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  1. So far the pickup stuff is all we get. We'll probably see more integration in the future, but keep in mind that some of it, like the euthanasia gun and auto-imprinter and other similar items will probably never make it in to the official game.
  2. You just grow the vegetables and make the kibbles as usual, there are still rockarot seeds, not sure why you think there aren't.
  3. Titanoboa eggs are used in special kibbles as of right now, so they still have special eggs along with the hesperornis.
  4. Dinos that will be made useless by this were already essentially useless. I should not need to tame 20 different types of dinos that I don't want to use just to get eggs from them to tame other things. The progression will still exist since you'll still need certain types of eggs for each creature, it's just that now the egg types come from a much larger range of things, so now you will be much less likely to need to tame things so they can sit around and lay eggs forever since you can just use the eggs that drop from the creatures you do like and/or use. This will overall make the game more enjoyable.
  5. It was not just fine the way it was. Needing to get creatures that have no real uses other than their eggs for kibbles, like the scorpion which is needed for rexes, is rather annoying and not fun. Having it like this, where eggs from a group of creatures can be used, will remove (or severely reduce) the number of worthless creatures you have sitting around laying eggs. It also helps with the tame cap issue. If you need less dinos lying around, it'll be much easier to manage your tame cap since you don't need to tame those things or you could just cryopod them instead of leaving them there.
  6. No idea. Personally, I just fly down and grab the stuff, drop the wood, and fly away while leaving the beavers there so they can make more dams later. It only takes a few seconds to empty the dam, I don't think kiting beavers away is necessary most of the time. Regardless, it would still be extremely rude to whoever had cleared the beavers. The way I see it, if you have to fight to get something, and you fight, you deserve to get that something. If others wanted the cp, they should've helped you remove the beavers.
  7. You don't actually get a replicator from the drops iirc, pretty sure that it's a bug that the engram drops at all but regardless, you can't use the engram you get from it. Blue drops can be soloed pretty easily. I've done it with just a single enforcer, although the pteras were kinda annoying and made me dismount to shoot them a lot of times. Everything was less than level 30, and it only spawned dilos, raptors, stegos, and pteros, so you should be able to do it with just 1 rex or velonasaur. As with all things, the first drop will be harder than all others you do of that type since you haven't experienced it yet. Also be careful not to hit the drop on accident.
  8. >There are no normal drops Something I hadn't really considered. There are technically some drops in the caves but there aren't many and are much harder to reach than ones on other maps so I won't consider them. But I still think it's the same general idea though: You fight off enemies to get rewards. If someone shows up after you finish and starts taking stuff, that's similar to someone stealing the element off a boss in other maps (which isn't really possible since they're in arenas where thieves couldn't get to, but still) It may not be as bad (depending on the drop) as stealing element from a boss someone else killed, but it's still a problem. If the other person had contributed to the fight and helped you with it, even after you started, then they'd be entitled to claiming rewards too, but if they just wait for you to finish and then swoop down and take the rewards, it might as well be stealing.
  9. This is quite different than that. With normal supply drops, you just have to be there to grab the things. Here, you have to fight off lots of enemies and then you get to mine the element. This would be more similar to you killing a boss and then someone else swooping in to steal the element off of the boss you just killed.
  10. I can't really see this being defended in pve... It literally means 'Player vs Environment' instead of 'Player vs Player' In what way is needing to defend your element nodes from other players not pvp? It seems totally fine in a pvp mode to me but when you play a pve game mode it's because you don't want to have to fight with other players.
  11. They spawn in the same spots that orbital supply drops spawn and they are currently enabled.
  12. Correct. At the very least, it's said November instead of November 6th for a very long time, before the latest teaser which said November 6th. We can therefore take November 6th as the latest official release date.
  13. Their twitter is still named ARK: Extinction (Nov 6) The steam page has said November for a very long time, and since the site you linked is connected to steam, it gives the last possible November date (November 30th) because according to steam's page it will be released by that time, but it can't make any earlier decisions from steam alone.
  14. Not to mention they'll be dropping Extinction teasers during the event... Teasers are kinda pointless if they're done after it's released lol
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