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  1. ARK Sverige! En nystartad svensk ARK community. Vi kommer hosta svenska ARK servrar när ARK Survival Ascended släpps! 2015 Släpptes tidernas roligaste spel (enligt oss) ARK Survival Evolved. Sedan dess har vi spelat igenom det här spelet otaliga gånger på vårA svenska ARK servrar. Nu när remastern i UE5 kommer så vill vi ännu en gång samla många svensktalande människor i en o samma community för att få lite liv och rörelse på de svenska servar som vi spelar på. När ARK Survival Ascended når de digitala butikshyllorna i Augusti 2023 så kommer vi på en gång att börja hosta de båda kartorna som släpps direkt. Dvs The Island och Scorched Earth. Kartorna får vars en svensk ARK server. Oavsett om du är en ARK-veteran eller en nytillkommen spelare så samlas vi här från hela vårt avlånga land för att njuta av det nya ARK Survival Evolv.. ehm Ascended tillsammans i PVE. Förutsatt att studio Wildcard håller vad de lovar gällande crossplay så kommer vi förhoppningsvis kunna välkomna svenska spelare från samtliga plattformar dvs Xbox S/X, PS5 och PC! Mer info kommer om våra svenska ARK servrar när vi närmar oss release. 18 års gräns. Joina vår discord för mer information: https://discord.gg/Epv26kNchX Hemsida: https://arksverige.wixsite.com/arksverige Välkommen till ARK Sverige! Alla plattformar är välkomna✌️
  2. Well this is not in your power to change so either you buy or you dont ez. You clearly one of these gen z boys who wants everything on every map that hits the game. The old maps are the best and also the only ones that fully supports enviromental effects which tbh does deliver an immersive feeling. I guess you are not up to speed which map the community likes the most by saying such atrocities about Aberration. I guess the map was to hard for you. A skill issue really😄 Good that you probably wont buy it. Cause you my friend is not worthy. LOL Go cry someplace else...
  3. Thats a sweet deal Wildcard, Thank you for your candor! And I think that you do this all right. At some point ppl has to realize that this 10 year old game has to come to a close and especially on last gen.
  4. How is your math man. This deal is better overall as all the DLCs is included for the price. No remaster has ever been free. All other companies charge so why should Studio Wildcard not? I could not care less about the price tbh because I love this game and would pay 500$ if they had asked.
  5. Nooblets was right! But guys this is for the better in the end. ARK 2 will be awesome! ❤️
  6. Can I change the xp recieved from a specific item? I want to lower the xp recieved from crafting narcotics. Is it possible to just change the xp on that peticular craft?
  7. Can I change the xp recieved from a specific item? I want to lower the xp recieved from crafting narcotics. Is it possible to just change the xp on that peticular craft?
  8. I sorted it out! I have put this exact line: PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamedQuetz_Character_BP_C[7]=1.5 into my Game.ini file and it works. This gives my tamed Quetzals more in weight when I level them up. So instead of getting 58 it now gets 87 weight per level up.
  9. Ok thanks for answering. So if I cant do that I want to let the Quetzal get more weight per level up to make the Quetz great again. Can I make those changes for just 1 specific dino? And do any1 know how, cant really find much info when googling on it.😪
  10. The Argentavis reduces the weight of the following resources by the listed amount while they are in its inventory: Resource Reduction Black Pearl 50% Crystal 50% Metal 50% Metal Ingot 50% Obsidian 50% Organic Polymer 50% Polymer 50% Stone 50% Scrap Metal Ingot 50% Can I make a change to the quetz that lets it have the same reduction?
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