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  1. TLC 3 Has there been anymore news with TLC? Gonna be with the new DLC and dino or?
  2. I am having the same exact issue. In the ocean, Arctic too! Ark is literally unplayable, right now!
  3. Sulfur or ore maybe? and a crapton of it? Keep that body hot!!
  4. Could it be those crystals?? What if the heat is too dense, or it's in a cave for fliers and fliers aren't useable, could be interesting
  5. Magmasaur new egg tame!!
  6. Can you go look at the Genesis steam page, like everyone else?
  7. I mean.. I think Ark needs them. The game is in a healthy state still, nowhere near dying (just putting that out there, so no one thinks I'm saying the game is dying). Why I think Ark needs them? It gives you some challenge in the game. Caves are okay, and bosses are okay, but if they can give us engaging activities, like the OSDs in extinction, I think it will only benefit the game. Engaging and difficult content keeps players playing. It also gives variety! I imagine they will be optional, though. So long as everything is implemented at least DECENTLY WELL, I am excited. The thought of Dino Races, escort missions, etc excited me. Now, if they do daily/weekly missions, like WoW, that makes it mandatory for you to do them to progress, I will have a problem with most likely. We will see, though. It could be really great or really bad. I am sure we will see in a sneak peek in the trailer, and of course, it releases tomorrow. With Atlas' release, I think they are trying to KIND OF take Ark in that direction, I think they should, because you have this great foundation with which you can build upon. I've always said "events that bring a server together, or make a server go bloodthirsty" are great. I am excited, will see how it goes.
  8. The game isn't dying, and less...activity...?? I checked, 67k players online. The game is still very healthy. Once Genesis releases, it will surge again to 90k+. If you want a better time, go to unofficials. The developers, they do care. I'm not gonna say they are flawless, but they give a lot to us, when they don't have to.
  9. I really don't understand why you all are doing Mysterious Mysteries for already revealed content...
  10. Meaning wildcard can never keep their deadlines, Archaole lolz
  11. Go look at the Ark Genesis store page on steam, it is delayed til January. I find it funny because they had four months after announcement and now they delay it again. There is never enough time for Wildcard to release an update or Expac on time. It just baffles me.
  12. Ark Genesis delayed til January Imagine Wildcard delaying their 4th expac when they had 4 months already before it was announced, lmao.
  13. I mean... really just make titans not transferable to other servers. That's really the only reason people are doing it.. Keep Titans big and scary, but don't let them be transferred. Other than that, I mean.. building in caves is so OP.. why wouldn't someone do it?
  14. That "Orange Tower" I am pretty sure is a plant/fungi....
  15. Ok, you merged it.. now what? Man this is hard haha
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