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  1. please can someone explain when genesis is coming out on xbox? It did not show up at 4:00  like they said it would and some people said xbox is not getting it and they dont know when it is coming out

  2. heard there is a beta testing for genesis?? Id like to register for it any links??

  3. they only have less then 2 weeks to give us aberration!! I’ve been waiting so patiently for aberration ?

  4. I am a Arkie all the way!!?❤️❤️

  5. I’m super excited about aberration even though ark has delayed so many things and canceled stuff I still love ark ? I love the Dino’s and I love the building system .yeah it may be glitchy at times or crash on me but I still love ark and I love how the places look and the clothes and coloring system and I love to explore and all the different  variety  of stuff to do on it xD

  6. :Jerbfat: little jerboa says hi to all

  7.  I don't even think they going to release it anytime soon to tell you no lie:Jerbmad:

    1. Violakitty77


      It seems that way

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