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  1. Swedish ARK PC community looking for swedish speaking players! The Old Kingdom är en svensk PC spelcommunity för spelintresserade. Vi är ett gott gäng trevliga 30+ människor som älskar att spela spel ihop. Spelet Ark Survival Evolved är vårt överlägset mest spelade spel och även det spel som vi spelar mest tillsammans. Vi har även egna Ark PVE servrar i drift. Visst spelar vi även andra spel som Elder Scrolls Online, WoW och diverse skjutspel i mindre skala. Men Ark Survival Evolved är vår stora gemensamma nämnare och spelet som vi alltid kommer tillbaka till och för oss samman igen. Vill du också ha någon att sitta o snacka med när du spelar ditt favoritspel? Älskar du Ark Survival Evolved? Då är The Old Kingdom communityn något för dig! Discord är vår huvud plattform för kommunikation. Välkommen att joina oss idag! Discord: https://discord.gg/H5EhnbZ Hemsida:https://theeoldkingdom.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Old-Kingdom-311578519712972/ Steam Grupp:https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheeOldKingdom
  2. I play pve and got good stats. The latest nerf of manas was targeted towards pvp in which case I can understand that a nerf was needed, but in pve nah. I used the Mana to get from point A to point B fast before, now its better to have a speed argy. So I have switched. I like the Mana heaps so was very sad when it got max 3 jumps and dash. Would do the game good to let us server owners get a server settings for this. Just sayin.
  3. Has Extinction got darker since latest patch? Hey, Just transfered to my Extinction server and notice a big shift in the brightness of the map. In first person mode it has gone darker and even more dark in third person mode. All players on my server has mentioned it so it is not just me. So is anyone else noticing this? Or is there something going on with my server.
  4. Genesis release date please! Also I know that its a sales trick to make some new dinos crazy OP at the release of a new dlc. Everyone wants the best dinos right. And some will buy the new dlc for that alone. But please dont nerf them to oblivion when its time for a new dlc. The managarmr needs a buff.
  5. You cannot use the jetpack in the cave only in Overseers lair. Also Heres a vid with a different approach.
  6. Jan 28 is my bet too but I hope sooner. How about this friday Wildcard? Anyway I think that we will learn the release date in this weeks community crunch, hopefully!
  7. Nitrado has now pushed the update 344.44 out to its unofficial server network. That solved it for my servers. Hope all of you other server owners out there also got this straightened out!
  8. Hmm I cant see that patch yet though. The patch that effed it up for me was 304.44 so you must mean 304.45 as a fix in that case?
  9. Aight we rent from the same provider then. Hmm I havenot tried to place anything for roughly 24 hours prior to this so I dont really know when it occured, But I noticed the problem after I downloaded the patch to my computer. I have opened a thread on Nitrado forum aswell. We have to see what they have to say too. Seems like its something on Nitrados Server side.
  10. Do you rent your servers? Have your server host updated your servers to the latest version yet? Mine ha ve not, Im suspecting this is the problem but not sure.
  11. Cant place any mod structures since latest patch? So Im writing here to see if someone has the same problem as I do. I do currently have 3 servers in a cluster and since the latest patch I can not place any structures from mods what so ever. Currently I only have 2 building mods on my servers, Structures + and Additional Lighting and I cannot put out any kind of structure from these mods on any of my clustered maps. Only Vanilla structures are placable. Is anyone else experiencing this after the latest patch? Also I am renting my servers from Nitrado. Can the problem be that Nitrado have not pushed out the latest version to their unofficial servers yet? Just tried in single player and all modded structures were placable.
  12. Same here but tried finding him 10 times approx, never even seen him. How are we supposed to have the time to find and kill him in only a few nightime hours?
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