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  1. there has not been any official word on a delay, and it seems very unlikely it would get pushed back to summer. also not sure what the dlc has to do with 10 year old and teenagers? odds are they will still be playing this month? and if its released this month they will still play in the summer lmao
  2. I have not heard any plans for a vr game and it seems unlikely that they will make one as it would take a lot of dev time and not many people have vr headsets
  3. since it glides I see no reason why it should not be allowed
  4. that would probs strain servers a lot tbh and would require a lot of dev time to implement so its very unlikely anything like that would ever happen. on top of that the game is designed to make it so you have to keep playing to keep your stuff.
  5. submit a ticket. you will not find any luck on this forum
  6. I think genesis items/tames might make life better for people who play on the center but most likely will not bring anybody back
  7. it will most likely have tek, though the trailers don't show a ton of tek so maybe it will have a good bit but less than ext
  8. Probs around when they add the giant metal obelisks, also ark was adding tek poop way before atlas lol
  9. who cares if its useless as long as its cool
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