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  1. You have to report outages using this form, spamming a post wont do any good.
  2. I was transitioning my friends massive base from like 12 high regular walls to 3 high large walls to help the loading and I was afraid to change a portion because even though in theory it should 100% be ok, you never know with Ark, I know your feels (he built his tek rep and a lot of important stuff on the roof and I was afraid of accidentally making the roof collapse somehow.)
  3. Ohhh I see what the problem is, thats a dumb problem! The wiki only says it has to be connected to a pipe not that it has to be connected to an intake.
  4. It might be a pain in the butt but try going from the water up instead of down, start with the water intake and go up. The hard part (which is made easier by flexible piping) will be connecting the new one from the one that already exists.
  5. Nope I was on a few days before that, and nothing had decayed, half the fridges still had power. If you lose power to your cryofridges you want to restore power before opening them and then your pods should be ok. I kind of absentmindedly opened the one, thankfully it only had one pod and it was a dire bear that I have never done anything with (it was a friend of mine who gave me his base)
  6. Thats weird, I wonder if your fridges were unpowered for a while and then got power again.
  7. Urg I hope this is not a new regular thing, I hate mucking with electric stuff because of the chance that this could happen so I avoid it as much as possible.
  8. I logged in last night and half of my fridges/cryo fridges were unpowered. They shouldnt have been, I didnt remove anything and from what I can tell in the tribe log nothing was broken. I had to add new wires and muck with stuff to get them going again and then I had to spend 2 hours hunting to refill the meat stocks. The unpowered fridges were mixed in with the powered ones and they all had connections to the power boxes, it was like one of the main wires just stopped working. I was wondering if that happened to anyone else? It was on legacy PVE theisland. I found another cryofridge in a diff
  9. If you mean the fast fliers mod the mod author will have to fix any glitches with it.
  10. They made it so that you can't actually add any levels to a dino after its max level, on official at least, IDK about on unofficial but I would think its a core game change.
  11. I have heard that if you use the "Export dino" option you can save a copy that can be put in single player but I dont know how it is done. I have taken dinos from a private server and put them on single player before but that was years ago I dont know if its still an option. Oh but these were on PC.
  12. I just got on my server that I have them on and it says to remove following to mate.
  13. I have my snails on follow so they *shouldnt* have bred.
  14. Actually I remembered, I keep them on follow so maybe not
  15. Oof, I have 10 on wander all the time. Who knows what I will log in to tonight
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