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  1. I believe (and I could be wrong cause the breeding mechanics on this game confuse me) that the levels can be anywhere between the parents tamed/born levels (without mutations). I once bred my gigas, who were at the time mid and high level. The baby got the low level of the mom and the high stats of the dad.
  2. They don't zap people off the mount anymore, just slow the mount down. IDK if they agro on basils before you attack though.
  3. If you don't mind possibly losing your stuff at any time (due to server removal) you might try legacy servers, the 2 I am on don't lag badly normally, it can take a bit to find a base location, but it can be a good start to learn to play at least!
  4. That's only 15 and 23 levels into the food, maybe you just got unlucky?
  5. If you can post a screenshot of the error message sometimes people in the forums can help.
  6. Yes there is a server limit, I believe it is 5k dinos on the server total, I may be wrong about that number though.
  7. You could put like 30 species X plants around and lead it to them. I would put them on metal pillars up higher than they can reach.
  8. Yes, but it takes time to answer, it can take a week just for them to get your ticket because they are answered in the order that they are recieved, with more people playing right now there are probably more tickets as well.
  9. It was probably lag, it causes that sometimes. Back when the game was new they would fly INTO the water and drown, it sucked when they would do that when you wanted to tame them! Another possibility is a messed up spawn point but they usually spawn in 3s I believe.
  10. Mantas are tricky because they ignore armor, you CAN stun them with the spin though, I have killed swarms of them with my bary before but it is risky, spinos work well to kill mantas, but you do still need to be careful.
  11. They went through a lot of trouble to allow PC and console players to be able to play together I believe.
  12. One thing that is important when reporting is to have video evidence of the people doing it you can submit with it. GL with it!
  13. In my general experience stuff does not agro on structures randomly, but they will if you attack it. Do know though that there is a basil spawn that includes the flock of rays that spawns in that bay and if you don't block them they will spawn and kill your stuff.
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