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  1. I wouldnt hold out a lot of hope but you might go check 50,50 sometimes stuff gets ported there for no reason. This may apply only for theisle I am not sure.
  2. Be sure you dont get too close to it with your argy. I don't know if it is still an issue (it probably is) but argies used to get stuck IN alpha rexes and you cant fly away so you just get eaten. It's best to zip in from behind and smack it in the back of the head and fly off, stay away from the front, especially lower than the head, its best to avoid being lower than the head on any part of the body TBH because they can move so fast.
  3. Yea they're not super easy to raise but it would probably be easier to raise a group than to go out and tame the same number 1 by 1. Also if your babies did starve you can pod them overnight in case you didnt know. Another trick is to put cooked meat, jerky or kibble (something cheap like dodo) to hold them for a while if need be but that of course has its limits too.
  4. I totally agree that it would simplify everything if you could get a good store of yuti kibble but the thing is yutis take A LONG time to tame, you might be better off just raising a bunch of females you breed TBH if you still want to go the yuti route. I have noticed that dinos tend to be more eggy when they are eating, so like on mass feeding days. Another thing I did is I have my oviraptor mate boosted. I don't know if that helps at all but I did it anyway.
  5. My bad I didnt see you mention the Yutis and thought you had zinos. However, I have a bunch of hen rexes and a rooster and then I can use just the yellow kibble for everything that doesnt take the extraordinary kibble, would probably save you some effort to do that. I only have about 7 yutis and I have like 250 kibble cause I use the exceptional for everything that doesnt require extraordinary.
  6. Did you try verifying your game cache through steam? Or re-installing Ark? (I am assuming you probably have but worth an ask) Also what happens when you try to get into a server? (sometimes servers dont show up, sometimes people get timed out, sometimes people end up with different stick points)
  7. Agreed, my mammy can carry like 10k wood, my beavers can carry like 2k.
  8. They have a weight reduction, 100 wood is I think 12 or 12 and a half lbs.
  9. I would tame rexes before zinos for eggs, they drop the same tier egg and rexes are a much easier tame, tame yourself like 10 hens and a rooster.
  10. If you get a crash report it helps to have a screenshot of that.
  11. It's a command that kills all wild dinos (which gives a giga the chance to spawn). If you are not on a server that you can use admin controls you will need to go around killing everything until you cause a giga to spawn.
  12. You can swim around spamming "follow all" over and over and hope to hook them. Also if you hold H it shows that big triangle I think that might help you find it. You should consider transponder nodes, but they can be broken but they can help track, that is after you find them.
  13. It's at 1x now because 2x is the new 1x. So by default it is 1x (if you were to pick up a stone on 1x and get 2 it would be 2x). You should get a whip if you want to pick up multiple stones and if not, be glad you get a slightly longer zen due to 1x.
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