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  1. Correct. At the very least, it's said November instead of November 6th for a very long time, before the latest teaser which said November 6th. We can therefore take November 6th as the latest official release date.
  2. Their twitter is still named ARK: Extinction (Nov 6) The steam page has said November for a very long time, and since the site you linked is connected to steam, it gives the last possible November date (November 30th) because according to steam's page it will be released by that time, but it can't make any earlier decisions from steam alone.
  3. Not to mention they'll be dropping Extinction teasers during the event... Teasers are kinda pointless if they're done after it's released lol
  4. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    Exactly, they won't be roaming across the map, but wc described them as 'roaming' and we know that certain portions of the map are artificial biomes generated and shielded by the obelisks which protect those biomes from the Corruption on the outside (most of the map) So the titans aren't wandering the map, but I think they will have their biomes within the obelisk's shield to wander around in. We'll just have to summon them down with artifacts or something we get from the dungeon crawling it said we'd have to do.
  5. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    The Frost Titan and Forest Titan were both in different areas. We just saw a picture of what is presumably an air titan and an obelisk. We can probably assume that we'll have an arena for each one. That said, I think the 'arenas' for the Titans will be the whole biome, or at least a large portion of the biome they're in. They were originally described as wandering and looing at the in-game screenshot of the Forest Titan makes this seem like the most likely route.
  6. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    We have no reason to believe it will wander the map freely. We were explicitly told at some point that we'd have to kill or tame the other titans to be able to encounter the final boss.
  7. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    Why shouldn't we call it a King Titan? We have no other name for it, and no definition of "Titan" anyway. The only thing we know about them is that they're big. No reason to be picky about names for things we have never seen and know nothing about.
  8. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    You never know, they may have more, new types in Extinction itself.
  9. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    You mean the video with the big sloth-like thing? https://mixer.com/Xbox?vod=60854910 It starts around 3 minutes in.
  10. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    Can we all just take a moment to pay our respects to the bronto please Not even saddled... things are coming at it from all directions, we can assume there's plenty more to the right. This was never a fair fight. rip bronto (and theri), we hardly knew you.
  11. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    In case anyone missed it btw https://mixer.com/Xbox?vod=60854910 This has a small clip revealing a sloth-like thing. Someone drops items which it picks up, and then it drops... some other thing. The clip starts at just a couple minutes in.
  12. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    That didn't have fins on its back, what looked like fins was most likely the wing on the other side.
  13. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    We never saw a wyrm with fins on its back though
  14. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    Also, it looks like there's an obelisk in the very middle of the picture... although it's very blurry for some reason.
  15. TinyHippo

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    A little bit to the left of the center of the second picture is a... thing. A very, very big thing. Flying titan?