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  1. Which creature? which map to which map?
  2. Crystal Isle (like Gen when it first released) was forgotten to include an egg you could use to tame it. They are tameable on Ab (Rock Drake egg) and Gen (Magma Egg). They will most likely let you tame it with heir eggs in a future update.
  3. Tame higher. 135+ usually tame out with 5k+ hp. Definitely a worthwhile tame.
  4. Sure but more ammo plus it prevents you from having other stuff running (grinders, narcotics, plus lack of toilet xp (can't remember any easily accessible water near scars) unless you built right at scar. I've done both and pre extraordinary kibble it made every Wyvern egg useful. Edit: Your way is definitely faster though.
  5. Any map. Oh, lots of ways. By far purple and red osd drops on Extinction give best xp but you need Giga's to do them. Next best is to steal Wyv eggs and do the same as the baby Giga's. Wyv's give good xp. Easier to find high level eggs on Rag or Valguero. Brute cave on island has a high level Alpha Mosa (usually 200+) so that is also a good kill.
  6. You need to level the chibi. Chibi gets xp from killing the Alpha's while equipped but it takes a lot of Alpha's. Once the chibi has a level then it should alter your xp bar to be able to gain a character level. You can level your chibi to level 6 which will then give your character the ability to level 5 more times.
  7. If you mean just on the island, broth of enlightment, poop on the toilet, 2x xp explorer note while hatching and killing baby Giga's.
  8. Yep but they don't consider this an exploit. They gave a tribe rank system to prevent this. Some GM's may help but some may just consider this gameplay. Distasteful but it doesn't violate rules. Sorry people suck.
  9. End time is July 21. I don't think they updated anything with prime jerky cost and chibi's though I suspect they'd reduce cost on chibi not reduce cost of what it takes to make prime jerky.
  10. You want to keep the females clean then only keep a male who mutates. It can be slow or you can clone hundreds of the same female to increase your chances. I currently have 87 level 15 X Yuty for my project. If you hatch 87 eggs every 2 days (every day with current event rates) you can get going pretty fast. I'm about a month in and have a male I just popped with my 3rd stam mute and the original hp (only stats I'm looking for). More females=more chances but you want them unmutated for your best chance to go as high as you can/want.
  11. Check your platforms server sub forum. You can advertise in there.
  12. Made saddles from Hide and Sink in Ocean biome. 35k crates for chance at BP.
  13. Character. We had several people come to our server to team up and earn some of the Alpha bosses with others on our server. Now they run the Alpha Controller on their server.
  14. Ok, so nice didn't work so instead if you want your stupid chibi's to fluff up your collection you display in your vaults to yourself to add to the server stress causing more memory usage (since you cry babies forget that's why they deleted dino candies) then put forth the very minimal effort this is going to take or keep crying that making jerky is hard.
  15. 3x breeding. I am just harvesting the unwanted's with a power Theri. I already have every skin and two of the emotes with half a fridge of cooked prime and 8 preserving bins going (I built 34 yesterday from one tail swipe on Genesis Lunar). With the boosted everything it's really not too bad to get prime and prime jerky.
  16. No one is making you. Feel free to uninstall when you had enough. I hope they do release more content. Will gladly keep paying $40 a year for thousands of hours of entertainment and multiple maps (free maps every year too). The problems can feel tortuous but compared to the enjoyment I get out of the game, really end up being trivial.
  17. Done hours ago (around 9-9:30 AM EST). I played for about 3 hours before work (PS4) no issues other than the expected invisible Ab Anky.
  18. You can submit a ticket with proof and they'll probably return some but at their internal policy of max 201. That has been the standard. Upload isn't storage though so they may opt to not return any, especially if there is no proof they existed. The only thing you can do is submit a ticket and see. I'd just tame/raise more with the boosted rates since you'll be in a long line of similar tickets filed.
  19. Yes and no. Insiding is a PvP action. People choose to play PvE to avoid PvP and your in game checks and balances do not account for C4, rockets, etc against structures or pikes, swords, shotguns, etc. against tames. However, taking loot from drops even if someone is there first is crappy but should not be regulated. Nowhere do friends need to be made but actions that directly affect a player negatively without their consent on PvE should be considered PvP and therefore griefing which is against the CoC. The rule may not always be enforced, as it is hard to catch/prove, but if it is written it gives the option to enforcement to enforce once sufficient proof is found. It's worth being written down.
  20. Pego's don't attack wild dino's. They only attack tamed dino's and player's. Tell better exaggerations.
  21. Simple. Stop buying any future products. That is your only recourse. That's for any business. You can give them a negative review. You can stop talking about it (word of mouth is biggest advertisement). These are the things you can do that may influence this company. That's it. Me, I've already resolved that if the whole system got wiped and we lost everything, I'd be note running once the new servers were up. It's just too fun of a game.
  22. Temporary. They do that so people can't just bring thousands of structures over from the jump and clutter the server before people have a chance to establish themselves. Probably will open the same time Crystal Isle's allows transfer's on PC. 3 months or so.
  23. Here's some options. Cryopod is most efficient. Before cryopods; Tek Teleporter Build a barn near ob to store boss dino's. Raft if ob is near water and has a waterway (works for most dino's) Quetzal with platform saddle (works for most dino's) Walk them
  24. Yes, unfortunately cryo's will have timers again. I am not aware of a command to disable that.
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