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  1. You would have to ask the people that run those servers.
  2. So you found your answer. There is no date yet
  3. Search function. Learn it, love it, live it.
  4. First rule of playing this game on Xbox. When you are done, go to the menu and force quit the game. Second rule is if you get disconnected, go to the menu and force quit the game. Ark cannot handle being put in the background mode the Xbox made available for apps/games. You have to kill it and start from scratch each time. If I force kill it. I never have problems connecting again. It’s an issue that’s been there since the game was released on Xbox. It will never be fixed
  5. Source? They never used to do that. They would happily chow down, heal and leave.
  6. It’s kinda nice sometime. You can set up camp and lay into them with guns/bows. They just ignore you.
  7. I see this all the time on Ragnarok too. All alphas, just chomping away, never eating it.
  8. Once again, and for the last time. Yes. That was the only response. Just like I just said. I can't spell it out any more for you. That said. We are absolutely done discussing further moderation. Now have at the topic.
  9. The only response to it at the time it was locked was removed for breaking forum rules. There were no other responses.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and open this one back up. @yekrucifixion187 made a good argument for it. Keep it clean and on-topic.
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