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  1. Craziest Mutation

    I got a Sloth with Ogre feet (green mutation)
  2. How bad are eels these days?

    Ah ok thanks!
  3. How bad are eels these days?

    Ah ok thanks I thought I read that theyre not supposed to knock you off anymore, theyre supposed to make you slow for a short time.
  4. How bad are eels these days?

    Ah ok I got ya, do they still dismount you? I dont get off my mount if I can avoid it lol
  5. How bad are eels these days?

    She's got almost 27k torp so I don't think that will be an issue but I can carry a few stims around just in case
  6. So I have avoided going into the water on anything but my basil since the eels release, how bad are they these days, will a super mosa (or at least pretty good mosa) be ok? (not in caves, just in general) thanks!
  7. Do you remember the good ol days when dinos were all in a pile, you stick one on follow and they could just walk through the pile? Them were the good ol days now they get hooked on everything...
  8. Feeling utterly defeated

    There are people leaving legacy but there are also new players coming to legacy because the new ones are so packed.
  9. The first one got stuck in a piece of trash lvl 20 giga and got chomped to death and this one got stuck in my neighbors water animals and drowned! This needs fixed!!!! PLUS her head was out of the water!
  10. Corpse Locator and Water

    Did you check your shark? Sometimes they will eat your body and get your stuff.
  11. New Pteranadon Behavior?

    I have mine set to the - on the num pad because usually if I am in an emergency I don't have time to stare at the animal before taking off (I don't leave mine on passive)
  12. Most Creative Dino Names

    I have one named Butterball because she has a food mutation that gives her like 11k food lol
  13. Most Creative Dino Names

    I have a Terizinosaurus named Edward cause of Edward scissorhands lol
  14. Just so Y'all know, otters are PIGS!

    Yea i didnt realize they eat so fast or I would have pumped mines food, maybe hopefully the devs will tweak it a little.
  15. Just so Y'all know, otters are PIGS!

    they are, I have a witch hat in mine