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Ark Genesis delayed til February XX?

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Launch with bugs, they complain.  Delay the launch, they complain.  Launch on time with no bugs, give 'em a day or two and they'll come up with something.    

They said "delayed until January" but they didn't say the year.  

Speaking from a development background, delays are inevitable.  I've been programming for over 30 years, I've done everything from business applications to game engine work and client side development

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Yay boiz, it seems like Genesis is getting delayed again!

They aren't giving us any news since 2 months, and today they released the community crunch 214 that is all about Valentine's Day. Every move that comes from Wildcard confuses its customers' mind by a lot. I am assuming we won't be able to play on Genesis anytime soon.

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1 hour ago, Infantry07 said:

Genesis DLC

Anyone know when the DLC is coming? Plus how do you get the floaty thing( I never got it when I purchased the DLC last year)

No date on dlc. 

HLNA should appear in your inventory when you die and respawn or transfer servers. It's basically a skin and you place it in your shield slot (like the chibi's) to use it.

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Genesis release date speculation!

So I dug up some old info on what weekday it was when ARK and all its dlcs was released.

- ARK Survival Evolved - Tuesday, June 2 2015 Early access release.

- ARK Survival Evolved - Full game release - Sunday, August 27 2017. Tuesday August 29th on consoles.

- Scorched Earth - Thursday, September 1st 2016. Was released on same day the it was announced.

- Aberration - Tuesday, December 12th 2017. Release day announced November 24th 2017.

- Extinction - Tuesday, November 6th 2018. Release day announced 19th of June.

-GENESIS - Tuesday, 25th of February. Release day announced 23rd of January 2020.

So with the 2 latest dlcs released on tuesdays can it be the tuesday that many think of? The 28th? Most of the Legacy network is also brought down this day.


I do not think that Genesis is Gonna be delayed once more as it seems from tweets that it is really, really close. Thats also the reason that they do not want to delay it again. It is so close!

I expect that release day will drop this week. Followed by full Genesis release next tuesday the 28th of January.

Tuesdays and thursdays seems like the ARK release days!


What do you think?

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I expect it'll be the 28th or after. Mostly due to the servers. They must be coming down for a reason, and the most likely reason is to use them as new Genesis servers, and so I guess that it absolutely will not come out until the 28th.
And, being the optimist that I am, I fully expect and hope for a release on the 28th. Possibly unannounced until it happens.

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- Breaking news on the Release Date -

Hello Survivors,

Jesse and Jeremy here! We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process. That being said, we’re writing today to tell you that the final release date for Genesis Part 1 is now February 25th, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms.



Thoughts and Concerns below!



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