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  1. Found a lvl 225 Blood Wyvern egg yesterday. 225 is max level on eggs.
  2. I agree, and a huge part of this problem is also the mutation stacking. I understand that wildcard wont do anything about it since it keeps people occupied for years ingame. But seriously then do not put up a limit of 20 mutations at each side. This I would call an exploit and this is why we see such OP tames in the first place.
  3. Remove the ''Aura'' of light emitting from the Tek Light. Remove the ''Aura'' of light emitting from the Tek Light. The ''aura'' shines through the wall/ceiling it is placed on.
  4. Let us cancel Tropeognathus and Tapejaras `forced to land after hitting spacebar Extremely annoying that you cannot in any other way but dismount you Tapejara or Tropegnathu cancel the ´´Forced lnading´´ after hitting spacebar. On all other flyers we can abort landing if we accidentally hit the spacebar. But not on the Tapejara and Tropeognathus. Why is that? Redo it so we can abort the landing for god sake!
  5. Astrocetus a fantastic animal but how many has actually tried it legit? So how many has actually got the Astrocetus saddle and tried it out? On my server we are 3 players. We have tried Beta Master Controller a couple of times but always gets squashed at last phase after dismounting. Losing no Therizinos. We die with our survivors before. Then the boss fight ends and we lose our tames as it should be. A bummer it is so hard for few players to complete though. Not everyone can take this fight on with 10 players. Guess a lot of people will never even be able to try out the Astrocetus at all. I have 2 tamed sitting in my base for 3 months but the saddle is unreachable. Bad move from wildcard if you ask me. I love that its hard but you should not need 10 ppl to complete a Boss fight, not all players have the opportunity. Its a pity that a so wonderful animal like the Astrocetus will never actually be ridden by 70% of the player base. Even though they try. And to get a saddle via the loot crates is almost near to impossible too. I think a big squad of survivors is for your advantage on the Master Controller. Dino armies are really hard to control since all whistles makes them attack everything. ``Attack this target´´ and ``Attack my target´´ seems to work the same as neutral. The unmounted dino army just hit whatever they can see or gets attacked by regardless of whistleing ``Attack this SPECIFIC target´´ then do not move until told. Doesnt matter they run around like crazy. And to whistle passive in there to get them rounded up again is a death sentence! Mounted dinos and high melee theriz/Rhinos are the way to go and many survivors if you ask me. And fyi I know that server owners can tweak their server so that the dinos does more dmg and put on single player settings to make things easier for small groups of people but should this really be necessary to get a saddle for an Astrocetus? We want to play the game the vanilla way.
  6. Rex saddles and bps cannot be found in the deep sea loot crate and yellow supply drops. Only Red supply drops or red cave drops from the caves on land. And the Blue, yellow and red cave loot crates from the underwater caves on the island. Also fishing can give you good bps if you have a fishing rod with over 400% in efficiency. Everything you need to know is here @Kelsier: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables
  7. Ill try this oput right away as I also have problems with the egg spawns on Crystal Isles. Ty for info mate!
  8. I have seen them around the green obelisk. Btw you can get heaps of rare flowers and rare mushrooms without a therizino. Just use a herbivore on the patches of mushrooms around the green obi and for rare flowers harvest the blue mushrooms patches in the white shoals area.
  9. You shall do it like we did it, seriously the easiest way by far. -Lvl 170-185 Rockdrakes with 2600-3000 stamina -Primitive saddles -Mastercraft-Ascendant Flak/Fur Armor on our characters. Except Tek chestpiece and tek boots that were primitive. - Ascendant Pump action shotguns with between 350-450 damage. 2000 shotgun shells each just to be sure. - Stews & Brews and custom food with HP regen. - You can not use cryopods anywhere int the cave or in the arena itself, I have tried.
  10. Nitrado is literally the worst hosting company out there for private servers at least. Rented from them about a year ago and the first 2 months everything was fine. Then came the crashes and the standard pre written answers when they answered a ticket. 2 times I ended up waiting over 40 hours to even get a response on my tickets. I think they have grown to big to even care for the customers. Would laugh so hard if Wildcard did choose another company to host their official servers on ARK 2.. In your face Nitrado LOL
  11. Those rumours I have not heard. You should be able to mate ALL crystal wyverns regardless coming from an egg or passive tamed in the wild.
  12. Ofc how the f could I forget that I barely do anything else than breeding LOL. I would say that if you want a wyvern right now and don't have the time to wait for a baby to grow up or simply don't want to yet, go tame 1 or even 2. If you tame 1 of each sex you can mate them whenever you feel like it later on. Good luck whatever you end up going for!
  13. Wyvern Heir lay eggs that can go up to lvl 225 if I understand it correct. Also when you passive tame a Crystal Wyvern it will get levels when finished just as any other tame does. So depending on what settings the server you play on use, the tamed ones will come out as at least a Lvl 223 if you passive tame a lvl 150. I do think that there is no other difference to them but 2 ways of aquiring them. Correct me if Im wrong.
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