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  1. Cowgirl

    A warning for 6 man servers

    This could easily be avoided by not breaking the rule of teaming (if I am reading this correctly that is) If people don't break that rule they can't be tricked into exposing that they are breaking the rule.
  2. Cowgirl

    Dino hunting party

    I enjoy being on a flier (griffins are great for this) with a pack of allos on follow and whistling them to attack things.
  3. Cowgirl

    Tek stego 180 worth kibble?

    I would tame it, it's top level and they aren't terrible on narcotics, plus they don't share their kibble with anything else (at least that I know of) it might be gone by tomorrow.
  4. Ah ok, it must have been added after I checked I guess!
  5. Ok, thanks! I wasn't sure because last I knew they hadn't mentioned the last one so I wasn't sure if it meant that one.
  6. So is that new player level in addition to the one that was added a few weeks ago (making the max lvl for official non ascended person 102)? Thanks!
  7. Cowgirl

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    Yea, it's "Kett" at least according to one of the "walking with" videos which are made partially by paleontologists. (to keep on track in my brain I pronounce it me-jo, but I think it's meant to be may-ho)
  8. Cowgirl

    Kibble Reworking

    Do you think those fliers could be lured with tacos?
  9. Cowgirl

    Alliance and ORP question.

    Maybe that just applies to PVP? I am in an alliance and we do have ORP on our server, which is official PVE
  10. Hi all, I was just wondering if a person is offline and they have ORP going will their animals still go to aide an ally in the event that they are hurt near them? And can the offline person be included in a war? Like if someone accepts a war does it remove the ORP? Thanks for any answers! (this is PVE, in case it matters)
  11. Cowgirl


    I am a solo and I breed on occasion. I have never raised anything that took a SUPER long time to raise but if you just prepare yourself it's easier. Make sure you keep your eggs on the ground somewhere enclosed so that people cant steal your eggs, and you would be wise to test drop an egg before placing your ACs or fires because some places eggs will fall through the world.
  12. Cowgirl

    Old survivors hat

    Ohh that explains it, I was confused because hes wearing Ghilli but I had never seen it, I started WAY before Ghilli lol
  13. Cowgirl

    Kibble Reworking

    I haven't heard a word about it from the devs in months.
  14. Cowgirl

    Old survivors hat

    I dont remember ever having seen that hat before.
  15. Cowgirl

    Unconscious dino disappeared?

    Is it possible that during the fight you or the raptor killed and ate the argent? Then again if that were the case there should be a bag, that sucks!