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  1. Accidental or not it filled a niche that needs filled. Unless they are going to supply us with a working way to track our tames by an item it needs to be some kind of hud or something. These animals take real time out of our lives to tame and raise, we shouldnt have to worry about losing them due to glitches and non functioning tools when there is an alternative until said glitch and tools are fixed. IF the game ran as intended 100% of the time it would be one thing, but I had an argy that got lost a few weeks ago because somehow (I don't know how, I didn't set or whistle her to it) got set to
  2. Maybe I am wrong, I could have swore I saw that at one point
  3. Wait, if that wasnt the 3rd TLC dino what was? Stego, mammoth and ? cause they said there was going to be 3. Though, if the carno was a TLC I feel bad for it, a TLC but still looks like a hand from family guy after losing a fight to a blender!
  4. Yea that too, you would have to re-apply one every time you podded, and since sometimes you have to pod something to get it past somewhere (for instance if you are traveling cross country and there is a tiny place you need to squeeze past a base or something and you pod and go on foot) poof, no more node, and it is easy to forget to put them on there too.
  5. IF they work. I have been experimenting but there have been times that nodes poofed off my dinos, like I put them on my bulbdog and then log out and the next day its gone. Also, I have at least 3 nodes stuck to my base right now because they missed my bulbdog.
  6. I always carry my tames in my mount for this reason, sorry you lost all your stuff
  7. I was going to do it last night if I wasnt able to get a hold of him but thankfully he was online last night so I was able to let him know!
  8. I left billboards near their main base telling them they need to snap at least 2 together and why, if it is still singular I might do that tonight. I thought about it before, and I thought it was only 8k metal, so totally doable, but then after a better look I realized it was almost 100k, the super tricky part is even if they have their door for the base closed you can get in easily because there are missing walls.
  9. The one I found, when I found it, had almost 100k metal, I didn't take it but I have tried to let the owner know, we have different play schedules though.
  10. IDK about a buff but they really need an AOE fix, there is a huge hole in most of the tail that makes it hard to gather berries and I would imagine mucks things up a lot on PVP.
  11. I have had to do it 2 or more days in a row, it's not auto decay, it is a glitch and they knew it exists and thought they had fixed it but they didn't. I can't find it anymore but I remember seeing a patch note or something about it at one point where they mentioned fixing it.
  12. The billboards and small signs are the same way.
  13. Yea I know that will remove the nodes but I almost never pod him, hes almost a year old and other than his first few weeks spent in a pod (to get levels) he has only been podded 1 or 2 times, but I am sure they poof because there have been a time or two that I checked for a node at night literally right before logging out for the night and when I checked him in the morning it was gone. He had no damage done, no fighting, nothing, he had not even moved, they just poof.
  14. Nope, they just poof, there have been times where I checked to make sure he had one before logging off for the night and when I checked back in the morning it was gone. I don't even have abberation, we are in the south on the isle on that rocky island area and he was inside.
  15. You may as well start now, you can build up your toon to make it heartier in the new DLC.
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