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  1. ARKSweden! An ARK Survival Evolved PC Community hosted from Sweden! We have a secure host, where crashes and server interruptions are rare. Right now we have 5 PVE servers in a cluster with isolated PVP events. Every weekend Friday-Monday we start the official ARK Evolution++ Event. This means x2 on our normal settings. We even have Wildcards biggest ARK Evolution+++ Event started once a month. X3 on our normal rates! Don't miss out! During the release day of the Extinction DLC, ARKSweden will start up a brand new PVE Server with isolated pvp events. Are you coming with us to face the Extinction? This one you do not want to miss! Server Access -ARKSweden-The Island-PVE/PVP steam://connect/ -ARKSweden-The Center-PVE/PVP steam://connect/ -ARKSweden-Scorched Earth-PVE/PVP steam://connect/ -ARKSweden-Ragnarok-PVE/PVP steam://connect/ -ARKSweden-Aberration-PVE/PVP steam://connect/ -ArkSweden-Extinction-PVE/PVP Copy any of the links and paste in your browser to join. Rates: XP-x2 Harvest-x2 Taming-x2 Egg hatch speed-x3 Maturation-x3 Mods Classic Flyers, Structures+, Additional Lighting, Pillars Plus, Platforms Plus, Steampunk Mod, Saddle Emporium and all of Eco's mods. Discord Join our Community Discord: https://discord.gg/HpPqGqf for more info! Welcome to ARKSweden! https://arksweden.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ARKSweden/
  2. Allanballan

    Rock Drake Tek Saddle 3 Seats?

    Is there something im missing about the rock drake tek saddle? it has three seats but can only carry the driver and one passenger?
  3. Allanballan

    Rock Drake Tek Saddle 3 Seats?

    Agree, but at least its cool and gets you some extra armor
  4. Problem solved all of a sudden all servers came back and we are now able to travel between them again.