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  1. So I just went to check on some babies I am raising and I have my tek thing set to almost 5 radius. I went and checked the shard/element numbers to make sure I was still good on those and the thing was eating at least 1 shard per second! It was ticking down like crazy! It had not done that before so I am pretty sure it was a glitch. I was wondering if anyone knew what caused it so I could hopefully not do it again if it is a player caused glitch. I took the fuel out and put it back in and it stopped eating it so fast.
  2. I got a good BP or rod (I cant remember which) from killing an alpha squid on official PVE, no cheating.
  3. If thats the island map theyre supposed to be a rare spawn.
  4. Yea its always been that way, I think if I remember right I was told that its easier for the game to just see them as closed when out of render and takes less memory than to remember which is open and which is closed. That is again, if I am remembering right, I asked about it like 7 years ago so I could be remembering wrong.
  5. Oh evo event not no evo event
  6. Another possibility is if you have an Xbox controller attached to your comp and something is pressing the joy stick it can make it happen. That confused the crap out of me for like a year till I figured out what was going on lol
  7. Pick a server and favor it then you can use it but also its good to remember the name of the server because sometimes they can change the IP and the server will disappear from your favorites list OR a different one will be in its place. I took a screen cap of my favorites list so that I can have the names there.
  8. You can do a bunch of preserving bins and split the stuff, you can do both kinds of jerky at once. I found that its best to do about 15 of each kind of meat in each preserving bin otherwise a lot spoils. If you put 100 of oil and spark powder you can refresh it all as needed.
  9. Dang it I was podding them up and just decided to take a pic to show the size comparison
  10. They do get a lot of it, I was going to suggest it, its worth a try. And you can get lots of stone, so if you have a dedi storage for stone by a grinder you can grind the stone and get 2x the flint for one trip.
  11. This is probably why, they were also estimated to have weighed between 100 and 200lbs. They seem so much smaller in fist person
  12. Yea they do it if its low enough HP, high torp, or trying to attack but havent hit you, for instance if you are trying to kite and you dont get hit at all they will eventually turn around, or if they cant reach you for one reason or another.
  13. If they were on passive and the wild got near a bug they go crazy and attack anything near them.
  14. No, theyre just holes that instead of being able to jump you just "fall" and cant do anything. They have fixed a lot of them.
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