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  2. Well everyone, I may have found a solution, no thanks to wildcard. Try turning off high quality materials. It worked for me but still have no in game music. @Cedric
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  4. Wyvern milk plz help Can anyone help? I can’t get milk myself. Willing to trade. Plz add my Psn : wilfred_hm
  5. So this is what we tame for? Standing right next to it... All i did was turn my back on for a minute to check if the area was clear to remove my spike walls... Well done Wild Card... You had 1 job! So Wasted yet another 30 mins and some kibble... Great way to keep your Community going!
  6. Aquino101


    Xbox Add mouse and keyboard to Xbox so the players don’t have a skill difference
  7. Wildcard doesn't care man all they are gonna keep doing is putting out new content instead of fixing old bugs
  8. My bad for not clarifying, I am playing on the Microsoft store version as well. I've tried rebinding toggle hud to anything and everything, still can't get it to work.
  9. Consoles are not forgotten, but there is a lot more to it than just flipping a switch. I understand the desire to want mods on console platforms, I really do. I'm going to talk about some of the hurdles. This is just general information for you to think about, not just for when vying for console mods for ARK, but any game. These are hurdles that every developer that wants to put mods on consoles will have to come up with an answer for and for some studios they just aren't worth the perpetual cost. platform requirements: Publishing anything on a console comes with following strict rules about content control and reliability. Certification is that thing that often results in a delay in updates for consoles. It's where they check to make sure that every game and every update to every game follow the rules and requirements. This would be a hurdle for mods because mods will still have to follow all the same rules. For some consoles, certain kinds of mods themselves would be in direct violation. At least one console doesn't allow 3rd party scripting/code to run in the game (Which actually is a problem for ARK mods since to at least some degree all of them are code based). Additional to that, every mod would have to be certified by someone, and every update to every mod published on the console. With over 5,000 mods on the steam workshop I think you can begin to see where that could get out of hand without a lot of human-power supporting it every day. Distribution: Consoles do not have support for mod distribution, they do the game distribution and any DLC and that's it. A studio would have to add their own distribution method into the game for storing, finding and downloading mods. Certainly possible, but far from trivial. Development: No not for us, but for mod authors. This would primarily affect code based mods, but getting your hands on a devkit for every console in order to be able to properly debug any issues that might only be occurring on console would be next to impossible currently. Getting a devkit console for XB1 is pretty easy (Microsoft opened up a path for any XB1 to be turned into a devkit), but the resource access necessary for debugging on it isn't as simple, and I don't think mod authors would be able to get devkits for ps4 & switch at all. Nintendo and Sony are a lot more protective of their devkits. Modder interest: I think there is sort of this weird assumption that all mod authors would want to publish their mods on consoles. They aren't being paid for it, and it quickly becomes a lot of extra tedious work to publish on multiple platforms that I think only a smaller subset of authors would even be interested in trying to manage. There is also a trade-off that most people don't consider: When you buy a console, you are also getting a reasonable expectation that any games you buy for it will run on it, and also that they aren't going to do anything sketchy, I think that is half of the entire reason for why consoles became so popular in the first place. Now I'm going to be the last one to claim that modders go to the dark side, historically they've proven themselves largely to act responsibly, but there have been some bad apples. The problem here is that opening consoles up to mods, regardless of their historical record, compromises that expectation. Additionally, anyone using mods whether it be on PC or on consoles absolutely should be aware that there is always some degree of risk associated with using them and neither the console manufacturers or the studios are going to let them selves be held responsible for if something bad does happen. There's more, but this is already getting lengthy as it is. Again though this isn't to say mods shouldn't become more prevalent on consoles, but these are some of the larger hurdles. Consoles have slowly started to become more friendly to the idea of mods, but they are still far from actually being "mod-friendly". You aren't forgotten, not by a long shot, but consoles are a whole different ecosystem.
  10. Never mind! I read up on Prim+ forum and yeah... Lots of problems.
  11. They could lower the range of the parasaurs detection to be lower, forcing you to fly closer the bases, getting within range of hidden turrets. It doesn't stop players from being able to find hidden bases but makes it much harder to pin point. It would be helpful to be able to lower it even more my options.
  12. It's been a while since I decided to post here, but I think I'm ready to start again. Life is much more interesting since my tribe merged with another so there is much more to report! To recap, I'm from an ORP PVP server cluster. Our main home is Ragnarok. My once two-person tribe swelled to nearly 15 with a merge, though only a handful are truly active. But, I do fear this merge. It's been a rocky few weeks since it's beginning and things seem to be rocking the boat more each day. I'm hoping the government changes we've made will change our course but we could be headed for an iceberg anyway... In the meantime, I'm just continuing breeding some of my animals. I'm really a sucker for the bosses and for many of them, I like my strategy that's worked so far: mate boosted allo pack, mated boosted yuty pair, mate boosted passive healing daeodons, and rex army for the rest. Allos are giving me the most trouble. I just want lower food and oxygen stats, is that so wrong, my dear ARK? I suppose so. Until next time!
  13. To any concerned about detection. Kill yourself. And what I mean is suicide your character after each play session and don't re spawn until the next. As for your tames, while still building up use only high value expendable tames like Parasaurs and Dimporphodons. Kill them at the end of a play session (you and your tames can't be detected if not there to detect). Or station them at a resource gathering camp that is not actually your base (your base is where your main spawn is and where you keep your most valuable items). If you play frequently enough with long enough play sessions, another tame/valuable item option is sticking them into ARK Data. It only preserves for 24 hours and tames have a 12 hour cooldown after download before you can upload them again. But you can keep things 100% safe in a loot beam. The most dangerous part of it is the point of uploading and downloading (as you're vulnerable to attack). Later down the line cryopods are a great way to hide tames and conserve space. It's a fairly low level engram (51) that any player at that level should have the resources to easily make a lot of them. One more thing you can do is not talk in global. You may not realize but generally speaking talking in global gives away a lot of information about where your base is and makes people generally curious about where your located and what you have going on with your setup. It's attention that you don't need in those first few days. If you feel the need to talk in global be very cautious. a good general rule is to not tell anyone anything that you don't need them to know. Asking a question not covered in the games documentation is fine. Getting someone's steam or discord info so you can talk to them more privately is fine. Talking about what your taming or the troubles your having is not. That tells people a lot more than you think.
  14. Thanks for all your advice, I did just what you said and managed to tame this baby up on Ragnarok. I lost two turtles, but to be fair one of them was to my incompetence since I wasn't at the depth level before I started trying to tame. Overall it was a pretty easy tame for such an OP creature.
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  16. Give is a couple weeks and they will get the update out. nope, not being sarcastic. This is just what happens every couple months
  17. BUMP NEW SERVER INVITE LINK: https://discord.gg/v5byH45
  18. Help getting dinos on other maps I am trying to get DInos from other maps to be placed on a center and rag server but I am curious on the code for them so far I havent been able to find any easy way and im curious if someone has here.
  19. I tamed a 150 in a week ago, when I shot it a couple of times it released the tame even when I didn't feed it, just like when you fight with one with multiple tames, when it gets dmg it released the grabbed tame. The turtle method was never good but because of YouTube everyone does it...
  20. Where have you been @chris282? I miss reading all of your updates on PVP
  21. What this person said basically.
  22. Honestly on ps4 I can't get any of the prim+ buildings so no lumber, brick or glass.
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