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  1. I am on official the island and I had put them on before, noticed a few days ago they were gone so replaced them and now poof I test with my locaor to make sure.
  2. I have now twice put nodes on 9 or 10 of my animals, and now only one of them has it. They're not expensive to make but replacing them gets expensive, and tedious! Is it because the pets belong do a different character of mine than the one I play with? (I downloaded the pets, then swapped characters, so the true character owner is on a different server) I dont know why that would make a difference since theyre the same tribe.
  3. Your luckiest moments

    Luckiest save was the other day I was out on my griffin, he had taken a few K of damage cause of a fall glitch and I had found a lvl 40 alpha carno, and I softened it up with flame arrows. I went to sky dive on my griffin and there was some glitch where it couldn't find a hit spot so it slid around and slammed into the water *facepalm* so of course I got bucked off into the waiting jaws of the alpha carno. I was tanking it and trying to run (I was actually doing a pretty dang good job of tanking it too!) but then a troodon saw me and bit me and KOd me (meanwhile my griffin is flying around as I had whistled him on follow, I never leave my pets on passive) so of course I ended up dying, hop on the wyvern and speed back and the griffin was just out of reach of the alpha carno and not fighting him. Griffin was at half HP but still alive, set him in a tree platform and killed the carno. Luckiest tame is I was out doing something, I don't remember what. I see this guy on a raptor I think it was running full speed being chased by a terror bird. In an effort to help I go after it (I was on my wyvern) and notice its a 150! I get it in my trap which was near by, and shout out to the guy thinking perhaps he had been kiting her to tame her. He said he was not (he had been taming a carno) so I got the go ahead and tamed her! Another time something happened and our internet went out for like 3 hours while I had been riding on my argent, I woke up near (not ON) a mountain and I had not died!
  4. Auto decay

    Yes, I have been playing solo for almost 2 and a half years, that is 2 and a half years of not going a week without getting on ark its crazy to think about. Thatch definitely has an ok timer. I feel like wood should be a little higher teir so you have to devote a couple days to the server to get to wood because it lasts a while.
  5. Behemoth gates in pve

    I have done it for many reasons A. I like being able to come and go from any point in my base, instead of being restricted to one exit and entry. 2. I like that gigas and titans would have a hard time getting in, even though they dont spawn near my base they (at least gigas) do end up there, I have had multiple ones right outside my base. 3. I was very limited on time, the first base I made my walls with that was I had a week to move EVERYTHING because of the snow biome update and had no time to spend 30 years grinding away walls, the second one I had to do it on was because my SE server was getting shut down so again, I had only a short amount of time to get things moved. 4. They're nice and tall, so most annoying things don't get in. 5. I like that I can color individual pieces enabling much more color than just walls.
  6. They must be somewhat rare, I posted looking to buy one a few days ago and so far nothing.
  7. Auto decay

    It should be 14 days for both, PVE players put work into bases/tames too. Granted we dont have to build our bases 30 times but that is PVP players choice to do so. Also a Giga takes just as long to raise on PVP as it does PVE. Sucks you can PERMANENTLY lose everything due to being sick or something.
  8. Main problem with ark

    For me personally, functionality overshadows beauty. on the outside my base looks like a horrific mess, but inside it is made for my ease of use.
  9. Question about Transfers

    They can only be transferred there if in the same cluster though (Legacy cant transfer to the new servers, and the new servers cant transfer to legacy)
  10. Ah ok thanks, that is what I thought but I wanted to double check
  11. I know the released the save files but have they also released a server kill list or was that just so people who want to save now can?
  12. Not a huge glowing bag that you can see from miles away, just a small one that you can see if you were near it or looking for it.
  13. No, because the whole point is that it expiring allows other drops to spawn elsewhere, not so people miss out on what is in the drop. It would only last for like 5 mins then it would also expire allowing another drop to spawn in that location later.
  14. I completely understand that the drops need to expire so that other drops can spawn elsewhere, however it is really frustrating to be RIGHT THERE on a drop and have it explode in your face, I have even had them burst when I had the inventory open but before I could push the transfer all button. I think it would be a very nice idea if they dropped small glowing (same color of glow as the drop was) bags. They don't have to stay for ages, just like 5 mins so that those of us who were right there when they popped can still get the stuff we were going after. Thanks for reading!
  15. Sabertooth VS Carno

    Dont forget sabers can jump, carnos cant.