaves needs to be chained to the computer playing on official without admin commands until he tames 1 pheonix. Perhaps that way he \ she \ whatever pronoum it is understands that any change needs to be TESTED after it is THOUGHT trough to avoid complicting with already established mechanics (or if at at impossible make a new subrotine to minimize it like for ex: a simple if in the weather system that would reset a time variable each heatwave and force the Heatwave if 4 ingame days have passed and therefor reset the the heatwave time variable). It may be simplistic way to solve issue but i like to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  12. Don’t blame Microsoft because Wildcard released an update before it was certified across all platforms. The buck stops with wildcard.
  13. Are you playing on PC? Purchased through MS Store or Game Pass? If so then it is a known issue. Microsoft has not certified the update for PC so everyone on Steam, Xbox, and PS can play but the rest on PC cannot join servers that have been updated with the latest update.
  14. The servers run great after resets for about 48 hours, you can slowly watch the ping climb day by day until its capped and becomes horrendous to play, Please Configure The Omega Modded Ark Servers To Reset Every 24 Hours.
  15. Still can't access the official servers on PC since update
  16. Yesterday
  17. These are the reasons I quit playing! I doubt they will ever listen to anyone complaining about what is going on with their game, I mean like how long has it been out and there is still a bunch of bugs bet no one is working on them! Then the release garbage no one asked for as well as P2W creatures! I only come back here every week to watch the fire!
  18. Thanks for the link, i got in and was relived that my tames were still there but starving. The cloud version is a little laggy but does the trick until a update comes out for the store.
  19. Use Xbox Cloud gaming to get on and feed. Until things get back to normal. https://www.xbox.com/en-us/play Or, just any time you want to play Ark in a web browser.
  20. Make it on PVE that you can only drop dino on the player that picks it structures, that way they can't drop it on other people's structures
  21. Why is Xbox PC players not updated with all the other platforms? So here are real effects: 3 days late being able to join the center after waiting up and planning to be able to get a good base location. No decent spot left... BTT purchase still still doesn't work weeks after launch, can't build cart to auto feed herbivores Next updated, can't play 3 days again and counting. Repeat same issue, can't fill troughs, losing babies. Even worse, ZERO communication from ark about the issue, or even acknowledging that there was an issue. Status says all servers up. I spent 2 hours trying to fix problem log in the first time. Do better! Also offer those people effected by this some sort of compensation. I believe in supporting developers, I bought BTT. But it doesn't even work for me now. Cloud play doesn't even show up as an option for me in xbox app. I will keep trying. (I own the game, and also have it through gp ultimate.) I bought it for my wife.
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