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  1. And that is reason why I don't solo drops anymore. Now I m doing them only when someone in our tribe is online. Its pretty sad that after 2 years since we get ext they didn't manage to improve path of corrupted dinos. There is few spots where u can easily solo them, like that on far east, up mountain. Only problem is reaper, sometimes he can stuck in ground, but u can tek punch him out.
  2. I m sure that even with a prim saddle u can take a fight vs wild giga and your giga will not rage.
  3. Well I think they are pretty close with meele, only legacy is left far behind
  4. Tbh, no clue. I breed usually tuso, basi and mosa, from this 3 only tuso lays eggs.
  5. Now u can pick tuso egg, u don't need gacha anymore.
  6. When killing corrupted gigas usually u don't lose any hp. 2 bites and giga already rage, few more and giga is dead. On official. I m not sure about meele, I think it is 2.5k.
  7. Is it still a thing or did they patched it. Gen1 mission, beat down ??
  8. If u are on PVE thats waste of mats. Even if u want to craft mega-mek for boss fight, its better just to craft prim ones 50 lvl.
  9. So much tears in this topic, damnnnnnn. Guys u do understand what is coming this month ???
  10. We went couple times over 50, 60 wave, same thing , same loot, nothing special. Problem is loot is like always random. Sometimes u finish drop on wave 7 and get 2,3 caped rex saddles bp, and sometime u going over 50 and get nothing. Amount of element u get is always random. Only thing is mek bps, I m not sure do u get better with more waves, so far I got msc 220+ on wave 7, that is best I ever got. And one tip for end. Don't park skiff near drop when u want to open it. I learned that in hard way.
  11. I dont get it. Why do u need to heal them. Farm Ragna trench for alpha, easy 50 milk. If u dont spend all milk, leave char in upload with milk in his inventory, when u download him next day u can use it. But dont forget 24 hours timer.
  12. nope, clone is always the same. if a rex is 450 on birth, when u clone him he will be 450. CLone get same stats always except from imprint. if your rex is leveled, when cloning is done he will be same lvl as when he was baby, (born)
  13. Purple drops, enraged rexes, nothing beat that. U need to have giga, with your imprint and decent saddle. Probably easiest ascension is rockwel on abb, u need a bit luck to find tributes, but overall u don't need dinos for boss fight. Only shotgun and soups.
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