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  1. There should be quite a few of these when dealing with tribe modifications.
  2. I get the point you are trying to make. I've been doing this for almost 6 years. The lead team member of the CoC group, was once a mod on here. We talk.
  3. The two instances you are looking for are: "hacking exploits and unfair play" and "Hacking or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair" Notice they both have something in common. Both involve hacking. And both are related to PvP.
  4. Better safe than sorry. Ditch that software.
  5. Please report official server issues via the following form: http://ark.gg/outage.
  6. The issue is 'fair play' is both subjective and not formally addressed in the rules. Therefore, it's not normally actionable. Letter of the law vs spirit of the law. The 'spirit' of the law is not addressed by support.
  7. Posting here is the closest thing to an official request. Game Suggestions.
  8. Because, for the most part, they aren't breaking any rules. You are allowed to be a jerk in PvE. Have to be smarter than the jerks.
  9. Inflation. Everything is more expensive right now.
  10. No. You can't transfer anything from PvE to PvP.
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