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  1. They need to Bring Back Conquest, i'll settle for legacy tho i guess.
  2. I want to start off by saying you are truly making a impulsive bad decision, I do think it’s going to affect your company Snail Gayemes negatively, you may want to think this over but I don’t think you will, because you are listening to some pve idiots in your dev team and listening to the tears of idiots in our ark community that truly don’t matter because they haven’t ever progressed past stone for a reason, you have done it again you have lost another player. - Sincerely AH, #RIP Conquest 2019
  3. Apprentice Velo Saddle BP 48 armour Apprentice Turtle Saddle BP 28 armour Please add your most prized bp's and armour rating's from this caves lot crates.
  4. I have a fix to everyone's problem with mana's flying out of the ceiling. I will start with this, 1 your entire inventory on your character is 100% gone and you will die if this happens, but you can get the mana back only 1 time I have not got my mana back, let me tell you how to find your mana now, 2 you will need to remember where you died, 3 you will need a flyer with good stam like an owl, Tappy, or PT, i recommend tappy, OK so fly to the location high into the sky and begin looking and when you get there and render it in it should begin to fall to the ground if you when to the right spot, or you may have not been looking well enough and it fell on an angle you weren't looking so you need to check the ground. 4/5 time's i have found my mana like this. 5 DO not go looking high in the sky for your mana while riding your mana it could happen again if you lagg out....
  5. Kids mostly play the mobile version I’m glad they’ve banned you, swearing doesn’t make you look or sound cool, maybe it’s time you change your personality.
  6. They’ve removed breeding timers on cryoed dinos unless a female is transferred, and when you do get a timer after a female has given birth you can cryo it and throw it again for a less timer or a longer timer, the lowest I’ve seen after birth is 9hrs and longest is 12-14 shoot for 9hr and wait at that point. If you do get a short timer than 9hr let me know please!
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