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  1. The current 1x is already either 4 or 8x the very first original rates. The community crunch said there would be no evo event this weekend.
  2. I tame (collect) event dinos that I find pretty. I tame regular dinos too but mostly event, the easter event is my weakness, most of my tames are podded but I still have them.
  3. I dont think anyone but the devs know when you will be able to transfer items in. They open it up to characters so that people can go on and build with their existing characters but they dont allow items transferred in because otherwise a tribe of 30 people could go and pillar a whole server in no time, it gives people a better chance to beat the map claimers.
  4. Although well intended I think that might have a worse consequences, all they would do is go around and make 10 bases with 3 each instead and it adds walls and floors that could otherwise not be needed, and use up a lot of the land that others could otherwise build on.
  5. As I understand it, its ok to do on private server but not officials so if it is happening on officials you can get proof and report them. Also I have heard that photos arent enough proof you need video.
  6. No, it changes the IP, think of it like if a website changes web addresses but keeps the same layout, or like when people change phone numbers but not families, the number that was memorized is gone (or changed) and the new one has what you are looking for.
  7. Are you sure that it actually is out not the IP changed? When you add a server to your favorites list it favors the IP and sometimes that changes and when it does the server wont show up on your list and it can be hard to track them down, I have had times I searched for exact servers and not seen them but been able to get online through a friend being on the server. I almost lost everything on one server because of thinking it was down when it was an IP change. Unfortunately aside from searching and getting lucky or joining through a friend I dont know how to find out for sure if the IP change
  8. You can try filling out a ticket but chances are sadly slim that they will get to it in time, especially since the G2 just dropped a few weeks ago so there are most likely a lot of tickets built up from that too. I hope you are able to though.
  9. It could also be glitched light from a light pet if you have any out.
  10. It is legacy and sometimes there will be high ping but I only counted the bites that made the titan scream indicating I hit him.
  11. I should mention that this is on Official.
  12. I didnt pay attention I have only ever seen a level 5. I thought they spawned at level 5.
  13. If you have mods on the server it could be a mod clash, you could try turning them all off and seeing if that helps and then if it does add them back one by one till you find the broken one.
  14. No, we were by the green obby so no mammoths.
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