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  1. More we built away not to block the spawn and it takes less time on the other servers (Ext, Val) to grab the metal than to run back to the base each time on the Anky when he is full. I have been toying with the idea of creating a Pillar and Ceiling base there but still testing if the ceilings block the spawn. You can get 15 - 20k in metal from the Blue drop.
  2. I can 2nd this. It is a NIGHTMARE carting the Ore from the Ob to the base for smelting. We set up a base near the Blue Ob on the Island and leave an Anky there. Farm it for metal, chuck metal in Ob and take it out on which ever map we need it. But Rag is a chore.
  3. Silly question maybe but should you just give them Veggie cakes and not Berries I have given them berries and they tend to then not eat the Veggie cake.
  4. Do they not damage the Veins? I been running 4 Velons, and 2 Thylos on the 25k's but the Paracers are a pain for me. They the ones that cause issues for me but the 10k ones are way too easy and I get bored waiting for the missing ones.
  5. Ok Claimed it and was looking for the last 2. Checked the Vein and it was 9997/10000 when I went looking. Broke within 2 minutes of getting a certain distance away. Which begs the question.......how do you go looking for the missing Hostiles then?
  6. Ok we have finally got our Army back up to 18 Theri's with 21k health and 1000% damage. We going to level a bit on the other bosses before hitting the Dragon again. However I found the same thing with the Daedon. Since there are 2 of us I tend to run the Daedon and shotgun while my tribe mate Yuti's. Should we look at another option? Dont feel like wiping again and remaking those saddles as they take weeks.
  7. Element Vein Collapsing Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have had 2 veins collapse on me while doing them. I know for a fact that they weren't destroyed by the Dino's. Both times I was charging around looking for the last "missing" 3 or 4 Hostiles. I am not sure if they collapse if you get too far away, they were still in render range, or if I needed to claim them Not sure what Claim does tbh.
  8. The element veins give LOADs of Element but they are very busy work. I can easily Solo the 10k ones. The 25k ones are a challenge but doable.......I need stronger Dinos.
  9. My Tribe mate has a Deod and flys around the city breaking benches and tables. He collects 60-70 element on his runs. Of course he dumps the crystal and scrap metal unless he needs it as it is way too heavy.
  10. OSD Activation Problems Hi All, Sorry if this is a repost. I tried to search and kept getting "Broken", "doesn't Spawn" answers which aren't my problem. I get the Supply Drop, I find it I can even get it to set off however to try and get the "E" to claim or turn off the shield come up or to see the Waves and how many dino's remain I have to glitch into it and hopefully get the activation to work as I glitch back out or see the info as it flashes while I glitch out. Hoping there is a fix or workaround for this. Any ideas?
  11. We to give you an idea I am currently running the following: Intel DX79si Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz 32Gigs RAM (older as the board is older) 1tb Samsung SSD Palit GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER JS 850w PSU
  12. Yip 20 and 500 Berries in each Theri.
  13. We tried it on the weekend and got OWNED by the Alpha Dragon (It was Lvl 11, I believe). We were running a Theri army that we thought was quite powerful as it destroyed the other bosses. We lost one of the A-Team Theri's doing the Gamma Dragon and thought we had it DOWN.Not to be. I am still crying about the saddles. We rebuilding the B-Team into the A -Team for another run. Our Breakdown was as such: 2 Survivors 18 Theri's (31k Health, 1k Melee and 290 Saddles 1 Yuti 1 Daedon
  14. We did the Gamma and Alpha Dragon last night. Gamma Dragon was great and we wiped on the Alpha Dragon unfortunately. I am not sure why but I think we need more Melee in the Theri's as they were around 1000% with 30k health. Dragon was level 11 and she really hurt us. But now time to rebuild the army and regrind for saddles.
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