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  1. High level Baby Giga killing with broth of enlightment added to grinders and narcotic making. Start Purple. Get to round 4. Despawn drop once enraged Rex's appear then shotgun them with broth and note. Takes awhile
  2. I'm so happy you filmed this. No spoilers. Great video. Look forward to your next project. Vultures/Dimorphs vs Titanosaur?
  3. Use punch into air, hover, then use superman fly ability
  4. Parachute will work too and is an easy bob level craft. Hp is the best solution though. I can walk down the Forest Titan to his knee and just take like 100 to 200 hp jumping from there.
  5. No idea. I gain xp but it dropped me from 53 mil xp (level 135) to 13 mil xp. It shows I can currently earn 64 mil xp but I'm working towards that from the 13 mil. I have got back up to 24 mil xp (which should be the 64 mil xp). They were supposed to resolve this after the Winter Wonderland event but alas it is another thing they broke and have no idea how to fix. What makes it worse is several people have mindwiped since this bug and it dropped their overall level (they were all 130+ so not sure if that would affect you) so I can't even mind wipe to craft some bp's or else I might be below 135.
  6. It sure is and it is still the best game I ever played. I get irritated too but I continue to play because it still provides me a measure of entertainment. My choice to continue to play. Your choice to not if you don't want to but your choice stops at you. Everybody else can make their own choice. It's not like the problems are secret.
  7. You can delete it yourself. Problem's solved the same. People don't need your protection. They can do their own research and make their own choice.
  8. Ghillie/Desert for cave, fur or flak for Overseer. Health brews especially if wearing flak. Pump Shotguns and 500 ammo (with only 3) for Overseer.
  9. Capacity is essentially stam so works like a real number. All I ever level is capacity. Don't need to worry about regen if the light never goes out. Not to sure about range. Never noticed a big difference between higher and average.
  10. Fishing is my favorite method as well. When on my moschop taming kick, I set up a teleporter to my fishing hole and teleported back and forth (tamed them by corner of Rag desert so set up a teleporter near there) when it requested prime fish.
  11. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands here's single player commands though you would probably need your dino's id to be able to teleport to him if it's even possible. i didn't see any dino teleporting though there is several teleport commands you can look at.
  12. Probably a Reaper or Basilisk. May take a lot of C4 to pop out. Can try a gasbag blow too (does a reaper tail attack pop out buried creatures? Not sure on that one. What about a Yuty fear?)
  13. No it just means their body won't appear in game until they log back on. Just a way to help server performance by not having an extra unused graphic to render in.
  14. Imagine if they did a huge update in Ark and when done it was GTA VI.
  15. Not sure how often they stream but Muntage Gaming and Kishko seem to reach their goals fast. Both are PvP players.
  16. Character XP fix incoming? When the event started, many people (everybody?) loss a lot of xp though levels stayed unless you mindwiped. My level 135 character went from 53 million xp to 13 million xp. I read, of course can't find it now, that after the event the xp would appear again and the xp gained during the event would convert. I managed to get my Chibi up to level 5 and my character has gained another 10 mil xp (13 mil to 23 mil) which when fixed should convert to 63 mil making me very close to hitting 136 (64 mil). The event is over so when can we expect that fix? @complexminded @Chris @ZenRowe Thanks
  17. Single structures decay in 12 hours. Your foundations should have a fence foundation attached. For the bridge, I believe you have to leave it extended if there is even a way. It is so broken I just stopped using it.
  18. Firing rockets at the mounds will make them come out. I think grenades might work too.
  19. I have had a 100 percent crystal droppage by; Dropping 1 mistletoe on ground, when they pick up I put 3 coal in their inventory. When they sit down to drop a crystal, I drop another mistletoe to start the next round and repeat. Done this the last 15 times and got 15 crystals.
  20. They also have Thorny Dragon and Morellatop saddles in the normal drops and yet they are not on the map. Raptor Clause has a set loot table regardless of map.
  21. Not really on the map. So fly to the border and follow that around. Certain parts will probably technically not be on the map but able to build.
  22. No. Alliance can't ride or unclaim your dino's. You will have to wait for your ticket to be addressed.
  23. They are better about helping to replace character now. With a screenshot or an old implant they can even give some tekgrams and levels above 105. Make sure to keep the ticket open every 4 days if the issue is not resolved before then. It auto closes after 5 if not. Structures and dino's are not claimable so hopefully they get to you before decay timers expire (7 days for dinos).
  24. Dododex has a lot on it including recipes for consumables, dye, etc. Probably the most helpful app.
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