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  2. PC server queue

    Probably been talked about 1000 times but how about a queue for pc servers. So people dont have to sit there for 30mins hitting refresh
  3. Ratio of Land to Water Dinosaurs

    Haven't noticed this exactly. However things seem to take a long time to respawn in general. It's just me and a couple others on a player dedicated and we've seen new dinos but never in the original numbers. The map feels quite empty actually.
  4. Yeah I've gotta agree with you on the timings. I have my servers set at 45x for breeding and hatching... It's inconceivable to me that a game Dev should be so out of touch with reality that I have to increase a game mechanic by 45 to have time for it. Doubt they'll change it though. Try out unofficials. It's a much better game when it's tweaked to a proper level.
  5. Rain settings

    Apparently when the 270 patch broke the Center map and then got fixed shortly after also fixed the rain issue. Able to see the rain now on Center map.
  6. The Colony Want a fresh start on a new server? Tired of all the base locations being taken? Want to be apart of a community that embraces both PVP and PVE? Join The Colony today! Server features include Standard 1x modifiers Weekend modifier bonuses (different each weekend) PVP on the weekend, PVE on the weekdays. S+ Mod (lets you move structures you placed without having to destroy them) Regular server events (thunder dome, base battle, ship battles, etc) to win prizes for your tribe. Fair and friendly admin Join us now and stake your claim.
  7. Aberration Season Pass Skins

    It may have been due to when the game entered cert and the skins not being completely setup, however, I'll look into it to make sure that isn't the case.
  8. This is the intended PVP for the game, but as you said, public servers. Lou is right, check out unofficial. You'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  9. Losing materials when crafting through blueprint

    way to fix this, dont remove the blueprint till it is done crafting
  10. Hello fellow survivors! AugsArk Primitive+ PVP server is now live on Ragnarok! *Our Community: AugsArk is a mature community of players who are primarily +21, and simply wish to enjoy the creative building offered in Prim+ along with some competitive PVP encounters. We also have a Discord chat for all of our members to join featuring channels dedicated to trading the vast amount of Prim+ resources and items, general server chat, Admin announcements, and organizing Community events and games. *Our Server: AugsArk is a PVP Primitive+ server currently set on the Ragnarok map, and we encourage everyone to embrace the competitive spirit of PVP. We have adjusted the rates to allow people to spend less time grinding, and more time actually engaging other tribes and players in primitive warfare! We have no set-in rules, and only ask that everyone just have basic curiosity for one other (No pillaring locations, senselessly killing passive dinos, full-base wiping, grieving, spawn trapping, etc.). May the strongest tribe reign! *Our Admins: My brother and I make up our admin team. We have a year of console-hosting experience and managing communities of about 25 players on our past vanilla servers. No admin abuse, no BS. We just want to host servers that are enjoyable for those who want a fresh new PVP experience, and for those who wish to simply explore the creative tiles and items offered in Primitive Plus. We're very friendly and knowledgeable, and can be reached virtually anytime. Simply message AmericanArmour or TheTrueAugustus if you ever need admin assistance, report join failed messages, ask questions, or even find tribe mates. We're here to help 👍🏼 Our Rates and World Adjustments: 2x Gather 2x Exp 4x Weight Gain 6x Dino Weight Gain 0.5x Movement Speed 5x Dino Speed Gain 7x Tame (10x on Special Events) 100x Egg Phase Speed 5x Mature Speed 3x Platform Saddle Unit Limit 3x Egg Lay Speed 1x Cave Damage Offline Raid Protection Enabled (30 min. Delay) Dead Body Locator Enabled Pego/ichthy/Gigant Removal Plant X Removal Flying inside caves allowed All containers lockable by default Allow anyone to Imprint Nonpermanent diseases Unlimited respecs Prevent spawn animation Disables structure placement collision Added pvp decay timers If you have interest in joining us or have any questions at all, please message AmericanArmour here, Reddit, or on PSN
  11. Maybe join up on a dedi server with increased rates? Wyverns are extremely easy raises as long as you don't hatch the thing an hour before you go to sleep hatch it in the morning, on a day off, they can survive quite some time without needing food after baby stage
  12. Plenty of Open land and choice building spots to claim get in now! Maybe you will be the alpha.
  13. Recruiting on PC

    We are currently on a ragnarok map and recruiting players who want to PVP and have at least a little experience doing it. We already have a decent set up and there is plenty of PVP ahead if your interested. We need extra heads to farm and fight. Add me on steam and we can talk about getting you in! Must have discord 18+ would be a major plus my steam:
  14. NA PVP Official Ragnarok 64 255+ ping since Saturday 9/11/17

    We know that, this was also said within this post but it's looking to have been a red herring. A bit more of a specific response and at the very least a weekly or once every two weeks update since a large segment of their servers are unplayable. This is absurd, especially for a company that pushed the new servers out saying they will have full support and will not be prone to such issues like they are in Legacy.
  15. NA PVP Official Ragnarok 64 255+ ping since Saturday 9/11/17

    A bit of time he sayed.... GG WildCard #PlayARK
  16. Ragnarok 62 255 ping

    We are 3 weeks ago with the same ping GL
  17. Make fishing give better loot

    I agree, I think the fishing loot tables need to be updated. I was told that with the recent change to the supply drops, fishing rods are no longer on the loot tables. Which makes getting a rod only possible from an alpha mosa or an alpha squid. Unless someone can confirm they still come from yellow and red drops, have yet to get one.
  18. Not been on the server long but already a great bunch of ppl very friendly and helpful I highly recommend this server
  19. Ran into the same issue today...And I spent the full $60 Very disappointed.
  20. Artifacts not Spawning

    I'm having the same issue...
  21. Please say if you have to ascend, I wont get it until I know that you dont
  22. No, I did play official for some time but not 322, didn't know there was a tribe called savagedodos from off
  23. 9/24 it was crashing non stop all morning why is this on a new server?
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