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  1. NVM I am a derp and just noticed this is on Xbox, no mods for it, sorry I hope you are able to get things sorted.
  2. It would be a good idea, the tek trough is most useful for raising babies.
  3. If you are on single player or you run a server there is a setting to make dinos eat less or not at all, I can't remember what it is but it's something about food drain I think, you can check out the settings. If you are not on SP or the one in charge of the server your best bet would be to pod dinos because you can't use codes. As for the unicorn being hungry the horses (eqquis and unicorns) on Ark have a fast stam drain and they have a hard time eating enough to keep up with it when they're running around a lot, try pressing E on berries and force feeding it. (do not force feed it white or black berries, the white ones will drain the food and the black ones will KO the tame)
  4. Eh we all have our moments! I hope your dino was ok!
  5. They will only eat fish meat. If you are doing fish meat but it isnt enough to keep up I would walk him, exert as little energy as possible till you can get him food.
  6. Yea, they deleted dino candies, and now we are again able to collect dino candies. Makes no sense.
  7. If you are on PVE give a shout out in global chat and see if anyone is willing to help you.
  8. Yes I found it kind of monotonous placing 150 eggs then breaking them. If we could have broken them with mele it would have made it a little more fun, but hunting those dodos was a lot of fun, I spent a lot more time doing than than anything the last couple weeks!
  9. Yea but that took time to find them, I could have gotten probably at least 5k eggs stored in the same amount of time it took me enough to get 50 chibis in party dodos.
  10. So are the updates moving to Fridays as well? They worked well on Tuesdays because most of the tweaks were done before the weekend when more people can get on longer.
  11. Except how we are meant to obtain chibis. I really enjoyed hunting party dodos!
  12. What if manas themselves took damage when they froze tames and players so that the freezing would have to be allocated carefully instead of spammed? (I don't play PVP so I don't really know much about it)
  13. Yea, it got nerfed into the ground like 2 weeks after it came out, and then they limited it to where you can only get 3 rods from one BP before the BP poofs, THEN they took ALL rods, so any good ones you had squirreled away poofed. A good rod BP is like a unicorn. They had never intended for us to be able to get good rod BPs from fishing itself so they over-corrected.
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