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  1. Got it, since I'm a pc player I don't know about issues with Aberratiion on X-Box but from what I experienced on Aberration, that's is the one of most stable map for Ark. I'm even going for rock drake egg hunts with manas on PC.
  2. Well, it's gone forever. Say a nice goodbye to your old character. Nothing you can do from now on besides sending a ticket to WildCard Support. Your old character can't be restored again. And if you don't have your screenshot of your implant and your tribelog, you WILL NOT get your tekgrams and stuffs back. Only thing that they will give you is lv 105 character that can be make in 1 days on extinction via red/purple osds.
  3. This. This is why people prefer free DLC's, such as Ragnarok or Valguero...
  4. No matter how much time I tried to tame a Basilisk on Genesis after the update, it just doesn't want to eat any egg that dropped from me. Anyone know how to tame a Basilisk if I am doing something wrong or is it still hella bugged?
  5. You can determine a cave creature by just looking at its level, generally there is no a thing that called "cave creature" to be honest. The creatures in caves are not tameable on other official maps because of they are higher level than max level cap.
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