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  1. True we know very little of the map and its mechanics so far. Aight flying allowed, but how easy will it be to fly? There might be other factors we do not know about yet. Maybe some kind of gravitational problems on the space station. Maybe there is a new OP flyer that preys on the old ones? Cool features! Like you good sir I also hope of many new mechanics and aha moments. I find the older maps and often the mod maps that turns official quite dull. Static with no living fauna at all. Wildcard has evolved much since the start and at least imo they have gotten really good att designing map
  2. Aight I hear you all, flying will be allowed. I must have missed that part from the Extra Life stream, after all I slept like a baby that night after all the teasing they did
  3. They have said that it is definetly the biggest map that they as a studio has made but they are not including the mod maps turned official (ex Ragnarok), only the dlc maps to my knowledge. I might be wrong but thats how I remember they explained it from the Extra Life Stream. I rather support the teleporting option from Genesis than enable flying tbh.
  4. I personally hope that Wildcard keep the NO flying default setting on Gen 2 as flying dinos tend to make everything so much easier and remove the challenge BIG time in ark. I could support flyer specific biomes but for the whole map NO thanks. I don't even want the new federation tek suit to be able to fly at all. Maybe if they make the suit upgradable of some sort, for example if you unlock a jetpack attachment when you beat the boss on alpha difficulty. That would be an good treat for such an accomplishment. Maybe they should give the player the option to decide for themselves and
  5. Värm upp med oss inför ARK Genesis Part 2!! Vi tjuvstartar lite med ARK för att bli lite varma i kläderna tills den nya dlcn Genesis Part 2 släpps i Mars 2021! The Old Kingdom har därför just satt upp 2 helt nya och fräscha servrar med kartorna Genesis Part 1 och Ragnarok. XPx0.5 Harvestx0.5 Tamingx1 Maturationx2 Egg hatchingx2 MatingIntervalx1 Vi följer ARKs gamla officiella rates på XP och Harvest då vi vill ha en spelsession som varar. Mer info om om hur Wildcard ändrade de officiella ratesen finner du här: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/co
  6. Is there a way to increase the Hexagon amount I get per mission on a unofficial server?
  7. This is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen beeing added to a game and it touched me straight to the heart. A Memorial for those who have Ascended is just so very beautiful! To all survivors that have lost a loved one out there I offer my deepest condoleances
  8. Did'nt you like the first game? The second installment will be even better! More experienced devs. Wildcard always seem to amaze me with all their new dlc contents. I expect the same with ARK 2. Wherever that Rockwell Station takes us will be the playground for the second installment. The survivors will in the second phase fight their way through a bunch of content and new dlc's to get back home to earth. I estimate a ea release the coming summer. Instead of a new mod map. After ARK 2 there will be ARK 3 in that installment we will finish of what we started in phase 1 on earth. Just my pr
  9. Cannot wait for dec 10. Ark 2 is on the horizon! Amazeballz
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