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  1. perma 2x is why. breeding events clog servers and lag out so they ration them
  2. on ARK right mouse and select properties and check this screen, maybe untick reboot steam and re tick might help. Usually most ARK files missing problems are fixed with LOCAL FILES. VERIFY
  3. Countdown ends ... trailer. no meat. give PCGamer info (not fans) and 5 month wait undermining Guys tease us less please, E3 trailers hyped a lot more
  4. Happy Birthday ARK. The game that I play way to much with babies causing me to get 5 hours sleep in the last 3 days. I'd love to see some QoL changes to make the grind, taming and breeding able to be done by someone who is not unemployed.
  5. Red drops always have the best loot Dodo kibble tames everything Tamable Alphas All Dinos spawn on all maps AI tribesmen roam the map ... headhunting you and your tames (sort of AI PvP) Part of the map is a Death zone, PvP on PvE servers in zone use colour/screen effect to show area border like abberation red / blue Limit pillar spam on PvE ... use turret cap technology so you can not place pillars except around a HOUSE ICON'd building. Letting people build on PvE no land holding pillar spam over 1/2 the map Cap how many of one dino a tribe can own, no 4000 d
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