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  1. Raft spamming in PvE

    Because in game they are programmatically treated the exact same (use up the same amount of resources).
  2. Crashing to Home (Xbox)

    Dear god this thread is old. There is a more up to date one here:
  3. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    Naked, with an Army of tamed Kairuku to keep you warm. What's the best way to tame an eel?
  4. Have the original link to that site?
  5. Claimable timers

    The ability to claim dinos after their timers expire has been removed. When the timer is up they are destroyed when they are rendered in. It was changed globally across all platforms.
  6. Turret Settings

    Cleaned up all the PC master race garbage. Please stay on topic.
  7. Hazmat Suit not protecting

    Posts that don't directly discuss the hazmat suit and are personal in nature are going to need an Amber Alert soon.
  8. Double the weight of all dinos.

    There we go. Merged into the thread you created with the exact same title from 6 months ago.
  9. Pretty much proves my point. You don’t like many of the game design decisions. That’s fine.
  10. Thank you for continued disappointment

    With this thread you would think we had created the worlds first perpetual motion machine. These guys would be proud.
  11. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Nobody has ever been banned for sending proof of exploits to [email protected] or submitting it in a support ticket. You can’t, however, post them on the Community Forums. For what, you would think, would be obvious reasons.
  12. Been there done that. Had a guy show up and try to take a drop I was standing at. Still got it. Gota have fingers of lighting!
  13. You guys sound like you “want” to be alphas on a PvP server. But the passive aggressive nature of PVE is just easier. You want to create all the rules. But you don’t want to have to fight off all the other people for the right to create those rules. The winner makes the rules. The loser is relegated to the history books.
  14. Half the stuff on this list aren’t really bugs at all. Most are just development decisions the OP doesn’t like.
  15. I just took a drop from some nub standing there waiting for it. Made me smile and think of this thread.