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  1. It is I indeed, and yes that is sadly true, I need to branch out and play some other games
  2. You're very smort to notice the thing ced added after we asked
  3. Ced recently confirmed on twitter that blue is tamed, green wild
  4. Great suggestions! I do have some thoughts on them: - Levels available are calculated upon uncryoing, I can imagine that would a roadblock in implementation - Saddle/No Saddle: This would a nice addition, but in the meantime you can determine this from the listed weight of the dino, if its 20 or above, it usually means the dino has a saddle. - Saddle Stats: Agreed. I have a section of fridges named "to be saddled" to resolve this one for the time being, but the addition would be nice. There are many other bits of information I'd like to see added to the cryopod tooltip, however
  5. These days on official its important to keep all dinos neutered/spayed to avoid losing those lines you've worked so hard on, so it would be really helpful to have a Neutered/Spayed indicator on the Cryopod tooltip. This way you could just grab your tame and jump into PvP without uncryoing it to ensure its neutered. It would also facilitate bulk-neutering by allowing you to quickly scan through all your cryos. Maybe it could replace the "Weapon Damage" section on the Cryopod Tooltip, since nobody is wondering how much damage their cryopod is doing
  6. Tamed dinos auto decay within (9?) days [I don't know the exact number] So If Wild dinos are on the server for (9?) days and you tame them out of render, the game will think that they've been out of render for (9?) days and autodecay them. To work around this bug, I usually leave a sleeping bag near dinos I am taming, then use dododex to alert me so I can fast travel there right before the dino tames. Then I fast travel back and get my gear so I can go pickup the dino.
  7. FM17

    Skiff bug list

    - When carrying a ridden dino, during the transition "Fly" and "Hover" mode, the carried dino's momentum remains the same while the skiff's decreases, resulting in the dino being dropped, travelling through the skiff, and landing on top, taking full fall damage. - This also occurs when the skiff tries to correct altitude. As it flies over a cliff edge or drop off, the skiff will quickly sink to the ground, resulting in the dino being dropped and taking full fall damage once again. - The temporary solution is to slow down manually before the transition, and increase altitude while going o
  8. Which other items are you consuming? Some consumables such as Enduro Stew will cancel the effects of medical brews. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Enduro_Stew
  9. While I've been using this and numerous other similar methods for years, I wouldn't discount the suggestion to be able to move resources directly from the dino to the forge. Using the dino as the weight carrier that can load and unload cargo just makes sense. It doesnt make any sense to toss all that weight onto a puny human who then transfers it to the forge. Remove the extra step.
  10. Try removing the chest then putting it back on. This is an issue with the Tek Chest not with the skin itself. I'd also recommend submitting this as a bug report rather than a suggestion.
  11. I think its safe to assume that's no longer their stance.
  12. Agreed! It is a great looking map made by a very passionate team. I think it would make a very nice addition as long as the parallel world mechanic and other unique content could be carried through to official.
  13. Has anyone observed any other strange things that have not already been mentioned here?
  14. No 2x breeding, sounds good -- back to playing other games until the Extra Life event. Star Citizen is coming along nicely
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