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  1. Joebl0w13

    Nerfed or what?

    You won’t get a response from the developers here. You have gotten a few legit ones from the community.
  2. Joebl0w13

    Artifacts not Spawning

    RIP 2 year old thread.
  3. Joebl0w13

    Need a private server?

    Please post ads for servers in the appropriate platforms sub-forum.
  4. Joebl0w13

    The Serious Problem

    Here Professor https://www.openschool.bc.ca/courses/families10-12/fsp/html/writ_multipara001.html
  5. Joebl0w13

    Nerfed or what?

    And now it's a party.
  6. Joebl0w13

    Attempted Mesh, need a Dev

    You will have to put in a support ticket here to get help from a GM. https://support.survivetheark.com
  7. Joebl0w13

    Submitting a ticket

    Closing this due to necroing and piggybacking non-related issues.
  8. Joebl0w13

    undermap duping and crash server

    Duping, under meshing and using any other exploits are clearly not allowed.
  9. Joebl0w13

    Need GM assistant quick!

    Unfortunately he'll have to wait until the support staff can get to his ticket. Nobody here can help him.
  10. Joebl0w13

    How and where do I file a complaint

    The only thing you can do is submit your ticket to support and wait for a resolution. Nobody here on the Community Forums can provide any help.
  11. Joebl0w13

    Snow owl freeze baby food glitch

    Thank you for the bug report. It will get passed on to the devs.
  12. Joebl0w13

    Managarmr Fix/patch confirmed*

    Fake News.
  13. Joebl0w13

    2 years, still dcing

    All refunds are handled by Microsoft.
  14. Yes. If you want to stop people from doing things in a sandbox game play PvP. Otherwise "suck it up buttercup".