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  1. Someone posted about it on the Community Crunch, so I'm just gonna share it here for anyone who wasn't sure if colors were just from candies or not.
  2. >missing the skeleton raptors on the left >missing the onyx-es/onyxs/oni/onyxeseseseseseseseseseseseses on the bottom I spent all this time trying to find a dodo reaper hiding in there, but I've found nothing. I feel betrayed by reality
  3. They're trying to generate more hype for the event I see. It's working. Really can't wait for the trailer and event! And as always, friends: ALL HAIL THE DODOREX!
  4. TinyHippo

    TEK Armor

    I'm pretty sure their reason is simply that they hadn't thought about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say they're doing a bad job; something like that would be easy to overlook I think. I just hope they come back and do something here
  5. TinyHippo

    TEK Armor

    Nice guess, but that's not correct actually, I thought the same at first too though. Tek gear can all accept skins, but the skin has to be able to go onto Tek gear for it to work, and no skin is set to do that. Shield skins are set to be able to go onto the base shield (all shields besides the Tek shield are child's of that) so that's why the Tek shield cant be skinned. I know this for a fact because I made a mod allowing this stuff (not perfect since not all skins are in the devkit for me to fix, so a bit is left out, and obviously only steam users benefit.
  6. TinyHippo

    TEK Armor

    I like that A for pve and B for both pvp and pve so pvp players aren't forced into one design I'd love to see both of those added And while I'm here, I have a very specific issue: Why, WHY can't we put hln-a on a tek shield? What kind of ridiculousness is this? HLN-A doesn't even override the normal shield's appearance, and if anything makes you stand out more because of its own light, so there is absolutely no reason to not be able to put it onto a tek shield
  7. You use the line -ActiveEvent=(insert event name here) as a launch argument. Keep in mind that Fear Evolved hasn't started yet, so you can't enable it yet.
  8. Honestly though is there a single person who isn't excited for Fear Evolved III?
  9. Looks kinda wide, not really something you would hold. Maybe even a new saddle. Whenever I look at it, I see that part at the top like it's a cockpit and the rest of it is a vehicle/saddle. If that is the case then it's pretty big. I suppose it could be a new mek attachment. I'm gonna guess it shoots laser beams, don't ask why because it's just a gut feeling
  10. Full revival of Fear Evolved! Absolutely can't wait to rob graves and gather an undead army! Also cool cannon thing but the return of the dodorex is far more important des
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