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  1. It is possible, I don't transfer characters hardly ever because I fear the chance of them being deleted by accident, so I don't know the answers to EVERYTHING you asked (I think at one point at least (not sure if it is still a thing) you could take your items in your inventory with you though). Cryopods (pokemon balls, basically) are a thing now and you can pod your sea dinos and upload them like any other item.
  2. I believe so yes, the decay timer has existed before ORP on PVE servers. I am sorry you lost all your stuff, that really sucks
  3. Dino decay timer is 8 days. It really sucks, I think it should be at least 14. I don't know how you got away with long vacations beforehand but it has always been 8 days. (it used to be that dinos would come up for claim and other people could claim the dino, but they turned that off)
  4. I haven't had this happen (that I know of) however I have had non cryopodded dinos change gender a few times, possibly one even changed genders twice.
  5. The first time I fought one and it started spinning and I was like "Ocrap, it's about to get bad" then it poofed LOL
  6. I have done that by accident, it sucks.
  7. That is so not funny, those little devils are bad enough without having an alpha version!
  8. They don't allow the wing attack on a wyvern to move other tribes dinos, so I don't see why they would allow a gasbags to. A lot of bases were made before gasbags even came out, so it isn't really fair that a new dino could kill someone else's pets when they weren't needed to be taken into consideration when the base was made.
  9. You could install a mod that has them. I know Pugnacia does. (only if you are on PC)
  10. You can report abuse here, you will want to include the videos of them breaking the rules.
  11. It's possible that you accidentally changed out of its group (if it is not in a group and you click to group 1 commanding other dinos wont register that group command).
  12. I have gotten to really love a good, imprinted spino. They are so fast and agile and strong. I would love to get a super spino at some point!
  13. Today I was walking and I thought I saw a carbonemys egg on the ground, but I haven't been playing a lot, it was the moss on the ground lol (the color)
  14. When Ark first came out I was really REALLY addicted like play 12 hours a day addicted. It was not unheard of for me to see a downed tree and want to harvest it for wood lol (especially because back then the servers were cluttered with spawn blocking foundations)
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