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  1. It could work so that you can teleport from anywhere but only to specific locations (e.g. obelisks) so you can't just drop onto a tribe's base from nowhere. I highly, highly doubt that pc ark is going to start doing microtransactions. It'll be different for sure, but I don't know about bad. We'll have to wait and see how it is before we can really pass judgement.
  2. Yea, I agree that needing to spend Hexagons just to move from biome to biome would get really bothersome. I'm thinking (hoping) that biome travel will work like this: You can travel between biomes freely at wherever they connect, while Hexagons can be used to teleport from wherever to another location. So it'd be more of an optional thing than a road toll. Or maybe Hexagons are just used for special travel, like to dungeon-esque areas or boss fights. I get the feeling that this isn't it though.
  3. I think people are mistaken thinking part 2 will release in March. They said winter 2020 which goes to March 2021 so it won't release until at least April 2021 Honestly, I think it raised more questions than answers. And most of those questions are about the missions. Overall, we still have no idea what the map is gonna be like.
  4. Yea, the insight on the missions is nice. I gotta say though, it's not what I expected. In a good way, but still not what I expected. The Hexagon 'point' system seems interesting, but I don't think much more can be said about that exactly until we see it. What really caught my attention here was: >"Completing missions earns you Hexagons, which you can spend for... travel between environments, I wonder if this means teleportation from where you are to another place or if Hexagons are required as payment at certain "gates" between biomes.
  5. Oh, it kinda read like a complaint to me. I really expect we'll see more things after it's released, but probably not a lot more new dinos.
  6. 6 new non boss dinos at least are coming in Genesis. For reference, if you don't include non-boss dinos and the corrupt varients of dinos, Extinction only added 8 dinos. 6 if you don't include the mek and scout, which in my opinion shouldn't be included since they're more like equipment/vehicles than dinos, being unable to do anything on their own (you could count wild scouts I guess.) And we are getting new equipment and vehicles too. So we're actually not far from what Extinction had, and we still don't know what the main boss will be, or if there'll be other mini bosses besides the Moeder, or if we're getting other new moving equipment/vehicles. To top it all off, each of the 5 new tameable things we know of have their own unique and special abilities. The turtle creates an air bubble underwater and can be built on with no platform restrictions. The ferox fits on your shoulder until you grow it. The magmasaur lets you dive in lava. The astrocetus can teleport and drop bombs and stuff. The bloodstalker is spiderman. We have no idea what the bladewasps will do, or even what their real name is yet though. AAAAAAAnd we'll have biome varients of already existing dinos, which is another cool thing. So overall I wouldn't be too disappointed if this was all that we got. We know for a fact that there'll also be at least one unrevealed map boss, and who knows what else they've yet to reveal. Don't complain until it comes out.
  7. I don't want any spoilers except for just one thing... I absolutely need to know if there is any grass at the area of (59.1, 85.7) to (59.2, 85.8) and, if there is grass there, what the average height of the grass there is. If I don't get this information, I'm gonna have to cancel my plans to buy 5734 copies of the genesis pass. I don't think anyone else here realizes just how important this information is.
  8. They actually were going to release it a while ago, but forgot. Someone saw this post and went "woops" and made the announcement.
  9. TinyHippo

    Genesis Soundtrack

    It's quite a bit shorter than Extinction's, but it sounds great
  10. Date: Still set for the 25th Music: Sounding wonderful Optimism: High
  11. So it looks like there wasn't any discussion here about this yet, or at least, not any complete discussion, so let's talk about element and its many colors and forms. What we know as a fact that element can exist as: -Solid metal (Aberration boss terminal, tek cave, element we use) -Gas (lunar biome) -Liquid (Aberration, tek cave) -Crystal (Aberration Diana #18 "crystallized element shards") -Whatever the purple glow of Corruption should be called So we know for a fact of the existence of 5 different forms of element. This next part took me a while to get a decent hold on, despite being mildly implied since the Island, I only realized the evidence after Extinction. The different colors of element: -Green -Blue -Red -Purple I don't think it's necessary for me to provide proof for that part, everyone's seen these. Now, ever since the Island, it was implied that there was a sort of hierarchy between red, green, and blue from the boss difficulties and ascension implant colors, but there was never any proof. In Aberration, we have green gems, blue gems, red gems, and purple gems, along with the existence of purple element now. The furthest gems from the core of Aberration are green. If you go closer to the core, you find blue ones. Go further and you'll find red. Keep going and you'll find purple gems which turn red as you gather them. Diana's note #18 tells us that element can exist as a crystal (gem) and we see the color hierarchy we saw on the Island too in the gems. Later, in Extinction, we find blue and red crystallized sap that is functionally the same as the blue and red gems. This makes sense if there's actually blue and red crystallized element there, which would also make sense due to how much element is on Earth at the time. Conclusion: The green, blue, red, and purple gems are all element. To ignore the color hierarchy at this point would just be silly. It's clear that Wildcard has been pushing the whole deal with different types of element a lot (without going into theories, we already have 5 different types,) so we can say with confidence that the different colors of element have their different meanings. The power hierarchy of element goes as so: Green < Blue < Red < Purple This breaks the earlier assumption that purple element = bad and blue element = good. That thought worked well enough going into Extinction, but it wasn't completely correct. The purple element is dangerous because of its high energy levels and radiation in its liquid form; it's also the color used by Corruption (why would Corruption want to use a weaker form of element?) Blue element was only considered to be good because it's the easiest to make use of (which does, still, for all intents and purposes, make it the best color of element for us.) This has some further implications about our good friends: The obelisks. On every Ark (Aberration not included) there is one green, one blue, and one red obelisk. This means that there is one low power, one medium power, and one high power obelisk. What exactly is the purpose of this? I have no hard evidence for anything about this, but I guess it works like a reservoir system, with anything that needs more power being able to pull from the red obelisk if needed, and anything with too much energy could dump into the green obelisk, while the blue obelisk serves as a backup for both (if the red one is getting too drained, they can pull from blue, and if green gets too full, they can dump into blue.) Also, I have a feeling that congealed gas balls are also some sort of element, but I have absolutely no proof or reason to believe this.
  12. You'll most likely be able to buy the dlc separately from the pass once the dlc releases. They've never given us the ability to buy a dlc before it's released before. If you don't want the pass, just wait for release to buy. Butttttttt, if you're really pumped for part 1, I'd guess you'll be pumped for part 2 as well, and given that the pass costs less than buying each dlc separately, you might want to consider that the pass might be a better deal anyway.
  13. TinyHippo


    >Thinking lava diving is in the 'if only' category The magmasaur saddle will let us dive in lava without taking damage. Lava diving is all but confirmed. The only question is whether or not the magmasaur is the only way to do it.
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