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  2. just yesterday i lost 22 dinos after breed them ,i sent them to island so i breed higher level ones there it crashed i lost all those tames ,today i moving tames in cryopod soon i went on crystals island drop my other character argent and i landed on the base my game crashed so i send file to sony just quit ,for today
  3. It's support policy that they do not refund dinos or items lost due to the anti-mesh system.
  4. Hi so I was standing on top of my bed just before restart as I have done many times, however this time it decided to kill me and my stuff and I had just cryo and tamed lots of stuff precious minutes before, is there any way I can get my stuff back. It won’t let me add a picture for the tribe log however I have it saved and can provide it when needed
  5. Well it didnt work for me, but i guess i messed something up. Eventually i lost the char and started a new one. Still, thanks @invincibleqc, im pretty sure that fix will work for most of the people.
  6. Today
  7. I am impatiently waiting information on this as well!
  8. Maybe i can help rescue you. EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland7 is that the server ? What is the approx coords of the base where you are being held captive ?
  9. JUST WIPED Changed wipe cycles to 2 weeks!
  10. This is just an opinion based on anecdotal experience, but I thought Ark PvP was much more fun before the mana was introduced. I don't know if the timing of devolving PvP strategies and exploits just happened to coincide with when manas came out. But just thinking about their attributes, manas seem to be as ridiculous as they look. Also anecdotal, but each server that I have spent time on has at least one player that uses every exploit to make the game as miserable as possible for everyone else, and they always seem to be on a mana. So I am not a fan.
  11. Wizard03’s multiplayer doesn’t work
  12. Yeah this has been happening all over the place. Some dinos I didnt even transfer just randomly got a 999 days cooldown. You can fix it by uploading the dinos in cryos and downloading them though, it will go back to a normal timer (1 to 2 days). But still it's annoying and I have some females who should be ready to breed and will still get the regular 1/2 days timer.
  13. Well no, being based off droidekia makes em better, but they are the natral griefers of the ark world.
  14. Are they stupid because they are based on something from the starwars prequels?
  15. Dear Ark player I play on Official 07 The Island (PC) I have now been in jail for 2 days by some chinese. Please if u are bored and want to help a decent human and player out. Please write me. The Funny thing about Ark it connects people. I was playing alone, and after 5mins i saw a guy on the beach, after some non talking, just inside play, we are now "best friends" url. anyway if u have some time to kill. i could really need your help. they base is decent, no turrents just some plants. i really looking forward to my realise. Kind regards. Bob Ross
  16. Like said, it may not be the same as a wyvern, and plus, Enforcer, Drone, overseer, the stupid rolly Polly thing. None have Tek in da names.
  17. voidwyrm does sound better but it kinda ruins the trend the TEK creatures
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