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  1. That happened to me the other day, just poof, closed game. No lag, no message, nothing. Thankfully I was in a safe area and everything was fine when I got back on.
  2. It was probably lag if this is the case, or a glitch where it isnt showing the incubation.
  3. I am hoping that the dodorex isn't a wild spawn but can be summoned (tamed) by those that want to summon one.
  4. The whole event lasts 24 hours. So for instance if it takes 20 hours to get to 8x it will only be 8x for another 4 hours.
  5. Have you recently unpodded a dino? I get that when I do and then it goes away when the cooldown is done.
  6. It was a legacy server I don't know the number though, I think he thinks it may have been one of those server jumpers because they set up a transmitter like right near his base for easier moving of his stuff. It was a box tribe.
  7. This exact same thing happened to one of my friends, he was so upset, I am sorry it happened to you.
  8. For collecting chitin you want a wolf, they ARE squishier though because they have no saddle. Also megatherium are AMAZING for chitin. If you get a good one and hit the artifact of the hunter cave on 2x you can get thousands and thousands of chitin. I have like 15 rexes and 4 vaults of chitin because of that tactic.
  9. Abitha I don't actually transfer to other servers often but it was definitely an open option for me last night when I was transferring items.
  10. Another dumb thing I did (granted I was a newbie so IDK if it counts) I actually used the sentence "I dont think jerky will take that long to make" LOLOLOLOL.
  11. Double tap R to toss shoulder pets please. I love how you have to double tap F to toss your pet off your shoulder, it should be implemented on the pet toss when mounted. I have accidentally tossed off my shoulder pet and almost left without realizing it! The R button is so close to so many important buttons it should be a double tap. Thanks!
  12. It probably only took one bite because it was an alpha.
  13. It was something like that yea, they are cool.
  14. eww no thank you on tek gigas, regular ones are bad enough lol. However, I was sooooo excited for tek trikes and then they didn't have them I have even seen a tek griffin and tek therizinosaur in one mod!
  15. I accidentally threw one of my poor jerboas down off my mount and he got smooshed by a rock gollum in just one second. And when I was a newbie I thought I would attack a bronto with a spear LOL then I was like "no biggie I can just keep running back after I die and respawn at my bed and wear it down over time!" (it was not far from my base, no this story is not going in the direction you think it is) so I go charging out there with my spear and start jabbing it, its like a level 8 and murders me in no time cause I had like cloth armor. So then I respawn, run out and get my stuff and start jabbing it again. Of course it kills me AGAIN and BOOM. My bed was not there for me to spawn in at. I started panicking because I thought I broke my game and I was lost from my base forever. I didn't know that beds had a cooldown and I only had the one lol.
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