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  1. It wont help in situations of the meat having spoiled/them not eating glitch BUT I always put some cooked meat (lasts longer than raw), some jerky (lasts longer than cooked) and/or dodo/penguin kibble on the babies. For (IRL) nighttime usually all of that, during the day I will put about 4 stacks of meat and then the rest kibble, so JUST IN CASE something happens it has emergency rations.
  2. Weird, I thought I was being de-synched years ago but it was while online and things were still eating me. My wyvern almost died to a stupid level 20 rex. The only way I saved him was from forcing the game to shut down so I could dismount and he could defend himself. I could not attack or fly!
  3. So if he had swam out into the ocean and drowned would it have reset or was that not possible as well?
  4. It only gets the extra boost from the toon who did the imprinting, if you bought it it wont get that boost. It will have the slightly higher stats due to the imprint though. But not the little extra percent on top of that.
  5. I still enjoy it and I have put almost 4 and a half years into what I have so why throw it away?
  6. I have definitely had dinos swap genders before, but not in pods that I have noticed, they were just out and about.
  7. For taming kite them into a trap with rare flowers, one can be quickly made with gates.
  8. I don't think so, I think they are meant to allow them to come and go as a means to get tamed ones in and out.
  9. If my understanding of titanos is correct it did not hurt your stuff because you were not the target, but if something had happened, say a seagull flew in, but one of your dinos and it retaliated, and accidentally hit the titano, your stuff would have been toast. I don't think they were trying to get you wiped or they probably would not have killed it, maybe they followed it in and it just happened to get stuck, fighting titanos run all over the place.
  10. My friend is a breeder and one of his projects currently is gigas, he had a bunch of spare (unperfected) breeders to get rid of so he gave them to me, 14 of them. They are nice gigas too, and cool colors.
  11. Plus if they listed every single thing it would basically be informing everyone of every single exploit too. "Oh, I didn't even know that was possible"
  12. You have to submit a ticket. I don't know how to do that on PS4.
  13. If you see a dino (other than a trike) that looks like it is on fire, run away. This is a super helpful website bit keep in mind the info does take a little time to get updated after an update.
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