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  1. hands that don't look like he tried to remove 40 razor blades out of a blender. Also maybe the head butt should do like small amounts of torp, not 1 hit KO but like a little. They also need a bit of an AOE buff if I remember, their hit area is very small.
  2. Oh nice! That is so weird, cause when I checked after you said 40% the wiki did say40%!
  3. With their current AOE though I think it would be easy for the jellies to get past the bite, and since the jellies come to you unless the bite can affect anywhere around the body they could easily bypass the bite and hit the body.
  4. Agree with the AOE, i feel its better to give jelly immunity to the mosa, its size just seems to make it easier for jelly to hit Mosa should definitely have jelly immunity too. There should be like a 1 second cooldown between jelly sting affects TBH, cause it's so hard to break free of them once youre in their grasp because attacks aren't often able to be gotten between attacks when there are multiple jellies.
  5. Yes but if you are solo how are you going to do that? (unless you are getting help, I just didnt want you to go out and tame a tappa if you thought you could shoot off the driver seat)
  6. I don't think that the driver of the tappa can shoot off the mount unless the tappa is clinging to a wall or something. You would have better luck with a griffin, but you would have to buy one or go to another server, unless you spawn and tame one if you are in SP.
  7. I think you mean increased or removed. TBH if people cant get into their servers the timers and food consumption rate should be removed until people can.
  8. I got a dung beetle out of a building that way once. I don't remember how it got stuck in there, but thats how I got it out! (the follow way, not a ticket)
  9. just unequip it while you build, put it in a box or something.
  10. Thats the weird part, I just read the wiki like 3 days ago, HOWEVER my TV makes the text teeny so I may have misread or maybe they just recently changed the wiki.
  11. It can be tricky, you might not be able to cast far, it has to show the cross-hairs and even then sometimes the attempt is too far away and it wont do it so you have to aim closer.
  12. Oh, you're right! IDK where I got 50% thank you for letting me know!
  13. I tried loading it like that so that I could swap between 6 honey rods without them spoiling and it didnt work, I put the left overs in a preserving bin and it said "no ammo" I had to have one in my inventory.
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