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  1. Redirected to the create new character screen while tranfering? Hey guys, We Have a problem on our clustered servers I run. I currently have 3 maps Genesis, Extinction and Ragnarok in a cluster. We all have been traveling between Genesis and Ragnarok yesterday without any trouble at all back and forth multiple times. But a couple of hours ago when I tranfered to Ragnarok from Genesis I could see my tribes beds but when I click on a bed to spawn I got redirected to the ''create a new character'' screen ingame. So I pressed ESC and exited the game, joined the server where I travelled from (Genesis) and found my character there, downloadble. I downloaded him and all seemed fine, no lost items etc etc. I tried to transfer a couple of more times and still the same. I even tried to spawn in the wild instead of in a bed but still the same redirection to ''create a new character'' screen. I asked 1 of my tribemates to also try to transfer to Ragnarok and he got the same issue. The Transfer to and from Genesis-Extinction works fine, no problems here for any of us. But when we try to transfer our characters to Ragnarok from any server we get redirected to the ''create a new character'' screen after trying to spawn. Additional information is that none of the servers had been offline during the time we got this error. We have also tried to restart the whole cluster multiple times but still the same issue. My host is Host Havoc if it matters. Anyone who has a solution to this problem or has the same experience. Please help!
  2. Do the Classic Flyers mod work on the Genesis map? Do the Classic Flyer mod work on the Genesis map? I know that the X flyers are not added to the mod but can I still put it in on my Genesis server? I have 2 other servers with this mod and I would like to add it to my Genesis server aswell so my players do not have to worry about destroying their Classic flyers birds from my other servers while transfering to Genesis. I do NOT have flying enabled on my Genesis server. If that even matters.
  3. I too have Host Havoc as a service provider. Maybe we should write a ticket each one of us and put this forum thread as a attachment. Im tired of losing items. Just lost 1000 Black Pearls to this issue. Although this seems to happen all over the official network but still 3 in this thread uses the same provider. Might be a coincidence and might has something to do with it.
  4. Playing unofficial, uploaded 3 crafted Therizino saddles today. When I uploaded the 3rd saddle all 3 of them just vanished from ARK data. This needs to be fixed. I know people has lost stuff before but this way it has at least never happened to me before.
  5. Let us change the Tek Helmets interaction key! Can barely press E without the Tek Helmet mode changing. Very annoying. The E key are used for to many things to really work as a mode change button for the Tek Helmet. Let us at least change the assigned keybinding for it.
  6. When killing a boss make it count as a Team kill! + Give us a revive potion. Hey guys, Just a thought of mine. I have done the bosses in ARK more times than I can count but something has always bothered me. Many times some of my tribe members has died during the fight. We walk in as a team & prepare for it as a team and therefore I think that when the boss is killed all of the players who entered the Boss arena should get the kill and the engrams associated with it even if they are dead. It is a team effort after all. As it is now its a last man standing and that last man would not have made it so far without his/her team mates. Or give us some kind of revive potion for us to resurrect our tribe members and allies whilst the boss fight is still ongoing. That would have been a cool feature!
  7. Np mate, glad to help. Good luck in the Boss Arena!
  8. Info straight from the wiki, maybe they got it wrong there then? A bred dino is always better due to stats increase and imprinted rider bonus. But Tbh I do think that a well leveled Yutyrannus with a 50+ armor saddle will do fine.
  9. For Gamma bring 19 rexes and a Yutyrrannus ridden by you. The courage roar (C on a keybord ) of Yutyrannus temporarily boosts the attack damage allied creatures inflict by 25%, and reduces incoming damage they take by 20% each. Also wear a gas mask so that Manticore does not put you character to sleep. It is well advised to even bring a Pump action shotgun to shot at Manticore if he does not land which is fairly common. Here's my first run on the Valguero Bosses. This was the Alpha fight though.
  10. You’ll smash them hard with those rexes I usually use at least a mastercraft saddle 70+ armor when bringing rexes to boss fights. Also remember to focus the dragon and kill him first. His firebreath will drain 20% of anything's max health as well as doing some direct impact damage and deals even more damage to carnivores.
  11. I fought him 2 times yesterday, failed both times due to bugs. 1 time one of my tribemates was'nt teleported in with us and the other time we could not get our characters HP to regenerate when we ate HP pots and custom food. A new feature I guess... Lost 1 Rex army and 1 Therizino army to this. Btw Therizinos are beasts in there, they shred the minions in seconds. Good luck with the boss mate, you gonna need it.
  12. You keep your missions. If you end up losing your character after the ascension though you will lose all your progress on that character including your completed missions. Happened to me once. They claimed to have fixed this a few patches back though so hopefully the character loss on ascension is now only a memory for us survivors. Fingers crossed!
  13. No healing food works in The Master Controller Gamma fight anymore? Me and my friends did the Master controller fight on Gamma difficulty this evening. We all died due to medical brews, custom heal food and regular cooked prime meat did not heal us during the fight. We have done the boss fights on multiple occassions before and all times we've done it until today healing food and brews has worked. Is this intended? Or is it a bug?
  14. So HYPED for this, I love the Crystal Isles Map! The new Dino looks awesome too!
  15. I farm to buy 5 yellow crates a day just for the chance to get a Astrocetus Tek saddle. Still no luck. Mostly ammo tbh. Got an Ascendant fishing rod yesterday with 465 efficiency and 499 dura. Just waiting for that rng to smile at me.
  16. Also a super easy way to do it is with Lvl 170-185 Rockdrakes with 2600-3000stamina, just cloak all the way down through the cave. Primitive saddles. Mastercraft-Ascendant Armor on our chars except Tek chestpiece and tek boots that were primitive. Tek boots a really good thing to have if you happen to run out of element in chestpiece or just fall down for any reason. Shotguns were 350-450 in quality, dont remember how many bullets each we took but I think it was 2k bullets each if Im not mistaken, have a look in the vid. We were 5 ppl in total.
  17. Here is my test that I did 2-3 months ago. I was not able to cryo out any dinos anywhere in the cave. The test is done on a vanilla settings PVE unofficial server.
  18. If you got yourself a adult breeded Magmasaur, just go down there and cleanse them with your fireball attack
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