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  1. Cowgirl

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    I dont have abb but as far as I understand it the owner unclaims and the new one claims
  2. Cowgirl

    New ways to heal large carnivorous Dinos.

    The only reason they implemented veggie cakes is because herbies didnt have a way of healing but carnivores could use meat.
  3. Cowgirl

    Question about SE.

    That is pretty dang terrible considering this game is fully released D: Thanks guys!
  4. Cowgirl

    Question about SE.

    So I haven't set foot on a SE server since they did the first wave of culls and mine was culled. I am wondering if the tent now is repaired when you repair it or if it still just takes your resources but doesn't repair the tent? Thanks!
  5. Cowgirl

    Prime fish don't drop

    The saber salmon do drop prime fish to sickles but it is pretty rare, like it took me 10-15 mins to find 6 in an area where there were like 30 salmon
  6. Cowgirl

    High level dinos

    I have a 424 I think lvl anky
  7. Cowgirl

    Unoffical PC Server Question

    I don't believe that is a thing yet, but I may be wrong.
  8. Cowgirl

    Achatina feeding

    If you put cakes in the trough they will rot and anything will eat them, I have mine on follow, super far distance so they dont move to a boat (another dino will work) and I have them on passive and ignore group whistles so I just shove 5 cakes in them every week and then take the remainders out 20 mins later or so
  9. Cowgirl

    Parasaur turret mode.

    That's sad that is what I was wondering about, thank you for the info
  10. Cowgirl

    Parasaur turret mode.

    Does it eat the same amount when it is in turret mode?
  11. Cowgirl

    Tame cap question

    punch out a dodo and see what it says
  12. Cowgirl

    Survivor transfer restrictions

    Pretty sure you can't go from PVP to PVE, also you dont upload players anymore, you just port from one server to another
  13. You need good armor but the best way I have found is to eat rare flowers near it and lure it to a trap. BUT beware that everything (almost) around will attack you.
  14. My most tragic story begins on a private server. At the time one of the problems with private servers (and maybe still, IDK) was that upon resetting the server on occasion the game style would change (we were supposed to be PVE but often it would be PVPVE after a reset). Anyway, I decided I wanted to have a tribe, I am a solo player but I wanted the tribe log to track dino deaths and such. So I made my tribe and everything was good. However, somehow I got hit by the dreaded tribe glitch and I was locked out of my tribe. No big deal since it was unofficial and I could just go reclaim them after the timers ran out (this was back when you could claim abandoned dinos). So I tried the command that SHOULD have given me the tribe back but it failed, I tried it numerous times and it failed each time (I had admin powers). So I patiently wait the week for them to come up for claim, and once they start going up for claim I start reclaiming them and all was well. UNTIL. I get about halfway done claiming dinos (I had about 4-500 dinos at the time counting each small dino, and we had the "small dragons" mod installed) so I am claiming and claiming and so on, WELL. I claimed a dragon and I went to move her so that I could get to other dinos under her, she was stuck, I started to run on her and BAM things went south when by running on a parasaur I accidentally "attacked" the "other" tribe. Apparently, it was in PVPVE mode and I didn't know it. The game obviously saw the ones I had just claimed as my tribe and the ones in my playerless tribe as another tribe and an all-out war started right there in the middle of my base between all my animals, it was HORRIFIC. I cried so much, each new bag brought forth new tears because so many of my special dinos had been killed. THANKFULLY we were able to do a rollback and I got all my dinos back.
  15. This one solved a crash I had for like 3 months.