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  1. People that came to the forums this week to publicly quit (it's a thing for some reason) are already back playing.
  2. More details. You'll hear "Ho Ho Ho" and he'll enter the map at some point way up high near the top mesh of the map and fly straight in a random direction. He drops packages that slowly fall to the map. They glow and are pretty easy to see. When the package lands you can loot it.
  3. You don’t have to fight him. He flys across the map dropping loot. You have to fight the other players.
  4. Report all instances of DDoS, duping, meshing, aimbotting, real money transactions or other exploits, with your evidence, to support via ticket at: https://support.survivetheark.com Nobody on the Community Forum can help you with these in-game issues.
  5. Ya for me it's completely random (my own Nitrado servers as well). Load in. Get kicked. Connection lost to server. I mumble "stupid game..." and log back in. Sometimes it kicks me again (very rare).
  6. This happens randomly to me, no matter the map or the Xbox version.
  7. Of all the bugs I've seen in this game, this is one of the more strange (and funny as hell) ones.
  8. Can do those things with the pressure plate.
  9. If you think the devs are wrong, why would you want to see the clip?
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