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  1. Well recipe is OK. When did u craft and placed that cooking pot?? Before or after they Introduce new kibble???? Try to make new one.
  2. What's up with deinonychus, does that tactic still work???
  3. Yeah, both have 4 days, Rex 4days and 1 hour, theri with 4 days and 22 hours.
  4. I never got this problem before, ever. This morning 3 times in 3 hours????
  5. Old trick with edit hmmmm, u won't get away now)))))
  6. Well on 10k u won't have any trouble, but with 25k u might struggle. On 25k u get racers, for yours dino that is a bit much hp to handle. My advice is go and tame any giga lvl 100+, with primitive saddle u will be just fine. Only problem for giga on 25k veins are arthropleura, dk meybe extra pump gun or one extra dino for them
  7. I leveled mine first giga in hp, like 45 levels, damn.
  8. And rafts hahaha ha. Go on ragnarok, no Leeds over there.
  9. What happens on legacy, stay on legacy.))) Easiest way to craft repli?? King titan terminal easy. Tbh i don't get it why we can't craft repli in repli.
  10. Well with prices on official it make sense to try to get own mutation.
  11. Well I don't know for u guys but voice from that thing is realy irritating. U couldn't get Morgan Freeman???
  12. Works 100% tamed few of them last week.
  13. Never tamed ice titan, but all people on my server do that with fabi and taming box
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