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  1. Just don't break the desk now
  2. Nonono Look at a calendar. February is weird because it's only 28 days long and 29 days long on leap years, so there is no such thing as February 30th. He was joking.
  3. Look at the date again. February 30
  4. We dont even have the release date yet I doubt even Wildcard knows when transfers will be enabled
  5. >the notes are meant to tease the story Fair point. >Why and how are the ARKs and GenSim connected aside from both being different methods of saving mankind? I doubt they are very connected beyond that. >Why were the ARKs testing things used in the simulation? If you need to test something, and you happen to have a pretty large number of artificial habitats where you can control every environmental factor, why wouldn't you use it? >Why was Aberration experimenting with element? This question is one of the reasons I said HLN-A might be wrong. It doesn't make a lot of sense. The old humans already knew what happens when humans get element. They are the ones who got it first, after all. They also knew what element can do to people since there was an infestation on Earth. There's not exactly a lack of data in this area and santiago and friends can't really do much from Aberration that they couldn't do on Earth, so what's the point in testing humans and element? Well, I suppose it could possibly be to see just how far element could control a human. But if that's the case, then why were the obelisks about to wipe Aberration? Trying to wipe Aberration would only make sense if the System wanted to restart or if it wanted the survivors to stop the wipe, but, as I've established, there's no point in testing the humans' ability with tek gear, so then there's no purpose to the wipe if they wanted to see how far element could take someone. It just doesn't add up properly. I think there's a bit of a lack of information on this now actually. Before, I was pretty certain that a deus was basically just an uploaded consciousness, but how could that exist in the physical world for any amount of time? Perhaps it's just a form of pure element energy that the deus can use to be in this world for a moment, and it just runs out of power quick? This needs more thought. >I mean, in note 12 HLN-A is talking about the GenSim and how it was another method of running from the corruption, and then the very next note she's pointing out a lack of bodies and other remnants of humanity. Ahh, I hadn't noticed that connection at all. It would indeed seem that the rest of the humans made a break for somewhere else. I have doubts that they would've wanted to hop onto the Arks (better than Earth I suppose) so it makes sense that GenSim would be where they went. I also agree that the corrupted avatar is relevant here, although I think I have a different idea on how it is than you do. If the humans just got corrupted, then surely they'd look like corrupted humans. Why would they regress into the avatar state. Homo deus also can't enter the GenSim, so it's probably not that either. Instead, what if that's not an avatar that was corrupted, but an avatar of the corrupted. Lacking a proper physical form, the simulation might give it a 'default' human like avatar and then the corruption itself causes the strange purple stuff around it. Of course, it could also be a combination of both this and corrupted humans. Although, there is on problem with this. This isn't necessarily the only other place for humans to go. Santiago tells us that humans could go to space. Now, if you had to choose between death and going on an inter-planetary vacation, which would you choose? >They may not have known that it really was element No way. They absolutely knew. If they didn't know that element was harmful, then Santiago wouldn't see it as a problem that the element spread. Element was being used all over the world, and being researched by any researcher that was able to get their hands on some of it. Every element device creates more element. There is absolutely, positively, no possible way that no one spread the news about what element can do to every single person who could read or hear. Further, there is no way that element wasn't tested with animals. There was even a reaction with simple human blood, so of course they'd be able to tell that it does something in animals and research it deeply. If this wasn't started very quickly after the discovery of element, then it would've started after the very first accident where element changed something or someone. With these two bits of info, it's impossible that the dangers of element weren't widely known even before the war. >As for why the creatures in the simulation are so hostile... Bad comparison in my opinion. The Arks were meant to create super soldiers to fight Corruption on Earth, which is why they got absurdly powerful creatures. If the GenSim is to cradle the old humans until the Earth is saved, then it makes no sense to design new, dangerous creatures. For that matter, why bring dangerous creatures with you then? Why have a dangerous volcanic region? If you're trying to wait out a storm, why would you make the conditions harsher than they had to be? This doesn't really ad- Oooooohhhhhh. Suppose you were trained to become very, very good at fighting and killing your enemies, suppose further that you've watched many of your friends die on your journey to kill you ultimate enemy. Now, suppose you meet the people that doomed you to this fate and then ran away. If you're correct about what the purpose of GenSim is, and that it was to keep the old humans safe from all harm while the survivors did the dirty work, then perhaps they brought the dangerous stuff because they predicted the survivors might decide that the old humans are their next target... GenSim would've then created more dangerous things as survivors became more dangerous, mimicking the Arks and the Earth. I agree, but what did you mean by OWW? Nice catch. Perhaps HLN-A was using the word 'test' loosely and 'they' are just the things inside of GenSim. Or maybe some resident of GenSim has some things for us to do too. Or maybe some off-world humans are still alive and are speaking with Helena and crew.
  6. Well, technicallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they didn't say it wouldn't be on Extinction, but they said that they would be on the other maps, and left out Extinction. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, so I'm going to say that they left it purposefully misleading while still truthful to try to confuse people like us
  7. >URE (United Republic of Earth) to me says that THEY went to the moon or space at some point. If not , why have the word Earth in it? >The Federation is Earth bound. They could've just used the word 'Earth' to imply that it's global. 'Terran' also refers to things from Earth as well. Santiago says in note #3 "and last I knew, the Federation and the URE were still stuck on Earth." So this means that the when the name was made, they hadn't had any (significant) presence off world. Also, it's worth noting that whoever had a significant force in space would likely be in an incredible position to stop the other side from getting a significant force into space; this is likely why measures as drastic as blowing up the moon had to be taken against the Feddies (or the URE, whoever was in space) >The lunar biome is not Earth's as the Dev said it orbits another planet. Correct, but the Earth's moon is broken in a similar manner, and we know that the lunar biome doesn't exist for no reason, so it must be based on some moon. Even if the moon that the lunar biome is based on is not the Earth's moon, that would just mean that at least two moons have exploded, and if we know that the Earth's superpower (I guessed URE, but you guessed the Feds, I'm not really sure on it though, but I'll continue to name them the URE for now) is willing to blow up one moon, then we can assume they'd be willing to blow up two. >Watch the trailer again as Helena intereacts with HLN-A and then fades away. >Then watch HLN-A interact with REALITY? HLN-A doesn't react with reality though. She speaks and makes little pictures and lights, but the teleportation stuff isn't happening in reality, it's happening in the GenSim. >Why is the Genesis Sim a cylinder like the trailer shows? Honestly, I still have no idea what's up with the cylinder. >What void are we sat in in that trailer? I don't think I understand what you meant with this one. Do you mean the area we're in where Helena is talking to us as she produces HLN-A? In HLN-A notes 14 and 15, HLN-A tells us that she was made by Helena while Helena was in the Genesis Simulation, so that means that we're in the GenSim already when Helena is talking to us there. That last question got me thinking though... Helena is talking to us and creates HLN-A in the trailer. This is after Extinction has happened too. HLN-A also told us that Helena can't be in the Genesis Simulation for very long. Finally, HLN-A told us that Diana and Mei went to Arat Prime to get Helena into the Genesis Simulation. This means that not very much time has passed at all since Helena and friends dropped to Earth! Diana and Mei must still be alive by the end of Extinction when all the Arks return so they could get Helena into the GenSim after. Diana and Mei are therefore, in all likelyhood, still alive at the timeline of Genesis (unless something killed them in AP after they got Helena into GenSim, which is doubtful) Helena herself says that time was murky when she was perfecting the revival process, and guesses that she spent centuries or longer (should've just used a clock) but, as she said, time was murky. She had it all wrong; hardly any time has passed between when she went deus and when we dropped. It likely seemed like longer to Helena at the time because of all the extra data and how much faster she could think, so she grossly overestimated the time spent. And finally, since Arat Prime is connected to the GenSim, it's possible that we could meet Diana and Mei at some point during the Genesis dlcs.
  8. HLN-A's new note #15 interests me. This specific sentence really got me thinking: The way she says it implies that the reason Helena can't be in the simulation for long is the same reason as why she can't be in the real world for long. If this wasn't the case, she wouldn't have brought up the real world at all, since it'd be entirely unrelated. What this means is that the Simulation isn't just a computer thing. It gets problematic because she also still makes the distinction between the simulation and the physical world, so it can't be simply a physical thing either. So then the simulation has to be something inbetween the physical and digital? I'm not even sure exactly what that would mean honestly. Or perhaps something else entirely? Again I'm not even sure what this would imply. I'm getting blanks instead of answers inside my head for now but maybe you guys can think up a nice explanation for this. The other question I have is in what way does a uncontrolled, non-real, non-digital world help humans 'run away' from the element on Earth? If they wanted to use it as an escape/safe area sort of thing, why create magmasaurs and put them into the simulation? If you put uncontrolled, dangerous creatures somewhere, and plan to use it as a plan to stop you from needing to fight, then surely you must plan on unleashing them on your enemy, right? Then why even put them into the simulation in the first place? They're all in separate biomes so it's not like they're getting used to eachother or anything in there.
  9. And to add onto my last post, because they wouldn't've'd time to investigate the ruins, there will probably not be many lunatek designs present in the GenSim. Unless Diana, Mei, or Helena went on a spacewalk at some point that is.
  10. Remember this thing? I think I have an idea on where it came from. We know that before the Arks, there was a war between the United Republics of Earth (URE) and the Terran Federation (TF or Fed) Now, typically, after a war, only one side will remain with significant power. Even more so given how devastating the tek weaponry can be. This would mean that if the URE and the TF had different branches of element tech, most likely only one of those branches of tech would be used after the war. If the loser had better tech, it would be stolen by the winner, and if the winner had better tech, the loser's tech would be ignored entirely. This is assuming there are even remnants of any tech after the war, of course. Now, our trusty friend Santiago tells us this in note 3: So they could get off Earth. If a full war broke out, then people won't be stopped from going to space because it's 'against the rules' if they think it'll be beneficial to their side. My thought is that the building shown in the lunar biome is a remnant of the Fed before the moon got super-nuked (most likely to destroy the Fed on it) I say the TF was the one there because the lunar technology is what got lost, and the Federation seemed to be behind on element tech (santiago reverse engineered the URE's tek suit, so that means URE was the first to get to it) This has further implications though. At the end of the war, the incredible amounts of element released caused an entirely new disaster. If the TF was on the moon (or multiple moons/other planets) and those places all got super nuked, then recovering and Fed technology would be incredibly difficult. Take these 2 things together and the Fed's tech becomes almost impossible to retrieve. At least until the element situation on Earth was dealt with. Therefore, all the arks and everything we've used and seen so far are one branch of element tech, and the Fed's inventions and research is completely unseen up until this point. This means that there is potentially an entirely new set of element tech that follows entirely different rules and patterns compared to what the URE's element tech (tek) follows. This also would mean that Earth is not the only place with an element problem. If the Fed's went to space, and the URE tek nuked them in space, then every single planet and moon that the Fed's were attacked on now also has an element problem (if not as bad yet,) except we can't just drop Arks onto every celestial body in the solar system to get rid of it all like we did on Earth...
  11. This No point in releasing a map if you fall through the floor every 5 seconds and quests randomly spawn 50 reaper queens on you. Wildcard wanted to have Genesis out before Christmas too so they could capitalize on people buying gifts. If they're willing to take longer, it means it really needs the extra work. Just wait for it to be ready.
  12. Nice HLN-A does not have any special information on this, and Helena said that Aberration wasn't supposed to happen. HLN-A was also just guessing here. I don't think we should just accept that immediately. Consider also that they very likely already knew what happened when element got to humans, considering there was a massive crisis back on Earth already. There are different types of element, but I don't think you've got the right idea. We've seen liquid element, solid element, and gaseous element. The solid element has 3 (that we know of) main forms: The ore on Aberration, the refined substance we use to power tek, and the crystallized element. Whether something corrupts or not depends on how much/how strong the element is, not its state of matter. Simply put, purple element is very (dangerously) high energy element, while blue element is medium energy element. The blue element is able to be used by things because its energy is (typically) too low for corruption to start, but still high enough to be useful. So basically you're partially correct, but for the wrong reasons Purple element veins (I assume that's what you meant by mutated) cause corruption because they're such high energy, while blue ones can be used by survivors or creatures. Liquid element follows the same rules, it's not special (in regards to corruption.) I think you got that idea because of Aberration, but the radiation is at work causing mutations there, it's not the element
  13. I'm sure lots of people would have worries about such a procedure, for various reasons. There's also the possibility that they couldn't evolve everyone. I don't remember what gave me the idea, but I always figured there were just a few deus.
  14. To start with, despite what they said earlier about the notes being on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration, they've put notes on Extinction. The post-Extinction crowd wins. Second, if anyone is in doubt about the nature of the Genesis Simulation, HLN-A says that homo deus can't stay in the real world or the Genesis Simulation for very long, so therefore the Genesis Simulation must not be part of the real world. Notes 12 and 13 have some deus text that only translates to: "unstable Human life undetected Danger" and repeats some of those words a few times. The juicy bits of this are 2 things: 1) Diana an Mei went to Arat Prime and helped Helena get into the Genesis Simulation but she couldn't stay for long, making it somewhere 'she can't go' 2)The purpose of the Genesis Simulation, the arks, and the homo deus were all a plan against the corruption. It's pretty easy to see how the deus and arks could deal the the Corruption problem. The dues can't be killed by any conventional means, and the Arks were (at least for a time) unreachable by the corruption below. It is interesting to see that they were specifically to deal with this problem though. HLN-A also calls them all running away tactics used by the previous humans. Arks are running away methods for the people who designed them ("let the people of the future deal with it") and deus is a running away method because while they can no longer be killed but they also can't properly fight back anymore, at least not directly. So we now know something important about the Genesis Simulation: It was an escape plan to get away from the Corruption. What possible methods could we use as escape plans (besides arks/deus) that GenSim could be then? The colonization ark theory from earlier comes to mind, but I'm getting blanks on what else it could be. Interesting. We also know that Arat Prime is linked closely with the GenSim now too. So this is our current timeline on Ark history: Element discovered → Tek things built → War between Federation and URE → Massive amount of element released from weapons causes corruption to start → Deus and Arks are created → Genesis Simulation is designed and is connected to Arat Prime → Arat Prime goes on lockdown, launch unconfirmed → Sanctuary falls → Big time gap → We spawn in on The Island for the first time
  15. As of the latest update now, the Genesis Chronicles 3 are released (for real this time) There's also a lot of other things in the update too, you should go check the patch notes.
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