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  1. It would have the opposite effect more likely unless they were untameable. CI spawns higher level dino's than lore maps so you could get those map exclusive creatures at a better level and for free. Ragnarok is a prime example. Easier scar, higher level Wyv eggs, Higher level Rock Golems, Higher level Mantis and Vultures and Thorny Dragons, etc. No adverse weather effects. Scorched Earth now has just the Phoenix and Dodowyvern during Fear Evolved. It's biggest draw is lack of population.
  2. I disagree. You only have to type it once then can hit enter for as much as you want. If you wait for unstable element you cap at 300 slots then have to wait for it to stabilize. I've done it both ways and the admin command is much faster for a large quantity.
  3. Nope. You can use the admin command; gfi element 100 0 0 (PS4 command anyway).
  4. I rarely get that on veins and only occasionally on OSD's. The OSD one's very rarely will I get one of those that takes longer than 5 minutes to find its way.
  5. With PvE settings you don't damage the veins so I just run a Giga. I tried a Reaper once for fun but they just don't do enough damage before stuff is broken. Perhap's really good Deino's would be alright because of bleed effect?
  6. I'd argue against that. While the boss fights are short, the prep time is longer. A 50k vein will yield 500 to 700 element with a 500 melee Mantis and 298 pick. It only takes about 15 minutes to run so unless your unfortunate it should take you between 30 and 45 minutes. They are now instituting breedable Mantis' so now you'll have imprint bonus damage plus much higher melee. I suspect that will cause a vein nerf at some point but until it does, 1k+ element will be the norm.
  7. They can glitch like that. I raised 7 all the same last event as well. Did pretty good at auction with them since they were all originals and imprinted. Got a couple other duplicates and triplicates too. Also helps just to keep that Drake alive and in the area. They'll keep laying eggs, even in different nests.
  8. No idea on time but I'll be taming Mantis', Carno's, and running Rock Drake eggs
  9. They didn't mention tameable zombie dodo's this next time. Probably due to their crazy hp pool and regen so their use as soakers.
  10. Think my tribemate and myself are going to use a 80k hp Diplo as a tank while he hammers it with a Deino. See how that fares.
  11. Neither Karkinos or Golems draw aggro from the Sea creatures except Pirahana's and Eutrypids (sp) so either would be fine. I'd recommend a high stamina Karkino's. Their jump in water lets you move around pretty good. Karkino's is probably best to farm up gates. Use a high weight Doed and High Weight Theri. Both will auto harvest to half their weight so you can just walk them around.
  12. SW1. A few dangerous creatures sometimes (Daeodon, Wolf, Terror Bird) but good area for mats to start off.
  13. Female Theri- Charlize (Therizinosaurus) Velonasaurus- Brrrrrtttttt Giga- So many but I really like WishAGigaWould and for a male Andre (the Gigantosaurus) Dire Bear- Rawr Snow Owl- Again a ton but my two favorite are OwlbrtFlyinstin (console only allows 15 letters) and Owlice Swooper Carno- CarYes Yuty- pretty good amount of these. Fat Lady being a prominent one Tuso- Hans Grabber I am sure I am missing some. I've certainly named several based on color scheme. I am currently raising an all red Giga female that I have named Blodreigna (a reference to the
  14. Consider joining this FB page (not mine just one I am a member of). People post amazing builds on all platforms, modded and not, and many have videos to show how it was done. The Pilgrimz Project and Aaron Longstaff (two of the more notable builders in Ark) are members as well. Definitely a great site to frequent that'll help you with ideas. https://www.facebook.com/groups/279048575809621/?ref=share
  15. Yep and pure pelt off of at least Yuty's. I raised X Yuty's for a bit. I'd kill off the weak links (most) and harvest with Theri. Capped a tek dedi and sold off another 300 slots worth.
  16. If free to move across maps, take a power Theri into the Rag Ice Cave. Just keep killing Deathworms and use the Theri bite attack to harvest pure hide.
  17. Not a thing (on official anyway, single player might have commands for just buildings/building pieces). You could ally her so she can build there but she'll have to do the building. Some items also can't be placed around allied structures even so test it out before placing it. If single player, go to the Ark wiki and search console commands for a list of functions that may work. Edit: There is a chance that if you switched building ownership to personal in tribe setting and then she builds, it goes with her when she leaves. That setting should only affect new builds afte
  18. Nope. My 1400 m Anky gets way more metal than my 700 m anky did and more metal than my 1k m anky did. No cap from my experience.
  19. I build everything from simple cabins to futuristic tek bases. If it's a story run, I'll keep it simple and efficient. If it's a free form play I'll build in places that were always taken on official or unique places or even places that may hamper a resource I wouldn't build on if they'd affect others. I'll experiment with more complex designs as well. It's literally your world, so go all out.
  20. On PvP only blocking map spawn points is against the rules. PvE has no build areas around sky crates and obs.
  21. We used them on Alpha Center. They were 7k hp, 419m hatches. We had a better saddle though. I seen them used against Alpha Brood and Monkey on Island too. Not a fast fight but no real problems. I'm not sure what those hatched at.
  22. Probably true. They just started releasing 50/50 915/925. Breeders said they would release free up to 1225. I just finished an 835, lol. I'll wait for 1005 at least.
  23. They found the information in the dev kits that are released. I believe they are free to download but am not sure where to find them. Modders use them for stuff like the dino expansion mod, S+, Dododex, etc.
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