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  1. Sounds good, just keep in mind that alpha broodmother is a real monster and you need some serious Force to fight it. you can't overprepare for it.
  2. I've been summoned All stats used are in the chart, and it was wildtamed and cloned to repeat the exact stats throughout the group, half were male and half were female for the mate boost, and in all tests I was personally riding a yuty (but not attacking) to provide the courage buff Trikes have the downside of frequently trying to charge and wasting a lot of time doing that, which makes them not viable for most fights, although they aren't terrible if ridden, they shouldn't be a primary dino and you shouldn't count on them for high difficulty fights. Chalicos are pretty stron
  3. Someone probably just wanted to give a name and get a page template ready for the creature in the teaser pic and has dubbed it Strider and left the page empty. Basically a placeholder page
  4. You're talking about the unidentified thing in the teaser picture? 'Cuz I'm assuming you are. An interesting idea, but I think I'd need more than just that to assume that you're right on this. I'm sure Rockwell would love to do such a thing and turn his enemies into minions but he'd have to capture Mei first, who last we heard of was at AP with Diana and Helena Deus. We do know though that AP connects to the Colony Ship, so maybe Mei did go there, maybe Mei is the enemy that Rockwell was gearing up to fight, Corruption seems like a great way to """tame""" creatures if you're at the head o
  5. The gamma monkey is so stupidly easy to kill you can do it with trikes and worse. Hyeanas will kill that weak as hell ape. The hardest part is getting the artifacts. The artifacts are a bit tricky but once you know what you're doing or if you bring a high level bary with a decent saddle you'll be fine for the surface caves. The underwater cave for the monkey is a joke. Just go for them when you have spare stuff, even a failure is just information to help you next time.
  6. >kill a snake >get 0 venom >repeat to infinity SNAKES WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME
  7. That may be what you were thinking, but here's the full quote from Rockwell: The obelisk is reacting to the presence of the artifacts with even more intensity than I expected. Each obelisk on the Island required eight artifacts to generate that sort of response, not three. In other words, I may not need to do any spelunking before summoning whatever terrifying beast this ARK has in store for me. Rockwell is clearly referring to artifacts themselves when he says this, not to just general tributes. The Island's obelisks required 3, 3, and 4 artifacts to summon a boss, 10 in total for a
  8. Very interesting, I hadn't noticed that. I guess I was wrong then, it seems she did fight the Overseer. Nerva had already left which means he already finished the Overseer fight, there are no enemies there for her other than the Overseer again, which makes sense as it was supposed to test each team that went through. Then again though, Mei must've snuck in before the door closed which would've meant she was with Nerva's group and the completion should've included her too. I'd suggest she might've meant it metaphorically as in the challenge of using the console was her new foe but it just
  9. Probably because Mei went alone after them and in gameplay the cave would've closed behind Nerva and Mei would've had to go through it over again. This is a time where gameplay and story don't 100% match, Mei definitely didn't fight the Overseer or anything
  10. I'd wager the implant was probably step 1 for ascending. Chances are good that the implant was used as a common tool among humans in the tek era, for all the good and bad that a device that like can do. Either that, or it was only used by a few people and was just made standard for the Ark Survivor program.
  11. Yea, it would be an uneasy alliance to say the least, but the cat's out of the bag and he obviously didn't want to leave the Sim yet so he might just go for it That's something I hadn't considered. Rockwell could have corrupted someone else and that's why it looks so different. That would make sense. However, I get the feeling that it would still follow a general pattern with Rockwell, like how all Corrupted things on Earth followed a general visually similar appearance. Yea, that prism... Well, I'm not really sure what to make of it. It glowed like the sun accordin
  12. 1) The Overseer is the AI that maintains the entire system of any given Ark, and how it all works together. I think it would be more correct to say that the Observation Deck is what holds up the forcefield. When Diana and friends bombed the Deck, the forcefield went with it, which allowed the sun to destroy the surface after. Meanwhile, we can see that on Earth, the obelisks hold the task of both maintaining the environment and stopping the Corruption (lore wise) from getting in. Quite frankly, I'd wager that the obelisks are much more versatile than just one single purpose, I'd guess that t
  13. It's my opinion that the Arks were the colony ship that was supposed to return to Earth. They held a massive population by way of cloning and were capable of removing the element, there's no need to have a second colony ship return to Earth, so I theorize that the colony ship we're on is a backup plan in case the Arks don't/can't cleans the Earth properly and thus is headed to some other unknown (to us) destination. Further, the name 'colony ship' kinda implies that it's not supposed to be at home. Unrelated to that, but... I can't stop thinking about how Rockwell, upon being
  14. Yea, it says Helena and Mei will return... But what about Diana? It does seem like something happened to her I'd argue the part about that being the obelisks' main purpose... Their main purpose is to maintain an environment. Teleporting is more of a secondary feature, at least for the ones on Earth. It's possible that on the Arks they're primarily for teleportation and the giant overseer deck maintains the environment, we don't know a whole lot about that. Keep in mind though that even the city terminals can teleport things and they are much, much smaller than obelisks, so if the pri
  15. It'd be cool, but our beast here has a leg. Sure, it could be a sea serpent with legs for the occasional walk but from what we can see (which is not much tbf) it looks more built for running than swimming
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