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  1. Yea when it first started I got interested and thought 'this could be it,' especially when we saw the flower-camo-thing, but when the orcs showed up I figured it just didn't seem similar enough and started doing something else. Cue stomping, I start watching again, and a rex shows up. I wasn't sure what exactly I was watching, but I was definitely interested by that point. I'm gonna guess that the respawn system we have there is reuse of what's left of the Colony Ship's systems.
  2. I was looking over some things and noticed this in Diana's Aberration note #4 This note is where Diana discovers that she's working with Santiago and how he's a big deal, and the implication is that Santiago is also behind the creation of this. A 'Sentient malware application' named 'Nuke Death.' It could be nothing, just a joke, but a 'sentient malware' that runs with element sounds a lot like Corruption...
  3. I wanted to make this post myself, but you did it first. I agree wholeheartedly, this is just teasing Santiago's return in Gen2, and I fully expect to see more notes from him in the future chronicles.
  4. Dunno about your thoughts on how well it swims, that's gonna be a 'let's see' for me, but as for water, there's plenty of water we can see at the bottom of the trench, which by my guess, is pretty big. Not to mention, they're giving us the canoe, and specifically said when they revealed it that 'they wouldn't give us the canoe if we weren't going to be able to use it' (or something like that), which heavily implies the existence of a water biome. Something doesn't need a reason to evolve. 'Evolution' is simply the process of natural selection, and that happens all on its own, ahem, naturally. It spread normally already, and once it spread enough, it got a name. And, for the record, we don't know the origin of Element or Corruption. For all we know, Corruption may be a creature from another planet and element was its method of reproduction. It shot Element into space and some of it ended up here and began to grow. After a certain point, there was enough of it for Corruption to take form here. On the other hand, Element could just be a thing that exists, and Corruption could be a freak occurrence on Earth. We don't know which came first or how it 'evolved', all we can do at this point is guess on that. As for why normal element is effective against it... Why are normal bombs effective against nuclear bombs? Or bombs from another country? Why are firewalls, one type of program, effective against viruses, another program? It's all about how it's used. Normal element doesn't have any kind of repulsive effect against Corruption, the only time we see anything like that is when the Arks start purging Earth of Corruption, and with it, all Element too. Even this is just one specific occurrence, so I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to ask with that. What do you mean melting it made it Corrupted? The only time I can remember anything similar was Rockwell melting down the Element gathered by Santiago's team and removing the impurities, but in this case it was just him melting it down to make it easier to remove those impurities and get a pure, raw Element, instead of the refined stuff that the tribe had in storage. Why did it call to Rockwell... Still not a bad question. Rockwell is the only person that Element has seemingly called out to like that. Maybe it was something about Rockwell himself, maybe he could just tell by looking at if and the pulses it gave that it truly was an incredible material. Or maybe it is all connected. Element certainly has the ability to connect to other pieces of element over vast distances (see: Corrupted hivemind) so it's not out of the question that every piece of Element is connected to every other piece. Or maybe refined Element has an entirely separate 'network' from Corruption, who knows. But, if something was calling out to Rockwell, it would have to be because that something recognized Rockwell to be a highly intelligent person and wanted Rockwell on its side, possibly to regroup or help the Corruption on Earth? No one knows right now, maybe he'll talk to us some more in Gen2 or the Chronicles to explain a bit on how that was. And finally... It's not that these forums suck, they're well moderated and people (at least in this thread) are fairly polite and don't just call eachother names over disagreements. The reason people see appeal in other platforms such as discord is that forums in general are not a good place for fast-paced discussions, when compared to other options. It's simply easier to have a back-and-forth conversation with someone through messages than it is in forum posts. This is both a good and a bad thing. Forums, as a result of not being terribly well suited to very fast back-and-forths, typically lead to bigger, more thought out answers and responses, which can also be seen publicly and get more decent, thought out posts from anyone else who wants to respond. In addition to this, any questions asked, such as the ones above, can be answered for everyone at once, who can easily review the posts here whenever. So that's an answer for both groups of, 'why use a different platform' and 'why use the forums at all then'
  5. That actually isn't the new tek suit we're getting, if we assume it's the same one we're unlocking slowly through the chronicles. The leggings look a lot different, I'll see if I can't get a screenshot to compare the two pieces we have already, but I know that that video isn't it.
  6. Lot of stuff to go over here... As someone else noted, we can see two 'small' moon-like objects in the sky and one giant planet object. If I had to guess, I would suggest that we were on a third moon of the big planet. There's also wreckage from the colony ship, or perhaps just something left behind from it, so I think it's safe to say that this planet/moon is wherever we go to at the end of Genesis 2. The main character of the teaser was Santiago, and the console he messed with opened up some kind of data purge on Santiago's own data? It's not completely clear what exactly he did, but, as you can tell, everything in there turned off. Fun note: The rex, ptero, and bronto all made an appearance, so we know they're sticking around, not that anyone expected those not to. Now, for the orcs, I wanted to check if they had implants, but they all seemed to have their arms covered where an implant would be, except for one where it was too low res to tell, so I'll have to wait until the hi res version comes out to know. If they don't have implants, I think they're probably natives to the planet, but if they do, then I'd say they're definitely Rockwell's minions. My personal guess right now is that they're natives. Regardless, they use tools and planned an ambush, so they're obviously intelligent.
  7. I'm still leaning towards a major announcement GP2 or ARK 2. All the talk of the new UE5 engine coming out has me thinking ARK 2 myself, but a major GP2 announcement wouldn't surprise me either. I don't think it'll be an entirely new game, anyway, I think it'll for sure be ARK related news.
  8. That's the Game Award's picture from their website: https://thegameawards.com/ It isn't something that Wildcard put together for us about their announcement. I don't think they said anything of substance in that post about TGA, they're just building up hype.
  9. Sure it may have been mostly pulled out of thin air and only loosely based on a picture which may or may not have been picked for any important reason at all, but regardless of the context wouldn't it be real cool? We have to fight Rockwell back off parts of the ship to gain access codes and reach other parts of the ship and in the end we get control of the security systems and march an army of those auto-meks to purge Rockwell from the ship! Well now I'm really just thinking up stuff randomly, but the point is, I like my idea, and despite how little reason I have to believe it, I will believe it until it becomes reality. That aside, I'm sure a lot of people have thought a lot about this, myself included, but I want to bring it up... Where is the astrodelphis? None of the biomes we've seen so far really look like a fitting home for it, and we haven't seen it directly anywhere outside of concept art and the 'Your New Ride' teaser. Running off the name, it would make sense for it to be in space, is it possible that we can actually fly between the rings as well instead of just using the trench? Perhaps they just fly awfully high? Do we get to travel around outside the ship at all? Will we see other astrocreatures? Will we have a mission where we're flying around the ship's hull and break in somewhere? Imagine if we made that hole in the glass in the teaser video There's a lot of questions left around this one and they didn't really explain much other than it being fast and having laser turrets.
  10. Possible, sure, but going years back just for a 'hmmm'? Granted, they might just have pictures like that sitting around somewhere that she picked and it just happened to be from that trailer
  11. They genetically engineered dinosaurs in real life, and with the discovery of element, they're announcing the construction of a new real life Ark game, where they actually put you on a real ark. A step above VR gameplay. Also, Rockwell escaped from the game and recreated the noglin, and the whole world is currently at risk. She used a screenshot from the trailer that introduced Island Ascension, it'd be kinda strange to go all the way back to grab that image for no particular reason. Perhaps, the ascension on this map is crazy? But then again, what could warrant ascension being 'beyond anything we've ever done prior.' Imagine if as you ascended, you gained access to new parts of the map. The map is bigger than any of their other maps so far, it's possible for them to have entire map-sized areas for each of the four ascension levels for Gen2. Each ascension level could have its own boss fight to ascend further, too. Or maybe as you ascend in the ship, you gain the ability to activate certain parts of the ship? I'm not really sure how this would work in practice, but maybe you could activate environmental hazards or close doors or something. Either way, neither of those really seems like it'd be the whole announcement. And, this is assuming it has something to do with ascension at all and I'm not looking too deep into the image picked, but still, it seems strange that to pick out that picture from years ago for no reason.
  12. Sometimes there's just nothing new to discuss. If someone thinks up something new or a different take on something old, we'll post about it, but we can't just come up with new, coherent theories every day lol. Recently, there was an explosion of activity in this thread which started mostly because of the ExtraLife stream, and like d1nk said, I guarantee it'll be active again as soon as something new gets revealed
  13. Well, it would seem they decided they could actually afford to hire well known voice actors and thought that they would enhance the game. Ultimately, I don't think it makes much of a difference, and HLN-A had already spoken so much that I had gotten used to her voice as well. I really wouldn't have minded HLN-A's voice actor staying the same. Although, I've got to say, Rockwell's new voice in the teaser was awfully great. It seems reasonable to assume that the planet we see from there is relevant. In the same solar system, or perhaps we were going to tour a series of different planets in different areas, and the five biomes were to simulate the expected conditions of five different planets. We would check out each area one at a time until we find one suitable for us. In this case, we would be able to assume that the ocean planet that we would check was perhaps actually a moon orbiting another planet, or the planet we see over us is actually a moon of the ocean world, or maybe even it's a pluto situation where both celestial bodies orbit eachother. It could also, I suppose, just be the planet that we are currently over that we're seeing. It could also just be a moon that they put in the simulation to influence tides. I don't think we have any details at all about it, and it looks significantly different than the one we saw in the teasers so far, but that could also just be angling, so who knows. I've always said that I thought the giant ring in the Ocean biome was a representation of the biome's master controller. It's certainly not part of the ship, we can see that now. But it was also obviously not supposed to be the colony ship itself, and I don't recall it ever being 'confirmed' like that. I mean, it's not even one piece, how could it be the ship?
  14. The new mammoth is good enough for the alpha gorilla and beta Lysrix for sure. Stegos have made themselves even more useful than they already were, gathering wood as well as berries and thatch now, while being even more powerful in fights. The sharks though... Good luck in the Caverns of Lost Hope lol I like the change, it's more fun this way, but I'll be damned if fighting through Lost Hope doesn't seem impossible now. Overall it's a nice TLC, though I wish they would've made the mammoth's collision box a bit smaller, since it's very fat as of right now.
  15. I currently agree about the direction of the chronicles here, with my only change being that Helena was in the Genesis Simulation for a short period of time -- When she created HLN-A. Memories from this period of time would be particularly relevant as well, and could provide some insight on what's going on. It was said that HLN-A was supposed to wipe all 30 day old memories, but I don't recall anything about Helena being unable to change that. My guess is that Helena had set the memories to be recovered when HLN-A left the Genesis Simulation and got onto the Colony Ship, as a way of leaving HLN-A with instructions on how to achieve our goals here. She wouldn't have given HLN-A all those memories from the start because of the chance of Rockwell figuring them out. I had distinctly gotten the opposite impression about HLN-A; that she isn't just a robot and is as much of a person as we are and Helena is. There were some notes that implied things along these lines. I recall HLN-A talking about how what makes up a person's personality file is very little memories, and almost entirely their personality. This seemed to me to have been intended to spell out that HLN-A was a person as well, as she still had her personality, which is most of, as she put it, what 'makes you, you.' But, if I'm wrong and she isn't 100% of the person we are, and in the end is just a normal ai, I don't think that would change from her getting memories, because, again, memories are very little of what makes us, us. Did you by chance intend to link a different video?
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