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  1. I dunno about that. When Rockwell got changed, he did it in a way that he remained himself. He didn't corrupt the people around him, he killed them. He didn't really spread corruption at all, in fact. He just used his new power. He's clearly not part of the hivemind of Corruption. He went insane (may or may not have been directly caused by element) but he's still himself. You could call him the 'mind' of a hivemind. If he could do it, why couldn't Helena? Well, whatever happened, I'm curious as to what exactly Helena did to be unfindable by Rockwell and HLN-A. Did she just force herself offline for a moment so we could deal with the whole Rockwell situation? Did she create a giant robot body for her to lock herself inside and control to be unreachable by Rockwell? Maybe she separated herself from the System and into some kind of device that Mei and Diana can carry around
  2. Wouldn't it be funny if Helena decided the best way to combat Rockwell was to become like him (have an element-made physical form while still being homo deus and connected to the Systems) and caused herself to gain a form similar to Rockwell with every intent of using it to combat Rockwell's corruption with her own form of corruption that she planned on using to help people. Not saying it's what happened, I just had the thought
  3. I haven't thought about that... I doubt that the thing we see in the sky of the ocean biome is nothing, so I can see that it could be the colony ship. Do you have any reasons other than it being a giant flying thing in the sky? Not that that's a bad reason considering it's the only flying thing in the sky, but it's not exactly conclusive either. Although... It's only visible in the ocean biome. If it's the colony ship and they wanted to represent it in the simulation, why not put it on every sky? Why only the ocean biome specifically? Maybe an ocean planet is its destination? I always figured that that ship over the ocean biome that we're talking about was a visual representation of the Master AI of the biome (Moeder) which is why the other biomes didn't have it. Unrelated, but I think it's important. There was some talk earlier about whether the colony ship was heading away from (colonization) or towards (repopulation) Earth. I think it's heading away from Earth. The reasons why are that there were already Arks for repopulation. If the Arks failed at repopulation, it may be a safer bet to try to colonize somewhere else until a better method of removing corruption (or whatever causes the Arks to fail) is found that can save Earth, since the Arks were the best method of saving Earth at the time, as that was literally their purpose. The colony ship was therefore most likely not working as a long-distance Ark, but had an entirely different planet (or moon, or whatever celestial body they had in mind.) Or maybe it was never supposed to land and instead function as a safe research base of sorts. So much for safe though. And while we're on the topic... The unconfirmed launch at Arat Prime... Seems to be just that. Merely unconfirmed. Because no one stayed behind to confirm it to the Sanctuary, and there was no one in the Sanctuary that would be able to see the confirmation. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that the colony ship is the launch being talked about in reference to Arat Prime, seeing as the only way to access the GenSim, which everyone on the colony ship was in, is at Arat Prime. Not to mention, due to the lockdown at AP, it might not have been possible to confirm a launch to the outside world. In other words... False alarm. Everything's fine at Arat Prime. More or less.
  4. >Just """beat""" Rockwell in the big fun Genesis Simulation.| >"Oh boy time to finally see what makes this cutscene so strange!" >... >"Huh"
  5. Looks like you got what you wanted. At least partially. The 2x is only going to be on harvesting (for now anyway)
  6. Me when I see one video on youtube and in the recommendations is a video of the end cutscene with a screenshot of it as the thumbnail
  7. I've been away from my pc for a few days now, so no, I haven't gotten anything new yet.
  8. Basically exactly what we figured was going on with the people who didn't respawn. I completed enough missions to activate the Arrival Protocol. I lost, so naturally, there's nothing about the end here since I didn't reach it. I'll relay some of the dialogue though. And with that out of the way... I have no idea how on earth I'm supposed to win that fight...
  9. I found some more interesting glitches, I'll put them here
  10. Nothing afaik. I tried to tweet Ced and see if he would respond but I guess he didn't see it. Maybe he'll respond here though. @Cedric, could you let us know if this is something the team knows about please?
  11. That was its original purpose, but it could have changed as time passed. I don't think that was its only original purpose. The homo deus were a plan to escape from Corruption, but they had other goals on top of escaping Corruption. I'd say that the GenSim was similar. It was there to get people away from Corruption and prepare them for what comes next (The Arrival,) much like how the homo deus were escaping Corruption and also work with the System. I said 'was', now its more like what u said, following orders. Easier for him to turn the controller to his side so it can maintain control over the sim as it knows how it works for his goal instead of deleting the master controller ai and figuring out how to control the sim. And the glitches mentioned that the other master ais are shut down, not deleted HLN-A specifically says that the master AIs for all the biomes except the ocean biome are deleted, and says that only the master ai for the ocean biome (the Moeder) is still existing, and that's because it took itself offline.
  12. I'd wager that it's more of a puppet than its own thing now. Would you say that a corrupt raptor was its own thing? I wouldn't. Once the Corruption got to it, it was part of the Corruption. It no longer had any mind of its own (however small a raptor's mind may already be...) I'd guess that it's a similar situation here. I figured that Rockwell had just deleted the previous controller ai like he deleted the master ais of the biomes.
  13. Something that wasn't already there -- Being us, somewhere that we weren't before. Hmmm Yup, that's true. That doesn't mean that was it's only purpose, but it was definitely a purpose of the GenSim.
  14. My current guess on what The Arrival is: (mostly speculation)
  15. The voice that possess hlna body seems to match that of the corrupted master controller instead of rockwell, if he is in charge why would he speak to us when his underling can do it for him? And why do u still think its holographic? It sounds a lot like the voice that said 'prepare to be defeated' in the launch trailer, but I figure that that was Rockwell, or, at least, that was Rockwell's chosen avatar at the time. This is assuming that that's what you meant by 'corrupted master controller.' What makes you think that the endboss and Rockwell are two separate people? Even if the person talking to us isn't Rockwell himself, and just a pawn, it would basically just be an extension of Rockwell anyway.
  16. TinyHippo

    Wave Ray 64 Mission

    He said 135 seconds, which is not 1:35. 135 seconds is 2:15
  17. TinyHippo

    Wave Ray 64 Mission

    A lot of races are like this. The ps4 version has a much more reasonable time for it, but the pc race timers are often impossible. So far, the only possible alpha race on the pc is the ichthy race. I wouldn't bother with the races until they patch the timers, because there's obviously something wrong when the ps4 has an entire minute more than steam
  18. >You are being targeted by an Insect Swarm! lol, that got me You misunderstand something about how the glitches work though. The story glitches are gathered in the order you gather them in, regardless of where you get them. Once you find your first story glitch, you unlock story #1, and when you find a second story glitch, you unlock #2 and so on. If I fix 5 story glitches in the bog, then I unlock the story notes 1-5. If, instead, I find 5 story notes in the ocean before finding any in the bog, I'll also unlock 1-5. The rest of the glitches work normal though. I think. The point is, if 5 people find all the notes in their own biome and pool all the notes together, they'll still be missing some.
  19. Specifically, he said that the 'wild eyed panic' of a drowning survivor never gets old. And I did forget one of the messages from him I found, here it is:
  20. He said on Aberration in his final note that has words that he doesn't speak to humans anymore. He must've changed his mind since then. What he's said so far, shortened to just one sentence per note:
  21. Rockwell seems to break into HLN-A's holographic body to communicate with us occasionally. So far, he's spoken to me 4 or 5 times, and HLN-A is getting rather annoyed at him, although she doesn't know who he is yet.
  22. U could just go to aber or val to learn the engram? And the stone one need fungal wood so might be able to make only metal on genesis for now You can get fungal wood from those tree-like things in the bog with the bright orange tops, actually. In fact, I think you can find every previous resource in Genesis except for element ore and the Extinction variants of Aberration resources.
  23. I still don't think that this is before Extinction. HLN-A was on Extinction and told us we are going(not have gone) to the Simulation, which is all I need to think that this is after Extinction. I found an interesting glitch today. It said that a lot of people were missing large chunks of their mind in the database, and some of them were so bad that they couldn't respawn anymore. Kinda reminds me of how the Fractal humans appear to be missing large parts of their avatar... But that's really just a similarity and not a strong connection. I'd bet that they're connected anyway though. It made me think about something though... People had the technology to change their own minds. There's no reason to believe that that ability just stopped existing at some point, it just became locked away somewhere so it wasn't abused. Now... If someone went and found out how to do it, they could theoretically change whatever minds he has access to in order to make them willing to follow the mastermind's every order. Rockwell just so happens to be in control of the Genesis Simulation and has been accessing every single mind that he can in the Genesis Simulation, and he's been accessing even the backup minds of people who were left out of the Simulation. Unfortunately, using such an ability might take some getting used to if there's no one to teach him how to use it, and it could easily result in quite a few minds that are broken beyond repair... Just like the broken people that HLN-A found...
  24. I'm hoping that the Moeder has some sort of message for us, even if it's sent through HLN-A. A shame about the other master ais though, I wonder what they were like. I've completed 30 so far I think, but I seem to have reached a difficulty gap in the missions and am having a hard time completing more. I'm still 28 away from seeing Rockwell again, although I don't think I'd be able to win if I were to fight him soon anyway. You can get a lot of things from past dlcs as rewards, and the materials to craft/repair them are all here too.
  25. Something I noticed: Rockwell seems to have deleted all master ais except for the Moeder, which 'took itself offline' before Rockwell could get to it. In other words, the Moeder saw the threat produced by Rockwell, and decided to hide. Or in other other words, the Moeder knows and has formed conclusions about Rockwell and his attacks on the GenSim. I wonder if defeating the Moeder will give us a boss dossier and if it has anything interesting on it for us to find.
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