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  1. Stucked on ragna, waited few times 15+ min, login lock, timeout I m so tired from this game
  2. Must confirm this, so far i found in purple atleast 7, highest so far 115 asc I used to farm swamp before, but never lucky.
  3. U need to put spikes around drops with different character and than go offline, after 15 minutes offline protection will kick in, so corrupted dinos can't do dmg to spikes, but still spikes will block them of overwhelming the drop.
  4. Well hard to tell tbh, every is hard if u don't have spikes around it. Corrupted dinos ain't hard to kill, enraged rexes are problem. If u got one or two in wave is ok, but if u got 4+ and if thay come near osd it's game over. Your giga will enrage 100% On other hand with spikes is much, much easier. U can solo it with giga and snow owl, u need to heal 1 or max 2 times until u hit wave 7. With two riden giga is walk in the park, without healing wave 7. Just to give u a bit more Infos, our gigas have 125-130 saddles, with 850 meele, imprinted 100%. When u put spikes down do it with alt character, than wait to orp to kick in. I personally always doing purple drops on north side of map, I mean from city everything up north, near snow or near forest, south u have only few spawns and I don't like them because they are near border, so if u got a bit more lag or don't know what u can go easy outside.
  5. Always when raising babies I make dust too. I feed them with stone and pellets. They are clones, not leveled but still droping 170-180 dust. Pair owls on pair Gachas schould be enough if u make once a week. On other hand I got so many element on ext that sometimes I make dust from element. And don't put crystalls in dedicated storage, I learned it hard way.
  6. hud

    gacha taming and feeding

    Metal gives always same eff or??? I mean no matter what u give to gacha, walls, foundation, cables??
  7. So focal chilli myth is still actual Can u do purple drops on ext????
  8. +1 I bought game last year, October. So far 2.5k hours. Ark isn't perfect but I still enjoy playing it.
  9. I don't beleive that they are taugher from wild ones. I for example don't hunt them anymore because in first few days I collected 8-10 skins, so there is no point of chasing them more.
  10. i m dead tired We finished today, 30 gigas, 15 rexes, about 40 wyverns, small dinos i wont even count like glowtails, owls etc. Still breeding few tusos, basi and 15-20 gigas. Time to sleep now
  11. Even more Same server, desert biom
  12. OK I get that, but I don't get it why the $&$# someone need so many.
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