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  2. Neither. As I said above. Then don't fly. The game would be far more interesting if tribes went on escorted mining missions with land dinos rather than this quetzal with a protected rider and 400% speed rubbish. i would hope that the up the weight of land pack animals significantly once they get rid of the platform weight advantage. Before quetzals you just built a smaller base with less than 10k turrets. Which made raiding more fun and with less cancerous turtle tanking. Building houses on it, placing turrets, and being able to carry multiple dinosaurs isn't enough features? I have never once said that my want for this change was based on my belief that it will narrow the gap between Alphas and the rest of the player base.
  3. Really want to join with my mate, we've both added you could you add xuks skillzz and banksy85 so we can join?
  4. Did you tried to contact them via support? Or Twitter?
  5. I will be making the tribe base.... it will be open next saturday
  6. Try joining someone else's game. Also, sign out of your xbox acount log back In then sign out again before signing back on and trying to join an Ark. It worked for me.
  7. Could someone who has used it explain how the replacing works?Does the wall disappear into your inventory when picking it up to replace?Or does it just immediately convert into new one when you press it?Also,what happens to things like plant x/furnaces etc that are on ceiling tiles?Do they get destroyed while replacing?Also,what is this about plant x not working anymore?(And if brickis equivalent to stone now i'm just quitting lol,server is completely raid happy and it's one of the few things keping them at bay from me)
  8. Same on my Server (EU pve 177 the island). When the Server gets to around 40 people, the dinos are completely gone.
  9. @Smash Do you play on official or dedicated? I think all that will accomplish is increase the amount of time spent flying and flying is very boring in this game. When I do a metal run, I don't stop farming because the quetzal is full, I stop when I have how much I need. Just means more cancerous grinding. Also the quetz platform saddle is level 80 and warrants having a weight perk that sets it apart from a normal saddle. An oft requested feature has been things like carts and saddle bags and wheel barrows and such, which if implemented are essentially the same thing: an engram that grants some extra weight buffs to our dinos. @Kraken @Dam Son @LilNastyGurl are all right. It won't matter if you nerf this. The imbalance between tribe size will remain. So say it goes to 100%, and the quetz is only getting one third the metal, well the tribe 3x bigger than me is still getting my old rate and I'm nerfed to hell. The difference is do only big tribes get to have fun or everyone.
  10. i cant upload because im on xbox but i have a cyan blue allo
  11. i added you just waiting to be added back to join. is the server boosted at all?
  12. i heard theres a 75% chance it will get the mutation
  13. There are people who love them, myself being one of them. Yes the wild spawns are out of hand, spawning inside building and such ... I have had 5 such attacks ... the last attack being the worst. So we have up and moved our base and all our things and dinos ... a fairly large metal base at that. Allo spawns have been a problem since they were introduced ... don't hate the adorable purrsnoring allos ... it is the devs who refuse to fix the spawning in bases issue.
  14. I'd like to see tame times cut by another 50%, at least on Ps4. Game is far too broken right now to justify even 60 minutes for a tame, because it'll just get killed by a glitch. Until they finally "release" the game in a completely unbroken state(LOL NOT GONNA HAPPEN) it's not worth the time or effort to tame anything at the moment. Or even play the game, tbph.
  15. Every thread always seems to come down to people discussing mechanics and then those that don't like the discussion accusing those wanting change of fearing or being jealous of Alphas. It's simply not the case. I've tamed and bred countless quetzals and been Alpha for most of my time in this game, I wasn't wiped but the game has become such a snorefest that I've stopped playing it. The survival or 'E' component of this game is what makes it interesting. Why do people play it if they just want everything to be easy? There's countless PVP games out there where there is no farming or building. If you hate farming and building so much why not just play one of those?
  16. I hear you. It makes it better that I don't play PvP, heh. There would still be unofficial I feel I could trust on PvP though. I've seen several advertising here and there run by guild/groups that have been gaming together for years in multiple games. It just takes time to 'audit' them.
  17. Hello, just wanted to post here an say how disappointed I am overall with ARK. It's sad the developers won't take the time to bring optimizations and bug stomping to the forefront of their priority list. I play on the center map. Tamed dinos disappear, potential tames bug out and you can't tame them (passive tames), wild dinos spawn INSIDE bases and eat everything in sight. I lost a lot of dinos and refrigerated items because of ignorant developers. Hours and weeks just gone overnight. A pack of allosaurus spawned inside my base and ate most of it. I refuse to continue playing a game where so many critical bugs continue to exist and are simply sidelined. Thanks for ruining my tribe's hard work! I won't be missed and nobody cares about this post anyway. I'm sure WC doesn't even read these.
  18. You sure they didn't reconnect themselves to closer narc traps? Say,if you put up 2 connecting traps in a horizontal line spaced quite a bit apart,then you add another line of those below your first set going horizontal,the narco traps after a period of time will reconnect themselves vertically if they are close to each other.It's a major pain in the arse,but if you already know about that and it wasn't the cause,fair enough.I do like them for dire bears on primitive plus,only way i can get them knocked out.(Have used them in defence but only ever close to the time i've been attacked,not left them up for extended periods)
  19. Come on over and have some Annunaki Ark enjoyment on your PC , Create your own "Man / Girl Cave" , we have and it's clustered with and btw , .... they tell me will be added to the cluster soon , so join us
  20. Hi everyone I played yesterday on the Centre map and when I go eated I let the game running... and now I can't connect on the map anymore... I tried to Uninstal the game destroy the old game but each time it lags at loading the center_waterfall_background and after it pops me out to Xbox main menu need your help Thx
  21. Hello Is it possible to play on ARK with people playing with the PS4 version from a PC ( steam version ) ? Are the servers the same ? Thx for reply
  22. This is a great idea so atleast your Dino has a chance of surviving verses just sitting there and dying.
  23. Hopefully this will be changed so that you can accomplish more in less time.
  24. Host tether distance is a major problem in PS4 Ark with non dedicated servers. It is very limiting and so i'm wondering if it could possibly be removed or the length of it could be customisable?
  25. In terms of realism, any dino which weighs over 1000kg should by all rights be able to damage the dinky stone walls in this game. In terms of balance, however, stone is an intermediate building material and isn't a cheap investment for players without a doedicarus. It took me like 24 hours to set up a small stone house without one. It would be pretty frustrating if stone were as easy to remove as wood unless more dinos are given the ability to harvest it, dinos which don't require as much time and effort as a doeder.
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