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  1. I can't turn almost at all. I can only destroy like 3 or 4 things so I can't even get the points to open everything up. On controller you can't even touch the left stick. I've read a million just keep the reticle centered but then how do I get the health power ups? I do not play these types of games. I did not like Star Wars, Star Fox, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, or anything that resembles them. For a game based on tribe success and promoted as such for the last 5 years and then in the final chapter they remove that component. It makes little sense. You know what I'm good at? Having the time to tame, farm, and breed what we would need for that fight. That's my strength for the tribe. Hell, I'm even going to do that so that they can still get it done but it's definitely a gut shot I'll never get it done. 19 times, 0 improvement from the 1st one and that's only Gamma. Lol.
  2. I don't need therapy for playing Ark. I work my 40 hours and pay my bills, see family and friends monthly, and play the game. What else should I do? Watch sports? Who cares. Watch movies and shows? I do. Visit places? I've been to 4 continents, 10 countries, and 23 states in my lifetime. I've seen enough places. Read books? I've read plenty and if something pops up that interests me, I'll read that too. So what am I missing?
  3. I have roughly 17k hours in this game since March of 2017. I have endured the bugs and official headaches and loved all of it. I left Legacy for the promise of fixed issues and despite many issues persisting continued through it all because there was always ways around any issue. Tribemates, allies, kind souls. I started Ark with the mission to beat the bosses and that is where my focus was. I did some top stat breeding to pass the time but ultimately every metal node I crushed, penguin I clubbed, cave I ran, dino I raised and imprinted was with the aim at beating the bosses and I largely succeeded. Island, checked with my tribes own work and no carries. Ab checked with my tribes own work and no carries. Extinction checked with my tribes own work and no carries. The idea behind Genesis intrigued me and brought me back out of retirement. I had taken a 6 month break before I knew Genesis was a thing, logging off a level 134 homo deus, having the top weight Argy's on PS4. I loved the mission base ideas and joined up with old legacy buddies to conquer that part of Ark. Poor design plagued many a survivor but ultimately, tribed, everybody had their strengths and we were able to pull together to get Alpha MC done. The benefits of a tribe were shown especially in the run up to that boss. Today after my 19th attempt, I realized I will never be able to complete Gamma Star Dolphin. I don't play racing games. I don't play with invert. I don't play with a mouse and keyboard. If I wanted and could play that way I would play a racing game designed to be a racing game on PC. I have a tribemate who can do those things but since I need the mission done myself to participate in the fight it leaves me in the position of a level 155 survivor with nothing to work towards. We have pretty good Shadowmane line starting (8.5k hp with 0 mutes and 461 melee after 4 mutes) but what will be the purpose of continuing that project if I can't use them to fight Rockwell? Including race missions, which have nothing to do with any other thing you do in this creature taming and breeding, map exploring, survival game, is bad enough but then to discount the whole notion of tribes playing off each others strengths to get the goal done is just a huge dumbfounding decision. So here it ends I suppose. I'm not looking for sympathy (well maybe a little). I'm not looking for advice. I am just venting my frustration. Bring on your troll comments. I may even come back to see them. I am just extremely irritated that my last 3k hours in this game goes out with a whimper after being thee survivor after my first 14k.
  4. Transfer times should be the same as every other new map. Around 3 months to bring stuff in. That hasn't really altered much in the last almost 4 years (only counting since official launch).
  5. 3x breeding encompasses raising. It's Easter event. Black isn't an Easter color.
  6. You don't know her role. Maybe her character relates to Helena pre-island and she is shown only through flashbacks. Maybe Helena was an awful and selfish person until she met the caring humanitarian, Victoria, who taught her how to be compassionate to others. Maybe that compassion and the flash back references are what allow Helena to be the intermediary she is/was. We won't know until the show airs.
  7. That doesn't make them money. That would be poor business. SE is the prime example of that. Everything was put on Rag, people stopped paying for the map even when they tried to make the map an easier experience. Drakes and Reapers still make Ab a viable purchase.
  8. While I'm not overly bothered by the delay, as it is expected at this point, this comment from you is pretty dumb. I paid money to someone who promised me a working game. That contract entitles me to voice my concerns when they are not holding up their end of the deal. That's called consumer rights. Feel free to keep your displeasures to yourself but if I want to voice mine, I've paid for that right.
  9. Events usually end at a specific time so if the next imprint won't be before event ends, cryo it immediately after the last imprint you'll definitely get during the event. Even if the event ends up running a little longer, better to not risk it.
  10. Weird. I got them on single player. Do you have HLNA equipped? Are you sure you're going to the right spots? Scar Bridge, Around each of the Obs, and near that pointy rock formation.
  11. Someone spawned the Ice Titan 8 minutes beforehand. Lol. I figured someone might so I brought along my Mek and a few people brought Giga's so we killed it in 4 minutes but still, so toxic. Lol
  12. The Spring Event (Easter) is probably my favorite just because of the colors. I'm a Cyan guy in this game and that's when they pop the most. Fear Evolved probably is number 2 because there is more activities to do if you choose. Christmas irrirates me. I don't want to fight over the gifts so unless the server pop is down to 5, I just tame or breed.
  13. Once again, I had top weight Argies on PS4. 9 months of hunting and mutating every stat myself. I currently have top stat Carno's on PS4. Mutating every hp and melee mute myself. I've put in the work and am still calling those people childish. Don't want someone selling the stat, don't sell it. If someone pays your price, they can do what they want with that stat and trying to impose unenforceable trade restrictions is egotistical, foolish, and childish.
  14. I never understood people who get weird about their lines being resold. I've bred top weight Argy and currently breed top stat Carno. Once someone has paid me what I asked for that egg/clone/etc. it is now theirs to do what they want with. I never (and no original breeder probably does) sell the true top stat so it doesn't really matter since a buyer is probably not set up to surpass where your at. I personally don't sell other people's stats (except on server since a lot of people don't use FB trade sites), I don't undersell what I paid for it, but that is all personal choice. Any other notion is ridiculous and childish.
  15. Probably true. They just started releasing 50/50 915/925. Breeders said they would release free up to 1225. I just finished an 835, lol. I'll wait for 1005 at least.
  16. Tame a Procoptodon. Smaller, Faster, and Better Weight. Trust me here.
  17. Mammoth sounds awesome but Stego seems wasteful. They already had a strong role in both PvP and PvE. This leaves the Megalodon as useless as ever, the Quetzal trumped as a farmer enhancement by the Argy, Karkinos, and Hovercraft, and the Bronto a distant memory in PvP and the same berry gatherer in PvE. That's first take, however. Hopefully I am wrong and the Stego does expand its capabilities for both game modes.
  18. I don't think so but could be. Pretty sure XBox has higher Ab Spino's but PS may have better Ab Megalo's. They've both had the game for long enough that they should be close but not sure if there was specific breeders for the same dino's.
  19. I think it is more PS decision rather than WC's so depends how good PS thinks it is but probably no change for this Ark. I doubt they can isolate between a PS5 and PS4 version.
  20. The tether protects your gaming system. Since it's console it would have issues that could affect the hardware if the tether was increased due to how much would be rendered in at once. Console just isn't powerful enough to handle it. Nitrado rents private servers for as low as $13 a month for 10 player slots. Could split that cost between friends, no tether, and way more customizable than a non-dedi session. Probably your best option to get rid of tether but not have to deal with randoms.
  21. PS4 uses this google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bXTO3A-Do_CA0PIp520PsTpUebxf37X7XgxXq969vtY/edit?usp=drivesdk It may not be 100 as the person has to email the owner but the owner keeps it updated based on the info he is given. There could be stats not submitted, these are also what are currently being sold so their is off market stuff not listed. Still it helps a great deal.
  22. They have the altered servers in the form of beginners servers. Believe they wipe every 3 months or maybe 6. You can transfer out but not on. Should cover everything you are looking for.
  23. Sounds like an amazing update coming. Pay no attention to the one's whining. You'll never be able to please them unless you pay them to play your game. They are crying about 2 TLC but fail to realize the Dunky is getting a TLC too. Crying before they even know what the major TLC entails. Pathetic. Crazy on the reduced mating timers but in some ways it makes sense since those dino's output doesn't match the investment anymore since other's can do it better often. Giga's still king so makes sense there is no breeding changes. Looking forward to everything you covered.
  24. Official PS4 PvE is up to 805 on the market currently.
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