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  1. All official servers will shut down in 5 months.
  2. You are getting new fresh servers. But only if you buy the new version of Ark that is bundled with a game that doesn't exist yet.
  3. Someone check my math. I have to buy a game that doesn't exist yet, that I may not want, to get ASA? Someone please tell me I read that wrong.
  4. You need to contact your server hosting company or admin. This is for official servers.
  5. Nobody knows for sure but I would be willing to bet: 1. Yes it will come out for PS5 at some point 2. No, it won't be released for older consoles
  6. From what platform doest thou current map in question exist and to which platform would you like to import it to? Xbox, Steam or both?
  7. It's true across the board as far as I know. Two different worlds. The Win10 version is essentially the Xbox code.
  8. The Xbox/Win10 version of the game is not compatible with the Steam version.
  9. Please report official server issues via the following form: http://ark.gg/outage
  10. I gave that a good playthrough a while back. I don't know what would be considered a lot of thralls but I had 20 or so and built up a pretty big base. I don't remember having any performance issues, but that was on my XSX. I never played it with less horsepower.
  11. Ping is just a sub application from the ICMP protocol. Ping sends an echo request to a network interface. All (networked) programs on a computer open TCP/IP ports. Data is sent to and from these ports and the loopback interface. It's not something you see unless you do some digging with something like Wireshark. So even though you are 'local' the game is still opening and using these ports to communicate with the game client and the OS.
  12. Check out 7 Days to Die. It's criminal that it's still in the store.
  13. Sounds easy enough. Joys of being an admin in this game.
  14. Simple. It's like an iPhone, fridge or a toaster. For the most part, you turn it on and it just works. None of the component manufacture, misconfiguration, video card or driver issues, core dumps people post here all the time, all the time, so many dumps. That's not a console vs PC thing. Love em both. I use the PC for work, the console for fun. Lots of games play better on the console than PC. You just never know which ones until you've already paid for it unfortunately. Not Ark specific, well most modern games. The game breaking bugs hit the PC first, they usually get patched out before they make it to the console market. We appreciate that.
  15. Na, you can blow your own stuff all to hell in PVE.
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