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  1. Think intentional but you can just start the mission but then equip your own rod and use their chairs. Bonus, if you do Alpha, a lot of Salmon over 2.0 size.
  2. Loss Levels Vent Things Ark GM's will do. If you lose a character but have proof of your implant they will give you back your levels, imprints, tekgrams, etc. So how is it internal policy that when they released chibi's and messed up the xp bar photographic proof of my max character and implant with survivor number (with 53 mil xp), max character with the altered xp bar (20 mil xp out of 64 mil xp needed for next level), max character with an additional 12 mil xp earned while maxing out my chibi (32 mil xp out of 64 mil xp), and finally evidence of the forced mindwipe taking levels reducing my character to 133 (33 mil xp out of 43 mil xp) does not get the same type of fix? 30 million additional xp to just recover what I already earned? Plenty of proof. Hit with the old internal policy cop out line. Is there a legit reason I'm not thinking of? Loss was due to a bug from them. It's incredibly disheartening. Would probably take longer for a GM to load into the server then give me back my 30 million stolen xp. Just a vent. Tickets already closed and our community voice isn't responding on twitter. Thanks "support" team.
  3. He means Crystal Isle this summer and Genesis Part 2 next winter (2020/2021). Continued popularity will probably determine if there is any more after that.
  4. Ab dino's and vanilla variants of ab dino's (Anky, Paracer, etc.). You can take in Extinction creatures (minus owl) but not sure on Genesis creatures yet. Technically you can take any creature over in cryo. Just can't deploy it if it's not allowed on map.
  5. I get how annoying this all can be but you can't keep adding limitations onto this game. That will take the fun out of it. I do think tame limit can come down. PS4 Legacy shortly before official release, we had 250 and it was plenty. With cryopods and the removal of cryo timer, this could definitely be implemented. It would not inhibit gameplay while drastically improving performance. Structure limit I can't get on board with. Yes, I hate big and laggy boxes but I think having multiple bases across the map for different purposes is just natural. I also don't think, tribe size should factor. I am a more relaxed player now and am part of a 11 man relaxed tribe. I got a lot more done when I was solo and a more hardcore player. I needed that extra room as I was breeding the top weight stat Argy on the market for PvE PS4 at the time. Now, I don't need that specialized breeding building nor does my tribe. So yes to decreased tame limit, no to tighter structure limits.
  6. They have reached their highest, 2nd highest, and 3rd highest player count on steam since Genesis dropped. How's the game dying? Looks pretty popular to me. Also your neutral mode wouldn't work. Tribes would just keep an alt level 1 character and make it the owner then store it away safely.
  7. I don't agree with this at all. There's zero abuse. Such a stretch of the term. Reduced mating times is intended to get more eggs or else they wouldn't include it. There have been more breeding events than normal and the pandemic is contributing to more players but if you want to play with the official community then just get use to it. Edit: Just for clarification, as I no longer breed heavy, I raised about 5 dino's over the last 2 events and my tribe of 11 people has a tame limit of netween 100 and 120 at any given time. So I'm not opposed for me or my tribe. I am opposed to the idea itself.
  8. I went back. Official and the larger community is just more fun despite the problems to me.
  9. Teeth Underneath broke spawns i was doing gamme teeth underneath with a tribe mate (Official PvE Server 1152) and when we got to the point to kill the Megalodon it showed three dead, we didn't kill any, and put a marker for another one over 1700 m away from the cave point they should be at, outside the border. This, obviously, means we could not complete the mission. Please fix.
  10. Besides the weight reduction on many resources? Also, the pick axe comparison is hyperbole. It is much better and faster than the pick axe. Use it to destroy the pollen nodes in Along Came Pollen. Rips right through those.
  11. Agree on obsidian. I think dura is very good for prim but gas usage is a bit much. I like it for quick runs but the last update for PS4 made it so you can't use it while riding anymore (tried Megatherium, Roo, and Spider). Hope that's just a bug and not intentional.
  12. Today we were in Built Fjord Tough Mission area. Tons of space. I can also go to just about any Val server and find land in the Redwoods by the border.
  13. Looks good. I haven't been a chibi person but I definitely want a Basilisk chibi. Keep up the awesome content while fixing what you have been. Genesis loot tables should be near the top of that list. Looking forward to what's next.
  14. Same issue as far as tek pod not giving xp. I was offline for 12 hours in a powered tek pod. Xp stayed the same that whole time. You took 3 levels with the unwanted mindwipe, at least give me a working tool I earned to help get them back.
  15. This. I did Argy's for a long while. I got mutations in as little as 30 hatches and in as long as 600 hatches. Just keep breeding. Another one will hit.
  16. Should still be obtainable they just removed all the ones there were since there were so many duped and they couldn't tell.
  17. That Ptera was trash as was your armor. Of course you were gonna die to a Mana. You mentioned one of the counters. If you don't have them, steal them from someone who does. Can also get plant y traps. Not as useful as they use to be but can still give you time to escape or bola the rider and kill him letting you work on the Mana. Mana's bern nerfed into the ground. The bred ones are of course op but tamed ones are soft.
  18. Metal Ocean Platform demolish Today I was picking up walls I placed and the triangle was off and selected the platform demolish option. The problem is it wasn't the slow demolish of other structures but was as fast as the pick up option to demolish, giving a fraction of a second to stop it. This demolish timer needs to be looked at and set to same timer as other demolish options to give players a chance to cancel the errant choice, especially since that choice is often caused by server lag. I don't have video of mine happening but if I find one, I'll link it.
  19. Classic servers were a specialized PvP mode that removed tek, Ab, Extinction, some items, and certain dino's to go back to a more early game approach. They wiped them recently in favor of a PvP game mode called Conquest.
  20. PS4 hasn't had drops or veins spawn on official in a few weeks.
  21. Mine's coming (also 135 prior to Chibi's) but from what I gather the xp had to be changed to accomodate the chibi levels and the xp needed to get back those 5 levels shouldn't be near as much as the first time. They obviously broke something and it sucks but at least it shouldn't be the same xp grind and it should fix the xp bar (mine currently reads 32 mil and I need to get to 64 mil for the next level).
  22. Sure enough some will keep them cryo'd and test stuff out after the patch because cheaters will always look for ways to cheat.
  23. He means to use them up before the wipe. Suicide runs.
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