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  1. Violakitty77

    Where are they?

    A bit
  2. Violakitty77

    Where are they?

    But they were on the islands before the aberration so that doesn’t make sense
  3. Violakitty77

    Where are they?

    Helena said that there was people who we were clones of and I’d like to know where these “main you” is at I’ve looked in the tek cave boss arena and there’s nothing but holograms and the boss arena views and it’s not anywhere else that I know of can you all help me find out where they “main you” is? I’m an adventurer of ark so I’d like to know
  4. Violakitty77


    When does Xbox one get the talc update?
  5. Violakitty77

    Give ideas plz

    There’s a short one to summon PlayerPawnTest_Male_C Or if you want a female just change male to Female with a capital F
  6. Violakitty77

    Give ideas plz

    What all can you do with the npc humans? Other then just leave them laying there or handcuff them and put them in a cage what else?
  7. Violakitty77


    Idk if this has been asked but is the aberration boss that’s called Rockwell.is that the explorer notes Rockwell? Cus I know Helena went somewhere at the end of her journals and Rockwell was with her so it made since they had went to aberration and maybe Rockwell got infected or mutated by the radiation
  8. Violakitty77

    OMG the final boss IS **SPOILERS**

    what is the aberration boss arena? Not the reaper queen but the actual boss or bosses
  9. Violakitty77

    Panda to what creature??

    if you were to have a panda like creature what would be the closest thing to a panda? Only thing I can think of is a direbear
  10. Violakitty77

    Human breeding

    Why is it that Dino’s can breed but we can not?
  11. Violakitty77


    How do you summon a turkey on Xbox one? I did the Summon Turkey_Character_BP_C and nothing happened is there a requirement like only server thing or only single player because I’m playing with my husband on a non dedicated server. So how do you summon on a non dedicated server
  12. Violakitty77

    Plz help

    Tell me how to host a dedicated server without happening to have two separate accounts to play online with others I just want to play with my husband on his account and be the leader.not have to put in admincheat
  13. Violakitty77


    if you build a house on the platform of the obelisks and you teleport to a boss arena would your house/animals still be there?
  14. Violakitty77

    Please tell

    In simple words can someone tell me a code or way to start the extinction on a ark server? I tried it on my non dedicated server with my admin but it did not work no codes at all worked
  15. Violakitty77

    Aberration delay

    Why did they push the aberration back? They said October then they said November and now they say December WHY?