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  1. Yea, the first time I read the post I didn't either.
  2. I used a spear gun with tranq bolts for mine cause I killed too many high level ones trying to KO with a Xbow. I spent 45 mins counting to 10 between shots and still killed a like 140 before KOing (prim xbow on that try cause I had killed a 145 with a high lvl one before that). The bary definitely helps with that because you can get up close.
  3. Drowning will likely not work for a ridden giga as the riders would be too smart to drown their giga. If it is just an unridden giga in defense or agro mode though it could work.
  4. I like to either spend time squirreling away resources I think might be helpful, or if even that doesn't amuse me I will take off from my base naked with only some food and see how far I can get, I bypass the snow (run along it) but once I made it almost all the way around the island (sans snow)
  5. The bottom one is from last week and the top one is from this week.
  6. I googled the problem and I found this, not sure if it will help but worth a try I guess.
  7. If you put everything you own on one platform (raft) a little chaos can go a long way.
  8. It should not lose your progress to re-install the game because it is not JUST on your computer, it is also in steam and Ark. You might try validating your game cache first, you go to steam, then library, right click on Ark, click "properties" in the drop down and then "local files" then "verify integrity of game files" it may take a while.
  9. If this is a private server and there are mods in it it could be a mod causing interference.
  10. My friend has one and I saw it yesterday and it started talking to him and my first thought was navi.
  11. I don't think it will agro it, but you could try, you might try testing it with something like a trike or something first (if a trike won't agro you for it chances are a Q wont, they dont even agro flowers)
  12. I find it helpful, it tells me where to look for poops lol.
  13. I play PVE so I don't have many tips, but ones I have gained over time here was 1. get proof (vid is all they can accept last I knew) and report it. 2. DO NOT EVER mesh back, even if it is something like placing turrets under the mesh in defense because that is also considered bannable. Sorry I can't help more, good luck!
  14. You can play single player, or play on an unofficial server that has the mods you want, you do have to download the mods though, and activate them for SP.
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