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  1. We started fresh on a new unofficial server with 0,5x xp when the map came out. Just noticed that you can't learn Magmasaur saddle until you are level 95. So has anyone found a crafted or a blueprint for the Magmasaur saddle on Lost Island? If not I got a bit o a xp grind to look forward to, not that it is har but just time consuming. I just wanna use the Magmas right away since they are adult now lol.
  2. Effing ridicoulus tame, why in the world does it need to drop in taming effectiveness? It happen all the time and it does not even want to be fed. Just another f-me tame into the game. Clearly they do not want people to tame it or it is not working as intended...
  3. Kom och spela Lost Island med oss! https://theeoldkingdom.wordpress.com/svensk-ark-server-lost-island/
  4. Is it just me that has not hatched any twins or triplets at all since Gen 2 release? Im on PC/Steam. Only 1 mod Superstructures.
  5. The lag is immense I agree. Probably because of all the tentacles in the room. We did the gamma fight yesterday and recorded a video. I'll post it here for those who want to see. For the record it was super easy. The spinos we have with us is average stats and most of them are breeded just to get the imprint. Only leveled in damage. No mutations and our server settings are vanilla. If you want my say on the boss fight it is the easiest one since Megapithecus on The Island.
  6. STRYDER happened dude, time to evolve. Use your mining lasers weight reduction to grab metal from dedicated storage instead.
  7. A tip, dont use the mining drill, dont use the ankylo, dont use the magmasaur. They are all trash compared to a Stryder with Excavation rig. 1 Million element shards in 1 ingame day in space on Gen 2 with summer event rates is definetly no problem. Link to dedicated.
  8. Ok so for the other tame that was mentioned, the Shadowmane it is filled fish baskets thats the food. So I watched a vid and went ahead and caught myself some Coels. Probably took me 2 hours to get these big ones. I found a lake where no one ever goes and released them there cause I needed to go out for a couple of hours irl. Came back in and they rendered in and died instantly, all but 1. 1 is still alive and has full food despite having the same food as the rest that died. Read the wiki and it says that you need to force feed them if they get hungry. For the love of god so either I have t
  9. As I also stated above it is not the method I am against but I am not at all fond of the losing all affinity part when failing. Losing 1 step would have been enough plus losing some levels possibly. But to outright force the taming progress back to zero is not a challenge, it is a poorly implemented feature imo. We have started fresh on a Genesis 2 server so skiff is not an option for us sadly. I saw a vid and am going to build it in before they stop that too. I would also have loved for more of these more advanced taming methods from the start.
  10. The Stryders taming method ''Hacking'' is really fun. I also tend to like that the fish basket finally came to prove itself useful. But why do the tame have to reset if you push a button wrong while hacking or if you get detected by the shadowmane? Is it not tedious enough that we have to gather mutagel and catch the fish 1 by one? I could understand if you lost the last progress made on the hack/feed but to lose it all is just a pure annoying feature that I sincerely hope that you reconsider. It takes the fun out of it in my opinion. The affinity gained for each shadowmane feed is al
  11. Im with you. It's so nice farming with it! Wonder if the Stryder with the hip bags has some kind of weight buff on some materials? If that's so we might have a Stryder train in the making
  12. Yes it's the one with the ''drill'' attachments on its head
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