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  1. Imprint is always usefull. For example take giga, baby is born with 18,19k hp and 800 meele, when u make 100% imprint adult will have more than 35k hp and 950 meele. Or rex, baby have lets say 30k hp, afer imprint he will be over 40k. Imprint boost their stats, and they are even more boosted if u ride them.
  2. Since when is base 500? or i have lived my whole life in dark ))))))))
  3. I swear, most broken dlc ever, please change my mind.
  4. First time we did gamma with only forest and ice, I m sure those 2 can manage beta. Just watch out for head trophy. People love to steal loot. For alpha we tamed all 3 titans, 2 mega meks. Many people came in arena during the fight to help with meks, no one used giga.
  5. Almost 8 days we are defending ice cave, i m tired like dilo. Yesterday we pushed atackers back and destroyed their fob, today 3 fobs are already up, all from different tribes. Only on Val situation is ok, no one grief us for almost a week. Tonight I need to take day off, probably will go on legacy to refresh base, feed dinos.
  6. Well i can say only that i got clapped with even beter rexes from yours on alpha broodmother. But like u said, single player, so u can manage alpha dragon prety easily.
  7. Its always a dice on mutations, and its prety straight forward. Hatch more. When u starts for sure u will get more of them, but later when u cap mutation counter it can be a pain in the dilo.
  8. Done 100s of purple never got any, bp or saddle, reds too. But i got bp from tier 3 crate on genesis.
  9. If u find good bp for drill how much its cost to make ??? Or he schould use primitive one ?? From vein view, nothing beats meele mantis+298% pick And for craft cost, like #carbonark said its cost about 10 ingots to make
  10. I got mine last week, genesis crate, asc 295%, on same day tribe member got bp for hatchet, asc 298%. I use pick only to farm veins. U can farm hexagons easy on gen, i run trike alpha mission on lava, bring 5-6 gigas so u can change them if u get low with hp.
  11. hud

    Old HUD

    Calm your dilo, why u aint happy with me bro
  12. Dont worry guys, just feed them. 945 kicks everyone out every 3-5 minutes. u cant do anything. We already lost hundreds of dinos in boss fights because of that, i stoped counting those from missions. Sad, no other word.
  13. Can we get some update on this ?? We are trying to do alpha and we are stucked, need this mission realy !!!
  14. That works 100%, wyvern C East from city, there is a purlpe osd spawn, and always, and almost every wave, reaper get stuck on that ridge underground
  15. U can try with argy. Leave argy hovering over him, just enough close so he doesn't lose agro on him, and he will look at him whole time, much easier to shoot with cannon, no splash dmg.
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